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Chapter 2

"For the last time, Naruto, yes. Sasuke was in our physics class today." I grinned at Tenten's good news.

"And you're sure he wasn't feverish or anything?"

"He was just normal Sasuke. Like he wasn't even sick." That made me throw my fist in the air.

"I'm the best caretaker around! No man shall throw up alone when I'm around. All cancers recede in my wake! Death shits itself in the eyes on Naruto Uzumaki."

"I thought you said he only had a fever?" I blinked at Tenten, slowly bringing my hand down from the air.

"Well, yeah…but it lasted for like, three days…it's only a matter of time till I cure the blind." She laughed when I replied, Tenten shaking her head.

"Well it's a good thing you 'cured' Sasuke before tomorrow," She said, staring at me when I stared at her blankly. She must have thought I was kidding because she laughed again. "Naruto, stop playing dumb!"

"I'm not playing!...Not that I'm dumb or anything."

"Naruto…tomorrow is Valentine's Day." I stared at her, guessing the shock on her face was mirrored on mine. Feeling desperate to prove her wrong, I pulled my agenda out and quickly flipped through the pages.

"What? No way! I mean sure, I've been a little distracted be Sasuke being sick but…" But there it was. Right there, with giant letters, was the day I had been waiting for. Well, should have. A slight panic ran through me, my brain trying to come up with some reason as to why Sasuke had taken up so much of my attention, I had completely forgotten about the biggest day of my life!

"You really do love him, huh?" I jumped at Tenten's voice, dropping my agenda to the ground. She smiled and leaned against her arms, continuing. "It's okay, you know. It happens to the best of us."

"Are you crazy? I don't love Sasuke!" My heart thumped hard at the sentence.

"Well I don't think it's crazy. Lee's my best friend and I love him."…Oh.

"So you didn't mean like lovers?" Maybe I shouldn't have said that, because Tenten arched her eyebrow.

"Why would I suggest that?" Quickly I waved my hands in front of her, trying to erase the new thoughts forming her head. "Naruto, are you hiding something?"

"You were the one who said lovers!"

"There you go again; I never said lovers. Though now with you blushing-" when had I started to blush? "-I'm thinking something strange is going on."

"I have to go to anatomy!"

"You don't take anatomy," Tenten said, giggling at my panicked expression.

"The-Then I need to go enroll. Bye!" She continued to smile while I gathered my things, letting me leave without another word. Not having anywhere to go but a hallway, I tossed my books against my locker before sliding to lean against the cool metal. What the hell was going on with me? Tenten was probably just teasing me because of my slip-up. I could have just brushed it off. But when she had said I loved Sasuke, I felt my heart leap up into my throat. But it wasn't possible. Sasuke was a small attraction, Sakura was the girl I wanted to be. And Sasuke wasn't interested in any girls, nevermind me! So the thought of us being together shouldn't have made me lose my breath. And within 24 hours, I was going to be having the time of my life with Sakura.

Despite this, I found myself convincing Sasuke to come onto the roof that night.

"I'm still sick, idiot." He closed his eyes when I draped a large blanket on his shoulders, using the extra length to wrap around myself. Our arms were pressed against each other, but I didn't mind. Just another thought I stored into the back of my mind.

"Your mom told me you had a stress fever. Figured you'd make yourself sick."

"Is there a reason you brought me out here?" I stayed silent, wondering that same thing myself. The compulsion to see him was strong throughout the rest of the day, but his work and my photography club got in the way. So when I saw the light go on in his room, I acted on impulse. Which brought us to why we were sitting on the roof of his house, with Sasuke's intense stare directed toward me. Not that I could tell him any of this.

"I haven't talked to you about Sakura! She said yes, you know," I said, grinning at him despite his arched eyebrow.

"We knew she would. She's obsessed with Taylor Swift."

"I just can't believe that my plan worked! It's been years, but I'm finally going to get the person I'm meant to be with!" I leaned back against the roof, the blanket connecting the two of us dragging him down with him.

"Naruto." His glare could be heard through his voice, but I only laughed in response.

"Don't be like that; if me and Sakura get together, this could be the last time you get to lay next to such a hunky guy." All laughing stopped when I heard a loud bang next to my head. Looking over, I saw the pale hand clench into a fist, my eyes slowly trailing up the pale arm to look back at Sasuke who was now towering over me. "H-Hey…what are you doing?"

"Why do you continue to shove Sakura in my face?" I opened my mouth to answer, but apparently Sasuke wasn't done. He leaned closer, and unwillingly my eyes darted to his mouth before back up at him. The pose was intimate, too intimate for my liking. Or maybe it was to my liking, because I didn't want to push him away. "Why do you use her to excuse your actions?"

"W-What the hell are you talking about? I don't use Sakura for anything!" I shouted, trying to mask my panic with my anger.

