Alright so now I am writing a Secret of Mana 1&2 fiction. Everyone of that can be in the second party is here and also we have Dyluck joining Randi's (The main character of the first game) Party. I am writing to add on my own storyline at the secret of mana series. It is Dark magic exists in the world of Mana. Leveling both parties for a second time and having to level some OCs. Also when they first meet Kevin, they don't trust him because he is a wolfman. Secret of Mana Characters Square-Enix. Background Music is Carnival of Rust by Poets of The Fall. Now on with the Story.

The Dark Magic Chapter 1: Purim's New Love

Purim, still upset over Dyluck's Death to Thanatos, has become isolated from the other people in Pandora. She doesn't speak to anyone. She doesn't even speak to her father. Suddenly Randi walks over to her.

Randi says "Purim, still upset over Dyluck?"

Purim says "Yeah." She then thinks "Randi understands me but does he love me? I love him."

Randi says "I don't like seeing you upset. I like you a lot so could you stop being so upset?"

Purim, shocked at his confession, asks "Do you love me?"

Randi blushes at that question and says "Yeah, I do."

Purim says "I love you as well. I guess Dad was right when he betrothed me to the Mana Knight."

Randi's Blush intensifies and he says "Want a kiss to seal the deal?"

Purim says "Sure."

Their bodies start moving toward each other and then they meet in a kiss. They keep kissing for a good five minutes. Then they separate and hear an 'Ah!' They look in that direction and see Popoi.

Randi says "Popoi, You're Back?"

Popoi says "The spirits have come back and so has all the mana."

Randi says "So what is it?"

Popoi says "The spirits wish to speak to us"

Purim says "Let's go see what they want, Randi."

Randi says "Alright, my love."

Purim blushes at what Randi just called her. She isn't over Dyluck yet though.

Randi says "Still not over Dyluck?"

Purim says "Yeah, it will take some time."

To Be Continued...