Pairing/Characters: Byakuran-Mukuro Plot: What Byakuran wanted to tell Mukuro before he died.
Rating: K+ Genre: Romance/Tragedy Style: Oneshot, Third-person limited- Byakuran Title: Last Wishes Word Limit: 1000

Last Wishes

Aww~, this will be my first tragedy~!
Sorry, ruining the moment here. It's a habit, I usually write humor fanfics. Well, 10069 fans out there, I'm sorry, but it looks like I can only tolerate this pairing when Byakuran's dead. *is shot at* Okay, sorry!

COMMENCE WRITING! (- I think I have a new catchphrase~!)

As he felt the strong Deathperation flames starting to destroy him, he looked over to the illusionist.


He was smiling. Mukuro was smiling. He was happy that they'd all finally be rid of Byakuran.


As much as he had loved that smile, he knew that this was the last time he'd ever see it.

That beautiful illusionist... doesn't want me around.

He wants me dead.

I suppose all of them do.

... Mukuro...

Why can't I forget about him?

He was dying, but he couldn't look away from Mukuro.

Maybe I was right the first time.

I thought it was impossible, but...

I think...

I think I may have loved him.

With this final discovery, Byakuran smiled at Mukuro.

Oh well.

I suppose you realize the most important things in the most vital times.

And he probably wouldn't return my feelings.

... I love you, Mukuro.

The fire suddenly seemed not that bad. It was cooling slowly. Byakuran knew what that meant.

I'm dying.

I'm leaving this world, and yet...

I'm happy...

Because now I know...

I love him.


You'd have to read it reeaaaally slowly to consider it a tragedy. How many words was that? Less than a hundred, I'm sure. And I suppose the last couple of lines were really cliche.
Bummer, I still am not very skilled with tragedies. I'm gonna have to work on others sometime.
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