Hello everybody!

So, here is the sequel to Becoming a Family. =) But those of you who haven't read the first story can read this story as well, you just have to know some things:

- I've called the world Elaros because back then I didn't know it was called Aselia

- Zelos and Sheena are married and have adopted the children of Sheena's dead sister Sheila, Ashton and Lilly

- there's a prophecy in which Kratos and Raine are involved; that's the reason why they're on a journey, together with Genis

- there's a group that tries to prevent the fulfillment of the prophecy; they're calling themselves Chorior (short for 'Chosen Warriors'); apart from the leader there are the four Diaos who are the strongest Chorior

- Sheena is the Earth Healer and involved in the prophecy as well but she has to wait for Kratos, the Guardian of the Prophecy, to introduce her to her role

- Ashton had a bracelet which he was supposed to give Sheena because she needs it to awaken the Nature Spirits with it but he lost it to the Chorior

- Sheena has stepped down as Chief of Mizuho; Orochi is now the new chief

- Yuan and Regal have founded a firm named 'Magytechnology Corporation' or short 'Magy Corp' which invents some gadgets

- Kuchinawa works for the Renegades and seems to have forgiven Sheena

- since Becoming a Family a year and a half have passed (that's something that even the people who've read Becoming a Family don't know xD But it will be mentioned sometimes in the story as well ^^)

Ok, that's much information, I know. But I think with that you can understand this story even if you haven't read the prequel. ^^ At least there was one person who read the German version of The Prophecy of Balance without having read the prequel and she had no problems understanding this story. =)

So, yeah, English isn't my mother tongue; I'm translating it from German. So I'm pretty sure that I made some mistakes but I hope they're not that bad. =) At least I'm trying my best. ^^

By the way, these are the pairings:

Kratos x Raine; Zelos x Sheena (who would've thought that? xD); Genis x Presea; Yuan x OC and very slight Lloyd x Colette

I haven't selected special characters for this story because this story just has more than two main characters ... I would've gladly chosen Kratos and Raine but it would've been unfair to the other characters because some of them or just as important as Kratos and Raine ... Well, that's that. xD

Ok, then there's only one thing missing:

Disclaimer: I don't own Tales of Symphonia, so the characters from this game aren't mine. (What a pity ... I would like to have Kratos and Raine in my room xD)

Well, enjoy the prologue. =)

Prologue: Divine being

"Everything's according to plan …" a creature which could only be described as divine being mumbled. With his golden hair that was shining in the sunlight and his spotless white wings one could have mistaken him for an angel but there was something about him that made him look more sacred. Maybe it was his aura, maybe it was the knowledge that one could see in his emerald green eyes. His appearance always brought tears in the eyes of the people of Elaros when they saw him. But it didn't happen very often.

It wasn't too long ago that he had visited Elaros though, only eight years. It had been for the prophecy although it wasn't really necessary for the fulfillment of it. It had just made some things easier. But apart from that visit the last time he had been on Elaros was ten thousand years ago. On this very day he had made a decision and done the first step for his plan.

Satisfied, the divine being walked over the fluffy clouds to a little pond. He dipped his hand into the water and created little waves with it. The next moment one could see at the water surface an image of a cave whose walls were glittering in a blue-turquoise color because of several crystals.

"Hmm … The prophecy proceeds. Very well," the creature said.

'Soon, very soon you will have achieved indescribable powers, Ariyakon. And then … you will be the most powerful creature there is!' he thought triumphantly. (He means himself by the way. xD Yes, he's thinking of himself in the third person but only here because I wanted to bring in his name. ^^)

Don't worry if you don't understand what's going on. xD You'll understand it at the end. ^^

So, that was the short prologue ... You can read the first chapter in a few minutes as well and it's much longer. =)

To be continued ... (in a few minutes xD)