It was a rather snowy day at their place; Tino and Berwald sat down by the table and drank hot chocolate to warm up. Both of them were wearing long-sleeved shirt and sat close to each other.

"Pretty cold, today, isn't Berwald?" Tino said to his larger friend.

Berwald slipped his other hand over Tino and cuddled him close, bringing his chair near him, "'s 't c'ld st'll?" Tino leaned over to him a bit and drank his hot chocolate, "Not that much." He said with a smile.

They finished their drink and Tino fixed the table up, "I'll be washing the dishes."

"Nnh." Berwald grumbled.

Outside, footsteps thudded against the snowy concrete on the snow-covered ground. The silhouette walked quietly while hiding its hands in the pockets of its long coat; the scarf waved gracefully against the frosted wind. The figure stopped and looked at a cozy-looking house that stood in the distance.

Berwald went to the living room, firing up the fireplace and warming the house. He poked the firewood with the metal rod and adjusted some. He became content and sat on the couch and read the paper.

Tino had finished the dishes and proceeded to cleaning the kitchen. He hummed a happy tune while wiping the counter clean and smiling. Berwald, who was busy in his paper, took a quick glance at his wife. A small smirk grew on his face as he looked back into his paper.

His wife again, finished with the chore, skipped to the living room. He sat down beside Berwald who was already moving and in position of sitting with him. Tino went under the care of Berwald's arm while holding the opposite side of the newspaper.

They read quietly, with Tino's head resting on Berwald's shoulder. Berwald sneaked a little kiss on his forehead which made his wife look at him surprised and blushing. The larger one hid a chuckle in a mumble while looking back at the paper.

"A storm's coming up…" Tino muttered while reading an article. Berwald nodded, "'r'dy gath'rd firew'd. 't'll l'st 'til wint'r ends."

They read quietly again when Tino decided to make some soup so it'll boil until lunch, "I have to get to the kitchen." He cheerfully got up the couch and skipped to the kitchen.

Berwald put down the paper and went to the kitchen to help Tino, "'ll h'lp T'no 'n cook'ng." he got out a chopping board and started cutting and chopping parsley for the soup.

"You don't need to help me Berwald." Said Tino who carried the pot with water to the stove.

"Not g'na m'ke m'wife do all 'f th' chores h're." Berwald mumbled while concentrating on the task.

Tino blushed, "But it's okay…"

Berwald finished the chopping and dropped the parsley into the water. He put down the board and faced Tino, "Not g'na m'ke m'wife do ev'ry'th'ng." he stroke the smaller one's hair. Tino blushed to his roots as he looked at Berwald leaning to him and placing his lips on his.

He kissed back gently and savored the moment.

Outside the silhouette opened the door and stepped quietly into the room. He closed the door silently.

The couple was still kissing; Berwald was still caught up that he still didn't want to let go, neither did Tino.

Berwald slid his fingers through Tino's hair while Tino had his hands on Berwald's chest.

Then light footsteps went nearer, but too low for them to notice. A brown boot stepped into the kitchen, looking at the couple. The silence and passion reigned over the room when suddenly…

"TINO! WALDY! HOW'S MY TWO LOVE PUFFINS DOING? THERE'S A STORM COMING UP SO IMMA STAY WITH YOU THIS WEEKEND!" A spiky-haired blonde had his hands stretched out with a large grin on his face and playful eyes.

"D'nm'rrrrrrrk." Berwald growled.