Mai stared at the girl before her. "Walk with us." The girl nodded and the three set off. "My name is-"

"Circe Tatiana Chrysanthe Demetrius, the elder vampire, the oldest vampire on earth and a member of the seven souls. Yes I know," Luna replied dreamingly. "I've always wondered what's inside the forbidden forest."

"I can tell many stories from when the founders created this place, my fair lady. Hogwarts and it's grounds have changed very much in such a short time I feel. It was just yesterday when the forest was green and unicorns and centaurs were running around, and when the Anth'Una ran around hunting for food."

"I didn't know that they used to be here," Luna comment, looking around.

"Ah, yes. They used to. A long time ago. I heard that some humans found it very intruding enthralling hunting them down and use them for less then clean reasons."

"What are those Anth'Una you're speaking off?" Toshiro asked, looking at both of them with a raised eyebrow.

"They're rabbits with scales in many different colours with a horned snake like tail that's very venomous. And they can spit an element, like ice or fire. And they're about you're size Toshiro." Mai smiled sweetly, and obviously fake and very much dangerous.

"Speaking of creatures; didn't you have a pet? Where do it go?" Toshiro questioned. "Furthermore, how did she knew what I was? No one is supposed to know!"

"He's somewhere around here. I dunno. He's very hard to spot." Mai dropped her smile. "Yes, I do know you're worried about that. Though I must confess I do find myself curious for how such information has reached you, Luna."

"I know a great deal of things," The girl replied, looking around. "Can we look for Bathian? I've always wanted to see one, though we have never been able to see or catch them. It's a very hard task."

"Of course it is. They do want to hide after all," Mai answered, cheerful. "Do you know my name?"

"No," Luna answered, knowing what the older girl was asking. "Though I do know who Hitsugaya-san is and that he is a captain here on a mission and you along with him. They don't like you much do they?"

"What's a Bathian? And how can you trust her so easily?" Toshiro asked, upset. "We can't trust her!"

"Sure we can!" Mai called out happily. "For the first she knows of our type of creatures. For the second; she knows off both off us. Speaking of that – how did you know about that as well?"

Luna smiled sweetly. "I know of your unique status as well. Have you told him?" Mai shook her head. "Then I won't tell him either. It's your job if you want to."

"Oh, look at that, isn't it cute?" Luna pointed at a very large bright orange slug with several horns sticking out of it's shell. Two large eyes were staring at them.

"You can pick it up if you want to. It's newborn so it's not harmful or poisonous or anything," Mai told the girl, Luna rushed towards the slug and picked it carefully up. "Though be very careful and not move from your position while you're holding it; the mother won't leave her child alone until acid starts to drip from the pigs. Though the mother won't do anything as long you don't try to take her child away."

"Daddy would have loved seeing you. Take care," she mumbled and skipped back to the other two.

"What was that?" Toshiro asked. "Why are you different from other vampires?"

"That was a Zatzu. They're slugs with acid in their spikes. It was new born. They stop growing after a hundred years. Though they don't grow bigger then ten meters." Toshiro growled at the two of them, angrily.

"Yamamoto is going to be furious," He hissed angrily. "He can't over look something like this. She'll be killed. You should erase her memories."

"What for? There's no point. She'll only remember again once we see each other again. It'll be fruitless." Mai replied.

"You're very touched by them," Luna told her. "Is it true what they say about Hell Hounds?"

"Yes. Nar'cha are very small, but larger then a normal wolf, and very quick. They can outsmart a human by far means, but not me. Do they speak to you often?"

"Sadly no. But when they do they whisper about you; The one whom seek them out more frequently then not. They're very fond off you."

"I see... Do you speak of us often?"

"Yes. But no one believes me." Luna walked over to a tree and picked up a leaf on the tree. "Oh! Look like I found!"

"It's just a leaf," Toshiro dismissed.

"No it isn't!" Mai merrily sang. "It's a Whicklewind!" Two eyes suddenly opened at the underside of the leaf along with four claws on each side of the leaf edge. "A Whicklewind was a common type of plant creature that lived on earth a very long time ago. They have two small eyes and a mouth somewhere just bellow, they have two three nails sticking out on each side of the leaf edge. They stay close to trees or bushes and lives off the sunlight and ants trying to take it with them to their nest. Inside their mouth there are three very sharps fangs they kill with. Though no one have ever seen their mouth. They stay on the tree whom they originally came from until they're matured then they leave. I believe this one is good twenty years by the looks of where it is and it's eyes. They use the wind to move around and their small claws to guide through winds and hold onto hard wood. If it follows you, "

"How much longer do we have to wander into the forest?" Toshiro asked a good few hours later. On Luna's shoulder was the Whicklewind sitting happily on her head.

"Not much further," Mai replied, the branch caught in her shirt cracked and snapped off the dead tree. They were quite far into the forest, both Luna and Toshiro were having problems with getting through the endless branches standing thick in thick. While Mai just passed right through, cracking off several branches on the way as well. Toshiro stopped right before he crashed into the old vampire. Luna stopped behind him.

"We're here. They mustn't know that we know they're there." Mai lurked into a clearing with a dry small lake in the middle, above the lake on the middle was some sort of colony of creatures at the size of needles. They looked like miniature scorpions with bug wings."

"Those are Bathian?" Toshiro bewildered.

"Yes. Bathian comes from two words; directly translated it means; invisible killer," Mai told them, quietly. "They're very small and can only spotted when they're in colonies. Those are one of the biggest ones I've ever seen. Anyway – they don't hunt in like this but separated; These are probably the younger ones as the adults are microscopic. They live in small colonies as new hatched as well. But anyway. They're called invisible killer because they're so small and can't be spotted, they eat almost anything, though their favourites are antelopes and moose and humans too. They're highly venomous and I've even seen one eaten a giant. Some magical creatures keep the adults as pets for they connect with the first being that touches them after they starts to fly. Though no one else is safe from a Bathian. The reason we can't be spotted or been aware of is because they're so young they will eliminate any creature that they find threatening. A small injection from one of them is enough to kill each and one of us. But they're very protective and cautious; if they notice to early that three of them is gone."

"Three!" Toshiro hissed angrily.