"Do you think Sakura is the one you want to be with?" The question was so direct, it knocked the air from my lungs.

"I…" why couldn't I just say yes to his question? Wasn't it what I had been telling to anyone who listen to me talk? The years of pining over her should have been proof that yes, I did want to be with her. So then, staring up into Sasuke's eyes, why couldn't I form the words that had been so easy before?

"Or is she the one you're supposed to want to be with?" The quiet way he mumbled the sentence chilled my skin, and made my eyes widen in shock. When did Sasuke ever say something with that type of voice? I knew every voice that Sasuke used, and that was not one of them.

"Sasuke…" This was becoming too serious. The feelings that were bubbling inside of my stomach were too much.

I told myself that I simply wanted to feel what it would be like, kissing someone like Sasuke. His mouth was soft, contrasting the hard body that laid above me. His lips were still, which made me press my hand against the back of his head while continuing to kiss him. Maybe my movement jerked him out of his foggy mind, because soon I felt a pressure returned to my advances. His mouth pressed slightly harder than his body, but both left me feeling breathless. Forgetting about the consequences I would have to face, I opened my mouth to swipe my tongue against his lower lip, another daring move that took him several moments to respond to. I felt his hips press closer to my own, the evidence of his approval apparent against my thigh.

So this infatuation was…mutual? My heart raced while I moaned into his mouth at a soft rubbing against my cock. I broke off from the kiss to slide my mouth against his chin down to his neck. The porcelain skin was taunting me to mark it, to mar it with my mouth. How could I resist a challenge? My mouth moved to kiss the skin before sucking, not stopping despite the small voice in my head telling me this was wrong. He tugged harshly on the hair that laid on the back of my head, signaling to stop despite how his body ground down on me. What was going through his head? Were the voices telling him how wrong this was?

"Naruto." Finally he managed to pull my head back, but it wasn't to glare to insult me. His mouth reclaimed mine, pushing his tongue into my mouth to control the kiss. His hand never left my hair, making it hard to fight back against his assault. I wanted to yell at him, but that would require me to let go of his mouth. And that option wasn't what I wanted. I slung one of my arms around his neck, using the angle to arch up and rub against him. The pure ecstasy I felt was amazing, making me want more. I growled his name into his mouth, sharply pressing our bodies into each other again.


"Answer my question." What question was that? My brain was swimming in the good feelings that Sasuke was killing by speaking.

"Fuck Sasuke, you're picking now to talk? You're normally a mime!" I snapped, yanking him down to try and shut him up (with a kiss or a punch, either would suffice at the moment). But he refused to budged.

"Is Sakura the one you belong with?" Hearing Sakura's name was like a bucket of cold water. Shit, how did he make me keep forgetting about her? He was the only one who could do this to me! I shook my head to clear it, the cool air helping to cool my flushed skin.

"Why are you asking me this? What do you want me to say? I love her? Cause I know that I love her."

"Who do you belong with?" I stared up at him in frustrated confusion. What was he looking for? Didn't I just tell him that I loved Sakura? Did he need me to make him a sign?

"Why should I answer you?" So then…why couldn't I just say Sakura?

"Who do you belong with?"

"Why don't you answer any of my questions?" But no matter what I asked, he pressed forward with eyes that made my stomach flip.

"Who do you belong with, Naruto?" The pure frustration of the unknown feelings in my stomach had me yelling whatever came to mind.

"I don't know! I don't know who I belong with you asshole!" At the moment, I didn't care if the entire world was listening now. So long as Sasuke heard me, that was all that mattered.

"Hn." He pushed off of me, brushing his shirt off coldly as he stood up. I sat up, ignoring my own body's need for release to wait for him to speak again. He pissed me off with how much control he had over himself. My only trophy was the obvious hickey he was going to have problems hiding at school tomorrow. I felt myself grin at my mark, despite having no reason to. Wasn't like anyone would know who gave it to him. And I had a date with Sakura, a girl, tomorrow. Why would anyone think it was mine?

"He-Hey! Where are you going?" He stopped next to the ladder, letting out a quiet breath.

"I'm going inside. It's cold."

"But we're not done here!"

"Neji is leaving the country for college." The sentence was so far in left field that it shut me up. I wanted to ask what the hell Neji had to do with us making out on the roof, but I had a feeling he was gonna ignore me even if I asked. So for one of my rare times, I was quiet. "Neji will be going to England for the next four years of his life"


"Tenten has already had already decided she wants to work full time at the dojo where they work now. Neji does not want to take her away from her life." My mouth slowly opened in realization of where he was going. That was why Neji broke up with Tenten. It was the question I had asked a couple nights ago.

"So instead of just talking to her…he just broke up with her? What is with you idiots? Just open your mouth and talk!"

"Neji doesn't want to disrupt her life. Neji simply wants Tenten to follow her dreams and be content with life. Hence his abrupt break-up." I watched Sasuke turn back to the ladder, his hands pausing on the rung when I spoke.

