Alright it's time for Chapter 3 of the Dark Magic. This chapter is called Randi VS Kevin. This is the first chapter with Kevin in it. The special thing is this will be a one on one fight between Randi and Kevin. They don't trust Kevin yet.

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The Dark Magic Chapter 3: Randi VS Kevin

The group enter The Moonlight Forest and immediately see why it's called that. The forest is night all the time. Now they just wonder what exactly told the people of Pandora is causing trouble for travelers. They believe it's some kind of Dark Magic Monster. Then they run into what is causing the ruckus.

The Wolfman says "You will not hurt my wolf friend."

Popoi says "We wouldn't do such a thing."

Purim and Randi agree with him. Skull is trying to recognize this Wolfman from somewhere. Then he realized where he recognizes him.

Skull says "You're Kevin, the Wolfman who forsake his father, the Beast King. Am I right?"

Kevin says "You are right. there is no questioning that you are foreigners seeking to destroy my friend."

Randi says "Would you just get it from the weapon I am wielding also known as the Mana Sword."

Kevin says "You lie. Sword was sealed many years Before. I know since it was my duty to seal it with the faerie."

Randi says "Argh. How's this? You and I will do a one-on-one battle. We will see who is telling the truth. If I am, you will feel the power of the sword coming from me, alright?"

Kevin says "Duel accepted. I will win."

Skull says "Cousin, you sure you want to face him?"*

Randi says "I must to prove it to him we are good."

Skull says "Alright."

Kevin starts the battle with a slash attack. Randi uses his sword to block the attack and then attacks with the sword. Kevin takes the hit to feel the power of the sword rush into him. He activates his strong form. Then he attacks Randi with his claw. Randi once again blocks and attacks with his sword. Kevin takes the hit once again to feel the power of the sword rush into him. Kevin then attacks and misses. Randi attacks and hits for a final strike.

Duel over, Randi wins!

Kevin says "That the mana sword. Maybe it wise to team up."

Randi says "That is a very wise move."

Kevin joins the party.

Randi says "Alright time to move out and kill whatever gets in our way."

Kevin says "I show you the way to the statue of the goddess by my home. You will get to meet my friend Carl."

Randi says "Good plan. You lead, Kevin."

Kevin says "Remember Carl is a friendly wolf."

Popoi says "We got that."

They enter the forest and go to Kevin's home. At Kevin's Home, they meet Carl and then heal at the statue of the Goddess.