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Chapter 11: The Price of Power

In the deep of Oto, Sasuke Uchiha is sweaty. His body in constant movement. His thoughts are focused and his breathing is shallow. His mouth is pursed in determination.

Underneath him, the redhead is very loud, much to his annoyance, which is why she is on her stomach while he is plowing her from behind.

"More Sasuke! Faster!"

Sasuke's only response is to grab her hair and haul her up to his face.

"Shut up," he snarls at her.

He then slams her face back into the bed and puts his entire weight on her head while he focuses on his own needs. Karin whimpers from his harshness but stays quiet.

All too soon, Sasuke feels the familiar contracting in his balls. Underneath him, Karin shudders in an orgasm of her own, forcing his all the quicker. He pushes faster and harder, completely ignoring the fact that Karin is now wincing from the force.

At the last second, he pulls out and sprays his seed all over the red head's back. He restrains himself from hitting her as she groans from the emptiness.

"Why didn't you cum in me? I told you it was fine…" she asks in a small voice as she turns to face him.

In a flash, Sasuke has her pinned to the bed with her arm twisted behind her painfully.

"Because I already told you why. You are unworthy to bear my children. You are a whore and a tool, nothing more. Better get used to it. Now get dressed and remove yourself from my sight."

Sasuke climbs off the bed and gathers his robe, allowing the naked Karin to leave the room. It is at times like these that she wonders why she likes him or even has sex with hi…oh yeah, because he would just take her body without her permission. This way, it is just less painful and less traumatizing.

With his robe tied, Sasuke exits his room for the showers. Having sex with Karin always makes him feel dirty and disgusting. However, every man has his urges and she is just an end to that satisfaction.

After exiting the shower and dressing for training, he enters the training area. Inside, he finds Orochimaru practicing with Kusanagi.

'I won't lose to that Jinchūriki again. I will not be humiliated in my own chosen art ever again!'

He senses Sasuke enter and stops his own training to turn to him.

"Hello, Sasuke-kun. Have you recovered from your injuries?"

Sasuke scoffs. "What injuries? That hag with the oversized melons can't hurt me seriously."

The Uchiha is surprised when Orochimaru gives him a serious look.

"From now on, I will no longer coddle you. If it weren't for me, you would be dead right now." The snake master tosses Sasuke a sword. He catches it but immediately has to block a strike from Orochimaru as he attacks with the flat side of Kusanagi. "Your training intensifies now. I won't pull punches and I won't stop until you fall unconscious. Now fight!"

Sasuke rolls away, activating his Sharingan as he does so. He blocks an overhead strike from Orochimaru only for Kusanagi to go right through his sword. He curses and back peddles but Orochimaru doesn't let up. He avoids many strikes that would normally cost him due to his Sharingan but his options are limited. He doesn't want to use his chakra sword as Kusanagi would chop it to pieces and chakra conducting swords are very expensive.

Sasuke makes several hand seals but finds his hands bound but a snake from Orochimaru's sleeve. Sasuke sees the large foot of his sensei approaching him but with his hands bound, there is nothing he can do but make it hurt less.

When the foot makes contact, Sasuke goes with it instead of fighting it. He does this by jumping just as the foot arrives, allowing his body to not resist as much. In turn it won't do as much damage.

But even with his 'plan', Sasuke flies through the air and hits the training wall and nearly cracks his skull. He slides down the wall only to see Orochimaru in front of him, sword poised to strike him down. The snake-like face glares down at his apprentice with something that lights a fire in Sasuke: pity.

"Pitiful, truly shameful. You are a disgrace to your linage and I am embarrassed to call you my apprentice right now. Get up or I will kill you where you stand."

Time Skip – 1 Week

It took a full ten minutes for Orochimaru to knock Sasuke out. He called for Kabuto and had him heal the life threatening and grave injuries but to leave the little things. Perhaps this will be a wake-up call that he isn't invincible.

It is like that every day. Sasuke would incur more injures only for Kabuto to heal the major ones, leaving him in constant pain. And Sasuke grows bitter. He dreams of ripping his teacher a new asshole turns out to be only that: a dream. For all his boasting, Sasuke was nowhere near Orochimaru's level of skill and experience.

Over the next week, Sasuke grows more and more bitter. He is now to the point where he doesn't even consider Orochimaru his sensei. Sasuke doesn't see the long term benefits of this kind of training and finds it barbaric if it can even be called training.

But there is one who loathes Sasuke's new training more than him. Karin, once again, finds herself presently unwillingly being pounded into by an aggravated Sasuke. She holds in the whimpers as he smacks her around and doesn't bother being gentle. He takes out his rage and frustration on her and even though he just started, she sports a dozen new bruises already with more accumulating by the minute.

She can't raise a hand or voice to him, lest he get more violent. He does this every day instead of once a week like before. Her scars and bruises don't even get a chance to heal before more are inflicted.

Add to that, Sasuke has taken to biting her to heal his own injuries, making her lose chakra constantly and sport even more scars than before. To say the least, the mystic that Sasuke is the one biting her has been lost.

As Sasuke finishes, once again spraying himself on her back and uncaring that she didn't even climax once, he slings her across the room where she impacts the wall with a dull *thud*. He walks past her prone figure on his way to the showers, leaving her with the unsaid threat that she had better be gone by the time he got back.

Karin grits her teeth. She will have her revenge one day but that isn't anytime soon. She must tread carefully for Sasuke is Orochimaru's next host and therefore he will protect Sasuke from permanent disfiguration or disability.

