1. First Encounters

Rosalie Hale had it all. Her dad Charlie was the school principal and she was one of the most popular students. She was blessed with very good looks and she had several guys chasing her. She had no shortage of female friends, though many of them envied her and wanted to be her. She had dabbled with a couple of the boys, but none of them appealed to her.

Her life was good, but she often felt it was too dull. During the week she was the model student, her dad rewarded her good behaviour with a relaxed attitude to her weekend activities. Rosalie craved a good time, so she often spent the weekend in Port Angeles. She and Charlie had an unwritten rule; he didn't want to know the details of what she got up to. He trusted her enough and knew that she was smart and streetwise, but he always encouraged her not to get into too much trouble.

Rosalie always had a good time, she did things that her dad would cringe at, she got into places she shouldn't due to looking older than she was, but she never did anything that could cause harm to her or her dads reputation. She couldn't stand the thought of him being ashamed of her, his opinion meant too much to risk that.

She had a lot of friends, but her closest were Jessica Stanley and Angela Webber. They were two very different types of friend. Jessica could talk none stop if she wasn't reined in, she had a sarcastic streak and could be nasty, but she was easily controlled and Angela was much quieter, very loyal and she was someone that Rosalie could always depend on. The three of them were often found together, usually joined by the class jock Mike Newton, who had tried it on with all three of them and despite firm rebuttals from them all, he continued to follow them and wouldn't stay away. Then there was Eric, who had it bad for Angela and she really liked him, but much to Rosalie's amusement both were too shy to act on it. One day she'd have to lock them in a room and make them deal with it, but right now she was enjoying them missing the signals too much.

It was lunch time and they were sat at their usual table in the school cafeteria. Everyone was talking about the same thing, especially Jessica who seemed to have forgotten about life skills such as breathing or eating, she was too caught up in the latest gossip and hadn't stopped talking about it since they sat down.

The buzz was down to some new arrivals. Usually new students didn't cause this much interest, but this time there wasn't just one, but five of them. Rosalie had known about it before everyone else, but didn't understand why new people caused this much fuss. Her dad mentioned the new arrivals as soon as he knew and asked her to be welcoming to them and step in if they seemed to be struggling, she agreed, it was something she always did when there was someone new, but she hadn't seen them so far and hadn't heard any reports of any issues.

Forks had a new doctor and he and his wife had brought with them five foster kids, all around the same age; three boys and two girls. That in itself wasn't all that unusual, but the bit that had gotten Jessica and, from what Rosalie could see and hear, half of the cafeteria buzzing was that out of those five there were two couples. The idea of siblings, albeit not by blood dating seemed to be of great interest to everyone. It didn't bother Rosalie, they weren't hurting anyone else by being together, they weren't proper siblings.

Jessica was still talking at full speed, Rosalie finally tired of her incessant rambling. Rosalie put her hand on Jessica's shoulder and squeezed.

"Jess, stop a minute, take a breather and eat" she said

Jessica began to pout, but then smiled at Rosalie and did as she was told. As she sat and ate she seemed to be struggling between keeping quiet and saying something else, but everytime she looked at Rosalie she was met with a warning look and she went back to eating.

Rosalie looked around and there was still a great deal of talking and she didn't need to be able to hear every conversation to get an idea of what was happening.

"Why is everyone getting their panties in a twist, they aren't proper siblings so what is the big deal that some of them are dating" Rosalie asked.

Jessica, who was currently battling with a mouth full of chicken salad flung her hands up in the air and looked at Rosalie with sheer frustration.

"Haven't you been listening to me at all? It's not just that some of them are dating, I mean that is a bit weird, even if they aren't related by blood. It's the fact that everyone is saying the same thing, that they are all stunningly beautiful."

Rosalie leant back in her seat and played with her food. Her eyebrows lifted and she nibbled at her bottom lip as she considered this new piece of information. Rosalie wasn't the only good looking person at school, but she couldn't remember the last time that everyone was so excited about the looks of new students, not since Trent Marshall transferred and had almost every girl falling over themselves to get a piece of him. He'd made it very obvious that he was interested in Rosalie, but she just didn't like him. Despite his good looks, he wasn't a nice person inside, he was shallow, self centred and selfish. He also made fun of people, including Eric and Angela and this annoyed Rosalie badly. Still he was good looking and Rosalie was vain enough to agree to one date, but Rosalie had vowed never again, she also saw to it that no one else fell for him either. She grimaced as a memory of their disastrous date surfaced.

It had started off well, they had a nice meal and then went bowling, but rather than driving them home he took a detour to one of the town's hook up areas. Rosalie had warned him she was in no mood for this and he had just ignored her, seemed he had a group of his friends up there and wanted to show her off. She got the last laugh though, she played along for a few minutes, and as they got out of the car and he went to touch her she kicked him very hard in the crotch and humiliated him in front of his friends. He called her a few names and threatened his revenge, but he had never acted on it. She had gotten an extra step of revenge by calling her father and over playing the hysterics to come pick her up. When he arrived she managed to really over exaggerate her distress and explained in fake sobs how he'd brought her here against her wishes and wanted to make out and to make matters worse to do it in front of his friends. Her dad was livid. His anger rose when Trent tried to apologise and say that Rosalie had hurt him when she kicked him and that she shouldn't have been such a flirt. Rosalie sat back and watched as her dad not only involved the chief of police to give Trent a strong warning, but also made him attend a meeting with his parents and to explain his behaviour. Since that day no-one had gone near Trent, he sneers at Rosalie every now and again, but he hasn't come close to her since that fateful evening.

Rosalie cleared her mind of the memories and rejoined the current focus of her friends attentions.

