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Chapter 1: Inheritance

Eyes. They say that the eyes are windows to the soul. In this case they show a dead one, one without feeling.

Naruto walks down the street, well shuffles. He can't bring himself to care enough to pick up his feet all the way off the ground. His eyes are his and not his at the same time. They have been described as piercing, deep, kind, an open book. This is not correct.

Naruto's eyes are pointed at the ground and have been ever since he came back from his fight at the Valley at the End. Where Sasuke, his best friend, put a Chidori through his chest. And after the whole thing Sakura…

Naruto doesn't even want to think about Sakura.

His eyes now can be described as dull, more of a green shade than blue, and dead. He has the look of a dead man. Alive, but dead.

Naruto walks through the market on his way home, not something that he would normally do. But he can't bring himself to care. As he passes through, jeers and cat calls are made. Then things go south. People start throwing things.

At first it is things like eggs and cabbage but it quickly upgrades to sharp objects like knifes and kunai. They pierce, slice, and cut his skin, but he doesn't even flinch, doesn't make a sound. He just keeps on plodding on towards his apartment.

Things don't stop there. One civilian takes his lack of response as a sign of weakness and runs up to him before stabbing him with a chief's knife. Naruto still doesn't respond. Then the crowd descends. Punching, kicking, stabbing, slicing, peeling. Naruto keeps on walking until he physically is unable to. He collapses on the ground and the mob goes in for the kill.

"Fuuton: Daitoppa!" (Wind Release: Great Breakthrough!)

The mob is thrown back, revealing a very bloody Naruto. His clothes are virtually nonexistent and his is laying in a pool of his own blood.

A silver haired man in a mask quickly wraps Naruto up and Shunshins (Body flicker technique) to the hospital.

Time skip-12 hours: Konohagakure Hospital

Naruto wakes to the beeping of machinery. It is one he knows very well. Over his lifetime, he has been in the hospital more times than he can count. He moves his head to the side and sees Jiraiya sitting on the window sil.

"Welcome back to the world of the living gaki (brat)."

Naruto doesn't answer. This worries him. Normally Naruto is very energetic and would be opposed to being called a brat. But instead Naruto just turns his head and stares at the wall.

Jiraiya sighs. He knows exactly why Naruto is acting like he is.

"Hey Naruto. How would you like to come with me on a three year training trip?"

Naruto lifts his head and then stares at Jiraiya. Only one thought is going through his head.

'I want to get away from here. From her.'

Naruto nods his head, eliciting a smile from Jiraiya.

"Good. Tsunade-hime has already approved it. When you are released go home and pack then go to Tsunade's office. Oh and don't take the market again. Take the rooftops. We don't want another incident like the one that put you in here in the first place."

Naruto doesn't give any sign that he heard Jiraiya. But Jiraiya isn't going to baby him. With a wave Jiraiya hops out the window and goes to Tsunade's office.

Hokage's Office

When Jiraiya arrives, he lands on the window outside the office. He looks in and sees Tsunade talking, more like yelling, at a quivering Sakura.

"As of this moment, Haruno Sakura, your Shinobi license is permanently revoked for conduct unbecoming a Shinobi and conspiracy to harm your own teammate. You will no longer be a ninja, train to be a ninja, or attempt to be a ninja. You are a civilian and will remain so for as long as you are in this village. Now get out of my office!"

Sakura bursts into tears and runs out of the office, not bothering to shut the door. Shuzine walks into the office and closes the door behind her.

"Was that really necessary? Banishing her forever?"

Tsunade snorts. "Jiraiya get your ass in here. And use the door next time!" she roars at him. It is never a good day for a Kage when he/she has to remove a Shinobi license.

Jiraiya clambers through the window. "It's not my fault that the window has a huge ledge. It's like the founders wanted people to use it."

Jiraiya ducks under a chair that is tosses at him and embeds itself in the wall.

