Even in the most dire of situations, Kevin was more than ready to fight to the bitter end. Despite if things seemed hopeless. Still, he wasn't entirely opposed to fleeing, if absolutely necessary.

However, when Gwen's eyes would glow, and she would begin waving her arms around in the one motion he recognized, he knew they would be teleported to a safe spot. The dark-haired boy always got a knot in his stomach when it was over. He hated seeing her like that; on the verge of collapsing, completely drained of energy. It made him feel useless, on account of the fact that he couldn't do anything to escape without having to resort to this certain tactic. That he had to rely on his girlfriend to save his and his brunette friend's butt.

He was the guy after all. He should of been saving her, like some knight in shining armor. Though this was the twenty-first century, and the redhead would probably have smacked him just for thinking such a thing. She was perfectly capable of taking care of herself, she didn't need rescuing.

That didn't mean he didn't want to do it, anyway.

"There's too many! We've gotta retreat!" Ben shouted, while in the form of Big Chill, blowing out gusts of ice as what seemed like thousands of Forever Knights charged at them; laser lances at the ready.

"No, we can take 'em!" Kevin disagreed, fists swinging at the knights which he knocked easily to the ground. He shot a look in Gwen's direction as he did so, watching as she shot mana, rapid fire, while trying to shield herself from the laser shots which were beginning to overpower her.

"We can't keep this up! Ben's right, we've got to go!" The Anodite threw a couple of the amored villians to the side, but ten more leaped into action. They were badly outnumbered.

Kevin got a sinking feeling, as he knew what was coming next.


Suddenly, they were engulfed in a pink light, and vanished from the castle in which they had been fighting in.

The boys grunted upon hitting the ground of the car garage they were all so familiar with. Out of reflex, the Osmosian bolted upwards in time to catch Gwen as she fell from the air as well, zapped of life.

"I thought we agreed you wouldn't use that spell anymore..." Kevin whispered, afraid he would break the girl before him if he was any louder.

"It was either do the spell, or get vaporized." Gwen mumbled, resting her head against his forearm in exhaustion.

It wasn't fair she had to suffer just for them getting out of a battle, alive. He stroked her hair softly, tugging the hair elastic out of it, so her long red locks draped over his arm and her shoulders.

Ben stared at the two, with a mixture of disgust at the loving look his friend was giving his cousin, and a feel of proudness, at the maturity radiating from him. He'd come a long way from the messed up kid he once was.

Staggering to his feet, Kevin moved to the far end of the garage, and gently placed Gwen on the couch they had set up there. Leaning down, her swiftly pecked her head, and murmured a soft, "Good night, Gwen." Before turning to look at Ben who was pretending he didn't notice the love-fest going on.

Kevin really hated it when Gwen used her mana to teleport.