Title: Business and Pleasure, One

Author: Leese

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Disclaimer: I do not own Stingers, etc. etc.

Note: As I said I don't have heaps of time to make up really concrete storylines in relation to the timeline of the show and stuff like that. So when I say two weeks, I really mean probably four or more and that they just have really good memories :P

Part One

Angie scratched her nose in thought.

"He won't like it Mac."

"He liked it fine enough last time." She sighed.

"Yeah but you don't understand how hard I had to push him and it, well...He got too nervous." Mac narrowed her eyes, smirking.

"I think you're underestimating him. Tell him we'll pay." Angie hesitated in her response.

"Yeah, well, the money's not the only thing on his mind at the moment."

"Irrelevant," she answered firmly. "I just want the information."

"Yeah, sure thing..." she drifted off, turning on her heels and walking out of the office.


"What did she want?"

Angie didn't reply very loudly as she strode past.

"You to shove a pole up your arse." Pete and Danni cast a raised eyebrow at each other, while Oscar turned in his chair.

"What'd she want?" he repeated innocently, not having heard. Angie didn't turn back. He looked over at Danni and Pete.

"Guess those beers didn't do much good then eh mate?" Pete replied, chuckling.

"That was two weeks ago!"

"Mm, yeah, that stuff sinks pretty deep with her."

"I noticed," he grumbled, turning back to his computer.


Angie sat on the park bench watching the water lap around the narrow strip of sand at her feet. She sensed him approach and didn't turn around, waiting for him to see her first. He did.

"What a shocker," he mumbled, sitting next to her. "I suppose I should ask why you're here, but it's getting old."

"You can leave any time." He laughed, looking away and scoffing.

"Yeah you've made that perfectly clear," he replied, sarcasm filtering through the soft tones. She didn't reply and he turned to face her. Ange waited until she had his full attention.

"You do this for me, after, you can go if you want. If you really want."

"I don't believe you." Her eyes sparkled.

"Yeah you do." He held back his smile, grimacing instead.

"Means I'll probably get killed," he replied loosely.

"You do, I do."


Oscar spotted them walking down the city streets. He casually put the earpiece to his phone into his right ear and spoke.

"Yeah just in the mall at the moment...No, yeah I'll be listening...Yeah...Yeah Mac, bye."

He hung up, taking the earpiece out of his ear and keeping an eye on them as they entered the little nick-knack shop. Oscar entered also, pretending to browse. Angie knew he was there.

Marty leant up against the counter.

"Herman there?"

"Busy." Mary slid a fifty across the counter.

"I'll take a stamp then, eh?"

"Be right back." The salesperson turned and walked out the back before reappearing. "Come through." Marty was passed through almost without question. Two men approached Angie however, pushing her up against the wall. She didn't flinch, rolling her eyes.

"I'm with him?" she stated, her voice rising toward the end in aggravation. Marty nodded towards her, letting her know it was standard. He hadn't told her how thorough they were going to be on the first meeting; not that she hadn't expected it however.


"They didn't buy it," Marty got straight into later once they'd reached a safe hearing distance. Angie laughed, turning to him as she walked.

"They did."

"I didn't buy it! Why would a girl like you want to buy some guns."

"You know why."

"Yes, and it is a good cover, it's just-"

"And what do you mean girl like me anyway?" She wasn't taking him that seriously, but as he didn't respond she changed her attitude. "Look I need to get this done, even if you're not going to back me up."

"You think I'd leave you in there and just give you up?"

"Would you?" she asked, swinging her bag by her side as she eyed a new dress shop across the road. She was so engrossed she didn't hear Marty answer. "Huh?" she managed as he finished. He just shook his head, scoffing. "Look, I, uh I'll make it up to you."

"You going to give me my life back?"

"If it wasn't for me you wouldn't have a life."

"So you keep reminding me."

"It's business. Let's just go get some guns."


Mac sat on the edge of Angie's desk.

"All right you were in there for?"

"Not long as I'm *sure* Oscar has already told you."

"Hey I was just doing surveillance!" he defended. She didn't reply. Mac cast her eyes from one to the other. They were still on that? She'd have to settle it eventually she supposed. Meanwhile, Angie got back to answering Mac's original question.

