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Robin's fear instantly vanished. And determination to save his friends burned through him

The training he received from Batman kicked in; Robin eyes darted to each of his friends until they fell on the one that he needed. Sprinting to Kid Flash, the Boy Wonder picked him up and swung him over his shoulders with no effort. Robin ignored the gasps and the pained laughter and ran past the rest of the team, out the door.

Once out of the base, Robin set Wally on the ground. Wally had tears trickling down his face, as he laughed endlessly. His pleading eyes stared at Robin as his hands grabbed his arm. Robin took one second to look at his friend in pity, before wrenching his arm out of Wally's grasp and pulled a syringe from his utility belt.

"Hang in there buddy," Robin whispered as he plunged the needle in Wally's arm. Wally gasped, his body arching, and then slowly relaxed. Robin sighed in relief and began to pull out five more syringes.

As soon as Wally sat up on his own, he ordered, "Take these," while thrusting an oxygen mask and syringes into his arms. Wally still coughing and giggling looked up in surprise, but then his face melted into firm determination, and nodded. "Once you have someone out, quickly inject the antidote into their bloodstream and then continue on to the next one." Standing up, Robin turned toward the entrance of the base. He raised his arm and his hologram screen appeared. Quickly he typed and grinned to himself.

"What are you going to do?" Kid Flash asked Robin as he gave Black Canary the antidote. Robin lowered his hand, and hit a button on his utility belt. He looked up at Wally, who this time was treating Megan.

An engine was heard in the background, and it was growing in noise. Robin grinned as his motorcycle skidded into a stop right in front of him. He mounted it despite the surprised looks he got from Wally and Black Canary. (Megan was still giggling and sputtering, incapable of reacting.)

"I am heading to the circus. There is a certain clown act I need to see."

The engine roared, and Robin sped away, tracking the signal where Joker was broadcasting from.


Murderous intent was bubbling inside Richard as he weaved in and out of traffic, going as fast as he could without getting into a crash. Most of his fear concerning the Joker had been extinguished the second the Joker Toxin had entered his friends' blood system. He grinned humorlessly; Joker was finally going to get what he wanted.

Richard entered Happy Harbor and headed to the center of the city. Every day since the first time he went against Joker, he had been deathly afraid of the insane clown. Whenever they faced off, he would either take the hench men or Harley. Even if the woman was sometimes too much for him to handle, he would take her over Joker any day.

But today, he had had enough. Joker always wanted Robin to act out against him, to actually attack. Well, Richard thought, get ready for just that you damn bastard.

"Batman to Robin."

Richard was startled out of his thoughts. Swerving to the right, he placed a hand to the intercom in his ear. "Don't try to talk me out of this Bruce," he said not keeping the rage out of his voice.

"I wasn't." Those two words surprised Richard that he almost hit a black sports car.

"The rest of Young Justice is fine and following your signal," Batman continued, and Robin found it hard to refer to him as Bruce at the moment. "Aqualad has agreed to follow your lead on this mission. As you know Joker the best, contact him after we cut this transmission. Black Canary and Red Tornado are cleaning out the Joker toxin from Mount Justice, and then they will be monitoring the mission. Understood?"

Robin let this information sink in. There had to be a catch. Batman wouldn't just send Young Justice in by themselves. It made no sense. "What about you?" Robin asked, as he began to reach the outskirts of town. "I refuse to believe you have no role in this."

"I am also tracking the Joker. I am three miles away from you at this moment," Batman said, evidently not surprised Robin asked this question. "You and the team will amuse and distract the Joker. You will move on my signal, and you will not engage Joker before then. Understood?"

Robin frowned. He didn't like the terms, but he was almost to the Joker, and needed to contact the rest of the team. "Understood."

"Good, be careful Robin. Batman out."

The transmission was cut, and Robin sighed. But he then grinned at one thought; he is going to lead the team. With a chuckle, he contacted Aqualad.

"Robin to Aqualad"

"Robin, we are almost to your position in the bio-ship," Aqualad began immediately. "Pull over and we will pick you up."

Robin was about to protest, but he tried to imagine briefing them on the Joker through the com-links, and found it difficult. "Alright, Copy that." The Boy Wonder cut the transmission and weaved off the road, slowing to a stop.

Within a couple seconds, Robin saw the Bio-ship exit camouflage mode, and land in front of him. Robin dismounted as soon as the entrance to the ship opened up. The Boy Wonder grinned grimly, and ran in. Immediately pointing to Megan, he said, "Double M, take off right now. We need to get to the forest quickly."

Megan nodded, closed the hatch door, and the ship took off. "Where exactly in the forest?" Artemis asked frowning.

Robin looked at her then at the rest of the team. "There is an abandoned circus camp there. That's where the clown is transmitting from."