The sound of a fist was repeatedly knocking against a wooden door serving as an alarm clock to the owner of the apartment causing them to shift from underneath their covers and reaching over to see their clock by their bedside table.

'Who could be knocking this earlier?' The male thought once he checked what time it was after he rolled back in bed.

He was wishing that whoever it was at the door would cease the knocking.

However, it seemed as if his wish would not be fufilled until he personally told whoever it was to go away or offer someone else whatever they were selling.

After pushing the covers off his body, he soon trudged his way out of the bedroom and toward the front door of the apartment.

"Hold on," The young man was saying loud enough causing the person to temporarily cease the knocking against his door.

'This better be for a good reason...' The man concludes to himself while he undid the lock on his door, twists the knob and clicks it open.


'I can't believe that I volunteered myself for this...' A woman with long plantium blonde hair groaned to herself as she watched the wooden door cracked open a little.

"How can I help you?" The male's voice asks from the small crack of the door.

"Oh man, you haven't even taken a shower yet, you dirty mutt?" A feminie voice irritably complains while she clamps her thumb and index finger around her nose.

A "tsk" was heard before she demanded, "Can I come in?".

The male merely ignored the question and closed the door in her face.

'Oh he's so going to get it for closing the door in my face like that...' She was noting after crossing her arms as her anger was escalating faster with each passing second.

The door then swung wide open, which signaled to her that she was permitted to enter the apartment.

The platinum blonde silently decides to subside her anger toward the least for the time being.

Once the woman crosses the threshold of the apartment door, his apartment decor instantly catches her eyes. It seemed to have had a woman's touch in decorating but still maintained a masculine feel.

"Are you ready to go?" The woman was picking his brain while still observing her surroundings not even bothering to look at the man behind her.

"You came knocking on my door early this morning and this is how you greet me?!"

"I always knew you were cold hearted but come on now Ino, cut me a break." The male refutes after he listens to the woman, name Ino, question.

"Well if you'd remembered, Kiba, today is the day we're going on that cruise that Hinata's dad offered for her and Naruto's pre-wedding party." Ino hastily reminds him as she crosses her arms.

"It's rude of you to not look at someone in the face when they're talking to you."

"Can you at least look me in the face when you are speaking to me?" The male, name Kiba, quizzes while he ignores what Ino just tells him.

Knowing Ino for some years, he personally knew that she would not back down from a challenge.

The brunette wore a devilish grin on his face once he examined the look that was currently on her face. 'Priceless'

The woman knew that her eyes wanted to venture down further but her pride kept her eyes at his eye level.

"Put on some clothes you mangy mutt!"

He could not help but to chuckle at her statement before he continues to tease her, "If I didn't know any better, I think the princess is blushing."

She realized that he placed her in a rather compromising position and the power he was currently holding over her was evident because of his wide toothy grin.

"I mean it would hurt me deeply if you at least didn't attempt to stop yourself from looking down." Kiba softly whispers in her ear once he approaches her side.

"Go get dress or you will be left here!" Ino proclaims after she gains some distance from the brunette male.

"Since you care so much about me being left, I guess I can get dress." He concedes before he makes his way back to his room.

Once Kiba was out of sight, Ino speedily occupies a seat in the love chair. She felt her legs about to give out from underneath her.

'Note to self: never be the dummy again.' The platinum blonde mentally notes as she starts to even out her breaths.

How could she allow herself to be con in to doing this? She did not feel like reliving it again but rather look forward to her relaxing two week vacation until they were dropping a bomb on her a couple of days back.

She had to share a room with none other than...Inuzuka, Kiba.

Ino fretfully drops her head in her hand when she recalls excatly how it all happen...


"Ino are you still going with us?" A young woman with long bone straight indigo colored hair and a blunt bang asks her platinum blonde friend.

Light blue eyes glance up from her latest fashion magazine and across to her friend who just ask the question.

"It seems as if Ino has her mind somewhere else, wouldn't you agree, Tenten?" A woman with shoulder length pink colored hair with two bangs framing her face and forest green eyes poses to a woman with short brown hair in two buns with two short bangs that reaches her eyebrows with chocolate brown eyes.

