Through Heaven & Hell

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"Why don't we just kill the girl and save the Dark Lord the trouble? He needn't be bothered with such an insignificant creature" Lucius Malfoy sneered in utter disgust as he pointed towards Hermione; who was on her knees; hair balled up tightly in Narcissa's hand so she couldn't move. The older witch tugged the girl's brunette locks hard once for good measure and Hermione grunted in pain. She barely remembered how she gotten to Malfoy Manor other than she had been walking and suddenly someone screamed "Immobulus!" from behind her and that was it.

Narcissa shook her head in disagreement at her husband's words; sometimes he could be so daft. " You're forgetting who we have here Lucius; she's a member of the so-called 'Golden Trio', and it will only be a matter of time before Potter and that Weasley boy come snooping around here for her. Besides, darling, you know it is the Master's wish that the three of them be kept alive until he arrives to dispose of them. She'll make wonderful bait." The blonde witch yanked Hermione's hair once more so that the girl was forced to look up into her cold hardened eyes. "You may just be a Mudblood not worthy of my Master's time, but he'll take extraordinary pleasure in killing you and your little friends."

Hermione put on the bravest face she could muster, even though in reality she was terrified. "The whole Order will be out searching for me now & when they find me you'll be defeated as well as your so called 'Master'!"

Narcissa's hand suddenly cut through the air sharply and connected with the girl's cheek, the sound echoed through the vast space that was the Malfoy Manor common room and caused her face to recoil to the side in pain.

"How dare you slander the Dark Lord's name you filthy Mudblood? You need to learn a bit of respect for those of obvious superiority over yourself!" She let go of the young witch and forcefully shoved her to the cold hardwood floor.

Hermione replied cynically by spitting at Mrs. Malfoy's feet.

Lucius started taking a step towards the girl in anger when suddenly the large wooden doors swung open into the room and in stepped a tall witch with wild untamed dark curls, and the all too suiting eyes of a madwoman: Bellatrix Lestrange.

Hermione instantly froze in terror at the woman's entrance. Bellatrix was one of the most fearsome Death Eater's known in the wizarding world and Voldemort's Number One in command; not to mention the killer of Sirius Black- Harry's godfather.

"Ahh, lookit what we 'ave here!" The female Death Eater giggled maniacally as soon as she spotted Hermione laying helpless on the floor; staring up at her in trepidation. She stepped further into the room and with each step, her black heeled boots echoing off the walls, Hermione tensed up noticeably. Narcissa and Lucius smiled simultaneously at this.

Bellatrix circled Hermione like a wolf with its prey, her long, crimson skirt flowing behind her as she walked. "When did our new plaything arrive, Cissy?"

Hermione swallowed hard at the word 'plaything' and flinched as the Death Eater stared down at her with her maniacal black eyes, a few dark unruly curls framing her face with a sinister shadow. Bellatrix was notorious for her fondness of the Cruciatus Curse, and the young witch knew she would have no qualms over using it on her even if unprovoked. So her gaze quickly fell to the floor.

Narcissa instinctively took a step back to let her sister examine their prisoner. Bellatrix had been the more dominant of her sisters so she knew as soon as the other woman stepped into the room she knew instantly that Bella would be taking over.

She linked her fingers together in front of her body & straightened her posture. "Not too long ago, Greyback found her wandering around the Forest of Dean while he was out 'hunting' with some Snatchers."

"Excellent," Bellatrix began as she pulled her wand from her corset and started twirling it around her long, bony fingers effortlessly. "What of Potter?"

Lucius interrupted before his wife had a chance to answer. "They said that the girl was alone & Greyback could not pick up anyone else's scent."

Bellatrix sneered at her brother-in-law, her contempt palpable. She had no issues in showing her distaste towards him ever since the Dark Lord had confiscated his wand. "I was not speaking to you Lucius! Why don't you run along and coward someplace else now? You have no business here!"

The blond-haired man straightened his posture arrogantly, his nose in the air. "You cannot speak to me like that in my own home Bella!"

Bellatrix took a few steps closer to Lucius, her wand pointed directly at his chest, his expression tightened but the fear in his eyes betrayed him.

"I may speak to you however I wish Lucius. As far as the Dark Lord is concerned you are almost as horrendous as a Blood Traitor. His patience for you is dwindling." Bella retorted through gritted teeth, cocking her head to the side in observance.

Hermione took this opportunity to start slowly crawling towards the door on her hands and knees as quietly as possible. She hadn't the slightest idea how she was to escape but if she could at least get away from these three lunatics she'd have a chance to conjure up some ideas.

She was about halfway to the door when suddenly the arguing stopped and the room grew silent and before Hermione had a chance to turn her head around to observe what was going on Bellatrix's voice boomed through the room.


The young witch was hoping that the curse had been aimed at Lucius Malfoy but as her body started to wrack in pain as it felt like a thousand hot pokers were piercing throughout it she realized she had been sadly mistaken. This was by far the worst pain she had ever encountered in her life. Her insides were on fire, it was like she was being eviscerated, stabbed, and torn apart all at once. Her ear-piercing screams of agony echoed off the walls and ceiling as her body flailed on the ground. Her three captors watching calmly, Bellatrix's face plastered with a pleased smirk.

The wild haired Death Eater began making her way towards the writhing witch ahead. "Leave us," She began, referring to Narcissa and her husband as she looked down upon Hermione, tears streaming down her face as the curse wore off. "Her and I are gonna have a little chat; girl-to-girl!"



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