"Yes. Now be quiet," Mai hushed snapped back. "However, but that's going to take some time to actually realize. So we have that certain time to get out of the clearing because they won't leave this land for anything. Anyway – they send out signals that allow them to sense where things are. Such as trees and other things. But they can sense difference between living and not so much leaving. But there's a spell that'll allow us to be detected as trees or something tall like that-" Mai told them in a shushed whisper. She then muttered a spell under her breath and a blue shield surrendered the three as a separated unit. The girl slowly crept closer to the colony and easily took three around the tip, careful with the broad, not seconds later the other scorpions flew after her-

Toshiro flew up from his bed, his breath fast and hard, things had gone very much like that day when Luna said those things to Mai, however, in the forbidden forest she had not picked up that strange slug as it only defence mechanism was acid that would sprout from every microscopic hole in it's body, nor had Mai tried to snatched three of those beings as it was her pet dragon – which was very small, not to mention very dangerous – favourite snack with the explanation that they were crunchy and tasted very delicious. Nor did they dare to attack the very small water dragon whom seemed to be very small and harmless. Not to think about that little dragon nestled on Mai's palm when it was tiered, not that he had seen it tiered. And she has asked a lot more questions that had made no sense, what-so-ever to Toshiro. Luna had replied in just as bizarre way. If not odder. Sometimes, he wondered if Mai really was sane as she made out to be.

"You're supposed to be asleep," A voice told him, Toshiro looked to the side, knowing fully well whom that voice belonged to. Not that it was such a hard task to find out as it was pitch dark outside, and even darker in the dorm.

"Why is it," Toshiro started, annoyed,"that every time I look over my shoulder, you are there, Mai?" Toshiro couldn't see her, but he knew she was looking at him. Smirking all the same.

Why, indeed. She thought to herself, while she answered something completely else. "Why is that everywhere I go there's something that must be done and I am the only one with knowledge to guide whoever is with me through it?" Mai replied calmly.

"You don't."

"Exactly," Mai agreed. "Not everywhere there's something that needed to be done, but when there is there's always someone whom I need to take care off, no matter how little. I still need to care for whomever is with me. Like you are now. It is more dangerous for you to be spotted and known off then for me; I have far more influence in this world then you will ever come to posses. Besides if I get discovered off my true identity then I can be off more use then when not. However, discovering it is very unlikely, as they will never find a creature quite like me."

"Why is that?" Toshiro frowned at the girl as he heard her chuckle humourless, a sad tone falling from her voice. It was different from her normal sadness... it was indescribable. Her voice was such a lonely tone, one he had never heard befall her lips, so pained... yet it was not loneliness as much as it was hurt and confused, and bitterness. He couldn't describe it, it was such a strange tone, one he had never heard...

"Mai!" Toshiro called out again. The water splashed against the darkened windows off the dorm. A shiver ran down his body, confused eyes stared around, not seeing anything, anyway. Toshiro fell down on his pillow, his closed, already in sleep.

A few weeks passed eventful of homework, training and whatnot, Toshiro saw little of Mai, she seemed to be less there for an reason he could not quite understand, moreover, he did see her sometimes when they passed in classes. However, Toshiro, as always, was too tiered to stop her as she passed and let her move around as she felt, he knew that she would come to him when she needed to.

It was a Friday afternoon when Luna and Mai came walking up to the Slytherin table, both of them plopped down on a seat each, Luna started to pull a good mix of a lot and mix it together, but somehow she made it seem... not disgusting at all. Mai poured herself a half full cup of tea and then took up a vine bottle and poured it in the cup until it was full. Her form slacked as the first drop of tea and blood touched her lip. Her eyes falling half mast, staring heavily at the table.


"Yes?" Tiered eyes opened slowly and stared at Toshiro's, her eyes even more tiered then what he had previously thought, her eyes dropped slightly as he didn't answer at once.

"What have you been up to?" He asked her, a puzzled expression crossing her face. "You look like you haven't slept for years.

"We have been tying some strings," Luna answered dreamy. Her pale eyes stared at his own, a smile crossed her face. "It seems that Circe has very little patience for some things."

"I've told you not to call me that," Mai whispered quietly, broken. Something that was as rare as to find as hate in the vampire's eyes. "It's not my name here."

"Just because something is rewritten doesn't mean that that is the truth."

"The truth is what each and every person is told," Mai replied, a very small smile played on her lips.

"Indeed. A lie will always remain that until someone believes it." Luna smiled mysteriously at Mai whom removed her gaze from the dull eyes and choose to stare thoughtlessly up at the sky ceiling. The rain falling fast and hard. Only reaching halfway down in the hall before disappearing. Mai gaze shifted from the heavy sky above them to her goblet tainted in red and blackish.

The crimson ocean..." She whispered, a clouded faraway look crossed her eyes.

"What?" Toshiro questioned, straining his ears.

"No..." Mai mumbled quietly. "Nothing." A eerier silence filled in the silence between the two of them as Luna was too busy occupying her own time with something that she found fascinating. "I for once have classes to reach. I'll speak to to later. Oh, before I forgot; I heard a rumour about fifth, sixth and seventh year having a class together; though I can't claim to know which class it was. I'll see you later." Before Mai could leave, a very sour potion master came walking up to them, looking at them with something akin to disgust, but not directed to them at least. He looked more or less he swallowed something very sour.

"Headmaster Dumbledore wishes to see you both," he directed to Mai and Toshiro, a frown on his face. Mai looked hastily up the table, noticing the headmaster lacking from his usual seat. Which was too hard to miss. McGonagall was also missing from the head table, her noticeable presence lacking. "Come with me."

The way towards the headmaster's office was silent. Whereas Mai was quiet, her eyes narrowed, plotting why the headmaster had a reason to speak to them. Toshiro was finding all escape ways if it came to that. While Snape just watched the two, in a less obvious manners. With a sour frown pulling at the professor's lips, he said the password for the guard of the Dumbledore's office, which sprang to the side. Toshiro also noticed the paleness of Mai as he said it. And not because of a bizarre reason where she would weaken because of the office's wards. But rather the candy which was the password. They greeted the headmaster and the transformation professor standing by the wall, looking slightly pale.

"I see you have had the pleasure of tasting that particular candy," The headmaster chuckled lightly.

"I certainly can say I have tasted it, whatever or not it was a pleasure, I'm not so sure off," Mai replied pale. "But I do have classes today. I would rather like to go to them."

"Directly to the point I see." Dumbledore's eyes twinkled merrily. "I have a few matters I wish to consult to you. They have me rather concerned; I could not help but notice that the ghost stays away from both of you; Especially you, Toshiro."

"That's Hitsugaya to you," Toshiro growled. Dumbledore took the liberty to ignore him.

"Care to explain why?" It wasn't nearly as much as a request as an order. Both knew that very well, but both sides could play the same game. So to speak.

"Yes. I do believe that is none of your business," Mai replied calmly. "As why, it can be any reason. I cannot simply fathom why this concerns you? That is if you are not spying on the student which is through out forbidden. I know for certain that the founders very much wrote that law down several time. Which also should be on your door for everyone to see."