She drags herself from the room and down the hall, not even bothering covering herself up. Her naked form crawls along the floor the few hundred feet to her own room, scraping her already bruised and broken skin, where she can tend her herself. And she does just that. She climbs to her bed and applies a balm to her bruises and scars. While they won't go away, the balm will help make it fade faster.

It takes her an hour to fully apply the balm. It is at times like this where she wished she has a clone technique. Some spots are just awkward or difficult to get to without help.

She then goes and takes her own shower, riding herself of Sasuke's dried seed on her back and his stench. She then goes back to her room and applies a second coating of balm, the first one having been washed and scrubbed off.

It is during this coating that she feels it. Even when not concentrating, her sensor skills are second to none.

She feels…something like nothing she has ever felt before. Something so vile it makes her want to puke. It is dark and terrifying from just the aura. What's more surprising is that it is emanating from Sasuke's room. She focuses on the source of the disturbance.

Now that she is concentrating, she feels two distinct patterns. One is Sasuke's and the other is the petrifying and sickening aura. Sasuke's chakra is swirling like he is upset or angry, which is most of the time.

'God his chakra feels so…so…'

It wasn't Sasuke's good looks, or his status as an Uchiha, or his desire for power that initially drew her to him and still is. It is his chakra. She is so skilled in sensing chakra that she can distinguish emotions, even tell if someone is lying. His chakra is strong and powerful, more so than even Orochimaru's. Never before has she felt such a strong chakra flow. It draws her to him, demands that she know this chakra, demands that she feel this chakra all the time, demands that she love this chakra, demands that she be intimately connected with it.

Just like now, his chakra was mostly turbulent, unsteady like when he first came. His raging emotions guide him despite his calm and emotionless demeanor. But when his chakra settles when asleep and that is when she first felt just how…how euphoric his chakra feels to her. Even when chaotic, his chakra draws her in and makes her legs go wobbly but when calm, she nearly faints. The closer she is, the stronger the effect.

For a while now, she has been trying to cut herself off from his chakra, trying to distance herself from him. It has been hell to do. She has been going through withdrawal-like symptoms every time she tries. She can't sleep, can't concentrate, can't get her mind off of his chakra, can't function effectively without it. Sometimes, she gives in, just to let herself get to sleep or when she really needs that fix. But she always regrets it as she is pulled back in, same as before.

Her mind doesn't want to be around him anymore, but her body requires it. With him raping her, all dreams of a romantic relationship with him went out the window and was blown up with a fire dragon bullet. But some part of her body always shivers in anticipation of getting that close to his chakra again, to feel it so close she can feel everything about it.

Suddenly the chakra only she intimately knows changes. It takes on a much darker tone and quickly becomes thicker and even more powerful than before. But instead of feeling euphoria like before, she feels sick. It becomes closer to the other signature, close but not completely. The feeling grows and grows until she actually pukes from the feeling of his chakra alone.

Suddenly there is a large explosion that rocks the base to its foundation. Her wall that faces in the direction of Sasuke's room is blown inward, showing her room with deadly projectiles of rock and whatever else came with the explosion. Her bare skin is cut by several jagged pieces as she covers her head from the shrapnel.

When Karin looks back up through the smoke and dust, she can't believe her eyes. Sasuke, if he is Sasuke anymore, is standing still, looking up through the hole in the ceiling and out into the moonlight. His skin is much darker than before. In fact he looks just like when he activates his Curse Mark lv. 2. The only real difference is there is no mark on his nose and instead of creepy hand looking wings, these are thin, leathery, boney wings.

With no warning, Sasuke takes off through the hole in the ceiling and flies into the night, intent on getting some payback on his old 'master', leaving a ruined base and a confused Karin behind.

Scene Shift – Konoha, Hokage's Office

"How many times do I have to say it? No!"


"If you say one more word, I'll tear out your tongue and feed it to the Inuzuka's dogs! I have a village to secure and rebuild. I have two Kage in a holding cell, and seven Jinchūriki in this village, two of which are also in a holding cell. I do not have time to indulge your outrageous requests that we execute the strongest ninja this village has. Now get out of my sight before I decide to have Anko use you for target practice."

The man with no name and face (cause the author is too lazy) quickly scampers out of the room.

"Anbu, follow that man. Find his supporters and arrest them all for treason and plotting to harm a ninja of Konoha."

There is no indication that her orders are being followed but Tsunade knows they are. Electronic communication devices are so handy.

Tsunade sits back in her chair with a sigh. That was the tenth request to kill Naruto. She has lost count of the number of requests to have him exiled. Honestly, can't they just leave her to her job which in of itself is a horrid thing. She shudders at the thought of preferring the mounds of paperwork over petitions to kill the reason she came back. If Naruto was killed or kicked out, she would be the first out of the gates, never to return.

"Don't let it get to you Hime. They are all just ignorant and stupid."

"Can't you use the door for once Jiraiya?" Tsunade asks without opening her eyes or sitting up.

"I guess I have the ability to."

The Hokage suppresses the urge to throw something at him.

"What are we going to do?"

It is one of the few times that Tsunade is showing her true age. This job is taking a toll on her both physically and mentally and now she sounds and feels as old as she really is.

"I don't know. I for one would love to see justice done but I know it won't happen. We are attacked by not only several nations but by demons and the only reason we are standing here right now is because of Naruto and Kyūbi, not to mention his summons."

"I know but the populace doesn't see it that way. I have the Elders on my ass as well, claiming that Naruto was the reason we got invaded in the first place."

Tsunade rubs her eyes, trying to relieve some stress.

"And then Kushina shows up and now we have to deal with angles, demons, enemy countries, Akatsuki. Could this situation get any worse?"

