Chapter 85: A proper rubdown

The person entered the room so that they could be recognized. Zelos, Sheena, Shin, Seles and Kuchinawa held their breaths. That was just impossible!

However, Zuzi, Bayne and Arina didn't have a clue why the others were so surprised and looked questioningly at the person.

"M-Mom?" Shin asked unbelievingly.

"How's that possible? You're dead," Sheena stated, and she sounded as if she was doubting her mind.

Sheila seemed to be amused by this. A wide grin had spread on her face. "You probably didn't expect to see me again, right? But don't rejoice too soon, I won't be able to stay in this world forever. I was only allowed to come here because I have to perform a task."

"Does that mean you're still dead?" Zelos asked a little disappointed.

"That's right."

"What exactly is your task?" Seles wanted to know.

Sheila brought out two glowing weapons looking like forks or miniature tridents. "As well as those four," he pointed at Zuzi, Bayne, Seles and Kuchinawa, "I'm an Ally of Light."

Suddenly there seemed to be a turmoil outside. It almost sounded as if a fight took place.

"What's going on outside?" Bayne wondered.

"Earth Healer! I know you're somewhere here! Come out immediately or I'll kill every single habitant of this village!" a voice sounded from outside.

"That's Cozid!" Shin realized in surprise.

Sheila threw a short glance out of the window. "How strange. He looks as if he's out of his mind."

"Sheena, you stay here, we will …" Zelos started, but he was interrupted by Sheila.

"No, she should go outside. Nothing will happen to her."

"What? How can you be so sure about that?" Zelos asked, upset. "What if this guy really does something to her?"

Sheila looked at her cousin, annoyed. "Zelos, who of us two is dead? Who of us two has more knowledge regarding the future? Just trust me."

Sheena adjourned to the door while looking at Zelos calmingly. "Everything will turn out fine if Sheila says so." She stepped outside where Cozid was holding a sword at the throat of an innocent child.

"There we go!" He pushed the child away and walked towards Sheena. His eyes were jet-black, though Sheena was sure that they normally had another color.

The others positioned themselves protectively around her, whereupon Cozid's eyes narrowed. "Out of my way!" He lifted a hand and Sheena's friends were jerked on the ground by water masses. After that, ice rings formed around them so that they couldn't stand up anymore. "That's better." Cozid grinned viciously and stopped some meters away from Sheena.

"What do you want from me?" she asked.

"Isn't that pretty obvious? Your death of course!" Cozid lifted his sword and stabbed out. Several screams could be heard and the noise of a body falling to the ground sounded.

"No … You won't hurt her …" Caligo murmured who had pushed Sheena aside and thus had gotten injured himself.

"Lord Caligo!" Cozid exclaimed in surprise. He put a hand on his head. "What happened …?"

"Cozid, Lord Caligo!" Nariko and Edoph called worriedly while running towards the two, Retisa followed them silently.

In the middle of this chaos was Sheena who slowly sat up and tried to understand what had happened just now. Her father – it only could be her father because he resembled the Caligo from her dreams intriguingly and seemed to have the same name – had saved her life. Though it had been her father who had tried to take it when she had still been a baby.

"Sheena … Are you alright?" Caligo asked with a pained face.

"Why … Why did you do that?" Sheena wanted to know confusedly. "It doesn't make any sense! You tried to kill me and now you saved my life? I don't understand it!"

"It's true … that I was toying with the idea to kill you … It would've been so easy to put my aims into action after that … But I doubt that I would have had the heart to do it." Caligo was staggering; Edoph immediately hurried towards him to support him. "You're the only family I still have. I won't allow for something to happen to you."

"It's your own fault! After all, you ordered your men to kill your wife and Sheila!" Zelos stated, still fighting futilely against his ice shackle.

"Yes, that's right … I have their blood on my hands …" Caligo admitted.

"That's not true," Sheila's voice sounded; she mysteriously brought the ice around her to melt. "It has never been your intention to kill us."

"Sheila?" Caligo and the Diaos looked at her in surprise. "I thought you were dead!"

"I am. I just have to perform a task. But that's not so important right now. I know that you have never wished for our deaths. It were just the unfortunate circumstances that led to our death, not least the prophecy."

"What do you mean?" Sheena asked.

"Think about it. If Mom hadn't died back then you would've never grown up in Mizuho and I wouldn't have been adopted by the Wilders. Our lives would've been totally different and today we probably wouldn't stand here. Maybe we wouldn't even know about the prophecy. That's why everything had to happen the way it has happened, so that we can stand here today," Sheila explained.

"If it weren't for the prophecy we would be a happy family today …" Caligo murmured. "That's why I hate the prophecy so much and the prophet as well!"

"Seems like I will have to live with that," a new voice sounded.

An old man with a long white beard came closer to them.

"Ha, do you like this transformation that much or why are you still walking around as Master Jin, prophet?" Caligo asked mockingly.