"But you see, it is my business as it involves the safety of the school and it's occupants. As the headmaster it is within my right to remove anything from the castle," He defended himself. "And I found it a waste of space that it was there. As no one ever read them."

"It is. However, is I am whom I am it is also my right to object these things, and refuse your rights and laws. Professor. And it is within the laws of the castle and the grounds that the Hogwarts laws and rights are written in several books inside the library where anyone can read them, including first years and professors. And there should a poster on your door for anyone to read them if they so wished. And not a person, including the headmaster is allowed to remove them. So let me ask you why I have scanned every part of the library and found not one book about the rules and rights written by the founders or anyone else for that matter? I demand that you put two copies of the laws and rights of Hogwarts, written by Helga, Salazar, Godric and Rowena, at least in the library and one on your door."

"I do not need to listen to you at all," Dumbledore told her tiredly.

"Yes you do. As the companion to the four founders, their right hand, the person entrusted to care for Hogwarts in their place, I, Circe, Tatiana Chrysanthe Athansia Demetrius, order you to bid my wishes or step down from the post as the Headmaster of the school Hogwarts for witches and wizards and follow every law and right written by the founders."

"Impossible!" McGonagall shouted. "It cannot be! You should have died a long time ago!"

"As you can see, I am very much alive and well. If you do not believe me, go ahead and run a few tests that will prove my statement. While we are on it, why not just as well tell all off Hogwarts and the government. And we might include the Dark Lord as well, and the issue with him away as we are at it. Hm?" A smirk formed on her lips. "No? What a pity. Toshiro, I believe we are done here for today. Let's not waste any more time here then we already have."

Without another word she turned around, she stalked out of the room, with another calculating look, Toshiro followed her, his brow furrowed in deep thoughts. He couldn't help but wonder why she wouldn't include the Ministry at the same time, after all, they were very close connected to Hogwarts and the Government. So he asked her of course, not that he expected a straight forward answer. Her answer was in one of her more tiered tones, that he seemed to hear immensely much oftener then what he used to. The winds was changing – so to speak.

"Things have changed."

"Yes, I'm aware of that," Toshiro replied rather annoyed.

"I left quite a few moments ago," Mai continued like she hadn't heard him at all. Speaking in ways he had very rarely heard, it was one of her most tiresome speeches after all. "In that time things changed for Magical Creatures, like vampires and werewolves and so on. No vampire can live in peace any longer, they – if I were to be discovered I would as well – be branded with a mark that would allow the Ministry know wherever I was and could punish me if I did something they didn't particular like. It wasn't like that before I left, so many things have change, I can't seem to find any of those changes for the better. That's why I took those children in, because the ministry was on their trail, had they stayed out there, they would have been caught and labelled as common prisoners.

It's my fault, you know. I shouldn't have left in the first place – I should have seen that something like this was happening. The world feared creatures much more then I had ever seen them before; but I didn't stay. No I ran like a cowered, though I subconsciously knew that this would come – I fled in fright of something I don't even remember fearing. Perhaps it was the thought of loosing, or humanity that scared me in such a way." Right then, right there, Toshiro couldn't help, but notice the helpless, lost look in her eyes that screamed for help, and begged for someone to guide her through things, despite being very old herself. "I didn't know what to do; No one knew. And they all looked up at me for help – and I abandoned them with nothing more then excuse that 'I tire of being here.' How they can look up to someone like me is beyond me. I just don't understand, I abandoned them, there – left them to deal with it themselves, while I knew I was the only thing that kept them from being labelled prisoners. All because I couldn't protect myself against that man. But it wasn't only the vampires it got worse for, no, I believe that we had it kinder then some as we're not stuck in same place, and we can move around like no other creature. But none of that matters, I did something I can never forgive myself for."

"No one is perfect, Mai," Toshiro told her, looking at her from the corner of his eyes.

"No, I suppose not," she answered, her voice strained.

Toshiro couldn't help, but stare after as she walked away, her body much tenser then it was before. Perhaps he said something he wasn't supposed to, and that would probably change a few things between them, not that he actually noticed it at all. She acted a little bit more drawn away from him as the days passed by, but she acted like normal, just more withdrawn, like she had been like when he had first met the girl. Though he doubted that she was a child any more, no, she was far from a little girl, much older then himself, and much wiser, though she had her weaker times. Things were coming around the corner, though he was no more wiser of it then a goldfish. But he did notice that he hardly saw her, not she was around much anyway, and she didn't speak nearly as freely as she did before, never allowing herself the pleasure of loosing herself to the past he knew she had many more memories then he had lived. Counted with days. It could be anywhere between a few days to a few weeks to a few months – though he doubted that it was the last one until he saw her again, she seemed more tiered then before, very much more tiered then before. He knew that she needed some sleep, probably not nearly as much as them, but still, she needed it. And it looked more like she had stayed up since the time in the office. It was Luna whom woke him from his musing that morning, not to think about the drowsing girl, almost fast asleep, with a goblet raised to her mouth. He could clearly see the dark lines under her eyes, not to mention the redness of he eyes, not that they weren't red enough from before – to fall in such a trance where her guard were left down enough to get a scare out of her when Luna came over to them and greeted the two of them from behind.

"Luna," The tiered girl whispered, her voice slurred a bit as she leaned her arm against the seat. "What brings you to our humble table."

"I heard there is a Hogsmeade visit on Saturday. I wonder if I can catch some Fire Spirits then. I've heard rumours that they like staying close to sun."

Mai looked up at her with a thoughtful expression, Toshiro could almost hear the wheels starting to turn in her head, waking up from a long slumber. "So it seems. I have also heard that the fire and water tribes will hold a meeting soon. Many are to come. There should be many ferries there."

"How exiting..." The girl bobbed her head several times, smiling thoughtfully at them. "When should it be?"

"In two days time. It's hard to miss."

"Is that so?" Her voice had taken it previous dreamy tone, like she was far away, on some galaxy that they could only dream of seeing. Just like that, things around Mai seemed to have calmed down, quite a bit; she no longer disappeared, but rather slept in every spare moment of time – probably in classes too – and disappeared somewhere in the night, staying until early morning. It was one of those days that he walked past a gang of Rawenclaw, bad mouthing about the sickly looking vampire. He had enough of it; she had been with her for two days, she looked more tiered with each passing day since Luna had spoken to them, sharing each other riddles, speaking above everyone else heads. He was at the end of the rope, he had heard many rumours about her, many false, some near the truth. But bad mouthing her because of she knew what she was doing, and that she was more advanced then them in Runes, really. That was pathetic. He completely lost control of his reiatsu – really, girls and boys alike passed out from the spiritual pressure, ice formed against the ground and windows. Those with glasses and other breakable items, broke because of the fast change of temperature. He couldn't help, but hate people whom believed them better then others, it was truly-

"Toshiro!" A sharp voice snapped him out of his thoughts, slowly, he turned, seeing the one and only vampire whom could rule him – not that he liked that, mind. He reeled in his reiatsu and tugged it firmly back in place, locking it deep within him again, for further use when the time came. "Have you eaten?"