"Actually Hime…Orochimaru is dead."

Tsunade's eyes snap to him.


Jiraiya avoids her glare.

"Rumor has it that Sasuke killed him with some new ability and totaled the base they were staying at. Among the dead were Kabuto and a few other notable experiments."

"Could he have switched bodies into Sasuke?"

Jiraiya thinks on it for a moment. It isn't the answer of the question he is thinking about but how to tell her the answer.

"No, if he merely switched bodies, then why destroy the base and his loyal subjects? No, this is Sasuke's doing. I have a girl in custody and am having her transported here who was at the base when Sasuke went berserk. From what I can tell, this girl is an Uzumaki and the most gifted sensor I've ever come across. She almost got away with her near precognitive abilities. It took Sage Mode to find her and then track her down. It is astounding the amount of control over her chakra she has."

Tsunade is silent for a moment as she digests the information.

"So do you have any idea where Sasuke is headed?"

Jiraiya shrugs. "Beats me. I can only guess at possible places he could show up at, here being one of them. But it wouldn't be prudent to rely on them."

"But why here?"

"Because this is Naruto's home and by destroying it, he believes that he will finally best Naruto once and for all. Plus you beat his ass badly and he would want revenge. That and he is arrogant enough to think that he can take on all of us and since only we know where Naruto went. He still thinks that Naruto is here."

A silence falls between the two teammates before a grin breaks out on Jiraiya's face.

"On a different note, I hear that a certain Jinchūriki made you blush like a school girl."

Tsunade throws up her hands. "Dear Kami, where did you hear that? It was a moment of weakness and he was looking very dashing when I first saw him."

'Plus he didn't rap like his profile said he does. That would have been the most annoying thing ever. But I did promise him not to tell anyone.'

Yes, Bee begged her on his hands and knees not to tell of his non-rappage (because the author was too tired to write in bad raps at the time). It would totally ruin his image as an idiot and amateur rap artist.

"Anyways Jiraiya, how is the girl going to get here? I thought you only had a group of spies among the…darker side of the entertainment industry."

Jiraiya gives her an annoyed look. "Look, you can call me a pervert, preferably a super pervert. You can call me lazy. But don't question my abilities or dedication. I know better than anyone how to run an operation and what characters are needed.

"As it happens, she is staying with an old associate of mine and he will get her to another contact of mine who happens to be a traveling merchant. He will get her here and has in fact already on his way."

"What about bandits, raiders, enemy shinobi? What happens if the merchant is ambushed?"

Jiraiya sighs. "Look, I know what to do and have done this before. The only reason I'm not taking her back here myself is I would have been missed. It was a clone that found her and even then it was pure luck that I picked up her trail."

Tsunade is silent and leaves it be. Jiraiya may fool around but he does know his stuff even if he doesn't look like he does.

"Alright, alright. We'll deal with her when she gets here. Until then, we have to figure out what to do with Iwa and Kusa not to mention the Jinchūriki. I would love to get and have all seven here but I don't think that would be possible. The population has issue with one, imagine their response to all seven here permanently."

*AN: they don't count Naruto as one because Kyūbi can come and go as she pleases. Plus the Sanbi is sealed in a kunai at this time*

Jiraiya scoffs in agreement. "They are having enough trouble with the four that are wandering around now. Though the Elemental Nations won't allow all nine Bijū to be held by us for any length of time, even if it is just temporary. Not even Suna will allow that since their Jinchūriki is their Kage. The Raikage, while supportive of us is not going to allow both of his Jinchūriki to remain here."

"We will also have to think of a punishment that will be harsh enough but not lead to war. The Daimyo was very insistent that we not go to war. I have a feeling that the Tsuchi Daimyo has been in contact with ours and they have reached an agreement to reign in Iwa should the punishment not lead to war."

Jiraiya and Tsunade sit on that for a moment.

"We could always remove Ōnoki from his seat and give it to someone more agreeable."

Tsunade shakes her head. "No, that would lead to war since most of Iwa already resent the Leaf and that would only increase their hatred of us. The decision makers of Iwa are out of reach. Any disciplinary action must come from their Daimyo, which I think is what Shijimi was hinting at," she finishes tiredly.

Tsunade rubs her temples with her fingers in frustration,

"But what to do with Kusa?" Jiraiya carries on, not really looking at Tsunade but out the window. "We could get missions from them but what else? We can't touch Shin either. We could force…"

"Jiraiya please stop."

"We could make them have a yearly stipend, put a limit on the number of shinobi, make them unable to…"


"…participate in future Chūnin exams for three or four years, or force them to raise the price on all of their exported and imported produc…"

"Jiraiya!" Tsunade yells, finally getting his attention. "Just stop Jiraiya," she finishes softly.

The white haired Sannin is shocked Tsunade would interrupt him. He can't but think her henge is slipping with just how tired, wrinkled, and pale her skin is looking at this moment, her voice matching how she looks.

"I'm getting too old for this. I'm tired of constantly fighting, I'm tired of having to listen to bullshit day in and day out, and most of all, I'm tired of requests to kill or banish Naruto. He is the reason I'm here and from my understanding, this was position was supposed to be temporary while you and the council look for a more permanent replacement.

"I don't enjoy this position, never have. I hate sending people to their deaths; it goes against my entire philosophy of saving people. I just want to be a medic again and not have to worry about such things…

"I think it's time to start training Naruto to be my replacement."

Jiraiya crosses the room and in a rare show of maturity, he takes her hand gently in his and his eyes don't even try to leave her face.

"Maybe it is but you're exhausted. Go home and get some sleep. It isn't good for our Hokage to be so tired and making such important decisions."

