Chapter 10

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The blond princess now finally seventeen again returned the embrace of her dragon. It was time to tell him the truth and trust in her beloved nakama and her beloved Natsu. Who would have thought that the princess who had always been waiting for her knight would fall for the dragon that had made a vow to protect her?

"Natsu, Natsu!" she called again and again crying in his warmth.

"I'm so sorry!" He said noticing her shaking and sobbing uncontrollably, "It's all my fault!"

A small laugh broke through the tears, "Well that's just like usual no?"

"Lucy don't tease me!" Natsu cried but had his goofy grin on that couldn't be wiped out.

It came unexpectedly the soft lips touching his hot ones but Natsu didn't hesitate to deepen the kiss. The fireworks lit up the sky as the two playfully swung around and never parted until they were dizzy and out of breath. Then the couple laughed and laughed, tears of joy streaming down their face until they lost balance and the celestial mage ended up on top of the dragon slayer their faces inches apart.

"LUCY!" they heard from behind before their lips could touch once more.

They visibly winced and sighed getting up as Erza and Jellal came running towards them hand in hand. Eventually Erza let go of her Jellal's hand and jumped Lucy giving her a bone crushing hug as they landed on the soft grass

"Natsu…" Erza started looking up accusingly at the dragon slayer who stiffened and gave her a nervous laugh,"I hope you were playing nice,"

No matter how they looked at him everyone in fairy tail knew Natsu had his goofy childish side, a more serious side and was not so dumb also possessing a perverted side mostly directed at the blond mage.

"Thanks for being my mummy Erza!" Lucy hugged and giggled as the requip mage blushed and hugged back. Erza totally forgot her annoyance with Natsu and the fire mage muttered 'thanks' to Lucy and she winked back.

Jellal helped them up and thanked the celestial mage himself.

"Don't thank me, my mother was a great teacher," Lucy shook her head, "She taught me everything…"

Upon seeing Lucy sadden Natsu took her hand in his and kissed it affectionately making the celestial mage turn pink till her ears.

"I guess I should tell you guys the truth," lucy sighed, "What's today Natsu?"

"Huh? The 7th July!" Natsu cried, "I forgot completely with all the mess I caused!"

"Aha, the day your father and Wendy and Gajeel's dragon parents disappeared," Lucy stated obvious facts, "And the day my mother disappeared as well…"

"Y-Your mother!' Natsu exclaimed, "SHE"S A DRAGON!"

"NO YOU IDIOT," Erza and Lucy shrieked at the dragon slayers dumb assumption hitting him hard on his head. Sometimes he could come up with the weirdest ideas.

"On the 7th July 777, mama, she had vanished without a trace," Lucy explained her hand squeezing her own shoulder uncomfortably, she had never told anyone about this, not even her papa, "She was gone as if she had never been there and the strangest thing is everyone believed she was dead,"

"But you didn't…" Erza commented thoughtfully.

"No, the day before she was acting all weird…" Lucy murmured recalling the last memories she had of her mother.

7 years ago on the 6th July 777

A young, now ten year old Lucy lay on the floor of the library which was used as her classroom, with a book on her face and sighed. Her teacher had given her the whole book to read, something she had already read so many times she could recall it all by heart but nonetheless was forced to read it again.

"Mama's lessons are cooler," the child grumbled.

Her mama however had been gone visiting some old friends of hers with strange names, one was called Mavis and the others had even stranger names like Igneel, Grandine and Metallicana. She had told her daughter there was a troubled friend or was he just an acquaintance of thiers called Zeref, a name she found strangely familiar but could not recall, who needed help and they were meeting up to cheer him up.

"Lucy-sama," a maid called making her jump out of her reverie,"Layla-dono is on her way back,"

This news sent Lucy running to the main entrance and straight up the only path leading to the mansion, in a few minutes she could see the figure of her mother approaching in her travelling clothes which consisted of a plain t-shirt and jeans. Even with nothing fancy on, Layla Heartphilia was considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. As soon as she saw her daughter approaching she let her luggage fall leaving her companions behind and ran straight to Lucy picking her up and bringing her in a close hug without even stopping.

"Happy belated birthday honey," Layla whispered in her ear not breaking the hug, "I'm so sorry I couldn't make it,"

Lucy merely laughed and welcomed her beloved mother home, "Welcome back mama! Tell me a cool story tonight okay?"

"Anything my dear," her mother replied smiling

"So this is the young princess huh," a red haired man with a loveable goofy grin and ruffled her hair, "My Natsu's got dibs on her, got it Metalicana?"