"ANYWAYS, yes, I do think that she doesn't deserve to be called a shinobi anymore. What she pulled is worse than anything I can think of. And to do it to Naruto who has trust issues and a fragile mind to begin with just made the decision easier."

"You realize that people aren't going to be happy about this? The Council will try to have to her reinstated," Jiraiya states.

Tsunade chuckles evilly. "The Council already isn't happy with me especially I put to death all those who assaulted Naruto. Let them try to bring her back. It won't make a difference. The Council is my advisor, not my right hand. They aren't supposed to have any power and I'm returning it to the original state.

I have been looking for a way to disband the civilian side of the Council ever since I took this job. This is a Hidden Village, not a damn Democracy. Changes are coming to the Council. Even Danzo isn't going to be much of a factor after I get through with him."

Jiraiya nods. This is why his former sensei wanted her even before his death. Her knew that she would stand up to the Council in ways that he never could.

"Are you sure that you aren't showing favoritism to Naruto? He is like a brother to you," Shizune questions.

"Oh I'm quite sure. You see…"

The door opens and an Anbu steps through. With a low bow he speaks.

"Excuse the intrusion Hokage-sama, but the Council is requesting an emergency meeting."

Tsunade smirks. 'Those old bastards move quickly when they want to.'

"Very well. Tell Anbu squads 6, 7, and 8 to report to the Council room. Tell them there are not to be detected."

The Anbu straightens. "As you wish."

The door closes.

"Well, it is time I put this village straight. When do you leave Jiraiya?"

"A few hours after Naruto gets out of the hospital. I checked and he is scheduled to be released anytime. I told him to meet me here."

Tsunade nods and stretches. "Well, I'm off. Don't let him die Jiraiya."

With that Tsunade leaves with Shizune in tow.

Council Chambers

Tsunade bursts through the door, silencing the entire room. Before her sits the Shinobi Council, the Civilian Council, and the Village Elders, split even 12-12-4 and the three with her as the deciding vote.

"Why has this meeting been called?" Tsunade demands, not even talking a seat.

"You have gone too far this time, Tsunade!" a faceless woman shouts.

"We demand that you reinstate Haruno Sakura and put The Demon to death!" shouts a porky man.

"Yes, you must put the Kyuubi incarnate to death for what he did to Uchiha-sama!" a very fat man shouts before being severely winded from the outburst.

"We demand you give reperations for those families you killed," this one comes from a pink haired woman who looks just like Sakura but older.

Tsunade raises an eyebrow.

"Really? Anbu, kill these men!"

The heads of the men who shouted second and third are now rolling on the ground.

"What the hell are you doing?" another faceless and nameless merchant shouts.

Tsunade slams her hands on the table, breaking it and silencing the room.

"Those men broke the Sandaime's Law and last time I check, assaulting and nearly killing a shinobi is punishable by death. As of this moment, the Civilian Council is disbanded."

The room is filled with shouts and threats. The Shinobi clan heads just sit there and wait for Tsunade to lose her patience.


Two dozen shinobi appear out of the walls, various weapons drawn. The room instantly goes loud with shouts of outrage. Tsunade punches a wall, caving it in, forcing silence in the room.

"As you may have guessed, I am in command of this village, not you sniveling politicians who hide behind laws to further yourselves to the detriment of others. The Council is only an advisory one. You do NOT hold power, you do NOT engage in activities behind the Hokage, you do NOT undermine my authority.

"I am resuming full command of this village and returning this Council to original purpose. And there is nothing any of you can do about it. From now on, the 'Advisory Board' will have no power to make decisions. They will be at my beck and call and will answer only to me.

"Anbu, escort these civilians to Ibiki and Anko. I her she likes to hear screaming in the morning. Let's see how much information about stabbing me in the back he can get out of them."

The ex-Civilian Council is rounded up, bound, and carried to the Interrogation Department where Anko and Ibiki are already waiting.

