My day was going awful. With those twins pranks and these stupid students! Especially Gryffindors! There has only ever been one intelligent Gryffindor. Oh why did I have to be such an idiot all those years ago? I never realized how much one word could change things, not until that day. Now her son has been going here for 3 years. But he's not mine, he's Potter's! The worst of the worst!

"Mudblood!" someone uttered that hated word that lost me Lily as I entered my classroom. Draco. I saw so much of myself in him, yet I saw how completely different we were. He was talking to Potter's friend Granger. I could see how much she was like Lily too, and how much they were different.

"Take your seats class," I ordered and everyone obeyed. "Turn to page 239 in your books. This is the potion you will be brewing today, but first I shall put you in partners," there was a collective grown from the class. As I called off the pairs a thought popped into my head. I could see a lot of my self in Draco and a lot of Lily in Hermione. What if?... No, that would never work! I would have to really play Cupid..."Granger and Malfoy."

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