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A girl sat at her vanity brushing her long curly blonde hair in the mirror in her dorm room. Her eyes were as gold and her skin looked so fragile. She wore a white short-sleeve shirt under a black blazer. She also wore a white tie, black skirt, white knee socks, black flats, and she had a black headband with a bow in the middle. What made her stand out from any other 13 year old girl were her beautiful white wings that extended from her back. Then the door of her room opened which revealed a boy with emerald green hair and blue eyes. He wore a white shirt, black blazer, white tie, black pants, and black shoes.

"Rima-chan, you know you can only show your wings if an emergency happens and the training center," he sighed. She put her brush down and spun around to face him.

"I know, I just wanted to let them out. Keeping them in isn't healthy you know. Besides don't you ever want to let your wings out?" he just chuckled lightly at his friend.

"Good point. Anyway are you ready?" he asked. Rima sighed."Why do we do this again Kairi? We do it every year! Its starting to be more of an annoyance," said Rima."Cause of the new students going into 5th and the students that forget us." said Kairi."How can anyone forget us?" she asked. He thought for a moment.

"You have a point there but it's just cause were suppose to, O.K." said Kairi patting her head. She fake pouted, but then smiled. Rima nodded, quickly put her wings away, and followed him out of the dorm.

They walked in silence to the auditorium building of Elements Angel Middle School. Yes this is a elements school they were in. The students were angels, who controlled the power of the elements and used them for the good of the world. The students before first grade would be judged where they would go, Elements Angel or Elements Evil. Elements Evil was a school for the students that that control elements, but for the bad reasons.

Elements Angel Middle School(EAMS) Student Council/Top Students.

Mashiro Rima, 7th grade, and she holds the element water. She has a love for comedy and sometimes has a cold heart, but deep inside has a caring heart, which was how she got to EAMS.

Souma Kukai, 8th grade, and holds the element earth. He is a loveable brother to the top four students at EAMS, mostly because he is the oldest. He also has a passion for sports.

Yuki Yaya, 6th grade, holds the element fire, and has a babyish character. She is the most carefree in the entire school and loves sweets. She uses third-person a lot.

Sanjou Kairi, 6th grade, holds the element wind. He is the smartest of the four and tall for his age.

These four might not seem like it but are the most powerful and responsible students in their school.

Elements Evil Middle School(EEMS) Student Council/Top Students.

Tsukiyomi Ikuto, 8th grade, and holds the element fire. The oldest of the four; described as a pervert; plays the violin and uses his powers for jokes and to play with girls mostly.

Hoshina Utau, 7th grade, holds the element water, and is sister of Ikuto. She is a pop star known world wide and sometimes can be a little mean once in a while but loves her friends.

Fugisaki Nagihiko, 7th grade, friends and some family call him Nagi ,holds the element earth, known as the master of basketball and does traditional Japanese dancing. He sometimes has a good heart and is very kind but got into Elements Evil because of his mean hidden personality sometimes.

Hinamori Amu, 7th grade, and controls wind. Known as the cool n' spicy girl her spazzing out personality and fierce fighter got her into the school. All four the biggest players in the school.

The four are powerful people may mistake them as cruel or nasty but they have a ounce of good in them.

Kairi and Rima walked to the main room where they met up with their other two friends Souma Kukai and Yuiki Yaya. The two walked on the stage and sat in their seats next to the other two chairs with two people sitting in them while the principal introduced them to everyone.(The same place where the guardians announced to the school Amu was the Joker in front of the whole school)

"Now this years student council will be," the principle, Tsukasa, said announcing the four people.

"Souma Kukai," Kukai stood up, walked a couple feet away from the edge of the stage, and gave the student body a smile."Yo!" he yelled and gave a thumbs up. Five girls with I heart Kukai shirts and some other girls fainted. He sweat dropped.

"Mashiro Rima," Rima stepped up next to Kukai."Hello." she said and gave a small smile. Boys fainted and some said, "How cute!", Rima just sweat dropped.

"Sanjou Kairi," Kairi stood next to Rima. He just adjusted his glasses. Their were claps and cheers from everyone.

"And finally Yuki Yaya," Yaya stood and walked to the other side of Kukai and smiled."Hi hi!" she yelled waving. Cheers and some faints.

"These four are our Student Council this year," he said gesturing to the four friends. Applause and cheers came. The principle got down from the stand and Kairi got up on the podium.