"Of course, it's soon the lesson with all three years. Anyhow, what makes this lesson so much more important, and why, pray tell, is the three last years gathered for it?"

"It'll be explained later,"

"Eh? I'd never thought I'd see this day; The day where Mai didn't know something. What a surprise!" Toshiro taunted, trying his hardest to get a raise out of her. It was very low of him, he knew. But he couldn't stand it when she acted like that. Like she was at the bottom of the world, and further away from it as well.

"No, it is not I whom doesn't know, but them whom doesn't know why," she replied, her tone depressed and sombre, like hail falling in a storm. The two of them – and Luna whom had joined them on the trip down – was one of the first to arrive at the gamekeeper's cottage, the two girls seated themselves on the grass, once again beginning a conversation which Toshiro had little to no understanding in at all. As the crowed started to pile up, he couldn't help but notice that the only ones that looked depressed about the coming lesson was the two odd girls sitting on the ground, still at their whispering conversation. The last person whom were to arrive at the scene was Grubbly-Plank, whatever she was doing there – well, he could only guess. And guessing it wasn't too hard as there were a gang of students. Quite a few of them too.

"As ye probably notice, professor Grubbly-Plank is 'ere as well," Hagrid shouted over the crowed noisy buzzing. His voice carried so far that it got the attention of all of the four houses – yes four. "T'day this lesson will be quite spectacular as the last time this happened the founders were alive t' see this. 'cause O' that, professor Grubbly-Plank has t' be 'ere as well as all the houses from fifth t' seventh are present here. But before we leave we have ta make somethin' pretty clear; anyone that can't or won't be silent as we find them have ta stay behind. Ye can't speak or make much noises when we're close as they're easily frightened 'way. I'm going first and professor Grubbly-Plank will go last. When we get there, ye can't touch anythin' that's not yours t' take or touch."

"What're we going to see anyway, professor?" A sixth year called out loudly for them all to hear.

"Nymphs! They're not usually seen, but we believe this is their mating time so they become visible for a period of twelve hours and disappear shortly after. Ye bunch is the first ta see 'em in a very long time. There hasn't been much to tell about them nor do we know very much about them. So pay close attention cause ye lot gonna a write an essay 'bout 'em later on. Now is there anyone whom doesn't want to accompany on our travel?" The half giant waited patently for someone to answer, when no one did he carried on. "The Nymphs shouldn't be too far from here, in a clearing that's not all easy to find, it should be relatively safe t' travel through as I've had a good word with those guys that might wish t' cause harm. If you could just line up two an' two behind me."

Very reluctant the Slytherin followed to do as the others and formed a line behind the giant, with a scowling Death God and a vampire at the lead. And Grubbly-Plank taking up the rear. Mai looked suspiciously on the front and her back, keeping a better track at the humans then the surroundings. Toshiro wouldn't didn't even need to ask her why she was keeping an out as it was quite obvious that there were no being stupid enough to attack the girl directly. For some reason he didn't thought it strange that Hagrid said he'd talk a good word with the dangerous animals. No, he thought rather that the old oaf had talked to Mai and convinced her to talk to the creatures to keep away from the children, not that would be much of a difference either way. But still he could never be too careful. Thinking this, made it a bit easier for the captain to move closer to the vampire. Just as the bearded man had promised, it wasn't more then a five minute trip in the thorn covered places in the Forbidden Forest. The clearing was nice, with the strangest flowers he had ever seen, and the trees seemed much more healthier in there then not. He could see them, blurs of shapes that played around in the air, had he been anyone else, that was all he would have seen, but as he was a trained captain, Toshiro could see the small naked males and females inside, going around each other like they were playing. Their dances where very cheerful, but it had a sorrowful undertone as they were grieving for something. As Mai nudged against his uniform, he allowed her to pull him with her, he also noticed that Luna was right beside him, trailing silently beside them like a shadow – or a ghost. Mai stopped right before the clearing leaning against one of the healthier trees.

"So these are Nymphs?" Toshiro then asked, observing the beings floating around on small leaves in different colours, giving themselves a different colour as they sped around.

"Yes," it wasn't really a surprise that Luna answered, that girl sometimes seemed to know a great deal of things that not many did.

"Are they actually mating?" Toshiro asked then.

"No, not really," this time around, it was Mai whom answered, once again, it was no surprise. "They're holding a dance, I suppose. We, of course, have a much more meaningful and longer name for what they're doing, but it's too complicated to say as any language doesn't have enough words for the languages."

"What're they dancing for?" Toshiro asked. "It's so joyful, and sorrowful."

"Nymphs are immortal beings. Though, just like you, and just like I; they can still die. Though most of these guys have lived at least twice my age. They show themselves only once, and that's when someone is dead. Unlike humans and other creatures, they don't die one and one; no, when it's their time of death, several falls down. It is the time of battle, I suppose. When they struggle for life. There are roughly twenty here, correct? Well, fifty has died. But they're also joyful because those whom died will provide life for the unborn Nymphs. That are those flowers in the clearing. They're wombs, I guess you could call it; that's from where the new born Nymphs will come out from. So the dance is roughly about life and death. But if those flowers were to be touched then the unborn Nymphs will die as they're more sensitive to anything – Oi! What the hell are you doing!" The girl suddenly shouted loudly, scaring all of them. "Don't touch what's not yours! Is what Hagrid said!" They looked over to where a boy with dark blond hair stood, his fingers were centimetres away a purple flower that glowed slightly – just like them all. "Don't go around touching flowers that's not yours! Let along what they do – or can do to you!" The boy curled his finger into a ball and walked away from the clearing.

"Didn't Hagrid say to be quiet?" Toshiro smirked slightly, his brow raised high.

"Well, of course. I told him to tell them to be quiet. After all, I already know these guys – or else they wouldn't have allowed anyone close to them at all."

"It's a shame that it only last for twelve hours.." Luna whispered.

"No, it doesn't," the vampire told her. "This is the second day of four days totally; This is the only day a normal human can see them as they will speed very much up in a few hours. And before they wouldn't allow you to see them, even if you so asked nicely."

"Is there a system on this?" The Shinigami couldn't help but feel guilty when he saw her saddened face.