"Yeah, ten, fifteen minutes or so. Spent most of that asking me who I was, connections I had, what I wanted and why, patting me down, stuff like that."

"They question Marty?"

"Nope." She paused.

"Can you get away with a wire next time?" Angie smirked.

"Not unless you can stick it somewhere they're not going to pat down." Danni laughed.

"That'll be the day!" she exclaimed. Mac smiled.

"I'll take that as a no." She stood from the desk. "All right, um, good work. Oscar, can I see you for a moment?" He nodded, following her up.


"Do you want to share what's going on?"


"I'm sure Angie would jump at the chance, or that's how it appears-"

"Oh, um, last week." Mac took a seat at her desk.

"While it was the right decision to come to me, you do understand that when you betray a confidence in the job like this it's difficult to regain someone's trust, especially when that someone has been doing this job for a long time, and doesn't know who to trust so easily, don't you?"


"It would be the same for you I'd assume?"

"I'd assume it of everybody here."

"Good then we're clear?"

"Yes," he replied. Mac smiled.

"Send Ange in?"


"Ange, take a seat." Mac stood and leant against her desk, smiling and looking relaxed.

"I'm really sorry for beating up on Oscar-"

"You still mad at him?"

"Not really-"

"You know that while he did betray your confidence he made the right decision coming to me, things still worked out, and you shouldn't trust him any less with any issue, business or personal."

"I know Mac."

"All clear then?"

"Yes," she too replied. Mac took a seat back at her desk.

"Oh Ange," she called out, and Angie turned at the door. "Heard from Sam?" Angie hesitated, before shaking her head slightly. Mac nodded as the door closed in front of her.


"Do those guys follow you everywhere?" Marty remarked. Angie blushed, resisting the urge to look around.

"Which guys?" she asked innocently. Marty levelled her gaze.

"You know which." She turned her eyes skyward.

"Not real-ly-"

"Skinny 'n Paunch, Tall 'n Shorter, Straight 'n Curly."

"Ah, that's them!" she replied. "Not always."

"Shouldn't they be finished following you now? Considering we're finished with Herman for the day."

"Yep they're just going home." He paused.

"And where's that?" Angie stopped and looked down the street until she saw the Com-V.

"Bout ten cars that way."

"Ah the flower truck!"


"As per usual."

"Mm, yep. Hey..." she stopped, turning to him. "Do you want some lunch?"

"Do I have to pay?"

"Cheap, but no."

"I've never refused." They turned and walked back into the shopping area, passing Pete and Oscar on their way, Pete nodding and giving them a small smile in acknowledgement.


"So," Marty started, burger half way to his mouth. "What are they like?"

"Skinny 'n Paunch?"

"Mm, and the others."

"Good, yeah." Marty laughed. "What?"

"Good? It's good?"

"You do this every time-"

"I'm not putting down your job, it's just that, well, do you all get on?" She shrugged.

"Well enough. There are moments and then there are," she put on a face. "*Moments!*"

"Ugly, eh?"

"Messy, yeah." She laughed. "Just like you!" Marty looked down to see a piece of tomato half way down his shirt.

"Shit," he whispered, and Angie laughed as he picked it off.

"It'll stain."

"I am aware of that yes. Do you want to finish this at my place?"

"Do I have to pay?"

"All free!"

"Okay," she replied hesitantly.


"As I was saying-" Marty's voice filtered into the living room where Angie was waiting for him to change his shirt. He re-emerged sporting a different colour but similar style. "Any of them saved your life?" She nodded.

"Oh yeah!" He seemed startled. "I owe them a lot. They owe me a lot too!" She grinned.

"And this is a usual occurrence."

"Not *every* day!"

"Like when?"

"Oh, uh, well Paunch has pretty good timing actually...Actually," she drifted off, thinking back. "Yeah he's uh, done a lot for me."

"Yeah but how many times has he saved your life?"

"We want to start comparing do we?" She paused. "Um, well no names - there was the time with the cat breeder – some are easier to remember than others of course – um, I'm trying to think of some older ones!" She laughed, thinking back. "Oh well um yeah, there was my stalker in the silo and uh, the guy who shot our old boss – got the scar to prove that!"

"Oh yeah?" He raised his eyebrows. Angie narrowed her eyes.