"Gehehe," a black haired man slightly taller but just as muscled replied, "Always so fired up on everything huh Igneel,"

"Oh hush you boys!" a blue haired lady with a gentle air and sweet smile, "Don't listen to them Lu-chan, just listen to your mama, she knows a lot,"

"Yes ma'am," Lucy grined.

"Who'd have thought Layla could smile like that, huh, Grandine?" Lucy heard Igneel tell the woman.

"That's because Lucy is my precious treasure," Layla replied smiling wider making the two men blush.

"Listen, now, Lucy, I have to go on a trip with my friends here," layla said seriously putting Lucy down and kneeling to place her hands on her daughters shoulders.

"No one can know about this though little one," Igneel said nodding.

"Everyone might act strange tomorrow and It will be very hard to part with you, but I have to go, do you understand," layla continued.

Lucy bit her lip, she was mature for her age and understood most of what her mother said but with childish innocence she asked, "You'll be back soon right?"

It almost broke Layla's hearts seeing her daughter on the verge of tears. Lucy had been unexpected when no one imagined she could have children, at first she had been scared to be a horrible mother that her daughter would come to hate but in the end the child had become her ray of hope. And the one thing that kept her alive.

"It might take a while but one day when you're a lady, I'll come back and we'll never part again, pinky promise," Layla said grabbing her daughter's pinky with her own.

Lucy smiled and nodded, "Pinky promise,"

The five of them spent the rest of the day celebrating the child's belated birthday. It had been one of the best days of Lucy's life followed by one of the worst. The next day Layla was gone and the Heartphilia mansion prepared for a funeral that Lucy could not understand, later on the memories of her mother would be so painful to recall that most would be forgotten.

Present day

"I got to thank Natsu for reminding me," Lucy smiled.

Her companions smiled back to her knowing fully well that this had been difficult to share for the blond.

"Now we can look for them together Natsu," Lucy grinned catching him by surprise.

"Yes, together," he replied taking her hand.

"Let's go home," Jellal said happily, he would be spending his last few hours of freedom with his beloved Erza and he couldn't wait.

The four companions journeyed back to Fairy Tail as the last few fireworks hit the sky. A lot of hardships awaited them but for now they could enjoy and celebrate all together as a family the return

"I told you, Natsu had dibs on the girl" a crimson haired man chuckled.

"Oh be quiet Igneel," the blond woman with wavy hair replied. Layla Heartphilia had not aged one bit since she had to leave her family.

'It's nice to see her smiling again after seven years,' Igneel thought, 'Be strong kids we'll always watch over you,'

Layla and igneel turned walking in the opposite direction from their children but knew fully well they could count on each other's strength so they had nothing to worry about.

Omake: The Fairy Hills Sleepover

"Look at her she's so adorable like this!" Lisanna squeaked.

"Oh that dress fits her perfectly," Mira agreed as the tiny Lucy twirled around a little bit confused at all the fuss her new friends were making over her.

The dress was a frilly and flowery red one which was very pretty and not unlike the ones her mama used to dress her in. It was a norm in the Heartphilia mansion that Lucy was a responsibility of her parents. Judo didn't really understand while Layla made such a fuss over it but allowed his wife all the liberty in the house. It was well known that the head of the family was Layla and her alone. And as such when she shooed the maids helping Lucy get ready away every morning, much to Judo's chagrin who eventually gave up and let his wife do as she pleased, Lucy's education and upbringing fell entirely on her mother's shoulders.

"Come on everyone," Erza chided directing an accusing gaze at the takeover sisters, "We should try to solve this spell and get her back not hope she be stuck like this!"

"You're such a spoil sport Erza," Cana pouted embracing the tiny Lucy from behind, "Isn't mama Erza such a worrywart wucy-pyon?"

Everyone burst out laughing as Erza turned so red her face couldn't be distinguished from her scarlet hair.

Thankfully Wendy rescued Lucy from suffocation by Cana, "Let's go play lucy-chan!"

"Wendy is sure having fun with chibi Lu-chan," Levy commented.

"Well, she not the youngest anymore so she's happy to have a playmate," Charle commented.

"Question guys, who exactly wants Lucy to stay like this forever," Bisca asked raising her hand

"AYE!" the whole room resounded and funnily enough Erza herself raised her hand.

"OY YOU GUYS!" an angry voice could be heard from outside and a loud thud later resounded.

"Natsu sure has good hearing…" Lisanna giggled and soon the whole room burst out laughing.

Lucy blinked confused looking up from her drawing and tilted her head in confusion. She didn't really understand what was happening but felt slightly annoyed for some reason, shrugging she continued the important task of finishing her drawing. How could the dragon protect the princess if she didn't draw his mighty wings?

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