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Sneaking out? Easy.

Taking Mom's care? No problem.

Breaking into the school? Piece of cake.

Trying to find the classroom I was looking for?

Eh, a struggle.

Since I was in a rush to get these test answers, I forgot a flashlight and I had no idea where I was going. I was going on memory to find the classroom I was looking for but it wasn't helping much since it was dark and very silent.

I passed a few lockers and began to sweat nervously. I tied my hair back and fanned myself as I turned each corner and looked for the right classroom.

I was failing science and the only way I could bring my disapproving grade up was passing this upcoming test. I already knew I was going to fail so without anyone knowing it, I snuck out to steal the test from my science teacher's desk, copy all the answers and put it back the next day before anyone could even notice.

It seemed like a good plan before but I felt quite stupid considering I forgot a fucking flashlight. Smart move on my part.

"Ouch," I groaned when I bumped into a locker. My shoulder throb and I rubbed it. "Shit, that hurt."

For some odd reason, I thought I'd run into another high school failure who was trying to steal test answers or maybe even vandalizing a classroom. In fact, I looked forward to it.

With every corner I turned, I felt more and more nervous. Not about getting caught but about getting lost and not being able to go home. That's where I wanted to be right now. Home, in my huge cozy bed, not studying while watching re-runs of Family Guy with a bowl of chips by my side.

Now that sounded like fun.

I sighed and grew annoyed and thought about trying this again tomorrow. I thanked the heavens tomorrow was Saturday.

As I tried to slow my heart rate and my breath down, I walked slowly towards the exit I had came in through. The dark and narrow hallways didn't send a chill down my spine but it did create suspense. I was so used to hearing voices and laughter when I roamed the halls of Forks High School. But now that it was empty and dark and silent, it did make me think what Forks High was like at night.

I reached the window near some lockers and as I began to crawl out, a shrilling scream rang through the hallway and it echoed.

My whole body froze on the spot, one leg out the window. My head jerked up in the direction of the scream and I thought my mind was playing tricks on me because I didn't hear it again.

I proceeded to crawl out the window but stopped and my curiosity took over my nerves and my actions. Any normal high school senior wouldve left the minute they heard the loud noise but I, Leah Clearwater, was not normal. I shut the window gently and I let the echo of the scream guide me to its source. My feet were growing annoyed at the rinky-dink shoes I decided to wear and they began to ache.

Smart Leah told me to get the hell out of there and study like a good girl.

But I wasn't listening to her at the moment. I wanted to add some excitement to my boring life.

The scream went to more of a moan then a groan and as I crept down the hallway, the noises got louder. I felt more secure because this way I knew that I wasn't the only one who decided to sneak back into school after a long, hard, stressful week.

I turned the corner and the noises were at its loudest. I stopped in shock at how disgusting they sounded up close.

"Oh, fuck...yeah.." I heard a muffled voice say.

"Oooh, harder, baby," I heard an even higher, girlie voice moan and I solved the mystery of where the screaming came from.

That's just gross.

It was just some hormone driven teens doing the nasty...

Uninterested in who it was, I rolled my eyes and began the long and unlit walk back to my exit. Throughly disgusted, I tried to think of how I could sneak back into school tomorrow night.

"Ohh, Jacob...you're so ugh..." The female's voice moaned aloud.

I stopped, dead in my tracks.


Jacob Black?

The Jacob whose family is my family and mine is his?

The Jacob who I grew up with?

I backed up a few steps but shrugged.

Naw, there's tons of Jacobs in this school. Could be any of them. So what if it is the Jacob who I knew very well and was like a brother to me? It wouldn't be a shock but it would be an entertaining idea. He's a man whore and if it was him, it was probably his on-and-off girlfriend, Nessie Cullen in there with him.

As the moans got more intense, I couldn't help but back up a few more steps and round the corner again.

I quietly crouched down and looked through the classroom door window.

The lights to the classroom were on and the first thing I noticed was the science equipment off to the side of the room. So this is where I should've gone? My ass was all the way on the other side of the school.

I angled myself to look over to the other side of the room, near the teacher's desk and involuntarily gasped with my hand over my mouth in shock.

There, with his jeans around his ankles and his bare ass out was Jacob Black, pounding hard and fast into a young girl, who he probably convinced to do this with promises he'd never keep. Her legs were in the air and she was laid out on the desk, Jacob over top of her. I assumed it was Nessie by her high squeals and scratchy moans.

I stepped away for a minute, pinched myself and looked back through the window.

"Oh, Jacob...harder..." she moaned and he did from what I saw. Her toes curled. I wish I knew the feeling.

I was still a virgin unfortunately and I felt as if I were the only one in school who didn't know the feeling of having a penis being inside of her. My boyfriend, Sam said he was ready when I was. I wanted to, so badly but I didn't wanna take the plunge.

Jacob hasn't been a virgin since high school started cus he's been porking senior girls since freshman year. I'm surprised he doesn't have an STD considering he's probably done every slightly attractive girl in this whole school. Nessie and him were on and off because girls were all over Jacob's dick as if it were the eighth wonder of the world. He was cocky and he constantly upsets Nessie. I had sympathy for her.

I liked Nessie. She was a year younger than Jacob and I and she wasn't like every other girl in this school. She was smart and didn't open her legs up to just anybody. From what I hear around, Jacob hadn't taken her innocence yet until now as I watched the two. I could imagine why they came here to fuck. Nessie's parents, Edward and Bella Cullen were kinda strict and didn't like Jacob that much but they accepted their relationship as best as they could. And plus, Mrs. Cullen, her mom was a teacher here at Forks High and if I thought right, this was her classroom.

"Oh, God! Jacob..."

I felt awkward watching him have his way with someone as sweet and intellegent as Nessie. I began to walk away, already seeing too much.

I tried to not think about it till I heard another loud moan and the sound of desk shifting.

"Who's the teacher now, bitch?" Jacob's husky voice rang through the hallway and I heard a lust filled "You are...you're the teacher," in response.

I have heard Jacob's dirty talk before-compliments of him living next door to me and his bedroom window always being open-but hearing it aloud in the open made me run back to the window to see how freaky they could get.

My hands were over my mouth and my eyes were wide when I took my last look into the classroom.

Jacob had his head thrown back and he let out a lust-filled moan of ecstasy as the pumped himself faster. In front of him, on her knees and nude was my science teacher, Mrs. Cullen. Her mouth was wide open and she was swallowing every drop that Jacob ejaculated into her mouth.

My stomach was uneasy and I wished I had never come.