Welcome back to The A&A Show! Give it up for your hosts Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano!

Ahsoka: Hello and welcome back to the A&A Show. We're still talking to characters from AVP5's The Outlaws. Please help me welcome Rose to the show.

Rose: (comes in a different attire. Black tube top, long dark jeans, black gloves, and had her sniper rifle) Hi, Ahsoka.

Ahsoka: Uh...Rose, why do you have your rifle with you? You're not going to be shooting anyone anytime soon.

Rose: You never know and relax Jedi it's set on stun. I won't be killing anyone...unless they try something.

Ahsoka: Right. Also, for all of the fans that were wondering what Rose did with Anakin, we found him. She stuffed him in a cargo box and ALMOST had him sent to a Seperatist planet.

Rose: Separatist planet? Huh I meant to send him to Hoth. Must of miscalculated oh well. How did he like the sweaty sock I put in his mouth?

Ahsoka: Not much, but the good that came out of that was he got his memory back. Then he attacked James for his missing arm. We're still tracking down that fangirl.

Rose:...He attacked James huh? If he harmed my brother, I will find him and blast his ass off and then I'll blast off the one thing all men have that we women don't have.

Ahsoka: Hey, hey, hey. James is fine. Anakin's back at the Temple, far from him.

Rose: Oh okay good. So got any questions for me?

Ahsoka: Yeah. You seem like a person that doesn't take crap from anyone. How does that kind of attitude affect living with everyone on the ship?

Rose: Not really. I'm okay with everyone and they know how not to piss me off. I only become serious when I defend my friends, on a job, or when dealing with assholes like pirates, slavers, and anyone who tries to harm my family.

Ahsoka: I see. What do you see as your place in the group? Like are you the brains, the braun, what?

Rose: I'm someone the group goes to for any advice and if they need comfort. My mother taught me a lot on controlling my temper and how to be sincere to others. But also taught me how to kick ass and my parents taught me how to shoot...which I plan to use on the asshole Jedi who left me to be a slave.

Ahsoka: Did you ever find out who that Jedi was?

Rose: No, I do know it's an older man but once I find him I will kill him nice and slowly. And if you Jedi try to arrest me for killing him then we're enemies.

Ahsoka: Well, I don't blame you for being mad, but you can't go around killing everyone that did you wrong.

Rose:...I was raped when I was young, every day I was raped, I saw a Jedi and begged him to save me but he did nothing and walked away, those bastards stole my childhood from me, don't you tell me I don't deserve some payback on those jerks.

Ahsoka: I'm not saying that, but...(a guy comes and whispers something in her ear) Really? (to Rose) Rose, by any chance was that Jedi a Besalisk?

Rose: No not a Besalisk he's human and looked like an older man. A geezer I think.

Ahsoka: Okay. (shoos the guy away) Then that wasn't the guy.

Rose: Nope wasn't a besalisk but I swear when i find the guy he will suffer for letting me suffer...okay got any more questions?

Ahsoka: Yeah. When you...(Lux runs on stage) Lux, what are you doing here? You don't come on until next week.

Lux: Yes, I know, but we have a problem with your master and some guy named James.

Rose: (takes out her gun) Find him and tell him where he wants it, the ass, crotch, or he wants his nose off.

Lux: Not with each other. With me.

Ahsoka: What are you talking about?

Lux: Apparently, I was speaking with the wrong Ahsoka. Anakin already doesn't like me and James thought I was flirting with her. And now, they're both trying to kill me!

Rose: Oh well. Good luck kid (drinks some water)

Anakin and James run out.

Anakin: There he is. Get him!

Lux: (hides behind Ahsoka) Ahsoka, help me.

Ahsoka: Rose, help me out here.

Rose: (rolls her eyes) Fine. Hey Eve get in here!

Eve: (appears through the roof then grabbed James then shocked him knocking him out. Then she grabbed anakin and threw him through the wall knocking him out too)

Rose: There problem solved.

Ahsoka: I meant hit them your stun rifle. Not shock the crap out of one and throw the other through a wall.

Eve: Sorry Ahsoka. I didn't mean to go that extreme but I figured that was one way to knock them out.

Rose: And it worked.