"It's nowhere interesting, and you can't see it any more. I can but nobody else apparently." He didn't reply for a long time, and Angie sat there before having to push herself to start back onto business. "So you right with-"

"You had a stalker?" he interrupted. She rushed her response.

"Yeah, while-back-no-need-to-dwell." She didn't make eye contact until she was finished. "Let's talk business, all right?" He sighed.

"You know you're less fun-"

"Oh I know, you'll have to live with it."


Danni looked up to see Oscar watching her. Her eyes hit the ceiling, before moving left and right. Nope, no one else he could be looking at. She stared back at him. He put his hand on the other side of her desk and watched her.

"How you going Danni?" he asked, concerned and in all seriousness. Danni's eyebrow shot up, neck reeled back and she tilted her head to its left side.

"Good...Do you want to do my paperwork?"

"Anything else, but no, I don't. Sorry." She shook her head in amazement.

"I'm fine...Stoney." He nodded.

"That's good," and turned back to his work. Danni threw a face but quickly hid it as he faced her almost immediately afterwards.

"Can I help you Oscar?" she asked, now the one more concerned than he. He nodded, again his face revealing such a perplexed expression.

"Can I ask you a...question?"

"If this is regarding Pete and I-"

"No, Ange."

"Oh that I can help you with!" she replied brightly. "Advice? Not that I recommend you-"

"Yeah, uh, no. Look she's spending a lot of time with this Marty informant of hers."

"They're on a job together Stone," she replied. "You know that's what you do. Spend time together, talk about the deal, do the deal – kind of standard."

"Yeah but I just, wonder if I can trust him-"

"You're not the one who *needs* to trust him. Ange is, and she does."

"Yes but, well Mac said something this morning and-"

"What did she say?"

"That maybe Angie's been doing this job too long it's not as easy for her to work out who to trust as it used to be." A smirk came over Danni's face.

"And you think that doesn't apply to you, or Mac, or me? Or Pete! He's been doing this the longest – you don't see him falling on his face every job he does – not yet, anyway!" Oscar managed a smile.

"Yeah, I know."

"Look let it be, she's fine, she's not seeing Marty as anything other than a business associate."

At that moment Angie walked in and Pete popped out from Mac's office.

"Where you been?" he called to her. "Going backwards today, your car was the other way."

"Yeah, we had lunch."

"Long lunch," Danni put in.

"Oh yeah he got tomato on his shirt and so we went home and he changed."

"He...changed?" Oscar put in, slipping Danni a glance. Angie shrugged, not getting the undertone.

"Yeah, then we went over a couple of things for the deal in a week or so. I think I've finally got them to trust me." Angie and Pete went their separate ways as Danni sent the glance back to Oscar.

"See..." she mouthed. "Work." Then she grinned.


Oscar sat at his computer the following day, trying to find something to do. He was flat out of paperwork – a rarity – but wasn't exactly rostered off for another half hour. He got up the database and started looking through a couple of files on the police intranet. After about ten minutes and ever-increasing boredom rates, he had a thought, typing in the key figures in the current case Angie was working on – background! In another ten minutes he had located what he thought was an interesting connection, and in another ten, he'd printed out the cross-reference. This was going to be interesting...


"Ange?" Oscar asked, poking his head into the locker area.

"Yeah?" she asked, turning.

"Can we talk?"

"Mmhmm," she replied, turning back and fishing inside her locker for Oscar-could-hardly-guess-what.

"Well I thought I should come to you first..."

"Oh right." She wasn't paying that much attention, Oscar hoped that what he had to tell her would make her stand up straighter.

"Marty is Herman's cousin."

"Mm is he?"

"Don't you think there might be some conflict of interest there?"


"Cousin...Cop...Whose company is paid?"

"Doesn't mean it's bad company."

"Yeah no, but I mean, last meeting you got into a bit of trouble, he didn't fish you out with the story."

"No, if he did that every time it would be a little suspicious!"

"I just want you to be careful."

"I will be."


"Yep." Her brow creased and she stuck her head back into her locker. "Where the hell's my file?"

"On your desk."

"I think I'd know if it was on my desk!" she exclaimed, and Oscar silently walked back outside. Angie waited for him to go, before turning and bolting – silently, so he didn't turn to see – to Mac's office.

