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AN: The quote is "once a kittypet always a kittypet." –Into the Wild.

Blackpaw looked up at her mentor. "What clan are they from?" she asked naively.

"Hi!" one of the kittypets came over happily.

Willowstream hissed and the kittypet ran. "Once a kittypet always a kittypet," she muttered, "Come on Blackpaw, let's get away from here."

"I'm sorry Blackheart, I really do love you, I do. It just isn't the life for me."

"Once a kittypet, always a kittypet," Blackheart muttered, stinging her former mate.

"Hey Blackheart, why don't you have a mate?" her springy apprentice Acornpaw asked.

"He joined us from the kittiepets and then went back. Once a kittypet always a kittypet. I haven't had another mate since."

"I'm sorry," Acornpaw whisoered, "I shouldn't have brought it up."

"No, it's fine. I had to talk about it sometime."