"Yeah. The first two days are a dance for the dying ones as they pass away. They don't fall all at the same day, but they all die under the same ceremony. It takes two days for that to happen. Which is roughly two minutes for Nymphs because they have such a long life span. The two next days are used for the new Nymphs to be born into this world. A leaf from their shelter slips off and they use that as a transport way I suppose."

"Why does it come like this? Why does the old ones have to die before the new ones are born?"

"Didn't I say it, already?"

"I still don't understand why," He explained.

"Ah, I see. No one knows why or how Nymphs came to be, but it's common knowledge that there are never a more amount of Nymphs then there first was. They just don't remember their past lives. Like they're reborn. Well, technically they are, but at the same time, they're not as it's a new life, a new name, a new person, a new personality and so on. In other words they don't know anything about their past selves. But that, is only a theory. When Nymphs dies they're turned to dust if they stay on Earth, raindrops if water, heat if flames and wind if wind. Nymphs don't stay in colonies so this is the only time you'll see them. But anyway – their body is turned into one of the four elements while bits of their energy turn towards those flowers and enters them. And thus creating a new nymph."

"What do you mean, they don't live in colonies?"

"Nymphs don't live together with others like them, but rather on aeries of their own. The only reason they come together is to watch the dying ones see it final minutes and to watch over the new one being born and greet them."

"Are all the Nymphs here?"

"All in Europe. But not the world," Luna answered. "Nymphs – just like humans – looks different depending on where they are. They don't particular like each other so they don't meet up much."

"True. There's even a tell about it; it says that they met up a long time ago – a very long time ago, and they disliked each other so much a war broke out. That's how our world was created, along with this one. But, of course, this is nothing more then a fairy tail told to very young children. So it's definitively not true."

"And how would you know?"

"Because the original story was written down first. And it was written by my father's father. I found it up on the basement a long time ago. I remember Father reading it for me as a child. It was-"

"Okay! Lets head back! Gather up!" Hagrid boomed out. The students slowly gathered before the keeper and behind Grubbly-Plank. It was impossible to see but, it still it happened, the Nymphs halted in their dance as they stared down at one of the flowers started to slowly open.

"Hagrid you fool!" Mai hissed at him, quietly. "I told you not to shout!"

"But you-"

"Don't but me, you complete oaf! I told you, do not raise your voice, do not speak if not absolutely necessarily. Just be glad nothing bad happened!"

The trip back was just as uneventful as the trip to, just there were a bit more chatter about what they had just witnessed, as no teacher – neither Mai – reacted at it, it was safe to assume they were fully permitted to talk on the way back, which also seemed to be a bit longer and a bit less thorny.

"Why aren't we travelling the same way back as we came from?"

"Safer this way? If there's someone following us, or someone go astray... well, my present won't stop any being from harming that child. Besides we're leaving a trail now, if we were to go the same way back... well it would take a bit of rain for someone of the better sensed animals to loose trail of us. All in all, it's just better to travel a new way.

"Don't all creatures listen to you?"

"Of course not. Ah, speaking of – meet me down here later tonight. I have something to supervise first and it's not safe to talk about this matter in public."

"Has the thing you want to talk to me about something to do with the thing you do when you're not around here?" Toshiro questioned. "Anyhow, why are we speaking English on such a dangerous matter?"

"Because the only person willing to listen to someone hanging with Loony Lovegood – Sorry -"

"No it's quite fine. Many seem to prefer to call me that," Luna told her.

"No, it's not fine. Just because many call you that doesn't mean it's fine either. You're a fine girl, as you grow you'll become a fine woman as well. Well, either way – there's something I need to tell you now rather then later," Mai lowered her voice quite a bit, frowning heavily. "Things aren't going as anyone would've hoped, not that it ever is. Remember the case with that victim dead – oh come on, the one with the third year – well, that wasn't me, but another vampire. We don't know whom or why it happened, but we know that it was purposely intentioned, and definitively not a rough as they would have sucked that girl dry. So it was most likely a pureblood. Which makes this a bit easier."

"And the lack of wound for the out lead for the blood?" Toshiro's brow rose high.

"Do you really think that there are so few vampires that drink blood. If there's someone found to have been a – ah, well, a blood bank for a vampire the media across the globe hears about it, for the safety of the civilians safety – or so they claim. While in truth they wish to maintain a control over potential turned vampires and blood banks and to keep them locked up. But those bitten are only a minor part of those whom are actually blood banks or anything of that kind, for vampires whom care would bother to seal the wound they created up.

Which is why I'm telling you that the murder was most likely a pureblood as most of them have enough self control to not drink the blood they spill as it would ruin the cover. Very clever, I must say, very clever indeed. But not enough to fool my nose."

"Then, why did you say it was you? What did you gain by doing that?"

"People were already in a frenzy because of that Slytherin girl. Even for you, that murder would have been fuel to the fire. Using myself, I prevented you from thinking to much about it and had you rather dismiss it as my anger. Which would, hopefully, serve the string to the trigger that the murder tried to accomplish. And as no one else knows whom murdered the boy, no one would able to frame me as you didn't speak of it to no one."

"I assume that you've been off disappearing to who knows where for the soul purpose of finding out who did it?"

"Yeah, basically. Though the process has been much more... complicated then that, mind you."

"Not much of a surprise really."

"Isn't it always like that?" Luna comment dreamily. They laughed good at that, even if Luna didn't find it particular funny they did. As the day wore on, Mai disappeared more and more, like another ghost walking those halls. That night, she didn't arrive for dinner, as the day evening dragged on until it was a quarter to twelve and Toshiro headed down for the meeting down with her, when he got there, a minute after twelve, she wasn't there. He waited until dawn started to appear then he started to walk back, it wasn't until he was halfway towards the castle that he saw her, walking towards him, her head lowered, fury was set within her eyes, a fury that he had never seen those shimmering eyes held. It was like staring into hell itself; then again, perhaps he was. With her, one could never be too sure. But that was far from what was the most shocking, no, it was the multiple wounds covering her body, her blood stained hair, the rags hanging from her body, and the arm that hung limp within her grip. It was bleeding heavily, dripping rhythmically to the ground.

"Mai..." He whispered quietly, his eyes wide. "MAI!" He then called out desperately, taking off to her. An unknown feeling running towards her. The day after he would look back at how he said her name, only for then to learn what that feeling inside of him was, but for now, he had no idea, the heavy, unbearable feeling clouding everything but the want to protect and save her from whatever hurt her in such a way.

"What happened?" He questioned as he helped her sit down in the morning dew. He ripped away the torn cloths and started to heal her wounds with kidou.