Tsunade looks at him sharply. "Who are you and what have you done with Jiraiya?"

Said man chuckles at her joke while he absentmindedly rubs the back of her hand with his thumb. "Hey, I can be a proper man when I want to be."

Tsunade smiles despite herself. This is the Jiraiya that she enjoys being around, the serious, charming, kind, dashing, and non-perverted side. She would have married him long ago if he didn't have so many…quirks that makes him unbearable to be around much less live with.

It's ironic to think his obsession with breasts and acting on that obsession kept him from getting a pair of the largest breasts on the planet. If they were married, she would have no qualms about letting him touch and look as much as he wanted to, as long as it was in the confines of their home.

"You're right Jiraiya. We can talk about this later. Wanna go get a drink with me?"

"No, you're going to bed. Don't make me call Shizune."

His answer astounds and boggles her mind. He would always, always, jump at a chance to go drinking with her. It means that he gets one more chance to bed her or at least see her naked, not that it ever worked before. It is common knowledge that alcohol decreases the inhibitions of one's mind after all.

'Just what are you up to?' she asks herself.

But whatever his plan is, he is right. She does need sleep and not the alcohol induced kind.

"Fine fine."

Jiraiya smirks with his victory.

"Now if you excuse me, I need to make preparations for the arrival of our guest."

Time Skip – Ten Days

The village is buzzing with news. Some red headed chick with glasses is in the village and she is important. While it wasn't announced that this person is important, when you have a visible guard of a dozen Shinobi ranging from Jōnin to Anbu walking you down the street, people tend to assume.

The rumors range from the daughter of the Daimyo to a messenger from Iwa and one even states that she is from a race that lives in the ocean in the water. But to one pink headed girl, there is only one rumor that she is interested in.

That is why Sakura is seeking her out. If the particular rumor she overheard two Anbu at the hospital talking about is true then…

'Focus!' she chides herself.

It was three days ago when Konoha erupted with rumor about this girl. Not soon afterwards, the rumor mill was going full swing and Ino, the ever-loving Queen of Gossip, had a field day trying to discern truth from fiction to outlandish and wild speculation.

But the red head has yet to be seen again by the public, which makes Sakura's task of finding this mystery girl all the more difficult. But she does have a lead. The Anbu weren't specific about the location of the girl but from way they were talking…

Sakura rounds the corner and stops across the street from a non-descript building. The store of general merchandise is a front. For underneath the veil is the Intelligence and Interrogation department, the logistical center for all of Konoha, the beating heart and very center of the village.

She knows this because of two things one: she is a shinobi and while a Chūnin in rank, there is a 'common sense' among the shinobi above Genin. They all know where the Anbu Headquarters is, the fact there are tunnels connecting the vital parts of the village and some even that leave the village, and the location of the I.A.I.C. (Intelligence and Interrogation Center).

And two: her 'teacher' in medicine rubbed off on her that it was ok to eavesdrop on conversations where she isn't entitled and even gave her a technique to make it easier to hear what is being said.

Knowing her goal, Sakura walks into the store. It doesn't sell anything that isn't new and exciting or anything that is out of date. Even the building itself seems to just fade into the background. Everything about the building has been meticulously crafted to be overlooked. And they did a masterful job.

She looks around the store, trying to seem interested in the wears they have. The clothing is all long sleeves in dull colors and pants in the same, boring colors. The food isn't too great and the weapons are not polished nor sharpened past the manufacturing process.

However, her eyes are scanning the building, looking for secret compartments, false walls or floors. She even went into the changing room to 'try on' a pair of decent pants. She checked everything she can think of.

But after a half hour, she if forced to give up, lest she be suspicious. Hell, she even bought the pants she tried on even though she has no plans on ever wearing them. She walks down the street dejectedly and eyes the pants,vowing to burn them once she is home. She gives an exasperated sigh as a thought crosses her mind.

What did she expect? That place was set up by decades of research by the smartest people Konoha has to offer. It would be either very bad or a trap if a Chūnin level shinobi with no training in such things were to find a way in without being detected.

She begins to feel a little better about herself and strengthens her determination. She will find a way in there and get her answers.

Time Skip – 1 Week

The table now has a dent in it. A very large and deep dent.

This dent is from Sakura's repeated bashing of her head as she squeezes out every bit of knowledge from her head, every idea to find a way in.

But after one week, she has found nothing, nothing, to give her some idea as to how to get in or even find the way in. She went to the library, talked with Kakashi, tried to find blueprints. But the library is conveniently lacking in such material, Kakashi outright refused to answer espionage related questions, and the blueprint shows nothing out of the ordinary.

Hell, she even tried to find Naruto and ask him since he was trained under Jiraiya and could know them. But she couldn't find him and anyone who might know where he would be isn't talking or giving her hints as to his whereabouts.

She is out of options, out of research, out of ideas. One might also say that she is out of her mind as well.

She sighs in frustration and looks to the clock. She has a shift at the hospital in an hour and needs to get ready. It takes her all of fifteen minutes to prepare and leave.

As she walks down the street, her head is full of questions and thoughts of Sasuke and what to do. She can't just give up nor can she accept what Naruto said.

She grabs her head and nearly screams. She is so confused about everything that she doesn't even know what to do anymore.

That is until a flash of red catches her eye. She looks up and lo and behold, the reason for wanting to break into the most secure place in the village is not thirty feet from her.

Her brain works quickly. What to do now? Should she ask her now? No, that would draw attention to herself. With probable Anbu watching the red head, a kidnapping is out of the question.

