Click, click, click; the repetitive sound of heeled shoes echoed along the stone hallway as its wearer walked over the polished stone surface. The sound steadily getting faster as the woman who wore the heeled shoes moved farther down the slate grey hallway. An absolute look of cold fury etched in the woman's striking blue eyes as her dark chestnut colored hair fanned out behind her as she stormed through the halls; a piece of worn parchment crumpled in her delicate hand.

Turning a corner swiftly, the woman barely registered the fact that her stride, sudden appearance and icy blue eyes had frightened a maid who had been dusting one of the many suits of armor before causing the poor woman to trip over the edge of her skirt and crash into the metal dust magnate. Unaware of the mess left in her wake, the icy eyed woman continued her furious stride before throwing open a set of wooden double doors; leading into a large hall that housed paintings of people whose looks seemed similar to the furious brunet. Stopping at the end of the hallway as it connected with another, the brunet paused in hesitation as a look of uncertainty entered her blue eyes before they hardened again as if she had come to a decision. Ignoring the cross hall, the brunet continued on her path before reaching another et of double doors, these ones already opened and leading into a large chamber full of benches and a platform that had been skillfully placed in the very center of the front of the room; upon that platform were three thrones, the middle one being the largest and most elegant. Sitting on the middle throne was a middle aged man with short locks of dirt brown hair that housed a small crown and a look of pure exhaustion reflecting in his grey eyes.

Making short time of the distance that separated her from the man, the brunet soon stood toe to toe with the man as he stood to welcome the woman; a soft sad smile on his lips. "Kahlan wha-" Silencing the older man with a glare, the brunet shoved the crumpled sheet of parchment at him before demanding. "What is this?" Taking the parchment from the woman, the older man smoothed out the source of the woman's anger before shrugging and replying calmly. "It is a piece of parchment my dear daughter." Fury lit behind the woman's bright blue eyes before she opened her mouth to speak, however, she seem to think about her future actions and closed her mouth before letting out a frustrated sigh. "I know it is a piece of parchment father, however, I am asking about the contents that reside upon it." Chuckling at his daughter's frustration, the man folded the parchment in half before replying. "This is a bulletin that I sent out to the Northern Amazons." Pausing for a moment to give his daughter a curious look he continued. "How you came upon this, I think I'll ask at a later date." Seeing the rather vicious look his daughter was shooting him, the man only shook his head before his expression shifted to one of sadness. "As you know, the other kingdoms have been having difficulty returning profits and rebuilding after the Great Disaster." Pausing for a moment as a look of great sorrow washed over his face, causing the man to look even more exhausted and aged then he had moments ago, he quickly shook himself out of his haunted stupor before continuing. "Times have become hard and the people of the lands have become even harder."

Noticing the haunted look that flashed over his daughter's features, the man reached out and gently rested his hand on her shoulder. "The city has become dangerous, people are losing their morals everyday a small piece at a time and I fear that soon they shall band together out of nothing but a need to blame someone." A flash of fear tore through the young brunet's expression as she seemed to pick up on her father's words. "And you fear the people will make you their scapegoat." The nod that came from her father seemed to be enough to make the woman forget her earlier anger. "I fear they may punish me through you and as my only kin and last link to your mother, I couldn't bare the thought of someone punishing you for what they deem as my sins. The castle is big but the world is bigger place to hide and the one place I can not take you myself. I hired an Amazon woman early this morning after we spoke at breakfast, she will be the one to help guide and protect you at least until the masses have settled." Pulling his daughter into a light hug, the man softly kissed her on the forehead before leaning back to look at his daughter. "I am sorry for keeping this from you, but I did not think you would find out so quickly. It seems as though my orders for her have become moot at this point seeing as you have become aware of the circumstances." Sighing softly before running his fingers through his dirt colored hair, the man nearly jumped out of his skin when a voice echoed out from behind him.

"King of Aydindril." Stepping out of the shadows that stood behind the thrones, a slim honey haired woman with the leathers of an Amazon spoke; her voice catching the attention of both brunets. "Seeing as our original contract has expired." Neutral green eyed flickered over to Kahlan as she spoke. "I find myself asking if you wish to invoke the secondary clause." Getting a confused look in return, the blonde sighed softly before speaking up again; exasperation coloring it. "If I was to be found out, either by her own curiously or of my own slip up, then I was to become a visible bodyguard." Rolling her eyes as the King blushed before nodding in the positive; the blonde Amazon reached up and pinched the bridge of her nose before speaking slowly; ignoring the death glares sent her way by Kahlan. "You have to verbalize the agreement, King of Aydindril." Dropping her hands so that they crossed over her chest, the blonde tapped her foot as she waited for the King to speak. "Ah, yes; forgive me. As the King of Aydindril and holder of your contract, I invoke the secondary clause to our original agreement." A bright flash broke through the area around them as the blonde nodded before speaking. "It is done."