I love this show! Young Justice is amazing! When I first saw it, I thought I was going to hate it. I thought that it was just going to try and replace the old show, Teen Titans (And be horrible at it). But once I saw it, I fell in love with the show. I like it even more then Teen Titans, which is saying a lot! But the thing that surprised me the most was that my favorite character was Robin. I never liked any version of Robin, but when I saw this thirteen year old badass, he immediately became my favorite. In fact, the only charcter I dont like is Meagan. (Miss Marian) No offense to everyone who likes her, but I find her annoying.

Anyway, a while ago, when I was watching the episode where Robin tells Aqualad to be Leader (I forgot the name of it) I suddenly thought of the Joker. Why? I dont know, I just did. I wondered what would happen if the Joker found out Robin was now a part of a team. And What I thought of was this. :) Now, there is not much of the actual team mates in this chapter, just Robin, Batman, and Joker. But the Team rest of the team will be in this next chapter. Also, this takes place during the young justice episode Denial. ENJOY!

All the following characters belong to DC Comics

"It's sure been a while since I've been here."

Bruce Wayne looked over his shoulder, and saw the young Richard Grayson standing behind him. Bruce smiled slightly at his foster son, as he watched the boy looked around the Batcave, a small grin on the young face. Richard was wearing his signature sunglasses, along with a black jacket, white tee, and dark blue jeans. Richards hands were in his pockets as he continued to look around, and walked to the spot where the batcar laid.

"What are you talking about Dick?" Bruce asked, raising an amused eyebrow as he watched Richard run a hand along the car. "You are here every day."

"Yeah, in the manor." Richard replied, glancing at Bruce, "But ever since Young Justice started up, I haven't really been in the batcave." Richard once again looked around the Batcave, and although his sunglasses hid the eyes, Bruce knew that sadness and longing were in them.

And that tugged at the Dark Knight's heart. It had been a while since he and Richard went out on a mission together like they used to. Or hung out at all actually. Whether it was a movie they watched with Alfred, or having a bonding trip to Bruce's ski lodge up north. And Bruce wasn't ashamed to admit that he missed time with both Robin, he protégé, and Richard, his son. Well, Bruce thought, he wasn't ashamed to admit it to himself at least.

Bruce eyes lowered, as he looked down at his chest, covered by his Batman outfit. The only thing missing was his cowl, which he rarely wore when he was at the batcave. He looked back up at Richard, about to say something when the alarm on the computer went off. Bruce, sliding into the skin of Batman with ease that frightened him at times, turned back to the massive screen, narrowing his eyes. He was aware of Richard at his side, and placed on his cowl to hide the smile.

Batman was quick at work, finding out where the crime was, and who was behind it. And as he accomplished his goal, dread and rage rose in his chest. "The Joker…." Richard breathed out behind him, and Batman couldn't help but hear the small amount of fear in the boy's voice. It broke Bruce's heart, but it reminded Batman how far his protégé had to go.

"Stay here." Batman told his protégé, as he got up, and walked to the bat-car. He opened the door, and was about to get in when he saw Richard's face. It was miserable, and his shoulders sagged as the boy turned to head out of the cave. Bruce began to fight against his Batman side. He really didn't know why he told Richard to stay, they fought the Joker together before. Maybe it was the fear in Richards voice, maybe it was the fact Batman was beginning to get used to working alone once again.

But just as Bruce missed spending time with Richard, Batman missed working with Robin. "Get in." Batman said suddenly, and got in the car, not looking at the boy. He heard the passenger door open, and looked to see Richard already almost in his Robin costume. Batman smirked slightly, and raced out of the cave, just as Richard replaced his sunglasses with his mask.


The sirens blared as Robin followed Batman on the roofs. Robin had a nervous grin on his face as he jumped from roof to roof as he followed his mentor. Robin had faced many creeps and weirdoes in his couple years with Batman, a quarter of them having powers or being able to duplicate powers. And he faced even more since joining Young Justice, but out of all those creeps and weirdoes, The Joker frightened Robin the most.

Robin resisted a shiver, as he and Batman fell from a small building, and began to sneak up on the police surrounding the building the Joker was in. Robin tried to pry his thoughts away from the mad clown, at least for a little bit before he faced the freak, but couldn't. Robin had only faced the Joker three times before, and each time He couldn't fall asleep the night after they stopped the clown. It made Robin feel weak, cowardly. Whenever he closed his eyes he saw the Joker there, laughing at him.