"What would you do?" When he looked back up at me, I realized I hadn't been very clear on what I was talking about. "I mean…if you were in that situation…would you do something that would hurt you just to help the person you love?"

"I already have, idiot." Well that caught me off guard. I was speechless as he left the roof, leaving me with a million questions. Mainly, just who he was talking about. Sasuke was known for his apathetic nature toward people in his life. The people he allowed into his life were very exclusive. So to heard Sasuke say that he had willingly hurt himself for the sake of someone else left me nervous. Because if I truly sat down and thought about it, I knew who he was talking about. There was nobody else who it could be.

Sasuke had just admitted he loved me.

It took me some time to get off the roof, Sasuke's light off by the time I made my way down the ladder. A part of me wanted to kick the door in and demand an answer from him. Even if I knew what it was, hearing it from him was completely different. But when I realized something extremely important, I silently went back to my room. If I made him answer me, then I would have to respond. And what would I do then?

"Naruto, you really need to sleep better. Especially since we're going to a concert! What kept you up all night?" I blinked slowly to try and focus on the words from the other blond that sat in the backseat of my car. Lazily I sent a smile to her through the rear view mirror, to which she rolled her eyes at. "If you crash the car on the way to the concert, I will make sure to haunt you for the rest of your life. After the concert is fine, but not before."

"Ino, dying either way is not really on my lists of things to do tonight." Tenten said, scratching the side of her head as she laughed. Really, Tenten wasn't even planning on being in the car with us that night. But after I picked up Ino without Shikamaru, I realized that the girls had changed the plans on me. Instead of being a double date, Ino had decided that Tenten shouldn't be alone on Valentine 's Day. So with Shikamaru 'sacrificing' his ticket, we picked up Tenten for a surprise concert. I had never pegged Tenten for a Taylor Swift fan, but then again, what girl wasn't?

"How close are we?" I looked over to Sakura, who was beaming in excitement for the concert. Despite how dressed up she had gotten for the event, the usual butterflies that spread in my stomach were gone. For some reason, the only thing that made that reaction all day was thinking back to the night before. Sasuke's kiss, his stare, his final words to me….they were making it hard to focus on what should have been the most important day of my life. There Sakura was, finally smiling at me the way I had been yearning for all of my life. And one night had made it impossible to be happy about that.

"Oh look! I see the stadium!" Ino moved between the seats, reaching to my radio and changing the station as she spoke. "Here, 92.3 said they were having live coverage of the concert all night."

"-is probably one of the most anticipated concerts of the year. So even if you weren't able to score tickets, we'll give you commercial free coverage of Taylor Swift's valentine's day concert." Why we needed to listen to the previews of the concert I wasn't sure, but I wasn't going to argue with Ino. She was extremely violent when she needed to be, and she had no problem taking out her anger on people. So it was better to try and not get on her bad side.

It was only two hours after Ino turned on the radio that the four of us were cheering after the end of another song from Taylor Swift's songs. I didn't know any of the lyrics to the song, but I had no problem joining the girls in jumping around. After all, Taylor Swift was a pretty hot girl. And her voice wasn't as bad as I had assumed she was. We continued to cheer as she waved to us before she left the stage to set up for the next song. As the crew prepared the set, I turned to hear Sakura's voice.

"I'm gonna go grab a drink before the next song starts. Does anyone want to come with me?" Normally, my hand would have shot into the air before she even answered the question. But now, I barely even felt my hand twitch next to my side. I watched Ino volunteer, the two leaving me and Tenten to talk.

"The date is going really well; Sakura hasn't stopped smiling since I got into the car. You sure picked a good date, Naruto."

"It's not really a date anymore." I even amazed myself at my response to Tenten's observation.

"What are you talking about? Naruto, this is the date you've been waiting for!" I didn't want to talk about Sakura at the moment. Instead, I turned the conversation around.

"Neji's going to school in England next year. That's why he broke up with you." Tenten's eyes went wide at my admission, but I didn't stop there. "And Sasuke told me that Neji did it because he knew you wanted to work at the dojo and he just wants to see you happy! So he wanted you to hate him instead of miss him, that's why he broke up with you."

"That…idiot." I watched the shock slowly leave her face as the tears started to line her eyes. It was my turn to be surprised when she broke out into laughter, her smile contradicting the tears sliding down her face. She pressed her palms under her eyes, brushing the streaks as she continued to laugh. "He never asks me what I want."

"You're…really scaring me," I admitted. She finally let her laughter die, but the tears still came as she looked up at me and smiled.

"He's so worried about keeping me happy, he doesn't realize that'd I'd give up the dojo to go to England with him."

"But you're always talking about running the dojo."

"With him. I wanted to run it with him. But if he's going to England, then I want to go to England with him."