The prophet transformed into a young man with black hair and a tattered black coat. "I can take this shape as well if you like it better. Whatever, I advise you to leave soon; you'll win nothing if you stay here any longer. Your wound doesn't look that harmless either."

Caligo didn't really look delighted. "If I didn't know it any better I would almost say that you're worried about me. But of course that can't be, after all, I'm the one who wants to stop the fulfillment of your beautiful prophecy." He was smiling mockingly. "I should probably thank you for letting me go just like that, but of course it will have a reason that has something to do with the prophecy. Everything you do is determined by the prophecy. Sometimes I'm wondering if you even still have a free will."

The prophet looked unaffectedly at Caligo and was silent.

"Heh. Let's go," Caligo said to the Diaos. Supported by Edoph he walked with the others to their Rheairds, but once again turned around to his two daughters. "I'm sorry for what has happened. I've committed sins that can never be forgiven, but I'll try my best to atone for them."

"If you're really serious then dissolve the Chorior! Stop trying to want to prevent the fulfillment of the prophecy!" Sheena begged.

Caligo shook his head. "I can't do that. This world is poisoned. It's important that it's destroyed and a new world is created instead." He turned around again and walked towards his Rheaird.

Suddenly Arina piped up. "Nariko? Is that you?"

The red haired Diaos turned around and looked at first confusedly, then her eyes grew big. "Arina!"

"Nariko, why did you disappear? Father and mother were really worried … and I was as well!"

"I just couldn't bear it any longer … Everybody was expecting so much of me; they just didn't give me enough room for myself anymore. I'm sorry to have worried you, but I just had to leave."

"Then … you won't come back …" Arina said disappointedly.

"No. I've found my place. Take care of yourself."

The Diaos and their leader flew away and left a depressed Arina, a visibly confused Sheena, her speechless friends and the calm prophet behind. The latter eventually sighed.

"You should follow me," he said while turning around.

Zelos walked towards the prophet. His facial expression wasn't too friendly. Sheena remembered how he had said that the prophet would have to suffer for what he had done to her. She just hoped he wouldn't overdo it. She couldn't take care of this as well; she had already enough to do with organizing her thoughts. Sheila, who had returned for the time being, Cozid, who had wanted to kill her, her father, who had protected her, the prophet, who had suddenly appeared … Why did everything always have to happen at the same time? You should've thought that there were several days available for such events, but no, everything had to come on one day. She rubbed her temples. She got a headache from all of this.

"I don't know why we should follow you," Zelos announced with an unfriendly voice. "After all, you're the one responsible for this whole misery. You knew what would happen when you showed the documents of the prophecy to Sheena's father, but still you did it. You destroyed Sheena's whole family with it. You don't give a damn about the feeling of other persons if it's about reaching your goal, right? You're a cold-hearted asshole who is moreover selfish. I shit on you and the prophecy." He finished his 'speech' by spitting in the middle of the prophet's face. (I apologize for Zelos' words and his behavior, but I think it fits to him in this situation.)

"Zelos!" Sheila exclaimed in shocke. "You can't treat the prophet like that!"

"He doesn't deserve it any better!" Zelos defended himself like a little child that had beaten up another one and was now told off by their mother.

To make the whole scene even more bizarre, the prophet suddenly started laughing. First only quietly, then it got gradually louder until it could definitely be heard in the whole village. The friends exchanged confused looks and they all seemed to have the thought that the prophet had gotten crazy at the moment.

Eventually his laugh faded away. "Do you call that a 'proper rubdown'? I've actually expected more."

"Eh?" Zelos asked puzzled. "How …?"

The prophet sighed. "I'm the prophet, I knew already ten thousand years ago of your conversation with Sheena. Unfortunately I can't see into my own future, thus I didn't know what your 'proper rubdown' would look like. But I honestly have to tell you, Zelos, that I'm disappointed." He looked seriously at Zelos. "You could've at least hit me."

"Ohh, that can still be done!" Zelos growled, obviously furious. The next moment he hit the prophet straight in the face.

Sheila screamed out in shock, the others couldn't really decide what to think about it whereas Sheena just shook her head. She felt like being in kindergarten.

Zelos hit the prophet still two or three times, then he pushed him to the ground.

"Already done?" the prophet asked, wiping away the blood from his burst lip. He almost seemed to wish for Zelos to continue.

"The more I beat you up the angrier I get, so I better stop before I lose myself," Zelos answered.

The prophet stood up and knocked off his coat. "You're probably right." He looked at the group. "But still I want you to follow me. After all, somebody is waiting for Seles and you, Zelos."

"Tse," Zelos only stated. He didn't seem to be very eager on seeing his father again. But he still followed the prophet, together with the others. Maybe he was a little bit curious after all.

Yay, Sheila is back! =) Though only for a short time ...

Poor Sheena ... Of course she's confused now because her father saved her ...

Zelos just had to act like this. I needed somebody who hit the prophet and Zelos was the most fitting one for this. =)

To be continued ...