20 Tough Decision

At some point someone had put a sheet over her dad's body, Rosalie was exhausted, but still she sobbed.

Whilst Emmett and Carlisle stayed with Rosalie, the others had dragged the pieces of James's body outside and burned them, some of them had searched for Victoria and Laurent, but they lost the scent, Rosalie learnt then that Jacob was here too.

As she lay sobbing in Emmett's arms she looked over to see how distraught Jacob looked. She could see that he was blaming himself, she wanted to reach out and comfort him, tell him that it was her own stupid fault for rushing off without waking him, but she just didn't have the energy.

She overheard the hushed discussions as to what to do next. Her dad was dead, his body was so damaged that it would be sure to raise suspicion with the police, Rosalie shuddered as she overheard them discussing how to hide what had happened, it seemed the plan was to put Charlie back in his car, make sure it was near one of the petrol pumps and make it explode, they'd make it look like an accident and the body would be so badly burned it should mask the other injuries.

Her head said it seemed like it would work, her heart was sickened by the thought of it. She could see that Jacob was equally displeased with the idea, but he seemed to be unwilling to voice it.

Rosalie made one last request, she wanted some time alone with her dad, before they carried out their plan. No-one objected, Emmett was the last to leave the room, he'd held on to her ever since he arrived and she felt odd without his arms around her, but this was something she needed to do on her own.

Carlisle had managed to remove Charlie from the broken pipe and he was laid out on a table, Carlisle had pulled the cover over his head and shoulders and left the rest covered.

As Rosalie stood over him, using the table for support, he looked so peaceful, if it wasn't for the purple bruises and the cuts and grazes on his face he could look like he was just having a nap.

Rosalie sobbed as she realised that her father was truly gone, no longer would he be there to cook for, to watch sports with, to hug when she needed it and to laugh with. Never again will she see his crinkly grin or banter with her dad.

It was so unfair, Rosalie had become accepting of the clandestine world of vampires and werewolves, she started to feel like it was a place that she could belong, but her father never did, he should never have been drawn into it. Whatever James had planned for us couldn't have been worse than this, she'd hit rewind and let James do what he want if she thought it would have saved her dad.

Rosalie's mind clouded with ideas of vengeance, she realised that James had been taken care of, but Victoria and Laurent was still out there and they had to pay, James may have been the perpetrator, but the others had their hand in this.

Rosalie imagined for a moment, the idea of allowing Emmett to change her, so she could hunt them down and kill them, but then as she thought of her dad, she wondered what her dad would think of her then, would stooping to the level of his killers make her a worse monster than them.

Rosalie leant down and kissed her dad on his forehead, she ran her hand through his hair and felt her tears coming back again.

"I'll never forget you dad." she promised.

Rosalie stood up and started to turn around, she had said her good byes and she was ready to let them go ahead with their plan.

As she began to hobble around the table, time froze, a number of things happened at once, she heard Emmett call her name, she could hear the roar of a wolf and she heard footsteps approaching the door, at the same time she heard a shrieking sound coming from outside, she had no time to react before Victoria came bursting through the bordered up window.

Rosalie froze, she tried to back away, but the table that her dad was laying on blocked her way. She looked on in horror as Victoria stared at her snarling, her piercing red eyes focussed on their prey.

"They killed James, now I am going to kill you" she shrieked.

Rosalie was soon in Victoria's grasp, as Emmett burst through the door, followed close behind by Alice, Bella and Esme.

Victoria didn't even flinch, though she did when Jacob burst into the room in wolf form, even Rosalie gasped, she'd not seen Jacob as a wolf and he was huge.

"Let her go" roared Emmett. Jacob growled by his side, both of them intent against their prey.

"Never" snarled Victoria.

Rosalie gasped as Victoria squeezed at her neck.

"You'll never get out of here alive" Emmett promised.

Victoria started to back up towards the window, Rosalie being dragged along with her, she tried to resist, but Victoria's grip on her neck was too tight and she was simply no match for her strength

Rosalie was sure that this was it, there was no way she'd get out of this, Victoria dragged her out through the window, the wooden panes scraping along her back as she did so.

