I actually haven't watched or read this series in a year. But this just kind of popped into my head so I decided to write it.

I have a complaint first! Just because I prefer the manga canon and do not like how the anime handled Ayame, that does not mean I don't like her! She was an interesting character! I would've loved for Kouga to have a second love if they had treated it differently! Perhaps I'll write a oneshot or short story for them that has a different background because, see, people seem to forget one little fact.

And that fact is Kouga's loyalty. I mean, it just took away from it to have the background they chose for Ayame. The whole making a promise and forgetting thing and then hinting he did remember, it just bothered me.

And yes. I wholeheartedly support InuKag. I also support any well-written story with other couples. One of my favorite Inuyasha stories is SessKag because it was written so well. But I have to say my favorite is a SesshomaruMiroku friendship fic that was just beyond awesome. On to the ficlet!

If Kouga was anything, he was loyal.

It was simply a fact of life, he didn't see what was so hard to understand about this notion. Yet, it seemed, no one really believed this part of him.

He also didn't see why Kagome would choose Inuyasha over him. The hanyou had even gone back and forth between her and the undead miko. He knew the stories and he knew it had undoubtedly hurt Kagome. It was unacceptable but Kagome still chose the mutt.

He had changed for Kagome, too.

He didn't eat humans anymore, didn't let his pack, however small, eat humans anymore either. He didn't go around killing for fun.

And it was because of Kagome.

But still people didn't seem to take his feelings seriously.

His reasons for falling for her, sure, they were doubtful at best. She'd slapped him and bam, feelings? No. It hadn't worked that way. Not really. He had just been curious, there. He had caught her to be his jewel-detector and decided the best way to get her to work was to have her fall for him.

Her slap had been an awakening and an amusing one at that. To be treated that way, like an equal, by a human woman, let him know she had spunk. That she was worth more than just as a jewel-detector but still had her as a trophy.

'Look at my woman, enough fire to surprise even our strongest females.'

More or less, that was how that had been in his mind.

But then she had defended him. Had been willing to fight with him, willing to pity him. And that was when he began to fall for her.

She had surprised him in an entirely different way then.

So even if she chose the mutt, he supposed he deserved it for his initial reaction. And Inuyasha wasn't entirely all that hard to get along with when one had to. He was a good comrade to have in a fight, for sure.

So, when Kagome returned after being gone for the few years she had been off… Wherever she had gone. He hadn't known.

Anyway, when she returned, he decided to finally, completely, let go of her.

Didn't mean for a second, he'd stop being loyal to her or stop loving her. It just meant he was accepting that she didn't love him and never would.

Falling for Kagome was like falling for the moon. He'd never be able to reach her, no matter how hard he tried. He knew that now.

If Kouga was anything, he was loyal.

And he would remain to be so until the end.