"Because…you love him?" I asked slowly, watching her shake her head.

"It's not just that. He's my other half. Without him, I can't be happy because he's the only one who makes me smile for no reason other than knowing I'm his and he's mine. Because I belong with him!" And like that, something clicked in my brain. My heart thumped as I tried to focus on every thought that was reeling in my head. I took a step back from Tenten, pressing my palm to my temple.

"How did I not see this? No wonder Sasuke calls me an idiot! Fuck, I need to…I've gotta…call Neji, okay? Tell him you're gonna go to England to him. Tell him exactly what you told me. And be with him, cause you…fuck!" I looked up at the stage, which was now set up and simply awaiting Taylor to come back and sing. I looked back to Tenten, hoping that the guilt was apparent behind the panic. "And call him to pick you guys up cause I've gotta go!"

"Wait! What about your date with Sakura?" I had already started moving through the aisle when I looked back at her, determined to get out. And there was only one thing fueling my actions.

"I've gotta go punch Sasuke in the face! I'll see you at school Monday!" I really didn't care what Tenten told Sakura at this point. It was now so obvious that we never had a chance to end up together. A part of me could blame it on her, saying that she never tried or gave me the time of day. She was always upset with me, never tried to learn about my life, and never once tried to make me happy. Even if the confusing feelings I held for her were love, there was no way she was the person I belonged with.

That spot was reserved for someone else. I was sure that I broke a few speed laws going through the streets from the concert to Sasuke's house. The impatience was killing me. I wanted to kill every red light and stop sign I got stuck at. Frustrated at my back luck, I flipped the radio on. It took me a second to realize it was still on the coverage of the concert, one of Taylor Swift's songs flowing through the radio.

"Standin by, waiting at your back door
All this time how could you not know that?
Baby, you belong with me
You belong with me
Oh I remember you driving to my house in the middle of the night
I'm the one who makes you laugh when you know you're about to cry
I know your favorite songs and you tell me about your dreams
I think I know where you belong. I think I know it's with me."

I pressed my foot harder against the gas pedal as the song seemed to taunt me. I really was so stupid. When Sasuke had kept asking me who I belonged with, he wanted me to say his name. Because he had probably figured this out years ago. And instead of just telling me like any other person would do, he sat in silence and let me chase after a girl who I was never going to get. He listened to me plan about her, talk about her, think of every possible way to be with her. And he just continued to sit there in silence. Like it wasn't slowly eating away at him.

"Wait till I see this bastard!" I swung my car into his driveway, thankful that his parents didn't seem to be home. If they had, I'm sure I would have crashed into one of their cars. I stumbled out of the car, making it halfways up the pathway before realizing I hadn't even shut my car door. Swearing loudly, I ran back to kick the door shut before trekking up the pathway again. I jumped over the mini staircase in front of his front door, rattling the knob a few times before swearing again. Who locks the door when they're in the house? I searched my pockets for my keys, finally forcing the key into the lock before shoving the door open with my foot. When I was on a mission, nothing was going to stop me.

"Sasuke!" I shouted, moving through the large entryway to look around. My head shot up when I heard activity above me, and I waited a second before sprinting up the stairs to the second floor. How many times had I run up these stairs to tell Sasuke something that Sakura had done? How had he not gotten sick of me after all of these years? I shook my head, trying to erase the guilt in favor of finding out just what Sasuke intended to do now that I knew how he felt. I pushed every door open in the hallway while I called his name, which was stupid since I knew the only room he'd even bother being in was his own. Why was the one room you always wanted the last on in the hallway? I was just about to kick open his door too, but I nearly fell through the doorway when Sasuke opened it for me.

"What are you doing here?" I stared at him for a second, my heart erratically pressing into my ribcage.

"Tenten's going to England with Neji," I breathed out, not sure why that was the first thing on my mind. He stared at me for a second before sighing, moving out of the doorway and into his room.

"And you left the concert…for that?" I didn't let him get far. I wasn't going to let him play this composed character when I was barely able to collect all of my thoughts into coherent sentences. Without warning I grabbed his wrist, yanking him back. He stumbled, but caught himself on the wall next to the doorway I was standing in. I was there in an instant, my hand bringing his caught wrist up and pinning it next to his head. He turned his head slowly to look at it before looking back up at me. "What?"

"Tenten isn't going to let him hurt himself for her. Because if Neji had just told her what he was feeling, how he was feeling, then Tenten could have avoided all of this pain and just told him the truth!" Somehow, I think we both knew we weren't only talking about Neji and Tenten. But, for an unknown reason, Sasuke played along.

"And what truth is that?"

"That Tenten doesn't need the dojo to make her happy. The dojo doesn't even try to make her happy, so why should she care about it? She's got Neji. Neji's the one who makes her happy, and he's the one who she feels normal with. Sure, he probably pisses Tenten off waaaay more than a normal relationship, but Neji's just a bastard who doesn't ever show his emotion! But…but she needs Neji."