Robin jumped slightly when Commissioner Gordan noticed him and Batman. "Thank God almighty you showed up." Gordan said, Batman giving him a nod, face detach. Robin stayed silent, a rare event, and tried not to look as scared as he felt when he listened to Jordan and Batman.

"It's a hostage situation, not much more than that." Gordan said, looking towards the building. It was then Robin first noticed the building was his school. "Joker, Harley, and a bunch of goons. For what we understand it is just a few random citizens he abducted off the street. They serve no real purpose other than being a hostage."

"Any demands yet?" Batman asked, frowning towards the school. "Well yeah." Gordan began, turning to fully face the school, hands in his coat pockets. "The freak wants to, in his own words; 'Catch up with his good ol' pal Bats.'" Gordan turned to face Batman and Robin, but frowned when they were gone. "I hate it when they do that…" He muttered, and looked back towards the school.


Robin was once again following his mentor, but this time down the dark halls of Gotham Middle School. "So, what is the plan?" Robin asked quietly, eyes darting around the darkened hallway. "I will distract the Joker by playing his little game. " Batman began, not looking back at Robin. "You sneak up behind him using the ventilation system."

Robin almost ran into Batman when the Dark Knight stopped all of a sudden. Batman took out his grappling hook, and threw it upwards, as it hit a grill from the vent. Batman gave one good pull, and it came down with a crash that made Robin flinch.

"Once you get to the classroom with Joker, wait for my signal, when I give it, take out the men near the hostages. Got it?" Batman said looking down at Robin. "I will handle the men close to the door and hopefully the Joker and Harley."

Robin nodded nervously. Batman turned, and was about to walk down the hall, but stopped, and looked over his shoulder. "Don't worry Dick."

Robin's eyes widened under the mask, seeing the warm smile of Bruce. But as soon as it was there, it was gone, and Batman vanished along the dark hallways. Robin suddenly found courage, and grinned. "Thanks Bruce." He whispered, before pulling out his own grappling hook and shooting it towards the Vent above him. Propelling upwards and vanishing in the darkness of it.


"Oh what is taking Bats so long." The Joker complained, slumping in the seat, burying his head in his arms as he leaned upon the desk. All the Jokers men glanced at Joker, wondering once again why they were working for this insane clown. None of them were that eager for the Bat to show up. They just recently broke out of Arkham and was not looking forward to going back.

"Mr. J." Harley said, sadness in her eyes as she placed a hand on the Jokers head. "I am sure he will be here any second. No one would pass up a chance to talk to you!" The Joker gave a sigh, as he lifted his head. "I guess your right toots, but I am just so bored." He groaned, and turned in his chair, to face the three hostages that were tied, and gag. He had three men trained guns on them, and two more by the door.

"Untie that one." The Joker said in a bored voice, gesturing towards the hostage closest to him. It was a woman he found in an alley. What she was doing he didn't remember or cared really. Being Raped, he thinks, but wasn't that sure.

One of the men raised an eyebrow at the Joker, "But Boss…"

"Are you questioning Mr. J!" Harley demanded, standing up, and glaring at the man, eyes narrowing. Joker patted her her arm, grinning. "Oh calm down doll, nothing to get to work up about." Joker was going to continue, when the door opened.

All five men turned quickly, guns at the ready. Joker however calmly looked over his shoulder, and grinned when he saw who it was. "Bats!" He stood up quickly, pushing Harley roughly away as he rushed to the front of the desk.

"Finally you are here! I was about to die from boredom I was." Batman just glared as he stayed in the doorway, eyes glancing around the classroom. "What do you want Joker?"

Joker grinned and sat on the desk, ignoring Harley as she sat next to him. "I just wanted to catch up with you Batty. I missed ya. How long has it been?"

"Four days." Batman said, eyes narrowing on the joker, glancing up at the vent quickly. Glad the Joker didn't notice this. Instead the Joker dramatically threw his head back and placed the back of his hand on his forehead. "A lifetime I know. But your suffering is over." The Joker jumped off the desk, and walked forward. The clown raised a hand high in the air, grinning at Batman. "Come on Bats! High-five!"

Batman stayed still, glaring at the Joker, and the clown pouted. "You are such a party pooper Batman. Anyways, where is that one kid. What was his name?" The Joker turned and began to pace, hand on his chin as he tried to think. "Blue-jay? No…. Red Robin? No…. But that place is delicious, we will have to stop there after this, toots." He looked towards Harley who was smiling wildly and nodding her head, hands clasped over her heart.