"They knew we were coming. They planned a ambush, there were too many. I couldn't keep them all away. They got a shot when I was occupied by some other purebloods. I told the others to run while I occupied them. I got out because they weren't really paying attention to their surroundings."

"Have you found that vampire yet? Do you know who it was?"

"Yes and no. We found the purebloods home. But we don't know whom did it. Heck we hardly know anything," The girl told him angrily. "Wouldn't it be easier to just go to the healer and get her to heal it?"

"Hold still, you idiotic girl, I won't be able to heal your wounds if you move around," Toshiro told her as she gripped the hand that was still very much damaged, but still trying to hit the hard ground bellow her. "What do you know about the killer then? No, she would ask too many questions, I do believe you don't want anyone to know. And I know that you know that she knows you're a vampire. So don't even try it."

"Very well. We know that there's a bigger scheme going on, perhaps it even involve Hogwarts. I don't know more then that, though. I hope you rested well this day, Captain Hitsugaya, for we warn Soul Society for potential danger. For I swear to this day on, I saw a hollow there. It had even a white broken mask. Though I didn't make much sense of that. I didn't really see what was going on, but there was a hollow there, with a human body on top of that as well."

"Adjuchas," Toshiro commented.

"Oh, yes. I remember there was something written about those. Though I can't seem to remember exactly what."

"Adjuchas are one of the highest level of hollows. Moreover, why would a hollow work together with vampires?"

"That doesn't sound good at all, however, I've got absolutely no idea why they're working together. Perhaps to do evolve... Ack, I don't know. But then again, it might be related to that problem.

"Are you telling me that you have what-so-ever no knowledge or idea of what's going on?" The girl twisted, wrenching around in Toshiro's iron grip. "I told you to hold still.


"What do you mean with perhaps idiotic girl?"

"There's a telling all of the Underworld knows off. Thus no one speaks of it," the vampire told him. Once he was done working on her arm she started to draw three circles in the sand. All three rather close to each other. "This is 'Earth'. Where the living exists. This is 'Soul Society' and this is my world. The Realm of the 'Living Dead'. Of course they don't look like this as each of them are dimensions of their own. But it'll be easier to understand. For some reason, these three dimensions move around each other, like the moon do the earth, and earth the sun. But there's no system in it, at all. And this has never happened – but it's said to happen – As long as the three world keep a certain distance between each other it'll be fine. Moreover, if they were to go around the same, aka: Earth goes around Realm, Soul Society goes around Realm, they would crash. And if that were to happen, a few things could happen. One of those things are that Soul Society could be exposed to earth, and Realm to Soul Society. Which could lead to someone could take over the three dimensions at the same time. Which is rather unlikely... Or the higher possibility is that when all three met, they would – well create an enormous explosion that would delete all three realms at the same time."

"But that doesn't explain why vampires and hollows work together," Toshiro pointed out, frowning.

"I know, it doesn't," Mai agreed. "Moreover, there might be someone whom are controlling hollows to a certain degree. It could be a possibility, a very unlikely, but still.."

"A vampire?"

"No, I don't think so. If the case was so that there was a vampire. Then we would have known as any being from the underworld aren't allowed into either Hueco Mundo or Soul Society without permission first. And if that was the case, then I would have known."

"Then how?"

"Toshiro, we can stand here all night, wondering what's going on, and how all of this is actually possible, without getting any closer to the answer then we are currently. I don't believe going to Soul Society will do any good at all. I rather suggest that we retire for tonight, wait until Hogsmeade visit and then contact Captain-commander and report to him."

"Any particular reasons we should wait?" Toshiro asked, smirking. A brow rose far above the skies when the girl looked shyly away, averting his wandering gaze.

"No, not really. Just want to relax for a day before I wander out on a new thing that'll keep me all night long," the girl lied smoothly. Toshiro rolled his eyes, but didn't comment on it. Instead he headed up for the castle.

"Hurry up or I'll you behind!"

The entire week went by, things couldn't have been better; Mai was around most of the time, occasionally sleeping and disappearing to who knows where. There were nothing special to report, it was quiet.

Too quiet. Toshiro couldn't help, but feel his body tense with each passing day that went by, something just waited for something to happen.

It was cold day in the beginning of October, a storm was howling when Luna, Toshiro and Mai headed for Hogsmeade, Mai and Luna chatting merrily about something called Mumblebees. Not that he actually cared for them, or for listening to their conversation.

"Oi! Shiro-chan!" Mai called out. Toshiro growled automatically. "Did you listen at all?"

"No," he grunted.

"Figures," Mai sighed heavily. "Well, anyway. Keep Luna company for a few hours will you? I – there's somewhere I need to be. Unfortunate, neither of you have the stander to keep.. or rather, to have saying in what's happens."

"Why now?"

"Because it's the only time I have any spare time to keep for myself," Mai answered, she folded her arms over her heart, like she wanted to prey. "Pretty please!"

"Oh, very well, then. But you owe me!"

"Of course," Mai answered. "It's nothing to do with you, Luna, rather that he doesn't like going around in a city, doing – well, nothing."

"I know," Luna replied just as airily as always. "I will be the out most enthralling company."

"I'll be back to meet with you outside the Hog's Head when the meeting was going to start. I hope you both know the way." Before either of them could answer, she had disappeared in a cloud of dust.

"Do you enjoy tea, Hitsugaya-san?"

"Yes" he told her, forcing his gaze away from the girl.

"I know of a very good tea shop around the corner. It's quite there, not many knows it's there. And they have the most delicious snacks."

He spent the day with the very quite girl, whom occasionally spoke about stranger things that made little to no sense at all. Though he did find out that the girl didn't have many friends and had lost her mother due to an accident when she was still a young child. He had then told her Mai would have called her an infant for her ignorance which Luna had responded to that they grew up much faster then anyone else and lived to a much older age then anyone else.

"You're a strange girl, Luna Lovegood," Toshiro stated as the the two of them walked slowly to the bar. "Indeed. You are a very strange girl, but very much entertaining.

"That's very kind of you, Captain," Luna replied, smiling secretly. "Not many say that to me."

"I don't get the feeling that Mai get those comments a lot either," Toshiro whispered more to himself then to the young lady.

"Mai, holds many secrets. The human definition goes wide and far, we're less kind then that we would think us to be. Nor are we as alone," Luna stated calculating. "I wonder how she have any sympathy left in her being."

"What do you mean?"

Luna stared at the happily, running form of the white haired vampire as she came running full speed towards them. "She didn't need your cooperation, Toshiro. Just you, your report and your signature. Nothing else. A simple imperious spell would have done well, I believe. Even if, she didn't even need to tell you that she was something more then what she claimed."

