Each step I take increases the annoying feeling in the pits of my stomach. I swallow – desperately trying to get rid of that rock in my throat. It doesn't work.

"We can fix you, Danny..."

I freeze in my steps and bite my lip as I try to hold back the upcoming tears. Oh, how those words had stung. My stomach twists further in a knot as I remember the way Mom looked at me when she spoke those words.

Then I grit my teeth. No time to listen to some stupid words in my head that already had been said, I want this. I want to walk down that staircase and tell Mom and Dad that I want to be human again.

Did I?

I close my eyes frustratingly and frown deeply. I already had these doubts in the past weeks, and I'm not going through it all again. I simply can't.

This is what I want. It really is.

Three weeks ago my parents found out. They discovered my greatest secret ever. The secret I had put so much care in.

And then it fell apart.

It happened quickly, way too quickly. The one moment I was in my room, hiding a full thermos after a night of ghost hunting under my bed, too tired to phase to the lab and empty it in the Ghost Zone. The next moment Mom stands behind me, gasping and staring as I changed back into my human form.

I felt so stupid, not looking around to see if someone was standing there. I began to get reckless in the two years I was ghost hunting, while I should be getting more careful. I sigh. There's no need anymore to start being more carefully.

Because my parents know.

Because my ghost half will be gone soon.

I sigh as I continue to walk to the staircase. Passing the humming fridge, I let my hand reach out for the door knob and slowly turn it. I bite my lip again as my mind whispers that I could turn around any second and walk back to my room and just leave it be. I shake my head and open the door quietly.

I slowly walk down the stairs.

Once I was in the lab, I could feel the cold from the tiles through my blue socks. I stare at them with a frown on my face, wiggling my toes. All this was just happening way too fast. I sigh.

Right at the moment I decide I should turn around and do this another time, Mom calls my name.

"Danny?" I flinch as I keep staring at the tiles. I take a deep breath, this was it. No more lies.

I stand perfectly still as I blink my tears away. I carefully raise my head and let my eyes lock into Mom's – telling me everything I need to know. It's now or never. The answer that would change everything.

Tears fall as my lips whisper numbly the short sentence I thought I'd never speak in my life.

"Fix me..."

...Yeah. Just another shot at angst.

He wants to remove his ghost half because his parents want to fix him. And Danny is all like: OMG. I WANT YOU TO LOVE ME SO I'LL DO IT. THEN WE CAN BE A HAPPY FAMILY AGAIN.

...My throat aches. This is what you get.

And wow, writing in the present is HARD. I automatically begin to write in the past tense again. Stupid.

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