This idea came to me when I was watching Camp Rock 2 and the Step up series,

This starts in the beginning of the movie where Jason drops it into the water.

I'll try to get the dialogue as best as I can from the movie. :)

Jason's POV

"Why would you think that?" The little kid wouldn't let go. I watched as the camera fell into the water.

"Well, you would be right." I said sheepishly.

"Go get it." The little kid told me expectedly. Geesh, where was their councilor? I looked back down into the water.

"I can get it." A voice said behind me, before diving into the water.

Nate's POV

I was standing looking around the amphitheater with disdain.

This is summer camp people! Not a pop star making machine!

Jason walked up behind me with a cup.

"We shouldn't even be here!" I said to him. "And what are you drinking?"

"Hot Chocolate," He says happily. "And you get to keep the mug too!"

"Hey! Guy that dropped the thing into the water!" Someone yelled. We both turned to look at a girl with dirty blonde hair and green eyes, dripping wet, walking over with a camera in her hands.

"Here," She said with a smile, handing the camera to Jason. "I'm Anna, You?"

"Jason. Thanks for jumping in there, the water looked really cold." Jason said to her. How did he know her?

"I've been colder." She said nonchalantly, turning to me. "And you are?" She asked with a half smile, shivering a little in her white shirt and jeans.

I was about to introduce myself before a kind of nasally voice interrupted us.

"Shouldn't you be on stage?" We all turned to see a girl walking towards us.

"Right as usual Dana," She rolled her eyes without Dana seeing. "Find your seats, the show is about to start. I'll see you around?" She asked us, before waving and walking away.

Dana looked at me doing the thing that girls think that we find hot, you know the eyelash thing that makes it look like she has something stuck in them.

"Bye 2/3 of Connect 3." She winked at us, then turned and ran down the steps.

"Well, we better find our seats. It's about to start." I told Jason. I heard him snort so I punched him in the arm before walking away.

After Axel finished talking, Camp Star came on, and I saw that Anna was one of the dancers and Dana was playing the key board.

To tell you the truth, I couldn't take my eyes off her. Anna I mean. Everyone around her had smiles and cocky looks on their faces but she looked…different, like she didn't want to be up there. At least she was dry again. When the guy who was singing stopped singing, Anna went to the center and did 3 flips before the singer guy pushed her to the side.

I looked up at Dana to see how she reacted to the guy pushing Anna, she looked jealous, why I don't know.

Just as the last beat rang out, Anna thrust her hand out and her bracelet flew through the crowd and jammed into my eye.

"Ow!" I said.

Anna looked a little sorry about it and tried not to …laugh? What? She ran off stage as Axel came back on.

Joe and I were leaving to the boats before someone crashed into me from behind. I turned around to find Anna sprawled on the floor.

"Here," I held out my hand to help her out. She took it, and I felt a spark. I looked to her face to see if she felt anything, but she was brushing off her jeans. "You were great up there." I told her when she looked up.

"Oh really? Thanks I guess. The dance steps weren't that good." She said back.

"My name's Nate and I'm thinking this is yours." I said holding up her bracelet. Her face lit up when I held it up.

"Oh my gosh, Thank you so much!" She took it back and put it on her wrist.

"So what happened to your face?" She asked me. I reached up.


"Here," She said putting her hand on the scratch that her bracelet had made.

"Oh it was nothing just-"I was starting to say before Dana interrupted me ….again.

"You, shouldn't you be working or something?" Dana sneered at her with Axel standing next to her.

"Um, I guess. Bye Nate, savior of bracelets." She smiled at me before turning, and running away.

"You shouldn't be hanging out with her kind." Dana started to say, walking towards me. "Hang out with me instead."

"I got to go." I quickly said, turning and running away.

Anna's POV

I fell onto my bed with a sigh.

I wish I could just leave. I want to go home, to my family, my friends, but I don't see that happening in the near future.

I looked around the cabin. My other 3 bunk mates were enjoying the free hot chocolate I guess. I got out my iPod deck and changed into sweats. I walked to a stage outside the campus and sat.

The moon was rising and it made everything glow a silvery color.

Wow, if I didn't want to leave so much, I might consider staying here, especially because of Nate.

Nate…he's different. A good different, someone I could be friends with. Focus Anna! You're here on a mission.

With that thought, I got up and began to dance.

Hope you all liked it