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Chapter Four:

Murtagh sat brooding on Thorn as his ruby-red dragon flew high in the sky like an eagle. No, Thorn was much more graceful and majestic than an eagle and he would do anything for his dragon.

In fact, that was why he was here now – flying towards the most wanted person in the entire Empire: Eragon Shadeslayer, his friend and half-brother or so he had been before they parted ways.

Even though Murtagh was a servant of Galbatorix it was not of his choosing. At first, Murtagh had just gone along with it since Galbatorix had taught him many things in magic and warfare – things that the elves would not dare to delve into.

But then the Mad King had made him do things that he regretted, things that were so awful that he wished they could be erased from his memory. And that was why he was heading to the most wanted person ever. Well, not because he wanted to lose his memory, but because he wanted to start a new one.

He wanted to be free from Galbatorix and there was only one way to rid himself of the Dark King. Eragon's words had forced themselves upon him and would not let go as much as he tried to. It all came together when he was forced to slay Oromis and Glaedr, the last dragon and Rider of the Old Order.

Hopefully though, Murtagh could earn his forgiveness by proving his worth by means of knowledge. He could tell Eragon where the Eldunarya and the last dragon egg where but first he had to do something, something that would change the fate of Alagaësia as he knew it.

Part of him was looking forward to it more than anything and the other part of him dreaded it more than death. All the same, it was his only choice if he wanted freedom for him and his dragon and to save the world. So it was that he flew ever onwards towards Eragon, and hope.

But would he succeed?


Three days had passed.

Three blissful days of fucking hot sex. Eragon lay on his back, exhausted, while he watched Arya and Nasuada enjoy each other. Nasuada lay on her back while Arya lay on top of her. Only, the elf had her lips all over Nasuada's pussy and Nasuada had hers on Arya's.

It was a highly erotic scene and Eragon would have jerked himself off to it, but he was too busy enjoying his dragon and pleasuring her at the same time. Wanting to get comfortable, he pushed himself wearily against Saphira's leg in a sitting position and switched arms, plunging his fingers into Saphira's dripping sex.

His dragon growled in delight as he pleasured her; Eragon just wore a lopsided grin of contentment as he watched the two women groaning and moaning to their heart's content. They were just reaching a climax when the ground shook.

At first, Eragon thought that Saphira was coming first but something told him otherwise. Jerking his hand out of Saphira's hole, he leapt to his feet and cast about for the cause of the tremor.


Eragon's heart leapt into his throat as he stared at the sight before him.


Arya and Nasuada stopped, confused and worried, quickly climbing off each other and ignoring the wet juices that splashed out of them.


Eragon, Arya, Saphira, and Nasuada stared in shock and horror as Murtagh grinned down at them mischievously from atop his dragon Thorn.


Thorn finally stopped and let out a dramatic roar that shook the earth. Saphira was about to roar back but Eragon restrained her with a hand on her leg.

Murtagh unsheathed his sword with a crisp ring and Arya was already chanting a spell against him. However, she was shocked into silence for Murtagh threw his sword at their feet with a look of disgust and contempt.

Furthermore, he spat on it as he dismounted Thorn who stared at them with deep vermillion eyes, betraying no emotion whatsoever.

Eragon was stunned.

Had Murtagh taken leave of his senses? What in the Empire was he doing?

"Half-brother," Murtagh said stiffly. "May I have a word with you in private."

"How did you know?" Was all Eragon could think to say.

"I have my sources," Murtagh grinned.

Eragon glanced back at Arya and Nasuada searching for an answer and was momentarily surprised to see Nasuada blushing profusely, refusing to meet Murtagh's gaze.

Arya was studying Murtagh with a mixture of distrust and curiosity as if she couldn't quite figure him out. Eragon had to admit that Murtagh was an enigma that even he could not solve. He certainly hadn't predicted these events.

Why, they were all stark naked still!

"Um, right, sure," Eragon stammered. "Come right this way."

He glanced back at Arya for her approval, but all he got was a reproachful nod. It was clear that Arya didn't approve of what was happening but wanted to see what would transpire.

Eragon led Murtagh to the nearby cave but Thorn remained where he was under the watchful gaze of Saphira and Arya. Nasuada was acting oddly, Eragon could tell, so he let her be.

He wondered what was up with her though and was very curious as to Murtagh's intentions. Eragon stopped when they were in the back of the cave and out of hearing shot.