"Now that that is out of the way, does anybody have any problems with my authority?" she asks sweetly.

The Clan heads and the Village Elders all shake their heads.

"Good. Does anybody have anything they would like to add to the agenda of the Advisory Board to discuss?"

"I was wondering when you were going to get rid of those…conspirators," Tsume comments.

Shikaku lazily speaks up. "So what happens now? Are we expected to deal with commerce and civilian matters now?"

Tsunade shakes her head. "As much as I distaste paper work, most of it will fall on me. You are only an advisory board. I will come to you when I need advice on certain things to proceed and that is that. Such things will be who makes Chuunin and Jonin, but I will ultimately have the say. I will also be relying on a few of you in areas that I have no expertise and experience in, but no your work load will not drastically increase.

"Oh, and you no longer have as many privileges. Being on this Advisory Board no longer protects you. You break a law then you are subject to the consequences. You will retain all clan rights and all that it implies. If there is nothing else then this meeting is adjourned."

Tsunade walks out of the room.

Throughout the entire 'meeting', Danzo said nothing. But under his impassive mask, he is seething.

'Damn her. She has ruined most of my plans. I must get rid of her before she ruins the rest of them. But she did save me a lot work when I become Hokage. All I have to do then is just disband the 'advisory board' which won't be difficult at all seeing as how they have no power anymore.'

Danzo leaves the Advisory Board chambers, unaware of the shadow.

Hokage Office

Tsunade sits in her chair feeling better than she has in a long time. Jiraiya is still there waiting for Naruto.

An Anbu opens the door. "Hokage-sama, Danzo is on the move. We have tracker squad 9 on him now."

Jiraiya's eyebrow almost gets lost in his hairline.

"Excellent. Bring me the Jonin instructors, Clan Heads, and all Anbu squad captains."

Without a word, the Anbu disappears.

"So you are going for it all now?" Jiraiya questions.

Tsunade nods. "Danzo has been plotting for too long. After today I will only have to worry about threats from outside of the village for a while. Hopefully when you and Naruto get back this place will be completely different in how they treat him."

"That's a lot to ask in three years. They have spent the last thirteen hating his very existence. It isn't going to happen overnight."

"In know. But when he gets back, I'm going to reveal his heritage. People should change their minds after that. Oh, and don't leave with Naruto yet. I'm going to be promoting him and telling him who he comes from." This gets Jiraiya worried.

"Are you sure that's a good idea? He is in a very fragile state as it is. He may not ever trust someone enough to get close to him now. Imagine when you tell him and his mind snaps. He won't be the same."

Tsunade shakes her head. "He already isn't the same. He will never be the same, as much as I hate to say it. Sakura broke him and I don't know if there is anything in this world that can fix him. So I might as well tell him now before he come to resent us both for not telling him."

Jiraiya fixes her with an intense stare. "You had better be right. Because if you aren't Kushina will kill us again in the next life when we get there," making both of them involuntarily shudder.

Just then the doors open and Anbu and Jonin enter the room.

"Good. Now you may already know that I have disbanded the Civilian Council and made the Shinobi Council just an Advisory Board." This gets murmurs from the crowd. Apparently not everyone knew.

"Anyways, I have one obstacle left before all threats are eliminated. Danzo." Another round of murmurs.

"Over ten years ago, the Sandaime Hokage ordered Danzo to disband his private army known as Root. That has not happened. He probably is plotting a way to kill me before I ruin more of his plans. So, I have squad 9 tracking him right now to his layer. Once we have confirmed the location of the Root base, all Anbu squads and squads made up of Jonin will assault the base.

"Kakashi Hitake will lead Kurenai, Choza Akimichi, and Hayama Shirakumo. AsumaSarutobi will lead Hamaki Mimura, Yakumo Kurama, and Might Guy. Shikaku Narawill lead Shibi Aburame, Inoichi Yamanaka, and Tekuno Kanden. Shikaku, you will be in charge of the operation." A 'troublesome' reaches her ears from the back.