So how is she going to get this girl alone where she can question her?

She thinks while following the girl from a far distance. Suddenly she gets an idea but she has to act fast. So she speeds up and within a minute has passed her target. She gets about a hundred feet from her target before dropping into an alleyway.

She casts a Genjutsu over herself, one of the few jutsu she looked up and trained to use, effectively hiding herself and chakra from those around her.

Next she goes through several hand seals but stops short of using the jutsu. She lies in wait and at the right time, presses her hands to the ground.

"Doton: Chidōkaku," she whispers. (Earth Release: Moving Earth Core)

Just before the redhead takes her next step, the ground just in front of her raises just a tiny bit and the lowers where her foot will land.

The result is Karin tripping on the raised ground. As she tries to regain her balance, she puts that same foot forward only to fall because the ground is lower than expected. As she falls, her ankle rolls to the right and she lands right on the twisted ankle in a cry of pain.

From the side, Sakura smirks at her handiwork. Her ankle is definitely sprained and rolled if not broken entirely. And that means she will have to go to the hospital. Sakura makes from the scene as quickly as she can and still remain undetected. As soon as she is clear, she drops the Genjutsu and shunshins to the hospital.

After much begging for forgiveness and promising to get to work right away, her boss (Shizune) allows her to get to work. Sakura practically runs through everything that is given to her. When asked about her drive, she just shrugs and goes back to work.

After three hours of non-stop work, Sakura checks the charts for the fifth time. But this time, she sees what she is looking for.

A broken right ankle on a girl matching the description of her target has been given a cast and pain killers and is currently under observation in a restricted room.

So she goes on break and has the girl's charts in her hand as she walks down the hallway. Her body feels very tingly and hypersensitive. Adrenaline pumps through her veins as she approaches the door. She can already see the Anbu standing outside the door and figures that another two or three are hidden close-by.

Before she knows it, she has reached the door and is stopped by the Anbu.

"This is a restricted room. Please go back the way you came," Bull asks.

Sakura's stomach goes to her shoes but she keeps her cool.

"But I'm here to check on Miss Karin. I need to check on her."

Bull squares his shoulders. "I'm sorry but unless I hear from the Director [i.e. Shizune], you are not permitted."

Sakura scowls on the inside. There is a (short) list of nurses and doctors who are authorized to care for patients requiring a guard for whatever reason and is approved by the Director of the Hospital herself.

So Sakura just lies.

"I'm sorry but Katō-san* is in an emergency surgery right now. She gave me authorization just before starting the procedure since Natsume-san is on break right now and no other authorized nurses are available.

"Though she did make it clear that this is a one-time thing. Your patient isn't dangerous is she?"

Bull eyes her thoroughly, to which she honestly blushes under the scrutiny. But Bull takes it as a sign of sincerity and he sighs.

"I'll have to have a talk with her on procedure later. And no, she isn't dangerous."

Bull steps aside to allow Sakura through. She gives him a smile just before closing the door.

Inside, Sakura gets the first look at her handiwork. Karin's ankle is suspended from a strap with a heavy white cast around it. However, instead of being groggy from the painkillers, the red head is wide awake and staring right at her.

"So you're the one who put me in this condition?"

That rattles Sakura.


Karin smirks at the pinkette. "Because I am a sensor. Now would you please tell me why you assaulted me before I call in the Anbu from outside?"

Sakura hastily moves to the corner of the bed.

"Are the rumors true?"

Karin rolls her eyes.

"You're going to have to elaborate, pinky. I've been here two weeks and that little outing was my first time outside since I got here. I don't know anything of any rumors or why there would be any to begin with."

Sakura is both embarrassed and annoyed at the red head.

"There's been rumors going around that you're royalty or a spy." Karin gives her a snort. "But the only rumor I'm interested in is you know the whereabouts of Sasuke Uchiha."

Karin's amused mood is gone in an instant, replaced by one of anger and hostility. "And why would you want to know where that rapist is?" she growls out.

Suddenly she finds Sakura in her face, an enraged look on her face.

"Sasuke-kun is not a rapist!"

But Karin isn't intimidated. She glares back with the same intensity. Now she gets why this girl wants to know.

"Let me tell you of your precious Sasuke-kun and how much of a bastard he really is."

Sakura is surprised when Karin begins to undress from the hospital gown. Karin struggles with it until she gives into her frustration and tears the thin covering off. The site makes Sakura's jaw drop.

Karin's pale body is riddled with scars, each circular in shape and an inch or so in diameter. And not just on her arms. Her neck, shoulders, breasts, sides, and even one on her jaw. All in all, there are more than forty of these same exact scars.

"These are proof of his brutality. See, I have a bloodline that allows others to heal from biting me and ingesting my blood. The drawback is it leaves a scar for every bite. That and it is deeply personal for me.

"But Sasuke didn't care. Besides actually raping me weekly, more recently daily, he would take a bite out of me every time he felt like it and he wasn't gentle. I was lucky if he would just leave me to crawl back to my room after he was finished. Sometimes he would throw me against a wall or knock me unconscious and toss me out of his room into the hallway on the way to the showers."

Karin takes a lot of satisfaction in seeing the disturbed look on Sakura's face.

"No…no! Sasuke wouldn't do that!"

But there goes Karin's amusement.

"Wake up you fangirl!" she yells, not caring if the Anbu heard her or not. "The Sasuke you knew is gone and believe me when I say that he isn't coming back. The only thing that brute cares about is getting revenge on those who have slighted him and nothing in between. He will destroy everything in his path to get his revenge."

Sakura now looks like she wants to cry. Karin softens her tone a little.

