Gibbs called for pizza and went in to the kitchen to make salad.

"Boss." McGee said from the sofa.

"Ya." he was worried about McGee. He was never one to be depressed always looked to the good side of things.

"Never mined. lost train of thought." McGee laid dow to take a nap.

Tony walked in to his apartment throwing his jacket on the chair before going to take a shower. Stepping out he felt better. The day was long and he knew he would not sleep for a while.

The team was looking for who did this. He felt sympathy for the young agent. He knew what it was like to not know who was after you. Tony put on clean close and walked out the door. He was going to get Ziva.

"Tony you are here quickly." Ziva said opening the door. "I will be ready soon."

"Why does this happen." Tony said looking around.

"You here early?" Ziva said.

"McGee getting hurt. It is something with this team. I don't want this to happen. To much has."

Ziva walked into the living room. "I know Tony." They walked to the door and left.

Gibbs paid for the pizza and woke McGee up. The team had been there for a while but he let the kid sleep.

"Boss what is going on." McGee did not know why people were there.

"Thought you could use some friends. They won't go home and sleep until we fined who did this. So I told them to come here." Gibbs was smiling.

Abby got up from the table and hugged McGee. "I'm glad you are good. I miss you."

"I miss you to abb's" McGee let go of Abby's hug and sat down

Tony spoke next "So anyone want to tell there best McGee story. Thought it might be fun."

Soon the team was laughing and having fun Tony made a comment and McGee could not resist. "You kissed a guy."

Tony forgot about that. "I did not know probie." Tony was laughing nervously.

McGee drifted off. The next thing he knew he was waking up to the sounds of gun shots and yelling.

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