"Kill all who oppose and if possible, capture Danzo alive. If not then it is of no consequence. Be on alert from now until we have confirmation. Once we do, you will move two hours after that. Be aware that Danzo may try to escape. All shinobi not specified to be in a squad will be posted in the forest to prevent that. Clan heads may use any shinobi you feel are up to the task." That was directed mostly at Hiashi. His clan with the Byakugan will be invaluable in finding Danzo.

"If there are no questions then you are all dismissed. Oh, and do not talk about this without a privacy seal. We cannot afford to have any leaks and let Danzo know."

The assembled shinobi file out of the room in silence, leaving only Tsunade and Jiraiya. Then a boy of thirteen years walks into the room, backpack over his shoulders. Instead of his 'kill me' orange suit, he has on plain black Anbu paints and a t-shirt.

"Ah Naruto. I'm glad you made it. Come have a seat over here." Tsunade asks Shizune to close the door while she crosses the room and sits on a couch.

Naruto joins her, not bothering to take off his backpack. It is then she gets a good look at him.

His most noticeable feature before the change was his eyes. They really stood out from the mess of blond hair. They are even more noticeable now, but not for any good reasons. Instead of shade of piercing light blue, they are now dull and dark with a tint of a sickly green color. His eyes hold no emotion, no spark that was there before, no life.

"How are you doing?" she asks softly.

No answer. Just stares at the ground.

"Look Naruto. I know the last thing you want to talk about is Sakura..." he visibly recoils at the name, which is the only indicator that he is indeed listening. "About her, but in time you will find that it hurts less over time. Just know that when you are ready to talk about it Jiraiya and I will always be available to you. Ok?"

No response of any kind, but she knows he is listening.

"I'm promoting you to Chuunin Naruto."

This gets a reaction. He slowly turns his head and looks at her with his soulless eyes. Now Tsunade hates Sakura more than ever. She took the only bit of innocence and whatever was left of his soul when she betrayed him.

Naruto doesn't say anything, but he just stares at her as if wondering why.

"I'm promoting you because one: the Council wouldn't let me, but they are gone so I can do what I want. Two: because you have fought powerful enemies more than anybody at the Chuunin Exams and not only survived but beat them. I think, no I believe that you of all people deserve this more than anybody.

"Three: you have taken more punishment, more pain, and more heartbreak than anyone I know and still you fight. I believe that you will eventually find something to live for again and when you do, you will be unstoppable.

"You have great potential and I want to see you fulfill that potential. Now I have something else to tell you now that you are of proper rank."

She gets up and walks to a random picture that is hanging up on the wall. She takes the paining off the wall and opens her safe (lame I know). She pulls out a single scroll.

She closes the safe and replaces the painting and sits back down on the couch. She is about to open the storage scroll when Jiraiya stops her.

"Shouldn't you put up a privacy barrier first?"

"I already did. The first thing I did when I got here was to make it so when the door closes it puts up the privacy barrier automatically." Satisfied with the answer, he sits back and hopes this doesn't backfire.

She bites her thumb and breaks the blood seal on the scroll. She then extracts four scrolls which she hands to Naruto.

"These are scrolls from your parents. I don't know what is in them so you will have to open them and find out yourself. You should open them here, but I'm not going to force you."

Naruto numbly takes the scrolls. He bites his thumb and breaks the blood seal on all four at once. He takes one and opens it. This one is a storage scroll. He summons whatever is inside and out pop hundreds if not thousands of scrolls. Tsunade and Jiraiya's eyes go wide.

"Holy Shit!"

Jiraiya picks up a scroll and reads it. "Uzumaki Kenjutsu" (Uzumaki Style Kenjutsu). Jiraiya picks up more scrolls. They range from history to clan jutsu to forbidden techniques.