"Students as the Student Council again we will protect you all from anything. Weather they are ogres, demons, monsters, and of course Elements Evil. This year we shall beat them and get our winning place back," he said and got off the podium. Kukai was the next to go up.

"Yo! This year we'll destroy those Elements Evil! They'll be so scared that they'll raise the white flag!" yelled Kukai punching his fist into the air. Then he jumped off the podium and Yaya rushed on.

"That's right! In case some of you new students do not know what we are talking about Rima-chan and I will explain! At the end of every year the student body has a fighting competition with our rival school Evil Elements Middle School! Now we know some of you might be intimidating but our fifty trained nurses are coming with us and come to your aid quickly so you won't get severely hurt! Our trained teachers will train all of you to be ready for this match. If we think you are not ready and really will be hurt then we will put you with our defense forces, who protect the school and destroy the other school at the same time. Now Rima-chan will tell you the rest!" yelled Yaya excitedly and then got off the podium. Yaya usually didn't like using first-person, but for the students sake, she had to. Rima then got on the podium.

"Yes they will also attack the school, like Yaya has said. To win is that both schools has one orb. If we get their orb and bring it back to the school to our orb then we win. But if the school cannot take it anymore then we must raise the white flag which means that surrender for this year. Since we won last year we got one gold medal. If someone raises the white flag before an orb has been taken then the match is over.(I will explain in the end since it seems confusing)who ever has the most medal wins the Golden Trophy. Win or lose though we always have a big party. Any more questions either ask one of us, one of the teachers, or look in your student handbook. Were counting on you!" said Rima. An explosion of applause came and Rima stepped off the podium.

The principle announced everyone to go back to their dorms since class was going to start tomorrow. Rima and Yaya went to their shared dorm room. The floor is white carpet, the walls are sunshine yellow, two beds, one on the left and one on the right side of the room, two closets, one white vanity, a big window in between the beds with red and yellow polka dotted curtains, and one desk. The desk had a few books and a white laptop they shared on it. Yaya flopped down on her bed which had pink and yellow covers on. Rima sat on her bed with her gag manga. Her bed had white and orange covers.

"Rima-chan?"asked Yaya."What is it Yaya?" asked Rima.

"Yaya is scared. It's just that Yaya doesn't want to get hurt like that again for this year's fight like what happened last year." she said clutching a yellow bunny shaped pillow close to her chest. Rima looked at Yaya with sympathy.'Oh yeah I almost forgot.'


Yaya had just hurt someone badly.

"Score!" yelled Yaya."Good work Yaya." said Rima coming next to her.

"Not for long!" yelled two students from EEMS and attacked the two with a tsunami and boulders at the two. Since Rima controls water the tsunami didn't effect her much and the boulders just missed her but since Yaya controls fire the tsunami blasted her into a tree along with the boulders.

"O-Ow." Yaya muttered rubbing her head. Then the person who had hit her with the tsunami again when Kairi came and used a strong wind to blast the person and the tsunami away.

"Yaya-chan, are you alright?" he asked."Yeah arigato Kairi-kun." she said. She tried getting up but fell down. Kairi looked at her ankle which was now bleeding and the other was badly bruised."Here I'll take you to one of the nurses." he said. He picked her up bridal style and flew high, trying find a nurse.

Yaya was in her dorm room with Rima a week after what had happened to her. She had to get a cast because of how bruised and bleeding it was.

"Yaya gomenasai. I should've stayed their with you." she said letting a tear roll down her face."Rima-chan, it's not your fault. Besides Kukai-kun told Yaya that without Rima-chan's water power that group of 5th graders would've been crushed and because of Rima-chan, Kukai-kun was able to get the orb back to the school safely." said Yaya."True. But I still should've helped you." insisted Rima."Don't worry about it. The nurse said next week Yaya will be able to walk again." said Yaya.

"Ok. But let's make a promise that for all the years that we do this stupid fight we protect each other."said Rima holding out her hand. Yaya nodded and took her hand.

End of Flashback

"Don't worry. The fight isn't coming for a long time now so we'll be ready in time. Besides we promised we would protect each other." said Rima giving her smile. Yaya nodded and smiled.

"Right Rima-chan!" said Yaya.

"Students! I give you your top students this year!" announced the principle, Aruto, at Elements Evil.

"Tsukiyomi Ikuto," girls cheered and fainted as Ikuto stepped up. He just nodded his head and more girls cried.

