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It hurt him with every breath. His chest rose and fell rapidly as he tried to breath. How did he manage this? He was on his way to the Navy yard when a car came out of nowhere and slammed into him.

He fumbled around until he felt his cell phone. With the last bit of energy he had, he pressed one of the speed dial numbers.

Gibbs was down in the basement working on one of his new projects. He did not like the sudden gut feeling he got as his cell phone rang. The thought that went through his head was, why would he get a call from one of team this late if something was not wrong?He headed up stairs to get ready to head out the door as he answered.

"Boss help pleas. In car wreck." Then he was quiet.

"McGee. Where you? McGee are you still there?" His voice was full of concern.

"Ya. I was headed back to the office from my house."

"McGee stay on the line. I am coming."

"I can't Boss, sorry." The line was quiet.

"McGee! McGee!" Gibbs had already gotten in his car and was speeding off to the rout McGee took to go to and from work.

As Gibbs pulled up to the crash he flipped out his phone and called an ambulance. Then headed over to McGee's car. The young agent was unconscious. When the ambulance got there Gibbs jumped in the back with his agent. The ambulance quickly got to the hospital, where Gibbs was told to sit in the waiting room. He then called the rest of the team to them what had happened