"Why does she need Neji?" I knew what he was looking for. He was sadistic that way. He knew what I was saying, he knew what I was feeling. But he needed me to answer his question in actual words. Even if he never said he loved me. Even if he never said he wanted me by his side. He still wanted to hear me answer his question from the night before.

"She belongs with him. Like I belong with you, bastard." I felt him tense, my heavy breathing becoming the central noise in the room. I grinned at the embarrassed glare he sent me, knowing that I had caused his rare blush to form.

"Who said I wanted you to be mine?"

"Oh shut up already," I mumbled, pressing my free hand against the wall while I kissed him. I stroked the inside of his wrist while I deepened the kiss, mentally beating myself up for not jumping him sooner. His mouth was soft, and made my body shiver when thinking I could try to convince him to use it for later. But not tonight. Tonight, I was the fuck-up. And I was gonna show him that I knew that this was exactly where I belonged.

"You plan to keep me against the wall?" Despite the dry tone I knew he wanted to use, his clear arousal leaked through and tainted the question.

"You better believe it." I made sure my hot breath blew into his ear, delighted at the small shiver his body couldn't hide. I pulled his earlobe into my mouth, skimming my teeth against the sensitive skin before sucking on it. His free hand now pressed into the fabric of my shirt, though I was sure it wasn't to push me away.

"We have a bed-" I pulled my mouth back to interrupt him.

"I don't need it. You belong to me, right?" He scowled at me, not seeming quite as please to be claimed as he was to claim. Still, I knew the statement was true. Sasuke had been mine for years without me even knowing. Fuck, I was such an idiot. Trying to make up for it, I placed a hard kiss onto his mouth before continuing. "That means I get to fuck you any way I want."

"Excuse me?" I sheepishly smiled when he glared at me, obviously not pleased with the news of who was controlling tonight.

"Something wrong, bastard?"

"Why would I let a moron like you top?" I smiled at his frown, almost looking childish. I leaned down, placing a slow kiss to his forehead that had him smacking my arm in protest. I ignored it, keeping my lips against the soft skin while I spoke.

"One, it's my job to take care of you. When you do stupid shit like run yourself down or spend half your life hurting yourself by making me happy, it's my job to take care of you. Two, because you've been mine for so much longer than I've known, and now I need to claim what's mine properly." I sucked in a sharp breath when I felt him press his body into mine, the heat unbearable even with our jeans still on. I rocked my hips into his, placing my hands onto his waist to keep him from moving from the addictive friction between us. "Three-fuck! Because being inside you sounds pretty damn good right now. Pick any of those reasons, I don't care. I'm doing this, so just shut up and enjoy."

That was the ending of talking for me. I kissed him heatedly, knowing that if Sasuke truly wanted to stop what was coming he could. I was pleased to feel his mouth open under mine while I pressed his body back against the wall. His body trembled against mine, and I moaned when he took over the kiss in a way only Sasuke Uchiha could. I slipped one of my hands off of his hip, sneaking it underneath his shirt to rest against the tone muscles of his stomach. He hissed while pulling away from the kiss, which gave me the opportunity to yank his shirt over his head. His cleaning sensors went off as I carelessly tossed the shirt to the floor.

"Slob," he muttered, which I ignored while inspecting his shoulder with my mouth. I slid my lips toward his collarbone, sucking the sensitive skin until his focus was once again on my ministrations. Once pleased with the new hickey that was branded onto his skin, I moved my hands to undo the belt in front of me. I successfully pulled the leather from the loopholes before a stinging sensation made me jerk my hands back.

"Hey! What gives?" At my whine Sasuke rolled his eyes before crossing his arms.

"You've yet to shed a piece of clothing." I arched my eyebrow at the matter-of-fact tone Sasuke used.

"Is that your way of saying you wanna see me naked?"

"Don't make me hit you again." Was his reply, making me grin. I kissed him again, the taste of his lips becoming more addictive with every touch. Finally I drew back long enough to step back, not wasting any time in yanking my shirt over my head. Maybe I would have felt embarrassed if I was undressing in front of someone else, like Sakura. But this was Sasuke. He knew every fault I had; there was no need to hide from him. Not wanting to waste a second, I yanked my jeans and boxers down together before kicking them somewhere in the room. I finally looked up at him, blushing at the intense stare he had set on my body. Okay, so maybe I was a little embarrassed by that. Unwillingly I shivered before moving back to him, pressing my body against his while my mouth hovered over his.