"I would be lying if I didn't understand where you are coming from though. When I first met him, I fawned over him too. I daydreamed about having a family with him among other things. I was exactly like you for a time, believing that he couldn't do anything wrong.

"But that was thrown out the window. At first, I was elated that he was touching me like he was, that close to his chakra. But he just got rougher and rougher and had no regard to if I was in the mood or not. To him, I was his play thing, his stress reliever, his personal sex slave.

"Any thoughts I had of growing old with him, living a life of love with him was shattered. All I could do was bear through it, think of something else…"

Karin trails off for a moment.

"But now he isn't even human anymore."

That knocks Sakura out of her thoughts.


"I don't know what happened but suddenly his chakra changed one night," Karin continues, not hearing Sakura, so wrapped up in her memories she is. "He destroyed the base and ripped through it killing everything in his path. And then…then he killed Orochimaru like it was nothing.

"After that, he took off and was out of my range within a matter of moments."

Sakura sits in silence before speaking. "But isn't that good? Now he has the power to get revenge on Itachi so he can come back here."

Karin turns a sharp eye to Sakura who involuntarily takes a step back from the intensity.

"You don't get it do you? He isn't human anymore, he won't stop killing until there is nothing else left to kill. I don't know what Sasuke had to agree to, but power like that doesn't come cheaply. There is no way that Sasuke will come back here unless it is to destroy it."

Unknown to Sakura, there has been an Anbu inside the room and hidden the entire time, listening and reporting in. And he just got his orders. He phases into view and puts a hand on Sakura's shoulder.

"By order of the Hokage, you, Sakura Haruno, are under arrest. You are being charged with conspiracy, assault, and knowingly trespassing in a restricted area."

The voice makes Sakura jump but Karin has a different reaction.

"About damn time. I was wondering if you were going to twiddle your thumbs forever."

The Anbu gives her a blank look, or at least the look he gave her is hidden behind the mask.

"You knew he was here?" Sakura shouts, trying to break out of the grip of the Anbu but to no avail.

"Yeah I knew. I'm the best damn sensor in the world!"

Before Sakura can retort, she is pulled away by the Anbu and taken to be processed.

Later that Night

The damp and dark walls surround Sakura but they aren't the reason she can't sleep. Her mind is so wrapped up in what Karin said. Karin being just one in the long line of people who have told her that Sasuke isn't the knight in shining armor that she thinks he is.


She can't even bring herself to think of a defense for Sasuke or refute Karin's statement and physical marks outright. But to her knowledge she is only one to have actual experience dealing with Sasuke's theoretical ever growing darker side beside's Naruto.

She grips her head in confusion, which seems to grow the longer she thinks about it. She thrashes about for a while, trying to make sense of it all. She tries and tries to think of something but can only settle on one thing.

'I…I have to see him. I have to see if it's true.'

"Then my dear, I have a proposition for you."

Sakura wheels around, looking for the source of the voice. But the thick darkness prevents any hint of the person's location.

"Sh…show yourself."

"Ah, but I am already here. You just cannot see me yet."

The voice is very soft, like a whisper on the wind. Sakura searches for the source but finds herself totally incapable of even seeing her hand that is just centimeters from her eyes.

"Wh…who are you?"

"Me? I am no one of consequence. I am but a mere messenger. However, I can…help you."

"Help me how," she whispers into the darkness.

"Tell me little girl, what do you desire? What does your heart truly yearn for?"

A tiny red light goes off in the very depths of Sakura's mind but it is totally ignored for she is completely enraptured by this voice, this chance.

"I…I want Sasuke-kun. I…I have to see him."

In the darkness, the owner of the voice grins.

"Then all you have to do is take my hand. Take it, and I will give you a power that none have seen before. You can leave without worry and search for your beloved. You can find him and make him yours. All you need to do is reach out and seize it."

Sakura then sees a sickly hand of the palest white reach out of the nothingness. She hesitates only a second before taking the offered hand and then her world explodes.

With Karin, A Few Minutes Ago

The redhead lazes about her hospital room. With nothing to do, the only thing she can do is to use and refine her sensor abilities. So far there have been a total of forty different Anbu to watch her since her arrival at the hospital, ten surgeries in the hospital, and three different authorized nurses to tend to her. The only really interesting thing to happen besides what happened with Sakura is a nurse had multiple rounds of sex with several different patients.

She is just now paying more attention to the immediate area around the hospital when she feels it. The same feeling from the hideout just before Sasuke's chakra changed, the same vomit inducing signature. She closes her eyes and concentrates, following the trail to the source all the while staving off the urge to empty her stomach.

Beads of sweat roll down her brow as she is forced to concentrate as hard as she can as the distance between her and wherever it is.

Just before it gets out of range, Karin locates the source. Her eyes fly open.

"Get me to the Hokage, now," she yells at the Anbu in her room. She flips over the covers, not caring that her gown has traveled up with wear, exposing her underwear to the shinobi.

The Anbu shows himself but instead of complying, he tries to push her back down.

"I'm sorry but I can't let you leave. Besides, you need rest."

Karin, however, isn't to be so easily swayed.

"Damn it, I need to see the Hokage NOW! Something is going down right now and only I know it," she shouts. "If nothing else go and get her here quickly," she tries when the Anbu doesn't let up.

The Anbu doesn't let her go but turns around and speaks into the communicator. After a short chat with the controller on the other side, the Anbu focuses on the redhead again.

"The commander will try to get her here."

Karin hisses at him. "Damn it, that's not good enough! Tell the bitch on the other side that receiver the same thing that happened to Orochimaru's hideout is about to happen in the middle of Konoha. Get her ass here and get some units over to the prison!"