"This looks like the entire library your father and mother had. There must be thousands of scrolls!"

Naruto, who would have been jumping off the walls at the prospect of learning so many jutsu, but this Naruto doesn't react.

Instead he ignores the mountain of scrolls and opens the next scroll. This one is a letter.

Dear Naruto,

I cannot express how sorry I am that I cannot be there right now. My name is Kushina Uzumaki, your mother. I come from the Land of Whirlpools and have lived in Konoha with your father ever since it was destroyed.

First I want to say that I hope you don't hate me. I didn't fight for you enough to stop the Kyuubi being sealed inside of you. I didn't want to, but in the end your father convinced me. I know we condemn you to a life of hardship and hatred, but I know that my son can overcome anything.

I have left you my sword and my armor. They are things that get passed down from generation to generation and now it is your turn. I have also included the entire Uzumaki Library. This has everything from our techniques to our history to the secrets of the Whirlpools. My job was to protect the Library and ensure its survival, so I pass the task on to you, the last Uzumaki.

I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive your father and I we have wronged you more than anybody else. Worse is that we left you alone to deal with it. I know the villagers will not see you as the hero you are, but I can hope. Please don't hate us dear, but I will understand if you do.

I hope you are healthy and well. Give my regards to Sarutobi if he is still alive or whoever the current Hokage is. I hope you live a long and very happy life.

Your loving mother,
Kushina Uzumaki.

Naruto reads the letter again and again. During this time, Tsunade and Jiraiya have picked up and resealed all the scrolls. Eventually he just rolls it back up and opens the next one. It too is a storage scroll. He unseals the items.

Out poofs a sheathed sword and two large chests. He opens the first chest.

The inside is much larger than the chest has room for. It looks more like a walk in closet than a chest. Strapped to the walls are hundreds of three pronged kunai. Naruto shuts the lid and goes to the second chest. Inside is a set of armor. Each piece is ruby red and very polished. There is a note right on top.

This armor is the pride and glory of the Uzumaki Clan. It is centuries old and very special. It is semi-sentient and will only allow the current head of the Uzumaki to wear it, all others will be crushed. It will grow or shrink to the body and consists of a breastplate, gauntlets, and grieves. Once on, channel chakra into the breastplate and the full suit will appear.

The armor is made from a dragon's scales and hide, making it very flexible and very strong and hard to penetrate and has the ability to harden or allow more flexibility depending on the situation and desire of the user. Being semi-sentient, this armor will automatically react to threats. Weither that is to harden the armor or to physically move the user, it will do so if allowed.

When not needed, the armor will blend in as normal clothing while maintaining the protection it offers. When in the full armor is engaged, a helmet will also appear and completely cover the head, but will not hinder the user's ability to see.

Use it well and represent the Uzumaki with pride!

Naruto lets the note float from his hand and picks up the breastplate. It is surprisingly light. He puts on the breastplate, the fully gloved gauntlets, and then the Grieves that go up to his mid calves. The instant the Grieves are on, Naruto feels a prick on his chest.

After a minute or so, the armor visibly shrinks, conforming perfectly to Naruto's body. The breastplate shrinks and elongates so that it covers his stomach and sides. The gauntlets shrink and the fingers grow to accomidate his long and thin fingers. The Grieves actually grow a little bigger, wider and the metal crawls up his leg to just above his knees.

Channeling chakra into the breastplate, he activates the full armor.

Tsunade and Jiraiya watch as a flash of red starts from the breastplate. As the wave passes over Naruto's body. Molten red seeps from the wave and after a second, it solidifies. In less than ten seconds, Naruto is standing head to foot in shiny red armor. It looks like Naruto is wearing a second skin. Albeit a very shinny and very strong second skin.

Naruto is completely amazed, or as much as his current apathetic self will allow. He twists, turns, jumps, performs hand signs. He feels a very small amount of resistance when moving, but not as much as he was expecting. While he can feel the extra weight of the helmet, he can see clear as day, as if he wasn't wearing a helmet.