"You happy, bastard?" His answer was his hand sliding into my hair a second before he yanked my mouth down to his. Kissing, it seemed, was the best way to communicate for the two of us. His tongue entered my mouth a second before I felt his fingertips ghost over my hipbone. The double stimulation sent my arousal into overdrive, making me shove him harder than I meant to against the wall. If he was hurt he didn't show it, and I couldn't find the motivation to ask. Instead I dropped to my knees, swirling my tongue around the sensitive skin just under his belly button. When I felt his hips arch into my hold, I yanked at his jeans, pissed when I realized his pants were too tight to just slide down. Growling against his stomach, I bit the pale skin in front of me while fumbling with the button and zipper. The hand that had stayed in my hair was now fisted, but I couldn't feel it.

Finally I tore the pants down, the dark blue boxers contrasting sharply against his skin. Heatedly I placed a kiss onto the inside of his thigh, grinning goose bumps appeared from the sensation. I closed my eyes, continuing to place languid kisses along the exposed skin while my hand slide underneath the fabric, determined to find the central heat source. My fingertips barely brushed the velvet skin of his cock before his whole body tensed, the hold in my hair now becoming painful. That didn't stop me from slipping my hand around him, squeezing once before starting to rock in a motion I had used of myself plenty of times. His composure was definitely strained, and I opened my eyes to watch the way his chest erratically rose and fell. His head was tilted back against the wall, his breathing heavy enough to hear in the quiet room. I used the vulnerable state to my advantage, yanking the last piece of clothing off of him. He didn't resist me when I parted his legs further apart, kneeling up to enjoy the site of how undone I could make him.

"You're pretty hot when you're like this," I said, rotating my wrist in a way the made his hips arch. I looked up just as he glared down at me, though nothing could mask just how much he was enjoying the treatment. In response I shrugged, dragging my thumb against his tip just to see his body shudder. "I'm just saying…"

"Don't speak." At his response, I scowled. How could he even speak right now? The way his body was reacting, he should be begging me to fuck him. Or well, that's what most girls did in the pornos. And he was the technical 'girl' right now, right? I hadn't ever dared to watch gay porn, so I wasn't sure if it was the same. Making a mental note to investigate later, I returned my focus back to the task at hand. And that, for me, was making Sasuke's ability to speak impossible.

Without much mental pep talk, I leaned forward to take the head of his cock into my mouth. The instant bitterness of his pre-cum made me wince, but I refused to pull away when a strangled groan filled the air. I would have grinned in success, but my mouth was a little preoccupied. Instead, I slid down slightly further, gently licking the underside of his arousal while pressing my hands to his thighs. I heard a thump against the wall, and I looked up just in time to see Sasuke's teeth clench. Well that was certainly a green light to continue. I closed my eyes, stroking the insides of his thighs with my thumbs while I rocked my mouth against him. The speed and length of the strokes were mostly my decision, though yanks on my hair would signal when Sasuke needed more. His legs would occasionally twitch, and I was scared he was going to fall. But Uchihas were stubborn, and he refused to let himself go as he watched my lips encase him with wet warmth.

I hummed gently against the sensitive skin, nearly biting him when I felt a harsh tug in my hair at the same time as his body started to wind up. I hesitated, but finally sighed before pulling away from him. His tenseness lasted for a few seconds before he slumped back against the wall, looking down at me silently. Still, I could tell he was both confused and frustrated why I didn't finish the 'job'. I slowly raked my hand through my hair, knocking his hand away from my head. Once our connection was severed I grabbed his leg, jerking him forwards a step before forcing his body to face the wall. His head, however, refused to follow, looking over his shoulder at me.

"What are you-" I didn't let him ask, knowing his brain could figure it out on his own.

"Unless you want me to use spit, you better have some type of lotion or oil around here. Cause I'm not leaving this room." I spread his legs again, looking at the distance between his body and the wall. Trying (and failing) to figure out what angle I'd need for the next step, I yanked his body a bit further from the wall. Happy with the distance, I moved back onto my feet and looked back at his scowling face. Wanting to return the flushed face he had only minutes before, I slid up behind him, pressing my body into his back and kissing him slowly. He parted his mouth into the kiss when my hand slide down his stomach, brushing just above his heat source. I pulled away from the kiss, keeping my mouth against his. "Gonna tell me now?"

"Figure it out, idiot." I pretended that Sasuke was too distracted by my fingers tracing along his skin to think. I looked around the room, finally locating a bottle of non-scented hand lotion that probably helped make Sasuke's skin so damn soft. Moving from Sasuke for only a second, I grabbed the bottle from his dresser before returning, pressing my hand against his back hard. He jerked forward, his hands pressing to the wall just as I had wanted. I took a step back while I prepared my fingers, tilting my head to look at his parted legs. "Stop staring at me."

