Authors note: This is a story about asuma and shikimaru what if shikimaru was asuma's son and kurenai was the mother what would happen if shikimaru wanted to start at the ninja academy read ahead to find out _

Shikimaru's POV

" Please dad all the other kids are going next year even choji is going why can't I "

I had pleaded multiple times but it didn't seem to make a diffrence I sighed as he pretended to ignore me I walked over to mum who was busy chopping carrots for dinner I sat up on the stool and stared at her until she said

" No is the answer shikimaru and that is how it is going to stay maybe if you are good next year you can go "

I grumbled under my breath and jumped off the stool I then had a good idea formulating in my mind I casually strolled over to where my mother was busily chopping carrots I yanked on her dress to get her attention she looked down I spoke quickly and said

" Mummy what is the noise I hear some nights does daddy hurt you cause I hear you yelling out daddy's name "

My mother instantly went as red as her eyes and she put the knife down and yelled

" ASUMA honey we need to have a discussion now "

I heard dad get up from the couch he walked into the kitchen he had just lit a cigeratte and mumbled

" What is it honey "

Mummy and daddy then spelt out some words which included last night, awake and sex I was smart cause mummy and daddy didn't know I could spell yet eventually they stopped talking and daddy took me into his room where he sat me down for a man to man talk

" Okay shikimaru you know exactly what was going on last night and I am willing to let you go to the ninja acedemy for being smart enough to blackmail us okay but there is also a punishment do you agree"

I was so happy I jumped up and down and screamed out yes and tackled dad in a hug he lifted me up and took me out into the kitchen where dad said

" Kurenai he agrees to our conditions "

mummy and daddy smiled scarily then because daddy led me into a room full of newspapers and he said

" now as your punishment you will have to sort this out for your mother "

I stood shocked until dad left the room I began the tedious task of sorting them out and thinking

" me and my big mouth "

okay a introduction by the way shikimaru is only 7 and no this is not a yaoi please review