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A Dragon in Heat

Poor Eragon Shadeslayer never knew what to expect from a dragon in heat.

Oromis-Elda had always been brief on that subject. To make matters worse, his dragon was a female.

That made things all the harder since she-dragons are a heck of a lot more fierce during the mating season as opposed to male dragons.

Knowing that she would wreck havoc, raise eyebrows, and cause confusion and madness in general, Eragon had done it the easy way.

He had requested Lady Nasuada's permission to go for a week's time with Saphira to mourn the death of Glaedr and Oromis.

He was sad too that his masters were gone. Really sad. But there were pressing matters: A dragon was in heat and Eragon had to deal with the consequences.

Strangely enough, Arya had asked to accompany him and Saphira. He had agreed meaning to break the news to her in hopes of getting some answers.

After all, she was a female and would know about...that time (Eragon felt very embarrassed here)...when odd things happened.

So it was that they had journeyed to a remote, hidden location in the Spine leaving Nasuada to clean up the mess of his departure.

She was a smart one, that woman, and had probably guessed the real reason for his desperate, heart-filled plea to leave.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't!" She had whispered with a blush, pulling him aside discreetly.

She then ran off blushing furiously leaving him thoroughly bewildered.

Why me? Eragon whined. I'm only seventeen! Why does it always have to be some innocent-farm-boy-becomes-bad-ass-all-powerful-hero in these trying times? I wish this stupid war was over already!

So caught up in his mental rant was he that he failed to notice a presence near him from behind.

Hey sexy! A voice growled.

"Ah!" Eragon yelped, jumping forward with a start as hot breath touched his neck.

He spun around whipping out Brisingr only to find himself face to face with Saphira who was doing her very best to look like alluring, batting her eyelashes to boot.

Eragon just stood there, frozen from the surprise of it all. What in the Empire was happening to Saphira?

Next thing he knew, he had burst into a raucous laughter at the comical scene. Saphira, on the other hand, found nothing amusing at all and glared at him.

Fine be that way, jerk! She fumed.

Eragon helplessly wheezed with laughter until great tears of mirth rolled down his cheeks leaving him standing in a small pond of water.

Saphira got so offended that she hissed dangerously and spun around whacking him with her tail so that he fell on his rear end. Leaving him panting and winded, she stormed off crashing through the trees and bushes.

When he had fully recovered, Eragon realized what a stupid thing he had done. Saphira, for some strange reason, was trying to mate with him (or flirt with him anyway) and he had just rejected her.

Even though there mere thought of inter-species sex was very obscene to the Rider, Eragon felt bad for offending her and knew this would cause a rift between them if he didn't resolve the situation instantly.

Heaving a sigh, he pulled himself up, sheathed Brisingr, and darted after the she-dragon. Saphira was so mad at his rebuttal so it was easy enough to find her by simply following the trail of death and destruction left in her wake.

After an hour and a half or so, he found her – back facing him – in a decent-sized cave. A stream bubbled through the woods and there was a large clearing in front of the water source.

It would be perfect for a campsite, Eragon thought.

Giving himself a mental shake, he returned his attention to what brought him hear ~ Saphira. He took a deep breath and stopped in front of the stream that stood before the cave.

"I'm sorry, Saphira," Eragon said, trying his best to sound convincing. "I'm sorry I offended you, I really am!"

If you did! Saphira sniffed tartly. Then you would apologise in the dragon way.

Eragon's heart sank. Something fishy was going on here...

What's that? He asked warily.

You would redeem yourself in the way that the offended dragon saw fit, Saphira replied imperiously, shuffling her wings.

Are you sure about that? Eragon asked hesitantly.

Would you doubt your own dragon? Saphira asked sounding scandalized. Sorry excuse for a Rider...

She let out such a stream of curses that Eragon would have keeled over and died of fright right out. He had to put a stop to this.

Fine, Saphira! He relented. You win! Now tell me, how do I vindicate myself?

Smug delight radiated across the Bond causing Eragon to scowl, but he hid it quickly for Saphira finally twisted her azure-scaled body around to face him. Triumph glinted in her eyes.

You will pleasure me! Saphira announced.

"What the fuck?" Eragon shrieked, too scared and astonished to speak telepathically.

Calm down, Eragon, Saphira cooed patronizingly. You wouldn't want your elf lover to hear you, now wouldn't you?

She. Is. Not. My. Lover! Eragon said through clenched teeth, taking deep breaths to remain calm.

It was all he could do to not hyperventilate.

Are you sure there isn't anything else you might want? Eragon pleaded.

No, Saphira shook her head.

Any loose teeth you want me to get rid of? Eragon temporized.