"Hey guys!" Mai leaned against Toshiro when she stopped, just a yard away from the shop. The rain had yet to let up and was still pouring like nothing else. Luckily, Mai had put on charms to prevent wind and rain to be a bother for all three of them, so they were quite dry.

"Someone's happy," Toshiro sighed. Slightly withdrawing from the alcohol breath almost right beside him.


"Hope you had fun," Toshiro answered. A slight blush spread across her cheek together with the blush from her drunken state. "Have you ever..."

"Of course I have! Gee, do you really think that I would state sombre for a very long time after I got legal a few... oh, I don't know how many years ago!"

"How many drinks did you have? You're definitively drunk."

"Gee, I only had a few dad. Besides they were definitively weaker then those back home. Yeah, I can tell, even in this drunken state."

"And how much alcohol is there in each of those drinks?"

"So much that your lieutenant would have been drunk halfway through her first drink."

"And I suppose you've seen her drink herself out of her mind?"

"Of course. Soul Society isn't that big, and when it comes from hiding from you; well, you do rather travel far. That's how we met – Rangiku and I, that is – you were sniffing her out, and I was there as well, I didn't know how far I could pull your strings before they snapped, so I logically did the first thing that came to mind; we both fled the bar through the back door and left for a far away bar that have very strong alcohol so not many come there because they have absolutely no idea how they got there and where it was. So BAH!"

"You're waisted. You're not going anywhere," Toshiro stated.

"Oh, for crying out loud – do you really think that I would be stupid and get waisted without having a plan to get sombre very fast again afterwards?" She told him, looking quite hurt. "Luna, there's a potion in my pocket, can you get it for me?" Luna nodded and fished up the potion and handed it to Mai. She nodded her thanks, and drowned it. Then she groaned, relaxing in his arms, holding her arm to her head.

"Damn, how drunk was I? No matter, we need going – after this potion." She drowned it before taking a hold of her companions hands and brought them with her. "I blame it on the alcohol, just so you know."

"You aren't drunk, Mai," Toshiro stated amused with the situation.

"I know.."


Harry could see the outstanding hair and eyes of a girl hanging around with Mai and Toshiro, the shimmered behind them as they closed it. Fred – or was it George – counted the people and ordered the same twenty nine Butterbears.

"Twenty eight, a mead, fire whisky and the usual, put it all on my tab! I'll pay when I get to you!" Mai shouted out. "Take a seat, I'll bring the orders! Can't give an old man too much trouble, can we now?"

The crowd scattered and seated themselves in a half seat around Harry, Mai soon followed, with a tray with all of their order. The Butterbears scattered, one to each person, only two reminded on the plate along with what Mai ordered. She handed the Butterbears to Toshiro and Luna, before she grabbed the three other drinks and placed them on the table they had seated themselves on and threw the tray back to the bartender whom allowed it to drift down on the desk, only moving slightly to make sure it didn't hit the glass he was cleaning. Not even once did he look up from his precious work, he was doing. Even though the glass only got dirtier by the second. Mai removed the cap from the mead bottle before sipping it.

"Shiro-chan," said person opened his mouth to correct her, but never got that far as the second he did she clamped one hand on his nose while the other poured mead down his throat. Coaxing his throat to swallow the sweetened liquid.

"What?" She asked, handing the mead bottle to Luna whom willingly took it and nipped the bottle slightly, flicking her tongue out to taste the mead. "Oh, come on, did you really think that you were to go your whole life without the taste of liquid on your tongue?"

"Believe me; I had my share already."

"I take it you didn't particular like it? Mai stated, not really needing to ask to know the answer. "Well, some people just need the right ones to coax them into liking it. And stop staring like a gang of gaping chickens. I believe there was a reason for this meeting."

"Right," Hermione said to gain the attention of all those around the trio. "Harry here -" The teen shot her a very dark and very dangerous look. "- I mean I had an idea that it would be a good idea to start a Defence against Dark Arts group for those whom wished to actually learn something, for it doesn't take a person with a brain to know that we aren't being thought anything usefully. And by that I mean we should really study and learn Defence Against Dark Arts."

"But you want to pass your Defence Against Dark Art classes too, don't you?" Said Michael Corner, watching her closely.

"Of course I do!" Hermione shouted out, like he had just said the most offensive thing in the whole world. "But more then that, I want to learn Defence because – because... because Lord Voldemort is back.

The reaction was immediate, and very much predictable. Cho's friend shrieked and spilled Butterbear on her shirt. Terry Boot twitched. Padma Patil shuddered, Neville yelped oddly, and turned into a very odd cough. Mai, Toshiro and even Luna didn't react, though Mai took a sip from her bottle, smirking in amusement, Luna preyed the mead, afterwards handing the bottle back to Mai, whom didn't react at the bottle's temporary disappearance. Toshiro just sighed loudly, rubbing his temples as the noises got too much for his upcoming headache. But they all, expect Mai, Toshiro and Luna, looked fixedly, even eagerly, at Harry.

"Well, that's the plan, anyway," said Hermione, drawing attention to herself again. "If you want to join us, we need to decide how we're going to-"

"Where's the proof that You-Know-Who is back?" Said the blond Hufflepuff player in a rather aggressive voice.

"Well, Dumbledore believes it-"

"You mean Dumbledore believes him," the blond cut off, nodding to Harry.

"Who're you?" Ron stated quite rudely.

"Zacharias Smith," said the boy. "And I think we have to right to know exactly what makes him say he's back."

"Look, that's really not what this meeting is about," Hermione stressed out.

"It's All right, 'Mione." It just dawned on him why all those people were there for, to learn the truth about what happened that night. He shoot her an angry look, she should have known that they would come for that, to learn about things that he wasn't just ready to speak about. Not yet anyway.

"What makes me say he's back?" Harry pondered, falsify his wonder. "I saw him. But Dumbledore told you that at the end of the school year, so if you didn't believe him then, you wouldn't believe me either." The whole group held their breath while Harry talked, that is until something interrupted it. Harry turned to where the trio of white and blond was seated, Mai was leaning against the table, laughing softly.

"How foolishly naïvely of all of you. Do you really think fighting the Dark Lord should be your top propitiatory? Do you really think that any spells that you will be thought by someone, whatever be it teacher or Harry or another student, will help you fight? Do you really think that you can take on Death Eaters if they were to come. Do you really think that Voldemort is what you should concern yourself with? No, he's not. There are many beings, even within Hogwarts grounds, that will have an very easy time to rip apart the school, including anything within it. The play war you held against the Dark Lord is nothing but a game. It's nothing but a distraction for a greater scheme. Take this girl's offer of Defence while you can, for if you don't, it'll be easier for some to kill you then it would a new born baby."