"Well this is cool," he speaks for the first time in a week. But it isn't his normal cheery voice, but a monotone, almost uncaring voice. But it is a step in the right direction. He notices a slight muffle in his voice, like the sound and air are being filtered.

"Welcome Master Naruto."

Naruto jumps at the unexpected voice.

"Who are you?" Naruto asks allowed.

"I am an imprint suit's first user, Kusaki (Ku-saw-kee) Uzumaki. The original Kusaki made this suit after defeating a terrifying dragon that attack Whirlpool many millennia ago. This armor was made from the defeated dragon's scales and skin. The dragon clan, ashamed that one of their own would do such a thing, offered themselves as the explicit summons of the wearer of this armor.

"I can offer help in battle, advice on any number to topics, or just a history lesson. As the guardian of this suit, I have sampled your blood to ensure that you are indeed an Uzumaki and then read your memories to find out if you are the head Uzumaki. If you had failed then I would have killed you for putting on this armor."

Naruto absorbs this information, but doesn't react to it visibly or verbally. Instead he cuts the flow of charka to the breastplate and the armor withdraws back to just the three pieces. Almost instantly, the armor adapts to look like normal clothing. The Grieves become red steel lined boots that go completely up to Naruto's knees, making it impossible to cut his Achilles' tendons and breaking his knee is much more difficult. The gauntlets become red fingerless gloves that go half way to his elbows. And the breastplate becomes a red jacket that covers most of the gauntlets.

Overall, he finds it acceptable. Before either Jiraiya or Tsunade can stop him, he takes out a kunai and jabs it into the back of his hand. Or that's would have happened if the kunai hadn't stopped about a centimeter from his hand by a layer of very dense and nearly impenetrable chakra.

"Self-inflicted damage is not recommended." Kusaki drawls.

"Just checking," Naruto says emotionlessly.

He picks up the last item, his mother's sword. He unsheathes it and it almost instantaneously blinded by it. The sword appears to be made almost entirely out of light. He feels a very small percentage (about .5%) being pulled into the sword.

'Brings new meaning to the word lightsaber,' Naruto thinks dryly.

While he can't look directly at it, he finds that the intensity of the light is directly tied in with how much chakra is flowing into the blade. Apparently the sword had drawn on the chakra the instant it was drawn and drew too much or didn't realize just how much more potent Naruto's chakra was.

Naruto completely withdrew his charka from the blade and he could finally look at it. He finds his earlier assumption that it was made out of light completely wrong. The katana style blade is just over 50 inches long with a ten inch hilt. The blade is long and very light and looks incredibly sharp. He runs his finger along the edge with no pressure added and is rewarded with a cut.

But unknown to him, the sword has a second stage.

Naruto notices the blood seeping into the blade. Suddenly an explosion of light erupts from the blade, making everyone cover their eyes and looking away. When the light dies down to tolerable levels, he finds that this blade is indeed made completely out of light.

But that isn't the most shocking part of all. Standing next to Naruto is a red head. She is about Naruto's height with waist length Auburn hair. She is thin, but obviously very powerful.

"K…Kushina?" Tsunade stutters out.

"Yes, that is my name. Kushina Uzumaki. Before you ask, I am not really here. I am her charka that has been stored in the sword from my previous uses. I do have her memories from the last time she used me, which was during the Kyuubi attack. Minato was just about to do the sealing when she sheathed me and I don't know anything after that. How many years has it been?"

"Thirteen," Jiraiya says.

"Then this must be her son, well my son, as I am her or at least a part of her. Well, I'm here to instruct you in the ways of kenjustu and in the personal Uzumaki styles: the Dragon's Talon and the Dragon's Scales. As you may have guessed, one is offensive and the other is defensive."

