The Heart Never Lies

Chapter One


Of all the puzzles his abnormal life had thrown at him, this had to be one of the most complicated he had ever came across. Generations passed his slowly aging face, new trends and events coming onto the scene. Yet, the puzzle never changed. He had sat for countless nights trying to figure it out in his mind, often going long periods of time with out sleep, be he could never come to a solid conclusion. It was as though this problem was ambiguous; no matter how he looked at it, any answer could fit, yet none were obvious as the true solution he need. He often spent vast hours of the day thinking it over too, but it did no good. Little did he know, someone else was struggling with a very similar problem.

Arthur Kirkland sat in the living room of his house. The television was on, yet Arthur wasn't paying attention to what was on the screen. It was late January, a Saturday, but Arthur had no plans other than to sit and think for the third night in a row. He sighed to himself; this was a fantastic start to the new year. He was sat in the comfy armchair near the window, a reading lamp turned on so that he could see the pages of the book that he was finding so difficult to concentrate on. Why was he finding it so difficult to concentrate? Well, that was simply because the biggest part of the puzzle which had been plaguing his mind was sprawled across the sofa opposite him asleep. Alfred F Jones. Arthur had left the TV on for him after many pleading requests to re-watch the Doctor Who Christmas special. However, the younger nation had promptly fell asleep half way through and hadn't woken since. Alfred had spent all of Christmas with Arthur that year, claiming "I just don't want you to be alone again, old man!". Yes, that had earned the boy a clip round the ear, but it was completely worth it in Arthur's book. It had been a very enjoyable Christmas to say the least. They opened presents ("how'd you know I wanted this, Iggy!"), ate dinner ("thank God I was hear to help this year, huh? You'd go hungry otherwise!"), pulled crackers, and then spent the rest of the night watching TV and having a few drinks. Mainly alco-pops like Bacardi or WKD; Alfred seemed to think that Arthur would get too drunk on anything else. Arthur had no idea why! So, there he sat, Saturday the first of January, with a sleeping America and a bad headache coming on. Putting the book down, Arthur decided that he would go for a walk to clear his head. However, when he got to his front door he instantly changed his mind. Snow was still falling thickly through the air. On the ground it was at least past his ankles, and frankly, he didn't feel like getting frost bite because he couldn't think. Sighing, Arthur shut the front door and locked it. He walked back into the living room and sat down in his armchair once more. Maybe sleep would help him think? He closed his eyes and leant his head back.

The problem instantly flashed to the forefront of his mind. He was constantly going over it, yet he could never decide on a definite answer, and sometimes (though he couldn't explain why) those answer made his heart hurt. The problem?

What was a feeling towards Alfred now, and what did the boy feel about him?

It should have been simple enough, except that neither knew the answer yet.

When Alfred had showed up on his doorstep on the 10th of December with his suitcase, a parcel and that bright beaming smile, Arthur felt as though his heart was melting. He didn't understand why this very popular yet incredible clueless boy would want to spend Christmas with the crankiest country in the world. But, Alfred had gotten his way, that bright smile warming many places in Arthur's body and had been staying with the British nation ever since. Occasionally, Arthur would find Alfred in random places, his eyes glazed over as though he was deep in thought. All of those times, Alfred had woken up, blushed and hurried away or bounced over to Arthur as though nothing had been happening. Those times were why he was so confused. He felt hurt when Alfred wouldn't tell him what he was thinking, and he was pretty sure that it was his own fault. Alfred would ask him the same questions, and Arthur would give the same answer:

"Nothing, Alfred. I'm fine."

He would always catch a glimpse of the hurt on the younger's face, but it was always so brief Arthur could never truly be sure as to what he had seen. No matter, Arthur couldn't give him a straight answer even if he wanted to simply because he had no idea what he was thinking. It clearly wasn't "nothing", but Arthur could never quite give a name for what he was thinking. It was as though there were thoughts in his head but they were in the wrong order.

Arthur reopened his eyes, but didn't move a muscle. Why was this puzzle so bloody difficult to figure out? He was normally pretty good at puzzles, yet this one had stumped him. Him! Arthur Kirkland, embodiment of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. He groaned and got up, deciding that if he couldn't walk around outside, he'd pace the inside of his house.


Not even that worked.

"Oh for the love of God!" he moaned to no one. That frustrated him also. Where were those bloody fairies when he needed them? He'd not seen hide nor hair of the mischievous creatures since mid-November, and it was times like this that he desperately wished that they'd make an appearance and help him out. This whole situation was slowly making him feel crazier and crazier. Why was it so damn hard? He walked up to his bedroom and stared out of the window at the snow buried streets. Arthur knew why it was so bad outside. The weather of a nations capital depended on how the person was feeling. At that time, Arthur was feeling so confused about his feelings it was bound to snow. He sighed and pressed his forehead against the glass.

"This is really starting to bug me now…"

Eventually, Arthur flopped back into his arm chair and looked at the TV. The BBC really needed some new ideas. In It To Win It had to be one of the most unfair game shows the British nation had ever seen. He was thankful for it at the moment however, as it was distracting him from that migraine inducing puzzle. Just as one unlucky contestant was sent to the Red Area, Arthur turned his attention back to his former charge. The younger nation stirred and yawned, sitting up on the sofa and scratching his eyes.

"Time s'it?"

"You mean 'what time is it', and it's 7:15 at night."

"Wow, I was out for a while."

"Yes, you were."

"You better not have drawn on me!"

Arthur blinked and shook his head. "Why would I do that, you git?"

"I wouldn't put it past you," Alfred smirked.

"Urgh, you are insufferable sometimes."

"Aw, but you love me anyways!"

Arthur double-taked at that. "What makes you think I love you? You annoy me beyond belief!"

"Ah, it's just a figure of speech!" Alfred smiled, a light blush on his own face.

Arthur, now growing tiresome of the conversation and the TV show, turned to ITV and waited for the national news to come on. Neither spoke for a little while, and they both turned their attentions to the screen when the theme music for the national news began to play.


Me: Hello! Long time no post! This entire story is based upon a role play between me and my friend, so do expect many historical inaccuracies! We apologise for those now. Also, because it's me, you guys who are familiar with my stories will know that I am a very big fan of trauma, gore and horror. So, I made it my mission to add some of that to this too! It took me ages to come up with a name for this, and I sort of freaked my friend out by "yelling" on MSN "THANK FUCK FOR MCFLY!". So, yeah. If you haven't heard McFly's song "The Heart Never Lies" Youtube it, and you will see the awesomeness! Also, the role play has been happening since early January, so the story is going to be in parts. It will all become clear as time progresses. What else is there?

Arthur: In It To Win It?

Me: Oh yeah! In It To Win It is a lottery game show where you're picked at random, answer questions to add money to a prize fund and if you get it wrong you go to the Red Area where you wait for the host Dale Winton to ask you a question. Get that right and you continue to play, if not you go back and wait to be chosen again. Any players in the Safe Zone have a chance to win a share of the money even if they have not answered a single question. Basically, even if you submitted the most money you can still leave with nothing, and if you submitted nothing you can leave with everything.

Alfred: Sounds fun…

Me: Uh huh… Anyways, look out for chapter two soon. It's all planned, obviously, it just needs typing! Plus, it's half term now so I have loads of free time! Yay! Reviews are love!