"His name," Batman began, an edge to his voice. "Is Robin, now!" The Joker frowned, confused. "Robin now…? Strange name…" He was cut off as behind him an object fell from the vents, and took out the three guards by the hostage. The Joker spun around, not caring Batman was taking out the two guards, Harley pulled out a gun but it was knocked out of her hand by a bat-a-rang.

The Joker eyes followed the gun, and dived towards it,grabbing the gun, then the woman hostage, placing the gun to her temple. Both heroes froze.

The Joker grinned wildly, and Harley laughed, clapping. "Way to go Mr. J!" Joker eyes went to Robin, then Batman, the grin not leaving. "Clever Bats, very clever." His eyes found the Bird-boy. "Robin! Long time no see! I missed ya! I thought you left the old man." Joker shook his head, tightening his gripp on the struggling woman. "That would have broke my heart. So, what have ya been up to?"

Robin stayed silent, and the Joker frowned, glancing at Bats. "Hey, tell the kid he can talk to me! I want to hear about his adventures!"

"Joker, stop this now." Batman said, hands fidgeting. "You have nothing to gain from this." The Joker shook his head, "No no, I disagree. I have plenty to gain from this. I want to hear about little Robby. I feel like a father to him."

Joker looked towards Robin grinning, not noticing the rage fighting on batman's face. "So, tell me, did ya get a new mentor, heaven knows you need a funer one." Robin hesitated, then said in a proud voice. "Batman will always be my mentor. I would never allow anyone to teach me other then him."

"Is that so." The Joker frowned, glancing at the two, then shrugged. "Ah well, I guess it's always the quiet ones right?" He laughed loudly, throwing his head back. And that was when Batman made his move. He moved forward quickly, and grabbed the joker by the neck, wrenching him from the hostage, and throwing him at Harely. Joker yelled as he was tossed, and got up quickly, "Out of the way!" He growled at Harley, punching and pushing her away as he scrambled for the gun.

He saw it, and went to reach it, when Robin Placed his foot on the gun. The Joker looked up, growling, but was surprised to see a grin on the normally scared face. "Well, looks like the Jokes on you Joker."

The Joker was silent for a second, then began to laugh. "Ha! I like you kid, I really do!"


The Joker was being loaded up into the the police truck, cuffed and everything. "Hey hey, easy with the merchandise." He said, smirking at the police guards. His eyes went to Batman and Robin, who was standing by the Comissioner.

He watched for a bit, and when the Commissioner left, he heard Robin say something to Batman. "…I know this may be a bad time…. But the rest my team wants to know if you have a mission…"

"Team?" The Joker asked to himself, as the truck was closed and it began to drive away. He looked over at Harley. "Did you know bird brains was apart of a team?" Harley shook her head, just as confused as Joker. "No Mr. J. I thought he was just with the Bat."

The Joker looked at the ceiling, frowning as he tried to wrap his mind around this. "Wait… so that's why the little brat hasn't been with the Bat…" A grin formed on his face. "This means lil' Robby is growin up!"

The Joker laughed in delight, trying to clap his cuff hands. "Well, I wish the Bats told me! I would have givin the little brat a congratulation present! Well this won't do, it just won't." The Joker squirmed in his seat, and the cuffs fell off as he stood. "I was going to stay home at Arkham for a week, but I cant now knowing that I haven't met Robby's new friends. Toots! Looks like we are takin a vacation away from Gotham for a bit."

The Joker, released Harley from the cuffs, and the girl squealed and wrapped her arms around the Joker's Neck. "Oh Mr. J! I cant wait."

The Joker laughed, and turned to the large back doors. "Hopefully they will be as fun as little Robby was today."

How was it? Now I normally dont do A/N at the bottom of the story, but I wanted to here, just once. I Dont think I got the character Harley down that well, and I struggled with Joker, but I think I did alright there. Batman I know was a little off, but he was supposed to be. Now with Robin, I know in the show is hyper and childish, but here he is timid, and frightened. He will not be like this all through the story. But I wanted to show the contrast of Robin and Richard. And also, what thirteen year old is not scared of the Joker? I even think Batman is scared of him from time to time. Also, for those of you who think this robin is that Tim kid, here he is not. And in young Justice I know for a fact he is Richard, not Tim.

Anyways, please review, tell me what you think. And I would love if you guys gave me some ideas you may have for what Joker might do to the team. If they are good enough I may use them. ;) Also, can anyone give me tips on how to write Harley?