Inner Wolf

Before I begin I should introduce myself. My name is Isabella Rosemary Swan, I'm 7 years old, 3 ½ ft 81 inches tall, I also weigh 50.8LB's. I'm a little taller then most girls, I love martial arts, animals mainly wolves and foxes I also love to hang out with my friends and I love anime mainly Pokemon and Naruto. I dislike bullies, mean people, spiders, and bees. My dream is to protect the people I love and be able to protect myself. Now that the introduction is over I can begin the story kay. It all started on a beautiful day I was on my way home to tell my parents that I got my report card but when I got to the house it was quiet so quiet in-fact I can hear the wind so clearly because 2 years ago I found out that I'm a wolf hayue which is a half demon/half human and i have dormant Fox blood so basically if i ever have kids they would either be a wolf hayue or fox hayue it depends. I started to open the door when i smelled something. The smell was awful and disgusting but I continued on. I followed the smell and when i got there i nearly threw up just at the sight because right in front of me were my parents Charlie Swan and Renee Swan dead. I ran to them and tried to wake them up but i soon gave up because i knew in my heart that they were gone so as i back up i bumped into someone and when i looked up i screamed because right behind me was the man who murdered my parents. The man quickly shut me up my putting a cloth near my nose and then the next thing i knew i was asleep. After about 8 hours of sleeping Bella woke up to find herself on a bed in a plane. I was so shocked because everything that happened is replaying in her head over and over reminding her who killed her parents so Bella made a vow "someday she would make him pay for what he did no matter what happens" and she will. It took about 5 more hours before they landed and the man who is named Zenaku knocks me out again. I woke up a little over 4 ½ hours later and looked around. I discovered I was in a bedroom and started to panic until I remembered I must be calm