one is silver and the other's gold


you just weren't good for him in the first place

he's too good for you

(blueblue eyes that can be seen from miles away
brown hair that's always tousled
a talent for Quidditch

they say
he's not perfect

he's not, you know
but he's still golden boy
perfection, perfection, perfection
is that all that matters?

you're just the ball of fire
"keep that fire, girl"

and he's just cool, smooth ice
"you're just jealous"

(so maybe you are
what does that mean

tick, tick, tick

time won't wait for you
time never waits for him

she's all but gorgeous
veela blood
sitting in the Quidditch stands
cheering out his name

(you are too
but your voice is
overshadowed by hers)

o v e r s h a d o w e d
you're never noticed unless
you're terribly loud
or terribly annoying
is that all you want to be, girl?

m o l l y w e a s l e y

you're prettyprettypretty
but she's beautybeautybeauty

it's the championship
he's up in the air

gryffindor's up
red&gold pride, baby

the snitch is out
(go, go, go, Lysander Scamander)
it's all his
they win again

so what if you can write?
it's not like it matters
(it's not like you m a t t e r)

you're only noticed if you're
a Quidditch player or
a Potions ace or
a talented wizard or
a Charms freak
so what if you can write like nobody's business?

it's not valued, appreciated
it's not a cool talent

so you just blendblend into the background
you're f a d i n g away
right beside your sister, the actress
your cousin, the musician
where is your time to shine?

because here it's all about Quidditch
and going out in a blaze of glory

("This is amazing. Did you know?"
"It's not like anyone cares, Lysander.")

but in the end, does it matter?
will they count how many girlfriends you had?
how many friends you obtained?

no, but writing talent is never lost
it's not something to f a d e a w a y

even if your love does
(and yes, you might have fallen in love with him
but every other girl has too
so what does it matter?)

love, love, love
so overrated
butterflies are terrible
in emptyhole stomachs

smile, smile, smile
writer girl
underappreciated, underloved
just one of the many messes of the school
a girl with unknown potential
because no one's dared to try

and he's still Gryffindor golden boy
and people still wonder why you're in Gryffindor
(you deserve it, same as them
the Sorting Hat knows what it's doing

so you're just plain old Molly Weasley (II)
silver, not good enough for gold
not as valuable as gold
good but never good enough

and he's golden, sparkly Lysander Scamander
gold && incredibly valuable to all
good enough for anyone
beautiful, pretty boy, extrovert

and then writer && Quidditch player
fire && ice
gold && silver
meet in some colourful display
fireworks, is it?
no, it's just your lips meeting his

pulling away, surprised
("what are you doing?"
"I think I might like you.")

then your heart b r e a k s
as he turns and walks away
ignoring you
ignoring your carefully crafted feelings

but then he comes back
bunch of forget me nots in hand
hands them to you
big, big smile

lips on lips again
pretty, pretty smiles
and maybe you are good enough for once
and maybe silver can be as good as gold

molly && lysander

(but you've always been known for breaking the cliché, anyway)

A/N: Well, this was really freeverse. I have no idea what that was. I just wrote a quick something to get out of writer's block, cause I'm going to write A LOT tomorrow.

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