"Can't," was all I said in response before I moved forward, pressing a finger against his ass. Of course he tensed, who wouldn't? I kissed the bottom of his spine while sliding the slick fingers inside of him, trying to distract him. But I knew it barely did anything by the way his fingers clenched against the wall. I took a slow breath, sliding my free hand to cup his arousal again. I couldn't tell if the stroking on his cock did much for the pain in his ass, but he wasn't telling me to stop either. I continued to move my finger inside of him, trying my best to prepare him. The last thing I needed was this whole thing to be a failure. He'd never let me touch him again, and by the way my own body was throbbing in need, that wasn't a possible answer. I continued to prepare him, wincing at the way he flinched when I added another finger to the mix. This was how I knew my feelings for Sasuke were real. I didn't want to see him in pain. I wanted to take care of him. I wanted to hear him moan, to beg, to do anything to show me he was happy belonging to me. Because I had a lot of making up to do. And fucking him until he couldn't stand anymore was on my top list.

"Naruto…" I snapped out of my haze when I realized that Sasuke had just said my name. It was very rare, which meant something important happened. I froze for a second when I realized I had put in another finger without even realizing it. But the voice hadn't been pissed. Curious, I pushed the three fingers in again, watching the way his back arched at the same time that his breath caught. His hands were fists against the wall, but the way his legs buckled for a second showed me it wasn't a bad thing. Finally realizing that he had called my name in a good way, I relaxed before I continued to rock my fingers inside him while returning to stroking his arousal. I laid my chest against his back, my body tightening at each quiet noise he made despite the death grip his teeth had on his lower lip. Whatever I was touching inside of him, it was certainly making this situation less painful. I wiggled my fingers once inside of him, and he quickly reached around and grasped my wrist with his hand. "Enough."

"You ready for me?" I had to make sure that was what he was talking about. My body was practically humming with the need to be inside of him, but I wasn't gonna mess up anything else tonight. He stared at the wall, seeming to fight with himself for a few seconds before he barely nodded. That was all I needed. I slid my fingers back, hissing when I grabbed my own arousal, but I wasn't going to take the time to enjoy the first contact my dick had all night. I pressed it against Sasuke, keeping one hand on myself while the other steadied his hip. Slowly I took a breath, trying to make sure my first thrust wasn't going to be my last. How embarrassing would that be? I stared at his back, looking at the perfectly straight spine that was now arched in anticipation.

Feeling slightly nervous, I leaned forward to kiss the back of his neck. He shuddered underneath me, and I felt his legs brush mine as they parted slightly farther apart. He knew what was coming, and he wasn't backing out. Just like the past few years, not matter how much it hurt, he never backed out on me. Stubborn bastard. Taking one more breath, I pushed forward, instantly moaning at the tight heat that surrounded me.

"Fuck Sasuke!" He didn't response verbally to me, though the way his shoulders tensed was a clear sign he felt it too. Too lost in the sensation of finally, finally, being inside of Sasuke, I couldn't stop my hips from jerking forward and into him again. The rythmn was fast from the start, which I probably would feel bad for later. But he wasn't complaining, and every noise that seemed to slip past his composure was definitely a good one. His body jerked in time to mine, urging my motions faster. Sweat was quickly piling up between our bodies, my chest resting against his back while I kissed any piece of skin I could. His taste was like a drug, and each time I kissed him my body moved faster. I watched his hair stick to his face, his mouth open to try and capture any amount of oxygen he could while we fucked. I closed my eyes for a moment when he body clenched around me, almost bringing me to cum. Fuck, he didn't realize how easy it'd be to let go right then. I snaked my hand around his cock again, desperate to make sure he felt the same way I did. I started to move my fingers in time to my thrusts, his composure cracking much easier than before.

I reached my free hand out, pressing it to the fist against the wall. I felt the tenseness in the hand slowly unwind, and I wasted no time in linking my fingers between his as I continued to thrust. The heavy panting between us was mixed, and I was sure that my body had never been this aroused in all eighteen years of my life. I kissed harshly at his neck, before sliding my mouth back up to his ear and sucking. The motion made his breath catch, and he turned his head so that his lips would brush against mine. I felt my name mouthed against my lips the second before his entire body tensed up around me. And suddenly, my body couldn't hold out anymore. Moaning his name, I leaned forward to kiss him while I came, letting the buildup release. I jerked a few more times inside of him, riding out my orgasm while I continued to milk his own release from him. We stood for less than a second before collapsing on the floor, me on-top of Sasuke. He only stood that for a moment before pushing me off, both of us rolling onto our backs to stare up at the ceiling.

"You're sitting in filth." He would be more concerned about that than what we actually just did. I glanced over to him, the afterglow he was supposed to be feeling covered by his common scowl. Still I smiled, grabbing his arm and yanking him into me.

"Well now we're sitting in filth." I said, laughing when his nose scrunched in disgust.

"What is wrong with your brain?" He asked, though he stopped resisting against the arm around his shoulders. It was a bit strange to have him against me while we were both naked, but we had just had sex, right? We'd get used to the feeling over time.