"Or maybe it could be someone, Sakura?" A woman with medium length spiky dirty blonde hair in four pigtails suggests to the woman before she sip her soda.

Ino was holding her head high ignoring all of her friends' teasing, "No. I've had a lot on my mind about things but yeah I'm still going."

"While we are speaking on the cruise, the room situation, how are the rooms going to be set up?" Tenten questions as this seem to catch everyone else attention.

"For the guys, Naruto says Shikamaru, Sai, Kiba, and my cousin Neji are going but I'm sure you all knew that already." Hinata jokes since she lists off the girls' respective boyfriends.

All except for Ino that is, who was currently single at the moment.

"If that works out then Ino will have to room with...Kiba..." Temari comments, which causes her to freeze in her thought process.

"Are you willing to put up with that, Ino, for two weeks?" The indigo haired woman inquires on her participation after she hears that she would have to room with Kiba.

"If it is a two week vacation, with spa then who could pass that up? Besides, I'm sure that I can deal with that mangy mutt anyway." Ino begrudgingly responds.

She definitely still planned to particpate in the all-expense paid vacation even if she extremely disliked her only rooming options.

"Good, so its settled then."

"All I have to do is tell my father that everyone is still going. I can't wait for the cruise!" Hinata speaks, which earns a unify "yeah" from everyone, except Ino.

'I can handle two weeks...can I?' She inwardly questions herself after she views her options.


'Kami-sama, how could I be so stupid?' She was grumbling after realizing what she had agreed too.

She could hear his door open then close again a couple of minutes later as she mentally groans to herself.

Light blue eyes peek up to see Kiba faces in her direction with a duffel bag over his shoulder.

"It took you long enough." Ino responds to his presence before she raises to her feet and makes her way toward the front door.

"Kiba," She whispers his name when she peeks over her shoulder at him, "Can you stop looking at my butt, so we can go?"

"Sure," The brunette was confirming not really telling the truth when answering her question.

"Dog" The young woman was muttering while walking further away from his vision causing a smile to appear on his face after hearing her many special names for him.

'This is going to be a good two weeks...' The brunette was assuming to himself as a plan was formulating in his mind on how he was going to have that blonde screaming his name for hours on end.


The girls manage to secure one car for themselves so that they could spend some quality girl time together and grouped all the boys together in the other car.

'Thank Kami-sama! I get to spend the time away from that mutt!' Ino happily thought as she did not hesitate to snatch the opportunity to seperate from Kiba the instant they were outside.

His eyes gaze over to where the young woman was making her way over to the group of girls who were aimlessly chatting about something before deciding to head over to his male group of friends.

"Are you ready for the trip?" A boy with blonde hair and cerulean blue eyes poses to the group.

"Not as much as you are! After all you're getting married in a couple of weeks, Naruto." Kiba replies to the young man, name Naruto, question.

"Trust me on this one Kiba, Hinata is still under lock and key until that ring is placed on her finger, isn't that right Naruto?" A young man with long brunette hair tied in a low ponytil remarks once he places his hand on Naruto's shoulder.

"Alright, Neji-niisan." He was reassuring the man, name Neji, with the promise of keeping Hinata "pure" until they were officially married while avoiding direct eye contact with his future cousin-in-law.

"Look on the bright side of it, at least you don't have to deal with a troublesome woman." A young man with spiky brown hair pulled in a ponytail, which often times reminded the group of a pineapple to Kiba.

"At least that's what you think, Kiba has to deal with someone a little bit more..." A man with short crop black hair comments before he briefly pauses in his statement as if to find the appropriate word to fit his sentence.

"...bitchy or fierce?" Kiba adds in before he assures his friend with, "It seems as if I'll be stuck with trying to control that for two weeks so no worries, Sai."

"Good luck with that! We will all be rooting for you." The blonde joked with their canined companion.

His eyes roll his eyes before he head toward the rear of the car where the trunk was, "Pop the trunk".

'I really wonder how am I going to deal with this?' The young man thinks to himself.

He opens the trunk and casually tosses his duffel bag in to the mix it in with the other guys' bags.

"We're all ready to go, Naruto. Do you want us to follow you or do you want to follow us?" Hinata inquiries to her fiancé once she approaches the group of guys with the car keys in her hand.

