The warm fire created a golden glow that glimmered around the room. The warmth was comforting and cozy and a bit romantic. The room had a soft glow and gleam to it.

"Once upon a time," A beauty's soft words echoed through the large comfortable room, and the beast scooted closer to her, his arm tightly around her.

She continued to read the storybook, and the beast listened closely. It was her favorite book, and she told him she'd read it lots of times. As she continued to read, the beast listened closely, trying to catch what exactly it was that Belle enjoyed so much.

Some time had gone past, but instead of feeling sleep pull at him, he heard Belle's voice get a bit more passionate.

"Chapter three," Belle all but exclaimed, and she turned to the beast. "This is my favorite part." She told him and he nodded. She continued on with the story and the beast listened closely to what it said.

The chapter was about the young girl realizing her deep love for the young man. The young woman confronted the young man and they were soon madly in love and engaged. The beast was interested. He had no idea that love could be so easy. The young man hadn't thought that he was in love at first, so maybe… he quickly pushed the thought from his mind. It just couldn't be.

"That's it for tonight," Belle's change of tone slightly shocked the beast. "We can read more tomorrow."

"What?" The beast hadn't meant for his voice to come out so sharply, but he noticed that it had. "I mean, why?"

"Well I'm very tired," Belle told him. "I was thinking we could get to bed."

"But can't we read more?" The beast asked a bit impatiently.

"I told you," Belle said and she looked up at him. "We can read some more tomorrow. You'll be excited, and then you can find out what happens next." Belle explained. "It only gets better!"

"Okay." The beast was slightly and angry and flat and he stood up, but before he stormed away, he remembered something that Lumiere had told him; 'be polite!' The beast then turned towards Belle and offered her his hand, before helping her to her feet.

"Thank you," Belle smiled at him.

"Good night, Belle" The beast then told her, as he tried to muster all the chivalry he had.

"Good night," She bowed her head slightly, and then she walked out of the room, and the beast too walked away.

As he walked down the hallways, and towards the west wing. Thoughts and ideas swirled thorough his mind, and he had a hard time thinking straight. He didn't know what love was, or if he'd ever be able to fall in love and break the spell. But, what he did know was that he felt something for that girl. He knew it wasn't just pity. He cared for her. He knew it was true.


A/N- I LOOOOOOOOOVE this Disney movie! I've watched a few times in the past couple of days, and man, I am in love! Belle's voice is gorgeous! And their love is soooo sweet! Anyway, I just LOVE them!