"Oh, for the love of-Where is Emil?" a red eyed teen grumbled, almost losing to the grumbling of his stomach.

"He's in the reserves, Ratatosk...you know that..." a brown eyed teen smirked back, amused by his brother's impatience.

"Well I wish he would hurry the hell up..." he rolled over on the couch, facing away from the identical boy sitting at a desk across the room.

"He wouldn't be out there if someone hadn't insistedon eating a steak with vegetable soup on the side with mashed potatoes and gravy..." he countered, continuing to write whatever he was writing.

"Aster...don't talk about food...you'll kill me..."

"Aster! Ratatosk! Emil said the soup's done if you're really hungry but that Ratatosk is gonna have to wait for steak!" a female voice shouted. The sound of a chair scooting back resounded as well as the closing of a book.

"Thank you Marta! We'll be down!" the brown eyed boy called, pulling at his mirror image's arm. "Come on now...you aren't that weak..."

"Jeez, I know!" They then left the room ad began the short trek down the stairs. "If we didn't have and incompetent maid, we wouldn't have to wait for Emil for everything..." Ratatosk grumbled. Upon their arrival to the dining room however, they received a glare.

"Excuse me then! Ad to be complaining, you're the one that chose me Ratatosk!" the girl huffed, turning her head in annoyance.

"If you say that, aren't you forgetting to say a certain word with our names?"

"Tch...so then, what would you prefer since you decided to go there?"

Hmm...call me 'lord'. Try it..."

"Lord Ratatosk?"

"...neh. Too much attitude. Try it again."

"Like I can call you 'Lord Ratatosk' with a straight face! Who could?" she shouted back, a small set of blush on her cheeks. With the plainest look on his face he simply replied:

"Emil and Aster...and any other maid besides you..."

"Prove it!"

"Yo, Ast, would you?"

"Honestly..." the scholarly boy sighed, turning with an uninterested face. "What is your command, Lord Ratatosk? Happy?"

"Yeah, sure, Emil..."

"Umm..." since he was bringing him food, he just applied that to the situation. "Here's your dinner L-Lord Ratatosk. Please be patient with the rest in waiting..." he added a slight bow after placing the soup down. Ratatosk found himself staring at his brother, face tinged the same shade as his eyes. A bit of silence ensued until...

"Don't do that again!"

"B-But...y-you asked me t-to..." he stuttered back. He honestly didn't understand what he did wrong, seeing as he hadn't really done anything wrong as it were.

"And now I'm saying don't ever do that again!"

"Ha, ha, ha..." Aster chuckled with a bit of amused sarcasm, "You just made Ratatosk consider twincest..." Ratatosk's blush worsened as Emil's came anew.

"Aster! What the hell? What type of word is 'twincest'? What the hell do you read?" he ramble-roared. Aster chuckled a bit more.

"Nothing too interesting. And twincest is a simple combination of 'twin' and 'ince-"

"First off, we're triplets, idiot."

"...triplest? But I'm not involved in this so it is still twincest..."

"Not the point! Jeez...let's just eat already..." by this point, all the food was done and even Emil was sitting at the table nonchalantly looking onto the situation.

"Yes, yes, sure...thank you for the food Emil." he added a small smile along with tilting his head in the boy's direction. The youngest triplet smiled back with a small laugh. As they all began to eat, the middle of the trio noted something. "You know, although I was teasing 'Tosk here, Emmy didn't disagree with the idea..." both boys choked.


"T-t-that n-not fair! I w-wasn't paying a-attention!" the green-eyed teen spat back. A snort came from the middle child.

"Jeez you're slow...people'll take advantage of you if you don't catch onto implicit things like that." Ratatosk mumbled, picking around his food at the moment.

"Especially if it's your big brother, Ratatosk..."

"Shut the hell up Aster, seriously!"

"Sure, sure..." he snickered, "Anyway, thank you for the meal, Emil..."

"Ah, y-yes..." he smiled, glad to have that moment over, also being glad that they could actually eat in peace without the sarcastic one saying something inappropriate towards-

"You know...sometimes I think that if Emil really was a girl I'd-"

"Shut. Up. Aster." Ratatosk cut off quickly. So much for that idea...


"So you two'll hold down the fort?" The eldest triplet asked, like he always did whenever he and Aster left for town. As expected, Marta smiled and Emil nodded, both used to the over-worrying of the youngest two in the house. "Right, right, so what-"

"Don't let people in the house. If anyone even sets foot on the land, that isn't you, either scream bloody murder or hide. We know, jeez! You make us say it every time. It's not hard to remember." Marta interrupted. "Go Mr. Negotiator, have a blast, we'll be fine."

"Let me finish, stupid!" he butted back. "There's been these thieves around here, stealing maids and putting them back on the market...or the black market...one tends not to know..."

"They say the blackmarket's the way to go on these kinds of things..." the brown eyed teen muttered, "Get more bang for your buck because they've already been trained and people get to ask for specifics in...certain areas..."

"...may I ask...why the hell you even know that much...seriously..." Ratatosk trailed, eying his brother warily.

"Aster seems..." Emil started.

"...a bit shady..." Marta finished.

"No." Aster himself added. "I just know the many ways of income, legal or not...nothing more. I am the accountant of our little group, aren't I?" he questioned with a little smile. They all just stared back, not knowing what to think of how much he actually did when they weren't paying attention to him. Let alone that they couldn't really say anything back to that anyways. "So, shall we go?"

"...yeah...sure." The eldest mumbled, turning around towards the horse and wagon waiting for them. " ...see you two later..."

"Bye~" the girl called in a singsong voice as the green eyed boy simply waved. As the carriage rode off, Emil found himself looking at the sky. It was gray and cloudy, not a good sight for it almost turning dusk. "What's wrong, Emmy?" He blinked, snapping out of the trance he was in but still, she didn't quite like the glazed over look he had a moment ago.

"Oh, nothing really...it's just...the sky..."

"Hmm..." she looked up as well. "...it is kind of creepy..."

"...almost...foreboding...you know?" he asked absently. A light frown graced her face for a moment due to him beginning to space out again.

"Come on! Let's go inside...it also looks like it might rain." she urged, latching onto his arm and pulling him away. Even with that, something about that sky seemed to get to him.


A/N: I think this prologue is way too short but...I...damn it...I want to write but it's just certain things like the start up that slow me down because truthfully the idea this story came from would be in the middle (well not exactly the middle...) and it's the beginningand the wind up (to me) is horribly slow...just like the new chapter for Don't Bring Books to the Beach...I am seriously trying to write it but the scenes are throwing me off...do you guys think I'm in a bit of a slump or something? Jeez...ah well. By the way, Aster is win XDDD, most of his sarcastic comments/contradictions are based from yours truly (because I am extremely sarcastic irl and one of my friends hate that) Hope you enjoyed this anyways and hopefully I can get the next chapter up soon and it be more interesting than this ^^;

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