She could hear the gravel under her feet, she watched on desperately as Emmett followed on close behind, his eyes never leaving her.

Rosalie tried to reach out for Emmett, but it was impossible. She felt Victoria tense, Edward and Jasper suddenly appeared either side of them, both advancing slowly, Rosalie watched on dumbfounded as the rest of the Cullen's and Jacob started to slowly surround Victoria.

Everyone was so tense, it was Carlisle, who broke the silence.

"Victoria, Please. There is no need for any more violence, Rosalie has lost her father and you have lost James, let this madness end"

Emmett growled, but as he looked over to Carlisle he bowed his head.

Victoria snarled behind Rosalie, the sound sent a shiver down her spine.

"You side with this... human... over your own kind? You're the biggest monster here" she snarled.

Carlisle, did not react to Victoria's words, he could see their was no reasoning with her, she was too intent on her path.

There is no reasoning with this one. Do whatever needs to be done, but make it quick, if she squeezes at Rosalie's throat, we won't be able to save her. Carlisle looked over the Edward and he gave a quick nod to show he understood.

Edward started to advance, Jasper mirrored him. As they moved forward, Victoria became jumpy, she could sense that she was running out of time to be able to get away, she considered squeezing the life out of Rosalie, afterall just a slight squeeze of her throat would be all it would take, but then she had a better idea.

Edward hissed as he read Victoria's thoughts.

"NO!" he shouted

"NO!" Alice hissed.

Emmett turned from Alice to Edward and whatever they had just seen was bad, he tried to get a read on their expressions, but he couldn't and then he heard Rosalie screaming.

His head snapped back towards Rosalie and Victoria and he looked on in horror as she grabbed Rosalie's damaged arm and pulled it up towards her face, Victoria's gaze focussed on Emmett's and she grinned, then she bit down on Rosalie's arm.

Once satisfied she threw Rosalie like a rag doll towards Emmett, she could sense everyone fast approaching, but she was much too fast for them, she jumped into a nearby tree and made off at break neck speed.

Jasper, Edward, Esme, Bella, Alice and Jacob chased her in the trees and Jacob followed her on the ground, but Emmett and Carlisle stayed with Rosalie.

Rosalie was writhing on the floor in agony.

"It hurts, it's burning" she cried.

Emmett held her in his arms and looked over to Carlisle pleadingly. Carlisle examined the bite mark, it wasn't too deep, he could already smell the venom in her blood system.

"If we act fast we could try to suck out the venom" Carlisle said calmly.

Emmett looked down at Rosalie, he hated seeing her in pain.

"What do you want to do Rosalie?"

Rosalie's body bucked in pain, she tried to think about what she wanted. She was conflicted, what life would she have now without her dad; Would she ever be safe as a human with Victoria and Laurent still around and a much more growing emotion was bubbling, she craved revenge, James may have perished, but Victoria and Laurent were still out there and they were just as responsible for what happened to her dad. The thought of not only making them suffer, but being the one to do it was welcoming.

She was barely conscious of the fact that everyone else had rejoined them, Victoria had gotten away and there was no sign of Laurent.

As the venom continued to spread through her body, she continued to battle with the two conflicting sides of her mind, what she wanted and what she needed, they were two opposing ideals that could not be balanced.

"We're running out of time" Carlisle warned.

Rosalie was feeling overwhelmed. Could she really turn her back on humanity. Could she use her new found strength to avenge her fathers death, would her dad understand her need for revenge, or would she disappoint him. She then allowed herself a moment to think of the positives of changing. A lifetime with Emmett, never tiring, never having to be apart. She already felt accepted by the Cullen's and with her dad dead, would that not be a good path for her life to take.

She was brought out of her thoughts by Emmett's voice, he sounded so desperate.

"What can I do Carlisle, What can I do" he begged.

She couldn't take hearing Emmett so upset, she had to end this.

Rosalie used every last ounce of her strength to open her eyes and look deep into Emmett's, the worry was clearly etched across his face.

"What do you want Rosalie, I'll do whatever you decide" he promised.

She heard nothing, but truth in his words and she smiled.

"I want..."

The End

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