Mac looked up sharply upon her unannounced entrance.

"Hey you wanna grab a drink tonight?" Mac began to ask, before she saw the victorious expression on Angie's face. Her eyes narrowed. "What...?" Angie composed herself.

"I think you should keep an eye on Oscar." Mac put her head in her hands.

"Not again! You two are impossible."

"No really Mac, he's got some warped idea that Marty is Herman's cousin and he's trying to make me promise to be careful."

"You should be careful anyway!"

"Look I don't want him jeopardising my operation!"

"I know, um, look I'll take him off your surveillance."

"That'll only make him suspicious."

"Isn't the whole point of this that he knows you came to me? So you can get him back because he's annoying you?"


"I mean are you really worried about timid little Oscar?" Mac raised her eyebrows and Angie knew she was playing.

"No," she conceded.

"Okay then I'll let him know we spoke of this. Drink?"



"Sorry I'm late," Angie stated two nights later. "You ready to go over the deal?" Marty nodded, letting her in and accepting the bottle of wine she'd brought with her.

"You okay?" he asked as she bustled in and made herself comfortable. She turned to him, eyes wide.

"Oh yeah fine."

"What?" he asked again, not believing her. It took a moment but eventually Angie sighed.

"Oh I'm in the shits with my parents."


"I couldn't help it, I told them about Sam-"

"Everything?" She shook her head.

"I shouldn't have, but I did, they're blaming me. They don't understand...that I helped her. I did!"

"No one's heard from her, eh?" She shook her head.

"No." Marty came and sat next to her on his couch.

"Don't let it get you down."


"No buts. I, well, you startled me at first but it was a side of you I've never seen."

"You haven't seen that many sides then."

"More than you think."

"Oh?" He nodded.

"Although I'm yet to see your, really caring, side." Angie looked at her lap.

"Yeah, well, thanks you know for doing that. It wasn't expected of you and I, well thanks."

"And there it is!" She tried to muffle a laugh, before looking up at him, tears in her eyes.

"It meant a lot to me." He nodded, suddenly nervous at looking into her eyes for a second longer. He broke away.

"Business, eh?"

"Yeah," Angie sighed, trying to relax. "It's really simple you just have to be next to me, and when the cops come, you put your hands up. You act like you had no idea. But don't try to resist arrest, they'll hit you."

"Happened before?"

"Mmhmm, many a time."

"I'll be right."

"Will you?" Marty paused.

"What's with the sudden doubt?"

"Well...don't worry."

"No, tell."

"Oscar told me-"


"Skinny." She smirked. "He told me you were Herman's cousin?" She bit her bottom lip and Marty really did try not to laugh, but he couldn't help himself – he did. Angie was getting herself worked up, having been on this case for long enough already, spending many late nights alone at the factory tidying files and reports, logging her statements for each meeting considering wires were out of the question. She turned to him, shaking her head.

"Please don't laugh at me," she replied steadily. Marty stopped, shaking his head and reaching out to touch her shoulder.

"No, I wasn't, I mean, I am Herman's cousin." Angie wiped her eyes.

"What?" He nodded.

"Well, we *were* cousins, for about three years."

"One of your parents married out?" He shook his head.

"Narr, I was um, in foster homes growing up mostly. That was one of them."


"Don't be! If you're worried about whose side I'm on I don't think I have to defend my allegiance to you, you've got me standing in a noose."

"No I don't." Marty raised his eyebrows. "You can leave any time you want."

"Bull shit!" She shook her head.

"No! That was before! Now, I know you, look what I did for Sam, yeah? I could get you out of the loophole easily, it's my job - disappearing. If you wanted to leave-"

"I don't want to leave."

"Good," she replied, calming.


Marty walked Angie to his front door later that night.

"You right to get home? You're sure?"

"Yeah, taxi's waiting. I'll come by and get my car tomorrow morning?" He nodded.

"Got your keys?" She held them up, jangling them. "See ya!" He called as she turned and walked away. She stopped, walking back and pulling him into a hug.

"Thanks," she replied. "You're a big help." He nodded, not game enough to kiss her again just yet. "See ya."


"Danni stop!" Angie protested as she sat on the chair and Danni had free-reign over the amount of spray that was being put into her hair. "I think my hair is one of my least concerns."

