Authors Note: I do not own Cara Mason, Kahlan Amnell or any Amazons… no matter how much I may wish it. They belong (minus the Amazons) to the great and talented Terry Goodkind (lucky bastard!) all I own are the plot (yay me!), the lame city names (some of them...i think) and a notebook full of random information that even confuses me (that and "Cara + Evil = World Domination"). So without further distraction (because I hate doing AN) the Prologue!

There once was a land that cried out for a hero, one who's rolling greenery and bright blue sky could fit right into a scene from Xena the Warrior Princess, unfortunately for the land of D'Hara, Fate is a bit of a disorganized being and their call was lost among the tables and tables of paperwork she had yet to finish. Not that Fate was the sole being who hand picked Hero's, oh no, it just happened help those Hero's along but due to a few raging storms that wiped out large amounts of this years crops, no person in their right mind would rather traipse all over the country in search of Heroic deeds.

The drought that skinned the fields in the Easter Kingdom of their grains sent most of that part in to a frenzy as they tried to figure out just how they were going to make ends met. The grain that the Eastern Kingdom grows is its main food supply as well as its main supply of profit. As it is right now, because of the lack of water in the area some of the Kingdom's citizens have gone mad with thirst and are no where near stable enough to try and ride towards the Central Kingdom. The Eastern Kingdom was, however, not the only territory to suffer through the violent storms, as the Western Kingdom can show.

The Western Kingdom, being a port town, as it mainly supplies fish and other sea bearing animals that can be caught and sold in market for a reasonable sum, was one of the first Kingdoms to be hit with the storms. Wave after wave crashed along the port town, destroying fishing boats, houses, stalls, shops and just about everything else it could engulf into its watery depths. This rather vicious storm has sent the town into a rather large depression, where every moment not fishing to try and regain some of their loss, is used to help rebuild storage areas and boats alike.

The Southern Kingdom, a rather large jungle like land, is the main supplier for the fruits and vegetables that the other Kingdoms depend on. They are also the second piece of land to be ravaged by a storm, a lightening storm in fact, that burnt away a good portion of their land and with it, their main profit. Their profits were not the only things they lost; many homes were lost as well, due to a long tradition of building their houses in the trees. It was a convenient way to harvest their food as we as a natural defense against the large wild jungle animals; both mundane and magical alike.

The Northern Kingdom is mostly unexplored forest with sprinkles of uneven plains that hide both predator and prey within its tall grass. Due to the colder climate not many people have bothered to settle camps or villages there; except a large tribe of Amazons. Unlike their Amazon sister tribes, the Northern Amazons are what some would call wanderers, their talents as Bodyguards, Mercenaries, Kidnappers and Thieves are the things of legends. The reason for their un-Amazon employment is simply this; because of the cold climate they live in, they have to depend on other sources of income other then farming and hunting because you can only hunt so many deer, wolves, bears and rabbits before the wildlife numbers begin to plummet.

Now, I haven't forgotten about the Central Kingdom and honestly didn't plan on forgetting, seeing as that is where our tale will begin. The Central Kingdom of Aydindril, a trade providence if there ever was one, home to barters, thieves, prostitutes and all sorts of colorful people who would stab their best mate for a gold piece. Sounds divine now doesn't it, such a lively and prosperous city. To bad it's still making gold off all the Eastern, Western and Southern Kingdoms goods that were left in their oh so capable storage units. Seems it doesn't matter much if you're a Stall owner from the Southern Kingdoms who buys a bit of land to build a storage unit to place your wears in, if you leave and don't make it back in time for the next multi-market day, well you're screwed.

It seems that the Central Kingdom is using their surrounding Kingdoms troubles to aid in filling their own coffers, which is, the simplistic truth. Seeing this, the Kingdom's to the South have hired a few Wandering Amazons to help in gaining back a bit of their stolen profit, with a bit of revenge on the side. If there ever was a man who didn't suffer from a bit of paranoia, he probably wasn't a King and he probably didn't live very long on the "stab or be stabbed" streets that run through the Kingdom of Aydindril. Being King of such a land tends to make one very cautious, sometimes to the extreme and sometimes to completely maddening levels. It seems after only a few choice letters he has received from his neighboring Kingdoms, the King of Aydindril has hired a Wandering Amazon to help and guard his most beloved treasure…his daughter.