Now the Anbu would normally take exception to being given orders by a person that is heavily under surveillance but being in Anbu, he has been informed of Orochimaru's current status and the situation around his demise.

So instead of getting riled up like some noob rookie, he immediate goes to his mic and informs dispatch. After he informs dispatch of the situation, Anbu is immediately sent to the prison as well as several Jōnin and the Hokage herself.

Karin relaxes at hearing that. Her part is done and can do nothing else. While new, she can say that this place is a lot better than the cramped, claustrophobia-inducing tunnels of Oto's hideouts. Not to mention that she doesn't have a certain someone raping her all the time. So she will do her part to protect this place and the people inside it.

However, her moment of relaxation is over when the source of the vile feeling erupts like a volcano from the prison.

She shoots up in her bed and gasps at the intense feeling of nausea the feeling brings with it. She wretches and shakes uncontrollably, forcing the Anbu to hold her down and call for assistance from the nurse's station. He grits his teeth as his ear hurts from the sudden explosion of chatter and yelling on the Anbu frequency.

He rips the ear piece out when two nurses enter along with another Anbu. They see her state and help restrain her. When they ask what she was doing just before, the Anbu assigned inside the room tells her he has no idea what caused this reaction.

The nurses are left with no choice but to sedate her as Karin continues to spasm and pitch almost out of the grasp of four people. A nurse runs to a gather the supplies and heads back as fast as she can. She told the nurse manning the nurse's station just down the hall to get Shizune here immediately.

The nurse rushes back into Karin's room and injects the sedative directly into Karin's exposed forearm. The affects are immediate.

Karin slumps on the bed in a heap allowing four tired people to finally let her go. She alive but very much asleep.

Anbu Cells

Tsunade lands just short of the no longer hidden Anbu detention center. Dust and smoke obscure the area making it impossible to see the actual walls of the center.

"Anbu, clear out this smoke."

Two Anbu who were already onsite make hand signs. They flash through them and generate a gust wind making the smoke and dust dissipate at a quick rate. The walls come in sight just as another explosion blasts through the wall.

Tsunade and the Anbu tense and ready themselves for a fight. But they weren't prepared for what they see.

A person emerges from the dust, the sight making them back away in fear.

"S…Sakura?" Tsunade stutters out, shocking those around her.

The being turns towards the Sannin, showing recognition of her name.

Sakura's body has changed drastically. Her skin is now much darker and has a slight leathery quality. Her eyes have a pink ring around them that glows slightly, and her hair is choppier and has random clumps of hair that stick up.

But the greatest change is her body. She is much thinner, showing her ribs. Her thighs, arms, stomach, and neck are all noticeably thinner as well.**

"What…what the hell happened to you?"

Instead of answering, Sakura suddenly grips her head in anguish and confusion.

"Sasuke-kun…mustfind…" comes her distorted voice.

Tsunade and the Anbu prepare to apprehend her when she nearly disappears almost instantly. Only a very feint blur can be seen of her. However, her feet leave crater marks for every time she takes a step, showing a newfound speed that none have seen before.

The assembled shinobi can do nothing but gape.

"Squad 8 and 9 follow and capture her!" Eight Anbu take off after the escaped prisoner. "The rest of you secure the village. I don't know what the hell just happened but whatever it was, it can't be good."

The shinobi salute their Kage and move to fulfill their orders. Meanwhile Tsunade shunshins to the hospital to have a chat.

Scene Shift

Tsunade arrives on the scene to see Shizune in a robe and her pajamas, pink with teddy bears, scanning over a knocked out Karin. In the room are two visible Anbu, Cheetah and Sparrow, along with a gaggle of nurses.

"Everyone not qualified to have a Class A clearance leave now."

There are several classes of intelligence clearance. The highest being Class S. Only the Kage, Jōnin Commander, Anbu Captain, and former Kage have this classification. This is information that is so sensitive that it could incite wars or civil unrest. Naruto's lack of being a Jinchūriki and the identity of his parents are under this category. Any breach of this class is an automatic death sentence.

The next is Class A. Anbu, Elite Jōnin, and the Heads of Departments have this classification. Information in this classification include village defenses, location of the Anbu Headquarters, location of the I.A.I.C., the Anbu hospital, Anbu detention center, Anbu entrances, and the like. Revealing secrets of this caliber is between a severe jail time and death depending on the extent of the

The only exception to these is the Council or the Advisory Board. As Clan Heads and Jōnin themselves, they advise the Hokage on different matters from domestic to war to promotions. They can hear whatever the Hokage and Jōnin Commander is willing to discuss. Anything that is said in that room is automatically has a Class S restriction, making a leak punishable by death. It is unfortunate that Sarutobi was too old and unwilling to enforce this practice.

Back to the room, Shizune whirls around, having not detected her mentor. She waits for the nurses to clear out of the room before starting to speak.

"Physically there is nothing wrong with her. According to Cheetah here, she suddenly started yelling about needing to go to you or you come to her. When Cheetah didn't allow her up, she shouted how the something that happened to Orochimaru's base is going to happen to in Konoha."

"After that, she just started shaking and having spasms uncontrollably. I called for assistance and we were eventually able to get her under control with a sedative. However, it took four of us to barely hold her down. That girl is amazingly strong for her build," Cheetah finishes up for Shizune.

Tsunade nods and dismisses the two Anbu back to their posts. She walks over and runs a few chakra-based tests on Karin just to be sure. Shizune may be an excellent medic but she doesn't have the sheer vast experience that the Hokage does.