"You are a successful international businesswoman, you should have nice hair. Plus," she held up a mirror for Angie. "It looks really good!" Angie managed a smile. It did look good, she just had her mind on other things. She stood, walking over to her jacket and pulling it on, professionally buttoning it up as Mac entered, in a strikingly similar wardrobe. Danni gasped.

"Who raided Mac's cupboard!" she exclaimed. Mac took one look at Angie, then herself, and spread her arms.

"I dress like this all the time!" she defended.

"You know we should have a casual day," Angie suggested. Mac's brow creased.

"Every day is a casual day for you lot."

"Well then you should!"

"Oh and rock up to a homicide in jeans and a sweater?" Danni and Angie nodded.

"We would." Mac frowned.

"We'll see."

"Fifty bucks she doesn't," Danni said. Angie turned to her.

"You're on."


Oscar cornered Angie as she was getting ready to leave.

"Wow you two twins or something?" he asked, referring once again to Mac and Angie's clothing.

"Shut it, all right?" Angie started.

"Hey you dobbed me in."

"What a shocker," she replied, taking Marty's phrase from earlier. "Oh and Marty is Herman's cousin." Oscar grinned – he knew she'd check. "But only for a couple of years."

"Who died and remarried?" Angie's eyes narrowed, her face in a scowl.

"He grew up in foster homes?" she suggested, in all seriousness, and Oscar seemed to back down.

"Oh," was all he said. She mocked him.

"Yes, 'oh!'"


Angie stood professionally beside Marty as the careful selection of guns was offered to her across the table. She viewed them, picking one up occasionally and looking it over more carefully. It didn't take her long to make her final choice, silently pointing them out. The guns were placed in their secure cases and handed to Marty as Angie dealt with the money. She took the bundles of fifties and hundreds from her briefcase, laying each one out on the table. They counted the number of bundles the amount in one bundle and did the math. It added up – as expected. The money was then bundled back into the briefcase and handed over to Herman. Angie smiled.

"Thankyou," she stated plainly, before turning and walking out, Marty close behind her.

They exited the shop entirely just as police began entering. Angie gave a small smile as the goods were handed over to uniform. Mac approached them. She patted Angie on the side of the arm.

"Nice work you two, sorry we're a bit late, you should get off the street till all this calms down." Angie nodded as Mac continued on her way.

"That one of them?" Marty asked. Angie nodded, smiling.

"Yeah, that's Mac."

"I thought you weren't really supposed to share their details."

"I'm not."


Once they were back in Angie's car she reached into her own bag, pulling out an envelope and handing it over. Marty shook his head.

"I don't want it."

"Take it," she smiled. "You did well."

"I don't want your money."

"It's not my money, it's our taxes." He hesitated, but shook his head.

"Nup look, I'll keep doing this, helping you out, but I don't want money."

"If you're not on the payroll, and something happens to you, or me because of you, it won't be thoroughly looked into with the idea you were still an informant."

"Maybe I don't want to be just an informant any more." Angie watched him.

"What do you want to be?" she asked. Stupid question, she knew, but she couldn't help herself. It had been so long since anyone had actually wanted anything else.

"Just with you," he replied, shrugging. "That's all."

"Like um, dinner and um..." She was lost for words, and stumbled, biting her bottom lip and looking into her lap.

"Yeah, and that." She looked back up at him.

"You can't get protective during the jobs."

"I'll hook you up with someone else, who won't."


"My brother."

"*Your* brother?"

"Yeah, we went through a lot together."

"He connected?" Marty nodded.

"I'll talk to him. He'll have to meet you of course!"

"Oh, of course!" Angie watched him as he traced her jawline with his fingers. "Um, I haven't been with anyone for a very long time. At all. Not even a drink." Marty grinned.

"That's got nothing to do with you, I can assure that. Comes with the job."

"Seems it." There was a long pause. "So...What now?" Marty grinned.

"I think this is the bit where I'm supposed to kiss you." He winked and Angie nodded, smiling as she put a hand to his cheek, kissing him back briefly.

They broke apart as Angie's mobile started to ring.

"You'll get used to it," she whispered. "I hope!" as she answered. There was a long pause as Angie listened to the other line, before responding. "Sam?"