"Apparently a lot, if I'm here with you," I mumbled, turning my head to press it against the crook of his neck. "I mean it was only two hours ago that I was on a date with another person."

"It was not a date. She used you for your tickets."

"Tomato, potato, it's all in the same food group."

"That's not the saying." He paused for a second before scrunching his nose in obvious annoyance. "And no, they're not."

"You know, for someone who just screamed my name in euphoria, you sure aren't too happy."

"Ah, so that's why you've got the black eye." I nodded as I watched Tenten load the last bag into her car, scowling when she started to laugh. "Well that's what you get for teasing someone like Sasuke."

"How was I supposed to know he was capable of full body motion after such amazing sex? Most people just snuggle up and sleep, not commit domestic violence!" I shouted, flailing my arms over my head as I spoke. I mean really, who hits the person they just had sex with?

"That's Sasuke for you," She said, reaching above her to shut the trunk of her car. She looked around her once, making sure she hadn't left anything on the ground before looking back to me and smiling. "Well, that's the last of it I suppose."

"You're really sure about this?" I asked, watching her nod before she looked up at me and smiled.

"We're gonna be living in England for the next four years of our lives. Before we take that big step, it'll probably be good to see if we're able to live together without ruining our relationship. So what better way to see then renting an apartment together?"

"Don't you think that's kinda…sudden?"

"About as sudden as you and Sasuke having crazy sex on Valentine's day," She replied, laughing when I unconsciously rubbed under my black eye.

"Yeah, and look how well that turned out for me."

"Not like there's something in there to harm." Neji never seemed to miss an opportunity, did he? Despite my glare, Neji kept his eyes on Tenten as he moved to stand next to her car. "Is everything ready?"

"Yup, we're all set to head on out! Just give me the word and we'll get this ship on the road."

"Why do they say that anyways? Ships don't belong on a road. Why don't they just say 'car' or 'automobile'? Even a bike would make more sense…"

"It's moments like this that I wonder why I bother acknowledging your friendship." And the second stoic bastard emerged from the house to join the conversation. I growled up at Sasuke, who seemed to lack the energy to care as he stopped next to me. He looked over to the other couple, nodding once before he spoke. "Thank you for allowing us to come over, Tenten."

"It was nice seeing you. Make sure to take good care of Naruto. I'm not gonna be around as much since the apartment is on the other side of town. Don't let him slack on his homework."

"Not you too Tenten! Jesus who decided to make this 'pick on Naruto' day? Just hurry up and leave already." I shooed the two with my hands before crossing my arms, only looking to Sasuke when I felt a slight weight against my waist. "And you, you better ignore what she just said. We all know I'm the one who takes care of you."

"That's unlikely." I blinked before looking to Neji, who was opening the passenger door for Tenten. Even if it was her car, Neji still found it only proper for him to drive. Tradition idiot, how he was able to accept Sasuke and I's relationship was unexplainable. He walked around the back of the car as he spoke calmly, Sasuke's grip on my waist tightening with each word. "Sasuke's stress fevers were caused by your stupidity. He's always concentrating on assuring you're happy. You are his ultimate stress maker."

"Neji." Sasuke's voice held a death tone I had only heard him use in very rare situations. It made me shiver, but Neji didn't seem bothered by the tone.

"Sasuke." Was his only reply.

"Wait…so last week…he got sick because of me?"

"And your date with Sakura." Unwillingly, my eyes widened at the blunt statement, something I wasn't used to when it came to Sasuke. I could feel his fingers press into my hip so hard, that I knew my skin was going to bruise. In my opinion, it was so worth it.

"Bastard, I didn't know you cared so much!" I said, pinching his cheek. It only lasted a second before my hand was smacked away, Sasuke scoffing.

"And this is our cue to leave you two love birds. We'll make sure to call when we're all settled in so you guys can come see the place." Tenten's head was still hanging out the window as Neji turned on the car, waving while the two of them pulled away. I waved back, continuing until I couldn't see the car anymore. I sighed and dropped my hand, unconsciously leaning against Sasuke and looking up at him. He stayed quiet, finally relaxing his hold once he was sure Neji was gone. The moment was too tempting to pass up.

"So…you were jealous of Sakura?" Instantly the arm around my waist was gone, and Sasuke was walking away from both me and the question. I wasn't giving up that easy. "Sasuke! Get back here!"

"No," he answered, barely opening the door to his car before I pushed it shut and slid between him and his door.

"It's okay!" I blurted out, much louder than I wanted. He arched an eyebrow, and I fumbled to explain what I meant. "I mean…getting jealous and stuff. I don't mind it."


"In fact, it's kinda nice. Not that I want your pale ass sick! But…" I shrugged, casually sliding my arm to yank him closer to me. My lips brushed his, my fingers raking through his hair. "It's pretty hot."

"Idiot." But he didn't pull away when I kissed him.

After searching for years, I finally found where I belonged.

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