Nope, Saphira said. Although it might be sexy to have my naked Rider standing in my mouth while I gave him a good licking.

Eragon almost ran off to Sharktooth Island screaming his head off till he went hoarse, but he recalled Arya being in the general district so he kept relatively silent.

Nothing? Eragon whimpered. Isn't there anything my beautiful, blue dragon and Queen of the Skies would wish for?

Saphira paused for a moment as she thought. It was useless though for she shook her head.

Not really, She replied. Although I did like that new title you invented. 'Queen of the Skies' – I could grow used to that...If I'm your queen, that is!

Eragon was really starting to panic now but he knew in his gut that he would do anything for Saphira, even if nothing more than to shut her up.

Once her season is up, The Rider consoled himself. Saphira will be more than ashamed of herself. I'll get back at her then. But for now, to work!

Okay then, you great overgrown lizard! Eragon told a humming Saphira. Let's redeem myself, shall we?

Saphira squirmed in eager anticipation as Eragon jumped nimbly over the stream and trudged towards his dragon. The Rider heaved a sigh and pulled off his tunic having an inkling that things were about to get real messy around here.

Good, Saphira said approvingly. You should know that you have a stunning body, dear. My, my! Look at those tight abs! How come I've never noticed them before? And why is that part of your body so stiff and hard? It's longer than normal you know.

Saphira! Eragon freaked. It's embarrassing enough for me to be here like this without know...

You know what, sweaty? Saphira asked all-innocence. She boomed with laughter at her Rider's bewildered expression and hurried on with the matter at hand. Never mind though, some things are more important. Now listen carefully, lover boy, this is what we're going to do!

"Some things," Eragon muttered under his breath as Saphira launched into an alarmingly long list of ways for him to earn his redemption.

When she was silent and puffing for breath, Eragon sighed, took a deep breath, and went about carrying out her first command. Saphira sat on her hind legs leaning against the far wall of the cave and Eragon went up to her reluctantly.

He inhaled sharply at the sight of her sex. It was far larger than any normal woman's. Truth be told, he wasn't that learned in these matters but he had watched Roran and Katrina during their escapades many times to get a good enough picture of what was done.

For while Roran would never admit this, Eragon had led him and Katrina to many of his hiding places in the Spine. In payment for letting his cousin and his cousin's girlfriend use them whenever they wanted, he would watch them frequently.

Eragon's mind snapped back to the present as a musky odder arose. Eragon braced himself and plunged his right hand into Saphira's area. Saphira flinched as Eragon went into her but then she let out a low, husky growl nearly scaring Eragon out of his wits.

But it was too late, he had taken the plunge and would have to finish what he started. Oh, well. Not like he couldn't get a little enjoyment out of it in the process! With that thought in mind, Eragon let his darker, more perverted nature take over him and moved his hand around experimentally.

Saphira groaned and wiggled as her Rider touched her. She was getting very turned on and her area was starting to feel hot. The build-up had begun and she revealed in the pleasure it brought her, sending Eragon waves of love and enjoyment through the Bond.

Feeling this, Eragon got surprisingly turned out and began to think himself very lucky indeed for having such a sexy dragon. He put all his will into it, curled up his fist, and yanked his hand out of Saphira.

It was dripping with an odd, white gooey stuff that smelt strange. Saphira cried out as Eragon released himself and sent him a tidal wave of frustration, aggravation, and annoyance. (both were too caught up in it all to speak normally) Having a naughty plan up his sleeve, Eragon reassured Saphira that he wasn't through with her yet.

Saphira relaxed and Eragon chose just that time to strike. Careful not to hurt her, he plunged his fist into her area. Saphira gasped as only a dragon could. Eragon then repeated this act frequently and swiftly.

Very soon, he was sweating like a mad thing and panting for breath. But he didn't care as he was getting a heck of a time out of this too. Why hadn't he ever thought of doing this before?

Saphira, meanwhile, was humping Eragon's hand and crying out in pleasure as he penetrated her. Eragon gasped and shuddered as he propelled Saphira towards her climax. Both Rider and Dragon gave one last cry of sheer joy in sync with one another as Saphira climaxed.

The she-dragon spilled such a torrent of juices that Eragon had never expected to see. He knew she was big but this was impossible. It was like a waterfall or something.

Certainly better than Katrina! He smirked.

Exhausted, Eragon collapsed onto Saphira's belly and the she-dragon hummed in delight as Eragon's tongue touched her juices. Finding the taste awesome indeed, Eragon began to lap up the liquid making him hard once more. He would have continued if he hadn't been rudely interrupted by a certain angry elf.

"What in damnation is going on here?" Arya screamed.

To Be Continued...

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