Finding nothing wrong as Shizune said, Tsunade uses a jutsu to instantly 'burn' up most of the sedative in Karin's bloodstream.

Tsunade lightly slaps Karin's cheeks to awaken her. It takes a moment but Karin's eyes slowly open. The jutsu Tsunade used leaves only enough sedative as to wake the patient slowly. It is a lot easier to deal with a patient that way.

Karin's eyes open telling Tsunade that Karin is awake.

"Tell me what you know."

On instinct, like she has every day after she unlocked her chakra after waking up, Karin scans the area for threats. Her eyes are unfocused as she takes in what her senses tell her. Suddenly her senses go haywire. She feels moment towards herself from a very large chakra source not a few feet from her.

Her body reacts on its own and moves to intercept the 'attack' but her brain registers just who the signature belongs to.

Tsunade and the others stare at Karin who looked like she had an electric shock run through her. Tsunade had moved her hand forward to gently tap Karin in the cheek to gain her attention and wake her up when Karin just sort of jumped like a bolt of lightning has hit her.

Now Karin's mind fully awakens. When she sees the shocked faces of those around her, she puts the pieces together.

"Sorry about that. I'm a sensor. My body wakes up differently than others. My chakra and sensing abilities are the first to awaken. I must have sensed your chakra so close to me and reacted on instinct."

Tsunade takes the information in and proceeds with her questions.

"Tell me what happened. I need to know."

Karin takes in a deep breath. "It was just like before. I was laying here with nothing to do besides hone and test my sensor abilities when I felt…it. The feeling of whatever it is so vile it makes me want to throw up. But I fought down that feeling and followed it. I tracked it to its origins and detected it in a cell. I felt two signatures in the room but from this distance, I couldn't tell who was in the cell beforehand.

"But then its presence expanded exponentially, almost like it exploded. The person's chakra signature changed just like Sasuke's. The person's chakra became like it and I couldn't stand the feeling anymore. After that, I blacked out."

Tsunade sits in thought.

"Could you identify it again?"

Karin nods immediately. "Definitely. I have never felt anything like it before."

"Last question. Can you tell me the direction that Sakura went?"

"Is that who was in the cell?"

Tsunade nods and Karin closes her eyes and stretches out her senses. As soon as she pushed her senses far enough, she feels it. It is an easy trail to pick up. Karin follows it until she gets to the detention center, the origin of the chakra explosion. Karin then follows the malevolent chakra into the heart of the village.

From there, she tracks it as it makes a turn and makes a b-line for the east gate. Karin follows it for a long as she can but looses it after two miles outside the village.

"The signature headed through the middle of the village after escaping. From there, it shot for the Eastern Gate. Once outside, it goes straight east until it is out of my range."

Tsunade nods and turns to the Anbu in the room and Shizune.

"I need a moment alone."

Taking the not-so-hint, the room empties.

"Thank you. Listen, I know you have no real reason to stay but I would like to consider my proposal. If you agree to become my personal sensor you would be in charge of Konoha detection grid and answer only to me. On top of this, you would have free reign to change anything about the entrances and exits as well as the detection grid to Anbu patrol patterns as you see fit.

"Lastly, you would track any of the signatures that you felt tonight whether it be Sasuke, Sakura, or whatever it was that caused their changes. You will be my Second in Command and have an S-Class clearance.

"I'm offering you a home. I'm offering you respect. I'm offering you a chance to restart."

To say that Karin is stunned is like saying that Might Guy likes the color green. Her analytical mind starts working overtime, thinking of the pros and cons of both accepting and rejecting (gracefully and politely) the offer.

She understands that Tsunade is taking a massive risk, that she could be a spy or worse a saboteur. However, Tsunade must believe that the benefits of a new system and abilities outweigh the risks. She understands that if she were to turn on them after accepting the position, then it will likely cost the Hokage her job.

However, this isn't a decision that you can just make a snap judgment on. This requires serious thought as the responsibilities are no joke. People's lives are at risk and people will look to you for orders or advice. One must know how to handle subordinates, manage said subordinates.

As confident as she is on her sensor abilities, this is something that she must give pause and think about.

"Can I think about it?"

Tsunade nods.

"That's only fair."

Tsunade gets up to leave but stops at the door.

"Oh, and just so you know, Konoha can be your home even if you don't accept my offer."

And with that the busty Kage is gone, leaving Karin with a lot of thinking to do.

Next Day

Tsunade is in her office very early the next day, shocking those around her. One might assume that she had been drunk or at least heavily buzzed last night with all that happened.

But Tsunade is in there to deal with the situation. She has to cover up and hush the crowd at about what happened and keep the location of the Detection Center a secret. Neither are easy tasks.

In fact, she has called a meeting with the Advisory Board for this very matter. She only has to wait a half hour more so she can conduct this meeting and figure out how to keep it under wraps.

She is pushing though paperwork at a fast pace figuring the sooner she got this done, the sooner her headache can go away. That is until she gets a knock on the door.

After a quick 'Enter', the door opens and reveals the only redhead in the village. Karin walks as swiftly as she can with a boot and crutches to Tsunade's paper covered desk. She plops down in a chair with a huff and a groan.

"You know, you could just heal my ankle and be done with it."

Tsunade sends her a knowing smile.

"But why would I deny you such a great learning experience? Besides, unless you're a ninja, we don't use chakra to heal such inconsequential wounds."

Karin scowls at her words.

"And pray tell what lesson am I learning?"

She doesn't like Tsunade's smirk.

"Empathy. Now I assume you are here because you've made a decision."

It is Karin's turn to smirk.

"I accept."

End Chapter 11

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