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Moonflight pushed herself harder. She felt it inside of her, no one had told her, but she knew. Her mate was dead, Sunspot was in Starclan. She heard paws hitting the ground and knew that someone, probably her sister, Butterflynose, had come to get her. Moonflight was carrying her and Sunspot's first litter, and understood that she shouldn't have left the clearing. She saw a face break the hill and saw that it was Leafsong, the medicine cat of Thunderclan. Then she remembered something that her uncle had told her: Thunderclan is the clan of the brave. Face your fears Moonkit, face your fears. And so she turned to Leafsong, "Take me back to camp," she said without hesitation, "I'm ready."

Sandkit threw herself to the ground. "My mother isn't dead. My mother can't be dead!" she wailed over and over again.

"Shhh, little one," Moonflight whispered. "I'll take care of you. Me and Frogtail. We'll help you."

"Will Frogtail still love me?"

"Of course he will," Moonflight soothed, "He is your father, and nothing will change that. My uncle once said to me, 'Thunderclan is the Clan of the brave. Face your fears Moonkit, face your fears.' He lost his ninth life shortly after, but I will never, as long as I may live, forget him."

"All those old enough to catch their own prey join me here beneath the highrock!" Icestar yowled. "By naming apprentices we insure that the clan will remain strong. Sandkit, from now on until you earn your warrior name you will be known as Sandpaw. Whitenose, you are ready for an apprentice. You will mentor Sandpaw."

Sandpaw touched noses with her mentor and Moonflight felt a pang of jealousy that she was not named her mentor. Then she realized that she had been like a mother to the kit, and thus, she could not mentor her. She would get an apprentice soon, she knew that she would. She remembered her wise uncles words, "Thunderclan is the Clan of the brave. Face your fears Moonflight, face your fears. Then Moonlight knew that she would get an apprentice, she would just have to show Icestar that she was ready for one.

A/N: If you can't tell, all the scenes are based off of one quote, that isn't from the books, but the next one probably will be. All of the cats will be my own, but somehow related to one of the cats in the books. They kind of live off in their own time where none of the cats from the books are. No flames please.