I read over this and it needed a lot of work. So here it is, and almost completely different. Except for the general plot. Hopefully more in character, too.

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I glared at Numair, who was yawning. Daine was talking to a barn cat.

"Why are we here?" I snapped at them. "It's early."

"Too early," Daine agreed, looking up from the cat.

"Alanna, Daine, Numair!" Jon called. I glared at him. He had called us to him early, and the Kel incident would never be fully forgotten. "Alanna, please stop glaring at me," Jon sighed. I run him ragged when I'm in Corus.

I entered his office, Daine, Numair and the cat following placidly. Darned pacifists. The whole lot of them. I dignified my thoughts with the fact that it was early and I was not a morning person at all.

"There have been some bad bandit and animal attacks in a small mountain town. The king of Galla asked me to send someone to help, per our recent treaty."

Daine bit her lip. I recalled she was from Galla. I thought the place was called Snowvillage… Snowcity… Snowtown… Snowsdale! I wore a smug smile on my face when I finally remembered, and Numair shot me a strange look for it.

"What was the name of the village?" Numair asked carefully.

"I'm putting a bet on Alanna alienating the people in the first five minutes," the king said at the same time.

"Hey!" I protested. "Give me some credit! At least six minutes, one would think."

"Please," King Jon said. "Remember how long it took you to annoy the court in your brief stay here."

"They caught me in the morning! I can be perfectly fine when I want to be!"

"I said," Numair interrupted, "what is the name of the village?"

"The name? Oh, Snowsdale."

"No way," the three of us chorused.

"Sorry your majesty," I added my best frosty glare, "but you'll have to find someone else."

"Sir Alanna," he said. "Please sit back down. I hate to have to order you to do this."

"I won't. Our Daine isn't going anywhere near there."

Daine shot me a grateful look and I smiled down at her.

"Alanna, you are my vessel, are you not?" Darn it, he's playing the vessel card. "You are to go. Daine, Numair, I am not aware of your problem with going, but I expect to see you ready to leave in the morning."

"It was Daine's hometown," I tried. "They thought her mad. They hunted her as though she was their prey!" I did not get a nice look from Daine for that one.

"All the more reason to go," King Jonathan said.

"Of all the times to be obscenely stubborn," I growled.

"Alanna. Enough." He said. "You will go, and you will like it."

"Just try me," I growled. I stomped off, Numair and Daine following me.

The next morning, despite my best efforts, I found myself riding Darkmoon off to Galla, with Numair on his horse and Daine on her pony.

"I dislike the king now," I felt the need to say. Numair chuckled wryly behind me.

"Don't we all," he said, "Don't we all."

"Not true," Daine said. "Queen Thayet."

"Oh, she disliked him for a time," I waved off her protests. "I know because I was there. Where to now, Daine?"

"I assume you can get to Galla, Alanna," Numair said.

"That is of no circumstance, Numy dear."