"So you are her…my son. You look a lot like you father, in fact you are almost an exact replica of him. I believe we wanted to call you Naruto, is that what they settled on?"

Naruto only nods, his soulless eyes on the ground, not able to look her anywhere near her eyes.

This gets Kushina to raise an eyebrow. "So…how do I ask this…screw it. What's wrong with him?" she points a finger at Naruto while looking to Tsunade and Jiraiya. Usually when someone sees their long lost mother, they cry and hug. The exact opposite happens to be what Naruto is doing now.

Tsunade and Jiraiya sweatdrop. Just like her to not move around the niceties and just say it with as much tact as a bulldozer.

"He…has gone through a rather…big betrayal recently and this is the result. He doesn't want to talk about it, but I'm sure he will open up eventually about it."

Kushina puts her hands on his face, wincing herself at his violent recoil. She slowly and gently forces him to look at her.

When she does, she instantly wants to murder his betrayer. 'I knew that the villagers probably wouldn't accept him, but make someone withdraw into themselves as a defense mechanism means that it was a huge betrayal.' While she may not "real" or the original Kushina, she still has the same emotions and personality that includes a very strong protective nature.

She decides to drop it as he probably won't talk about it now. She lets him go and takes a step back to give him space.

"Well anyways, I will be teaching you Dragon's Talon and Scales. After that you will create your own style. It can be offensive, defensive, a combination of both, or something completely original. I assume that you, Jiraiya will be training him at the same time?"

Jiraiya nods his head. "Yeah. I'm taking him out for a three year training trip. Mostly it is to get away from this village and its bad memories for him."

"Then I don't have to tell you that you had better not corrupt my son with your perverted ideas. Because Kami can't and won't help you in the afterlife." To make her threat have a little more impact, she cracks her knuckles.

Jiraiya is starting to visibly sweat under the collective glares of Kushina and Tsunade.

"Of course I won't. How could that thought have even crossed your mind?"

Kushina's glare only intensifies. "I know you were and would have tried to. Or do you not remember when I caught you peeping on me several times as well as Tsunade? I will not have my son grow up to be a perv."

Jiraiya can't answer as there is a hole in the wall in his outline with Tsunade's fist extended right where the only geezer was just at.

Kushina growls as she turns away from the hole in the wall and faces Naruto once again.

"Anyways, this sword is a Divine object and is centuries older than your armor. Its name has been lost to time, so you may want to look it up if get a chance. Being a Divine object, this sword is made for defending and defeating demons and other hellish creatures. There are other Divine weapons as well as Demonic weapons. Try to avoid the Demonic weapons as they try to take you over and eat your soul.

"This sword has three stages. The first one is a normal metal blade that can be used to battle human weapons. In the second stage, the blade becomes pure light and can be morphed into a number of different styles of blades from a katana to a zanbatou, whatever the user desires. While in the second stage, it can cut through most normal metals, but demon steel and a few others found here will repel it. The third stage is something you are going to have to unlock it yourself. I cannot tell you.

"Now, once Jiraiya gets back in here, we can discuss who gets Naruto at what time."

Said pervert clambers through the 'me' sized whole in the wall.

Naruto tunes out the conversation. He doesn't really care about how he spends his time, just as long as they do it outside of the city. Getting bored, Naruto picks up the last and final scroll.

Dear Naruto, my son.

My name is Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage, and the reason for your torment.

I am the one who came up with the idea of sealing the Kyuubi no Yoko in you and performed the sealing, giving my soul in exchange for the village. I know that they will not do as a request and treat you like a hero like your mother and I want to, but I have no choice as the Hokage. I won't ask for your forgiveness, I do not deserve it, but I do ask for your understanding.

The seal Shinigami put on you is the Shiki Fūjin (Dead Demon Consuming Seal). You may have noticed by now that your chakra is a bit more potent than other shinobi. This is do to the fact that Kushina was two months pregnant when I seal the Kyuubi in to you.