"So have any of you seen them yet?"

Jessica sighed unhappily and shook her head, she hated it when she wasn't the first in on something. Angela shook her head too, but seemed relatively indifferent. Mike Newton leant forward and from the animated look on his face he was eager to share his experience.

"I just shared a class with two of them. The boy called Edward and his girlfriend Bella" he said.

Rosalie rolled her eyes at the way Mike spoke and referred to them and almost spat out the word girlfriend.

He paused with a stupid grin on his face and Rosalie got frustrated.

"and..." she said, trying to encourage him to get to the point.

Mike put his hands up in mock surrender and carried on.

"Well I guess he is quite handsome, but I don't have much interest in guys, but she is stunning. She was really quite something, I can't begin to tell you the fantasies that ran through my head too. I mean I am sure she'd dump him in a heartbeat if she had a piece of me. It's weird though, I hadn't even said hello to him or her, but he suddenly looked at me like he wanted to kill me. She looked over at me then back at him and they spoke in hushed tones, I don't know what she said to him, but she had a calming effect. Then they were all over each other. At one point she kept looking over at me and twirling her hair with her finger and biting her bottom lip, seriously she was driving me crazy and my mind was going in overdrive, but then he kept glaring at me and that totally ruined my mood."

Rosalie laughed, that was just like Mike to get himself in to trouble.

Rosalie was deep in thought, when the room fell in to a hushed silence. She scanned her eyes around the room before focusing on the door, she saw the new students arriving. Her dad had told her their names and what they looked like and she watched on to see if she could recognise them from what he'd described.

The first two that entered were quite an interesting combination. The boy was tall and lanky, he had longish blonde hair and seemed to be a little withdrawn and uncomfortable, he must be the one called Jasper and the girl on the other hand was short and petite and had a short dark pixie cut, she seemed to be very smiley and bubbly and she must be Alice. Rosalie didn't realise she was staring so intently until the girl made eye contact with her and she couldn't quite decipher the expression on her face. It was almost a look of recognition, but they hadn't met yet so Rosalie just assumed it was down to her noticeably friendly nature.

She smiled back then blinked her eyes and looked away until the first two moved out of her line of site. The next two were obviously the ones that Mike had been talking about. They seemed well matched, they almost mirrored each other and it was blindingly obvious that they belonged to each other. Rosalie smiled as an errant thought flicked through her mind, she imagined this Edward boy taking on Mike. He didn't look especially muscular or menacing, but she had no doubt that despite Mike being a little on the larger side, he'd be no match to Edward, especially if it was a fight regarding this Bella. The way he moved and centred around her, she couldn't imagine anyone ever coming between them. She was keen not to make the same mistake as she did with the girl so she looked away quickly and missed the smirk that had appeared on Edwards face.

The other boy, the one called Emmett followed them in and Rosalie's breath hitched. She felt her cheeks flush a little as she took him in. He was gorgeous, he was big and well built, yet he seemed to have a kind face, she imagined linking her arms with his muscular ones and resisted the urge to jump up and introduce herself this instant. She watched on as he joined his siblings in the queue.

Rosalie composed herself and turned her attention back to the others.

"They really are quite beautiful aren't they" she said.

Her friends were all sat there with their jaws gaping and they were still staring at the newcomers.

Rosalie shook her head and sighed.

"Guys, you could at least try to be subtle about it"

She turned her head briefly towards the table they had sat at and she heard them giggling. As she had her eyes locked on the one called Emmett and he smiled right back at her and she melted as she watched the dimples on his cheeks. She smiled back and involuntarily ran her tongue over her top lip. She soon realised what she had done and she felt her cheeks blush, she quickly turned away.

Rosalie mentally chastised herself. For the first time in a long time she'd found a boy that truly interested her. She wasn't sure what it was about him, but she wanted to get to know him and she wanted it bad, but she needed to play it cool. Rosalie Hale did not do desperate, she liked to be in control and she needed to compose herself pretty quickly.

Her irritatingly observant friends hadn't missed the fact that she had locked eyes with Emmett and they noticed her blush and were grinning at her like fools. She tried to dismiss them by shrugging her shoulders, but she could see that wasn't going to work.

"Rosalie's got the hots for... " Mike started to say in an irritatingly childish voice

Rosalie quickly raised her foot and kicked him in the shin.

"If you value the contents of your pants and don't want my foot to squash them then you'll shut up right now." she warned him.

He started to protest, but saw the furious gaze she was giving him and quickly shut up. Mike had been on the receiving end of Rosalie's wrath enough times to know that she didn't just threaten violence when riled up, she carried it out too.

Jessica was about to say something, but she saw how Rosalie had quickly caused Mike pain and she thought better of it.

Instead she tapped Rosalie's shoulder to get her attention and held her gaze.

"You and me have to talk later" she said to Rosalie, emphasizing the word have.

Rosalie sighed, but nodded to Jessica. She knew what Jessica was like when she was obsessed with a subject, the phrase 'like a dog with a bone' was truly apt.

"Later" she agreed.

As the bell rang to signal the end of the lunch period Rosalie helped her friends to clear the table. As they made their way to their classes, she couldn't resist one last look back at the table and felt her cheeks flare up again as she caught him looking at her again. Her lips betrayed her and she found herself smiling at him and he responded with the same smile from earlier.

Her heart pounded in her chest and she groaned internally.

So much or playing it cool she thought to herself.

Their gaze was broken as she noticed the one called Edward laughing at something, she watched on in confusion as Emmett slapped Edward at the back of the head and seemed to say something to him, his face looked quite fierce as they argued.

She watched on for a moment, but then whilst he was distracted she quickly left to catch up with her friends.