It's all my fault

FTP: I've been wanting to write this fic for long, I mainly write this when I'm bored in a lesson lolz

Lucy: why do you pick on me always?

FTP: *ignores the blond* so this is a fic where Erza and Lucy will develop a mother-daughter bond and later when Luce turns back a sisterly bond. Also in the end NaLu moments! But I'll do nice nalu throughout only I won't make natsu a pedo I'll just you know show him he cares a lot ^^

Natsu: what about your other ft fic Mystery of the 7's?

FTP: as if I'd give up on it not now that Lucy admitted she likes no LOVES Natsu finally in the latest chap that fic will continue going on I just also started this one xD for those who read that fic hope you like this one, for those reading this one and haven't heard of the other one feel free to check it out if you want that is xD

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It was another typical noisy day at the guild. Erza was enjoying a piece of her favorite strawberry shortcake. Natsu and Gray were fighting on another silly topic careful not to be noticed by the scarlet haired knight going in buddy-buddy mode every time she turned to looking in their direction.

Meanwhile our favorite celestial spirit mage was snoozing peacefully at the bar. Mirajane smiled down at her, her elbows on the table holding her chin in her hands. The younger girl looked like a little child as she slept.

"Kawaii," Mira giggled shaking the blond girl who merely whimpered a pained expression appeared for a split second on her face. Mire moved closer to listen to what the girl was mumbling, her voice was scarred with grief and loss, "Mother,"

Mira frowned at her friend whose expression returned quickly to that of someone enjoying a peaceful slumber. She decided to let her sleep; she needed it after all the hard work she had been doing lately.

Gray right then sent Natsu flying inches away from the two girls, the bar exploding in splinter of wood, dust, liquids and glass shards. Lucy jolted awake jumping at the noise wide eyed, falling right on top of Natsu due to the impacts force when she saw Natsu lying under her a fierce expression on his face which changed to a apologetic Cheshire cat grin when he looked at her.

Lucy got up silently to which Natsu jumped away into a defensive pose and cried, "Don't kill me it was Gray!"

The ice mage merely snorted, Lucy on the other hand just yawned and went back to sit on her seat falling asleep once again. Mira giggled when she saw a slight pink coloration on the girl's cheek.

The whole guild bust into fit of laughter apart from Jet and Droy who had been sulking in a corner for a whole week since their beloved Levy left on a mission with the pierced bully of a dragon slayer much to their dismay.

"Wha-wait Luce don't go back to sleep, let's go on another mission! " Natsu whined

"We've been to twelve different and dangerous missions in the last month let her rest or she'll break down, idiot!" Gray scolded him.

"Shut up, I know that droopy/squinty eyes!" *1

Before they could start fighting a voice called out happily, "We're baaack!"

"LEVY-CHAN," Jet and droy sang happily glaring at Gajeel who gave them a dark look walking in grumpily behind the tiny blue-haired mage.

"Welcome back, Levy," Erza greeted her nakama finally having her attention diverged from her cake curiously looking at what Levy was carrying, "What's that old book you've got there?"

"our clients allowed me to chack it out, we saved this ancient spell book that belonged to a famous mage called Merlin we have to take it to a museum nearby soon though," she smiled clearly thrilled at the opportunity to see this book

"Lemme see," Natsu cried enthusiastically snatching the book from Levy, surprising the whole guild who had never seen him interested in a book…ever.

"Where's Lu-chan she'll want to see this too!" Levy asked

"Is it safe for him to handle that?" Erza gulped voicing the guilds concern as Natsu as she pointed towards the sleeping figure of the blond mage.

"She's sleeping aww," Levy grumbled, " umm I guess As long as he doesn't call us after reciting some spell or something we should be fine, anyway he can't read…,"

Levy was suddenly interrupted bu Natsu who started speaking in a weird way, he sounded like he was chanting.

"gnouy enco niaga, ot na ega fo worros dna niap fo a tasprettogrof," Natsu uttered the spell his seal appearing under him.

Levy and Erza along with the whole guild sweatdropped

"Well, as long as he doent direct it at…" Levy said nervously only to be interrupted by the spiky pink haired dragon slayer.

"Lucy! Look how cool," Natsu called out truning to the yet sleeping mage.

"NOOOOOOOOOO," they cried but it was too late, Natsu's spell took form, the whole guild shook by the magical power summoned and a thick smoke appeared out of nowhere.

*1 : sorry forgot who is who ^^' I think Gray is squinty…

Levy: I'm not tiny…

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