"Murtagh, what is the meaning of this?" He demanded, placing his hands on his hips.

Murtagh's eyes latched in curiosity and surprise onto Eragon's cock and Eragon felt butterflies in his stomach. No way! Murtagh couldn't... But any thoughts were interrupted as Murtagh cleared his throat and looked into Eragon's eyes holding them with his own.

"Eragon," He said hoarsely. "As you know serving Galbatorix was not my decision, yes?"

"Aye," Eragon muttered, feeling slightly uncomfortable.

"Well then you should know that Thorn and I want out," Murtagh said determinedly.

"What?" Eragon yelped in surprise.

"We want to be free of Galbatorix," Murtagh said firmly. "And I have thought of a way to do just that."

"How?" Eragon asked with bated breath.

As much as he hated Murtagh for killing his master, he knew it wasn't the Rider's fault. Murtagh was even forced to become a Rider. He had suffered just as much in the war as Eragon had, if not more due to being captured by Galbatorix.

If there was ever a way to rescue his half-brother, Eragon would do it – come what may. He had always wanted to free his brother and now even more so. Even so, he felt unsure about all of this.

"How can I free you, brother?" Eragon asked softly.

Murtagh took a deep breath and stepped closer to Eragon until they were only inches apart.

"It would be easier if I show you," Murtagh said. "May I?"

"Swear first in the Ancient Language that you speak true and mean me and my friends no harm," Eragon said quickly. "Only then can me."

"Very well," Murtagh said with a pained look in his eyes.

Nonetheless, Murtagh said the words loud and clear in the Ancient Language and Eragon was surprised by his brother's extensive knowledge. Why, Murtagh was almost better than himself!

"Satisfied?" Murtagh said sarcastically when he was finished.

Eragon nodded.

"Good," Murtagh said with a mischievous grin. "Brace yourself for I will show you how you, and only you – my brother, can free me from the clutches of the Dark King."

Eragon squared his shoulders and braced himself, but nothing could prepare him for the shock that flooded through his body for Murtagh pulled Eragon into his embrace and kissed him passionately.

After a few moments, Murtagh pulled back roughly and stared at Eragon – his eyes full of need. Even though Eragon knew this was wrong, he felt certain it was the right thing to do – the only way to rescue his brother.

He realised it now.

Murtagh needed a magic strong enough to release him from the Mad King and that magic was love: Eragon's love for his brother. Only Eragon loved Murtagh enough to welcome him back in the fold and only Eragon could free him.

"Okay then," Eragon murmured. "I will rescue you but you must agree to several things first."

"Yes?" Murtagh asked eagerly.

"First I must get Saphira's consent," Eragon said regretfully. "Then Arya's and finally Nasuada's. If they all agree, I can rescue you in this manner but you must agree to help me pleasure Saphira."

"Pardon me?" Murtagh yelped.

"I know," Eragon said, caressing Murtagh's cheek. "It was hard for me to accept first but she is a dragon and a dragon in heat."

"Oh!" Murtagh said, his eyes widening as realisation dawned on him. "I see. So that's why all of you are gathered here as bare as your day of birth. You have a nice body, by the way!"

"Shut it," Eragon said, playfully swatting his brother's arm. "You know, I have always had fantasies about same-gender sex. Have you?"

"Aye," Murtagh said quietly. "I think every man has been interested at some time by this... Should we ask your dragon and friends now?"

"Yes," Eragon said eagerly.

Linking Murtagh's arm with his own, they strode out of the tent much to the shock and surprise of those gathered.

What are you, a couple now? Thorn asked teasingly.

Shut up if you value your life, Saphira threatened.

But Eragon was surprised to feel amusement from her emotions directed to Thorn. Were they sharing a joke?

Heaving a sigh, he shook his head and explained everything to the others. After much discussion and analyzing, they finally agreed and even Arya gave her consent.

"But I'll want some alone-time with him too," She demanded.

Eragon eagerly agreed, wanting to use that opportunity to sleep with Nasuada – alone. It would be perfect since then Saphira, who seemed to have made her peace with Thorn, could have some dragon time as well.

She wouldn't remain alone after all and the race of dragons had some hope yet!

"Come brother," Murtagh said softly, tugging Eragon's arm. "I think you have someone to rescue."

"Aye," Eragon said, kissing Murtagh on the cheek. "That I do."

To Be Continued...

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