Because the seal allows a very small amount of the Kyuubi's very potent chakra called youki to mix with your still developing chakra network and altering your own chakra on the most basic level. You have either pure youki or a youki-chakra mix running through your body making your techniques very powerful with just a fraction of the chakra that it normally takes.

I have included the entire Namikaze library along with the rest of my three-pronged kunai that are used for the Hiraishin no Jutsu. I don't know if you will be able to learn it, but I hope you do and carry on the legacy. Included in the library are the blue prints and my notes on the Rasengan and Hiraishin no Jutsu.

I cannot begin to describe how sorry I am that I forced such a terrible fate on you. I can only hope that your mother raises you to be a fine young man and that you are able to find peace and someone to love and love you in return.

I must go now. The alarms are sounding meaning the Kyuubi is only a half hour away and I must prepare the seal. Goodbye and I love you.

Minato Namikaze, Yondaime Hokage

ps. Don't get mad with the current Hokage about not telling you about me. I left specific instructions that you are only you are only to be told when you turn sixteen or you make the rank of Chuunin. I had many enemies that I know would take revenge for what I did out on you, my only heir.

Naruto looks up and rolls the scroll up and tosses it on top of the other three scrolls.

All three adults are watching him closely, not knowing what his reaction is going to be.

"When do we leave?" His voice doesn't hold one bit of interest, making the others recoil at the very dead tone and look he is giving off.

"As soon as you're ready. If you want to leave the two letters here with Tsunade-hime, I'm sure she won't have a problem with that. You can seal up Kushina's sword or carry it with you, either is fine."

By the time Jiraiya is finished speaking Naruto is done. He had sealed up the two chests and tossed the two letters to Tsunade. He straps the katana sheathe onto his waist and places the two storage scrolls in his bag and is at the door waiting for Jiraiya.

He sheathes the sword and Kushina disappears back into the sword.

Jiraiya stands and heads for the door before Tsunade stops them both from leaving.


She rushes over to Naruto and gives his a huge hug, but careful not to crush him. Jiraiya gets a small nosebleed when he realizes Naruto's face is in the valley between her mountains of flesh.

When she breaks the hug, she leans over to look him in the eye, unintentionally giving Naruto a good look at her breasts while Jiraiya is moving around behind Naruto trying to get a good look. Not that Naruto is looking or even noticing.

"For what it's worth, I'm sorry for what Sakura…" Naruto flinches at the name. "…what she did to you. You should know that I revoked her shinobi license and she can no longer be a ninja in this village unless you want her to be. Sasuke will have his license revoked as well and he will never be able to leave the village. Jiraiya is going to seal his chakra too. "

Naruto shrugs. "The bitch can have it back for all I care. I don't intend on seeing her ever again if I can help it. Just don't have the two of us on the same team…ever. She can burn in the seven circles of hell for all I care. As for Sasuke, I couldn't care less."

Tsunade is shocked at his statement, but can hardly blame him. "Ok, I'll reinstate her, but let her know that you didn't do it out of the kindness of your heart and that she means nothing to you now. Listen…have a good trip and break from this town. When you get back I will see if you have the skills to be a Hunter so that you don't have to stay in the city all that often ok?"

Naruto nods. "That's perfect." Naruto just turns from her.

"Naruto. One more thing." Naruto turns back. "This was not you're doing. You have no fault in how this turned out. She took advantage of your loneliness and used it against you. You didn't see how she was acting because you have never had a relationship like that. You don't know that a relationship is based off of mutual trust and respect. They are to blame, not you. I don't want you hating yourself for something you didn't know to look for. Ok?"

Naruto doesn't answer. She hopes that he is listening. After a few seconds Naruto shakes his head and walks out the door, not bothering to shut it.

Tsunade looks at the open door. "Bring him back Jiraiya. I don't know what I would do if I lost him too."

"Don't worry. When we return, won't hardly recognize him."

End Chapter 1