"And where is the proof of your words?" The blond questioned, eyeing Mai suspicious.

"Whatever or not is true is quite insignificant, whatever or not you're alive to experience it is also insignificant. Whatever or not you believe me; that also is very much unimportant. Whatever or not he is lying about the Dark Lord is also unimportant. What is important however, is that he says he's back. Thus if he's back and there's no one prepared then he will take Britten with ease. Not to mention that he had creatures on the back of his whims before, almost completely alliance with them, but now inches to his goal. Once everything is prepared... well, I'm quite scared of how easy it will for them to take over. So again, if you believe him or not, if you wish to fight or not, it doesn't matter. Because even if he dies, there will be a new person to claim the Dark Lord tittle. And whom will teach your children to fight if you cannot fight yourself? The professors are one day all going to die, never doubt that. Then this generation will take over for them as always. And if you cannot fight, no one can teach your children to fight as well. So again, if Voldemort is back, even if he isn't, it still doesn't matter because someone will take his place. Whatever it be tomorrow or two hundred years into the future. It will still happen. And if no one teach you to fight, you won't be able to teach others how to fight. And so it will go on, only the Gods and Goddesses knows how it will be like in two hundred years."

"I think that clarified things a bit. Now, there's only a matter of place we can hold these meetings."

"An unused classroom, perhaps?"

"No," Hermione answered quickly. "It's too obvious and not nearly big enough. We need a place we can totally destroy and build it up again without problems. A place people won't think of to look. Somewhere hidden."

"Perhaps, we should just take it one step at the time, shan't we?" Luna suggested.

"Yeah," Hermione mumbled. "Anyone whom wants to join sign up here," she held up a piece of parchment, on it was written her name, Ron and Harry's. It took a while, but slowly, but surely they all started to sign up, Zacharias Smith being one of the last and with Toshiro nagged by Mai whom were one of the first to sign up.

"A bit drunk?" Toshiro questioned when they moved away from the crowed.

"Yes, I suppose I am. That, what I said, I had been thinking that the whole meeting, then, just like that. I couldn't help it; it just slipped my mouth. And then I just couldn't stop." Throughout the meeting Mai had finished the mead and her usual order whatever that green stuff was anyway. Toshiro too scared to ask. Luna didn't even bother too, why should she? And had gotten halfway through the fire whisky. She was quite bitchy. "Oh, before I forget again, Ethan – no... Athan – Anthany Athanasius wants to see you down with the forest after dinner. Got a sparing match with him.

"Really now?" Toshiro tensed slightly, waiting for her respond.

"Yeah. Said that he was keeping an aye on you and that he hadn't seen you spare as much as necessarily to keep you on your toes. Well anyway, I'm heading out. The only reason I left the bar was so that I could meet up with you two. Adios!"

"Where's she going off to anyway?" Toshiro asked, watching as the girl stumbled her way out of his vision. The fire whisky bottle now empty.

"A vampire bar, I believe. I've heard it's quite famous one too. Well, among vampires anyway."

"I'm guessing she's not only drinking blood there either."

"You're quite right. She's probably having more imitate moments there besides drinking alcohol and human blood. I think that's how she got so drunk."

"And the green thing she drunk before?"

"That was a very strong drink mixed from a rare creature. Of course, it doesn't have that heavenly taste as human blood does. But it has enough alcohol in it to kill everyone at Three Broomsticks with a single sip."

"Then how can she be alive and drinking that?"

"Simple; she's dead, silly."


Athanasius ran though the thick forest, chasing after the pureblood vampire, he knew there were no real point in chasing the pureblood around as Circe should be there any minute and she would simply take him down like nothing at all. After all, catching a young pureblood vampire was no trouble at all for the elder one. The vampire sped up slightly, sensing the other vampire coming at him, at a much faster pace then the current vampire hunting him. Wings slowly curved out from his back, anyone vampire could tell that he was nearing the end of his rope. Just as the wings took complete shape out from his back, Circe appeared, tackling the vampire to the ground. Holding him there with her bare foot. The albino stared coldly down at the man under her hard planted foot. It was very difficult to upset the old vampire to extent where she showed her true colours of her wrath. The young vampire did his first mistake by looking into her cold hearted eyes, ones that no one ever came out from alive. Once they had looked into those death speaking eyes filled with the promise of a very painful demise, they could only hope that she would spare their lives. And the only way to do that was to speak, faster then she could make up her mind about what to do about him.

"I don't know his name or how he looks!" The vampire shouted out, distressed.. "He hides. But he's trying to come to an agreement with someone about something! About an alliance and they said something about a king and standing above together. The man also tried to have a man whom speaks more like that of snake then any kind, with one resting on his shoulder. Spreading that of four men, to join him. But the snake man refused and fought his way out when we tried to kill him. He got out alive. Then there was an older man which the ages has taken his face and the advocate will soon come to claim him, he accepted his offer, speaking of matters I could not hear. But he spoke of a child whom ages has taken his hair, said he shall use him for the greater good. But I know no more then that of that man. He also spoke of that of Adjukha and a half-"

He spoke no more for that second Mai had twisted his head off and threw it away. The teen turned to the young vampire, her bloody eyes staring at the depth of his soul. "Dispose of the body, Athanasius. I have no more use of it then I would a butterfly. Take with you the hatchings at my house and find the Dark Lord, speak to none, but him. Say that the New Moon has come to its end, and the beginning of a Full Moon shall begin at the time where no shadows rest." Mai turned back, slowly walking past the vampire. "Alas say that I shall be in contact when I have the time and that the green eyed child is nought but a child born under the star of disaster."

"Very well." Athanasius bowed, slightly. "When shall I leave?"

"The stars shan't wait for anyone, go before they decide to disappear."

"I shall return home, for now. Did you train the child as I asked of you?"

"Yes, he is quite skilled with his blade. Another few months and I shan't defeat him."

"Very good. I leave it to you then to train him until then and find a good replacement."

"Circe, what do you plan for the boy?"

"I fear that things have been too calm within Soul Society. There must be someone I can trust when the times come for the truth to be told once and for all."

"I shall speak to him when I deem it unavoidable. So shall I the council. Though it shouldn't be too far away from now. The next star which falls into despair shall be my cue."

"It is not my right to speak-"

"Then held you tongue, Athanasius. I shan't listen to one with doubt written across one's heart."

"And your child?"

"He's not mine!" Circe hissed. "He shall have his doubt for his security is gold worth."

"Getting attached to the lamb shall only bring pain."

"Yes, I'm quite aware of such," Circe stated. "Worry not, I killed my heart in the out most painful way you can imagine. You shan't worry. Should it come back, I shall simply rid of it."

"Very well."


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