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It was the next day and Britney, Raven, Exotica, and Tessa were all excited about their second night at the bar. " I love being a Coyote..it rocks..I mean we get to google the guys, dance, and serve drinks!" Exotica sighed as she was very relaxed now that she knew staying in New York for the summer was going to be ok. " You guys..I think we need one more Coyote, because what are we going to do at the end of the summer when I go back home to California? I won't be able to be a Coyote and you guys will probably be to busy to hold a coyote tryout then, so how about we just hire another coyote now. Tessa, your mom has enough money to pay one more coyote doesn't she?" Exotica said again.

All the girls exchanged looks. "Hire another Coyote? You mean like hold a tryout or something? My mom will pay another Coyote, because we were just talking about it last night and she said that we should hire another coyote too." Tessa said to everyone. "So what do you guys think?"

" I like the idea," they all said in unison.

" I have an awesome idea!" Raven jumped up with excitement. " How about we post signs all over town with our number on them and when people call we can book them to a certain night and every night for 2 weeks we will have a different coyote and then we can choose who we want to be our coyote!" she said.

"Ok! I can make the signs and post them all over town, Tessa can book them since her mom pays for everything, and Raven and Exotica can go shopping for some more clothes," Britney was already getting to work on Tessa's computer and printer since everyone was over at Tessa's house.

Week 1-Night 1:

"Ok, Hello ladies and gentlemen, us coyotes are looking for a new coyote, because Exotica here is going to be leaving at the end of summer, but don't worry she'll be back next summer, so we'll be having new coyote wannabes here for 2 weeks and tonight is the first night, so lets welcome our first wannabe, Lace Reynolds from New York, New York. If we like her the best out of everyone we see she'll become a full fledged Coyote!" Tessa screamed through the megaphone.

"Whooo!!" "Wow!" "Come on hot stuff!" Everyone was yelling at Lace. Lace was an excellent dancer and an excellent bar tender. She had long pale blonde hair and she was tall and slender.

"Hey there Lace, can you get me 8 shots of wild turkey and make it fast!" Britney was yelling at Lace.

"I got it!" Lace yelled as she lined up 8 shot glasses and threw the bottle of wild turkey up and then caught it and poured the shots right in a line. Then, she slid the shot glasses to the customer who ordered them.

"Damn...she's awesome!!" Exotica said.

"Yeah, she's awesome, but will she give lap dances if she has too?" Tessa asked. "Nevermind about my question, we shouldn't give anymore lap dances anyway."

"Can I have a water with ice?" a dark haired guy asked Tessa as she was dancing on the bar to the song, "I'm a Slave for You".

Everyone jumped off the bar and Raven grabbed the megaphone. "Hey everyone, you know how before this bar was ruined the coyotes didn't serve water? Well, we still don't serve water and this guy just ordered some, so do we serve water?" While Raven was getting the crowd all rallied up the other coyotes and Lace grabbed hoses that shoot different kinds of alcohol. They gave each other nervous looks.

"Well, you guys asked for it....and especially you Mr I want water!" Britney smiled sarcastically and began squirting alcohol directly at the guy who ordered water, while the other coyotes, including Lace, shot alcohol at the other customers.

"Excuse me, I believe spraying customers with alcohol is illegal, so I'm going to have to shut you and this bar of yours down," the guy who ordered water and the 3 guys sitting next to him said.

"What!?" Tessa shouted. Then, she grabbed the megaphone, "Ok, everyone out, we're closing early due to some technical difficulty." Everyone groaned, but they started to clear out.

"What about Lace?" Exotica asked.

"Tell her she's hired!" Tessa said real quick. Then, Exotica went and told Lace that she was hired.

"Ok, now what were you saying?" all the coyotes gathered around the bar as Tessa asked the 4 guys why they were wanting to shut the bar down.

"I was saying that we're shutting your bar down, because you were spraying alcohol at the customers and that's illegal, another reason I'm shutting you down is, because you guys are all underage, you should be atleast 21 to work at a bar like this or atleast have one person who is not underage work here with you-" the dark haired guy was cut off by Lace.

"I'm 22, so I'm old enough and you said that as long as theres one person who is not underage to work here with the others it was ok, so you can't shut us down, because of that!" she played with her blonde hair.

"Ok, anyway as I was saying, I'm also shutting you down, because you guys aren't doing what you are supposed to be doing. You are not supposed to give lap dances are you? No! All you are supposed to do is serve drinks and dance on the bar. You have 3 days to pay your fine which is, 6,000 dollars or you will be shut down, because we are the official police officers of bars." the dark haired guy smirked, and then him and his little posse walked out.

"What the hell was that all about!?!?" Suddenly everyone was pissed.

"We can't let the bar get shut down, we have to raise 6 thousand dollars," Raven said, "What about your mom?"

"I can't get money from my mom, because then I would have to tell her about the lap dances and then she would make us shut the bar down, so thats out of the question." Tessa said.

"Well I might know away, he might be able to help," Lace said quietly to herself.

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