Cerulean eyes scan his friends's face to get a phyiscal comfirmation before he admits to her while he scratches the back of his head, "We will follow you since I have no idea where we are going."

"It's fine." She comforted him with her eyes closed a small smile spread across her face.

"Just make sure you keep up with me Naruto and don't get to far behind alright?" The indigo haired woman suggests before she dismisses herself from the group.

The guys patiently waited until the girls were inside of their car first before they piled inside of the car in any type of fasion while they found a comfortable spot incase they might want to drop a nap during the ride.


The girls were cruising down the highway with Hinata glancing up every now and then in her rear view mirror making sure that Naruto was still close behind her.

"I still can't believe you're getting married in a couple of weeks, Hinata!" Sakura squeals in excitement from the passenger seat.

"I figured she would be the first one to tie the knot! She had the longest crush on Naruto and the two were simply just made for one another." Ino lips as she shifts herself to get comfortable in her seat.

"How long was it? Every since they were eleven years old?" Tenten inquires as it causes a blush to appear on her face.

"Can we stop talking about my love life? It's kind of embrassing to talk about it." The young woman mutters in her typical shy and reserved tone, except without the stutters.

The girls could not help but to laugh at her statement, "So Sakura, how are you and Sai doing?"

Sakura unintentionally pauses in the middle of her laughter first before the girls' divert attention on her.

"We're good. We haven't rushed into anything yet."

"What! So you two haven't had sex already?" "Gosh Sakura, it should be like a desert down there by now!" Temari interjects in a serious tone.

"Temari!" The rosy pink haired woman exclaimed with her pale skin a bright red that rivaled even a riped tomato.

"Hey, I was just asking. It sounds like you haven't gotten to second base with him yet. How long do you plan on waiting?" She poses to her.

"I don't know. I guess until I feel comfortable with doing it with him." Sakura was replying in a nervous tone silently hoping not to be a prune to her friends.

"As long as you feel that way about it. Don't change your mindset, not even on bit, Sakura."

"Besides, you're not the only who hasn't gotten any lately. Ask blondie back there?" The eldest of the girls direct the group's focal point to Ino.

The platinum blonde removes her attention away from the scenery once she realizes that everyone, except for Hinata, was currently looking at her.

So she responses with a "What?!"

"Temari said you may be dry down there because you haven't done it yet?" Sakura was relaying to her friend on what they were talking about.

Light blue eyes were focusing in on a now smiling the dirty blonde, "Now Temari,"

"Just because you and Shikamaru didn't care to wait doesn't mean it's wrong for us to wait."

She was causally leaning back in her seat before taking the two girls within her eye sight, "I guarantee you that you two are going to get laid on this trip. Don't think I forgot about you too, Hinata and Tenten."

"The boys must be having the same conversation in their car." Hinata was mumbling toward herself before silently wondering what the boys could be talking about.

Meanwhile with the boys...

"Hey turn that up, I like this song!" Kiba exclaims when he hears a familiar melody to one of his favorite songs on the car radio.

"No way Kiba! That's the main reason why we put you in the back instead of the front." Naruto was griping after glancing over his shoulder for a brief second before focusing back on the road.

"Whatever man, I rather be dealing with the girls' and their girly talk the entire ride there." Kiba complained at how he was being treated by his friends.

"Trust me, you would be begging, pleading and screaming to get away from them the instant you sit down in the car." Neji warns him of the consequences of his wish.

He did feel a shiver run up and down his spine after realizing what he just said, "You know what, Neji. You're right."

"I figured. We can't think like they can...they are too complex." Neji notes about women in general.

"Tell me about it! There's always something that we are doing wrong even when we are doing right." Sai adds in when he had placed his elbow on the door handle.

"Fortunately for me, I don't have to worry about things like that, the single life is the high life!" Kiba proclaims since he was the only one with the status of being single in the group of five.

"So do you plan on making a change on your so call status with that troublesome woman?" Shikamaru inquires about Kiba's plan for the cruise.

Kiba silently knew that that particular question was coming sooner or later but he had already prepared an answer for that question.

"If something happens then I will let it happen." Kiba simply answers with a small smile evident on his face.


Author's Note:

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