"Tsukiyomi Utau," boys cried and shouted 'we love you Utau' as she stepped the left side of Ikuto."Whatever." said Utau with attitude in her voice. Boys fainted from her attitude.

"Fujisaki Nagihiko," girls fainted and applause as Nagihiko stepped the other side of Utau."Hello."said Nagihiko politely with a gentle smile. People cheered some fainted.

"And Hinamori Amu," applause rained."Hi." she said with her 'cool n spicy' voice. People screamed. The principle their was just letting the top four students gave their speech. Amu was up first.

"Unlike last year this year we will be ready to fight that loser AEMS!" she said and jumped off the podium. Ikuto then casually went up the podium.

"Yo. Now I want you all to know that we are nice but don't get us mad or else! Now we will try to protect you all from anything that comes. This year we set up a barrier so no interference comes to this school," said Ikuto just reading off what was written on his hand. Then Utau got on.

"This year will be a great year for all of us. Mostly because we have a special plan to win the fight this year. Oh and in case you don't know what I'm talking about it will be in your student hand book. But for those of you who do know this year they will definitely raise the white flag!" she yelled fire burning in her eyes and behind her. Nagihiko was up on the podium now.

"It is a pleasure to be the top students here once again. This year will be crushing to the other school cause they will be defeated. More information just look in the student handbook. As the top four we will protect you all like Ikuto said," said Nagihiko since he didn't know what else to say he smiled and people fainted.'Man sometimes these people can be real idiots,'he thought.

After some words from the principle they all left to their dorms. Nagihiko, Ikuto, Amu and Utau were all heading to Ikuto and Nagihiko's room since they were all bored. Their room had a black floor, dark blue walls, two closets, a desk with a black laptop on top, a mini basketball hoop above the door, one bed that had black covers, one side of the room had a t.v., and another on the other side of the room had dark purple covers. Utau and Amu sat in two black beanbag chairs that were also in the room while Ikuto because he was also lazy sat on the floor and Nagihiko laid on Ikuto's bed. Utau turned on the t.v.

"Man I'm already ready for this year's fight!" said Ikuto for really no reason."Me too. This year were gonna destroy EAMS with our plan," said Amu smirking."Yup and it'll be better then last year when Utau and I blasted those two kids!" exclaimed Nagihiko and he started laughing."Yeah it was awesome. Except for the part when I went to finish the brat alone off some other loser blasted me into a tree!" yelled Utau glaring at him.

"Hey why glare at me for!" yelled Nagihiko."Well if a certain someone helped me then all of them would've been out!" yelled Utau. Then they both glared fiercely at each other."Hey you two don't go off killing each other now! Man can you guys get any more annoying!" yelled Amu. They both just humped and turned away from each other."Will all of you just shut up! We still have to go over the plan!" yelled Ikuto throwing a pillow at everyone.

"Sorry Ikuto," they all said. Ikuto was a big brother to them and was also scary sometimes, so when he says shut up you have to or else.

"Now that you have all shut up let's talk about a plan to get back at AEMS," said Ikuto. After an hour of fighting over what to do they finally compromised on one plan."Perfect and we can get revenge on those losers for bringing our rep down," said Nagihiko tightening his fist.

Both schools and student council members wanted this match to be one that no one would forget.

Me: Now for explanation time. Ok so these two schools have been here for centuries and the students have always been rivals because they argue about which school's the better so the students decided to have a competition at the end of the school year to see which school is better. The teachers and principle agreed and made the rules. Each of the schools had at least fifty nurses, each school has an orb hidden somewhere in the school the other school must retrieve that other teams orb and bring it back to their own school and put it in the principle's office. All of the students get to use their wings and the teachers aren't allowed to participate, unless necessary. The students have to fight to get it, this is a test to see which is a better school. Which ever school gets the other schools's orb back to their own school in the principle's office. wins and gets a medal. The schools keep collecting medals until one school raises the white flag which means that the match automatically ends and no one has got the orbs to the other school yet. You cannot raise the flag because your orb has been taken you can only raise it if the school and/or the students cannot take any more damage. When the white flag is raised by one of the schools then the schools count the medals they have, whoever has the most wins the Golden Trophy and the next year the medals are not counted for and the whole thing starts over until someone raises the white flag again. A tie happens if both orbs are placed in the principle's office at the same time, which has never happened. If there is a tie then the Student Council members from both schools will go in a battle against each other, last person standing from which ever school wins the Golden Trophy. Get it?

Oh and both schools go from grades 5-12

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