Ahsoka: Well, as long as they're not trying to kill anyone. Lux, go home and don't stop to talk to Ahsoka.

Lux: Thank you, Ahsoka. I owe you one. (kisses her cheek and leaves)

Ahsoka: (blushes deeply)

Eve: (turns away from Ahsoka almost seemed a bit sad)

Rose: That boy needs to learn to take care of himself and stop hiding behind a woman.

Ahsoka: Yeah. (notices Eve) Eve, you okay?

Eve: Yes. I am all right. I will be leaving now and keep an eye on the twins then. Goodbye. (she took off)

Rose: Poor girl, oh being an AI, and not finding someone to like you for who you are is hard to come by the galaxy huh?

Ahsoka: Yeah. Truthfully, I wouldn't mind switching places with her for a while. Maybe then, guys will hit on her and not me.

Rose: Oh trust me. Many have tried with her because of her looks, but once they see her strength they run off screaming like little kids.

Ahsoka: Yeah. Guys don't like girls that are stronger than them.

Rose: Nope, I got lucky with Eric who loves me despite how strong I am.

Ahsoka: Oh, how's your relationship with Eric?

Rose: It's going well. He can be a bit of a dork at times, but he's my dork and I love him for it.

Ahsoka: He seems like a really sweet guy. I'm still testing the waters with Rex.

Rose: (had a smirk on her face) I see you like guys who look older huh? I heard clones are better than the original. Stronger, better looking, and i heard they have a big-

Ahsoka: Woah, woah, hey! I don't know any of that yet!

Rose: Oh I can teach you like I did with Eve. See to please a man you have to-

Half an hour later

Rose: Then once he's had his fun you can start having some fun with him.

Ahsoka: (shocked look on her face) Ummmm...You know I'm only sixteen, right? We're not going to be doing... any of that anytime soon. Unless Rex wants Anakin to kill him.

Rose: So? I heard you had sex with many people at that age even at the 14 years of age.

Ahsoka: But that's not me. There are many different mes in different universes. For Force sake, there's another me backstage making out with James right now.

Rose: Fine. Fine. Don't get your panties in a twist. I'm just saying you could have sex now or later. Though just make sure the clone Rex is someone who will be loyal to you since I heard clones listen to orders from high authority figures and if say the chancellor says for the clones to shoot you then they will obey it.

Ahsoka: You may not know this, but this is a universe that doesn't happen. The chancellor is dead and the clones stayed loyal to us.

Rose: Good, I'm glad to see soldier dogs don't obey assholes like the chancellor who doesnt give a crap about us. So got any more questions? For the show or want me to show you some slides on what to do when you do get with it with a guy.

Ahsoka: NO MORE SLIDES! Just answer this last question. Since Ahsoka went back to the Republic, do you think that James will still want you guys to attack republic ships?

Rose: He told us not to anymore. He did say however we can still attack Separatist ships. So that's a good thing. Now here is my question: What do you think of us? Some people like General Herbison says we're not to be trusted and we're just criminals who should be locked up. What do you think of us?

Ahsoka: I think you guys are just misunderstood and judge by your name, The Outlaws. Although I think most of you are mental, you're still a group of good guys.

Rose: Thank you, Ahsoka and not all of us are mental...except the twins. I think there is something loose in their minds.

Ahsoka: Maybe if James would stop giving them candy, maybe they wouldn't be as insane.

Rose: Good point. Well, if that's all the questions you have, I will be going now. Eric and I are off to have some fun. It's been nice talking to you Ahsoka.

Ahsoka: And it's been...interesting talking to you.

The lights got turned off.

Rose: Girls!

Korra and Karra: Sorry!

Ahsoka: Make sure they don't have any candy! They were looking last time the lights went out!

The fire alarm went off and the sprinklers turned on.

Ahsoka: What's going on? What did you girls do?

Rose: I don't know...with them you never know...we may need to stop here so we can look for them.

Ahsoka: Just make sure you get to them before my master does.

Rose: I don't know...with them you never know...we may need to stop here so we can look for them.

Ahsoka: Yeah well...We're just going to end here. Tune in next time for when i interview... whoever comes on. It may be the characters from AVP5's Warriors of the Force. I don't know. See ya. Now, someone find those twins and untie my master.

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