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When all is lost to you inside When all the darkness takes the light The ritual warning has begun And now you tear away from everyone Disconnected so alone yeah Severed ties from all you know….

Isolation, Alter Bridge

The tension in the large room was thick and heavy, the cries and groans of small, agitated children constantly filtered through the air to my ears. I sighed. I loved my nephews, I really did, but a karate tournament? That lasted all day? On my "once a month" off-weekend, in the middle of April, in east-Jesus-nowhere Louisiana? It's a fucking good thing I loved them and my sister more than anything.

Fidgeting on the bleachers, I stole a glance at my sister and brother-in-law seated next to me, my three nephews lined up alongside them, white uniforms gleaming. Catching my sister Alice's eye, I rolled my eyes exaggeratedly. She knew I wanted to leave, but the boys, who she knew I couldn't say no to, had asked to stay and see their instructor compete. The conniving little bitch, that I so adored, had sent her trio of dark haired little moppets to ask me if they could stay, and they had done so, all huge ,dark, puppy-dog eyes and pleading voices. Fuck me. I am such a softie.

I tapped my watch, looking at Alice with an exaggerated wink, and she stuck her tongue out at me.

'In a minute," she mouthed, draping her arm around her husband, a huge hulk of a man with a jovial grin and dimples for days. I had no idea how the fuck the two had managed to make their marriage work for as long as they had; they were polar opposites in every way imaginable. Alice was petite, hyper, fashion conscious, and a diehard perfectionist, just as she had always been.

And Emmett? Well, my brother in law was fucking huge, easy going, and about as laid back and casual as you could be, without being in a fucking coma. Whatever. Their sex life must have been fucking awesome. God knows they had been together long enough. The two had started dating their junior year of high school, and had been together ever since. After sixteen years and three kids, something must have been going right. Someone's might as well have been.

Fuck knows mine wasn't … the closest I had been to getting any action lately was jillin' with my trusty BOB. Fuck, I was going to have to invest in Energizer if my God damn dry spell went on for much longer. I was making a mental note to check my battery supply, when my eldest nephew Paul's voice rang out.

"Aunt Bella, there he is!" I followed the direction the dark-haired boy pointed, and looked down to the mat. "That's Master Cullen, with the red hair." Glancing down, I looked at the two men in the middle of the blue mat and gulped. Hard.

The man my nephew identified as Master Cullen stood in the center of the ring, his back to us, the bright lights shining off of the copper-colored hair atop his head, a short, severe cut that complimented the stark, bright white of his uniform, his black belt in sharp contrast to the crisp cotton that covered his lean form.

But fuck me, the man could have been a fucking drag queen as far as I was concerned. My gaze was instantly drawn to the man opposite him. Fuck. Me.

I unabashedly ran my eyes from the top of his golden head down to his bare feet and stifled a groan. I had no fucking clue who this guy was, but he was one of the most beautiful men I had ever seen. Ever. He must have easily stood 6'3", all long limbs and taut muscles, visible even from my not-so-great vantage point. Golden, sun-kissed hair topped his head, framing a face that seemed sculpted out of marble, all perfect lines and clean, tan skin, a stark contrast to the severe white uniform that clung to his lean body. Fuck. I wanted to lick this man, and I didn't even know who he was.

I watched intently as the two men bowed and proceeded to spar … at least, that was what Paul called it. I could barely make out my nephew's voice as I watched the fucking Adonis in front of me go around and exchange kicks and punches with his competitor. I could feel my panties get damp with every strike. Fuck me. I was pathetic. But Jesus … Hot Karate Guy was a fucking work of art.

My eyes stayed glued to him as they continued, and I finally pulled my gaze away as they separated. My sister's voice rang sharply in my ears.

'Isabella!" I shook my head and looked over at her, frowning at the mischievous grin on her face.

"Sorry, what?" I wasn't going to even pretend I knew what she was saying. The girl could read me like a book.

Alice smirked, and her green eyes twinkled with mirth. "You seemed awfully interested in the match, sister dear." Her voice was saccharine sweet and I winced, narrowing my eyes at her. Before she could continue, I stood and smoothed the full skirt of my sleeveless red dress, glaring at her as I grabbed my purse.

"I need to go call Jill," I muttered, just loud enough for her to hear, purposely using the slang for "getting-off" that we had been forced to come up with as teenagers. What? We were fucking horny teens, and there was no way in hell we were gonna let our church-going, small-town sheriff dad know what we were actually talking about. Besides that, my twin sister and I were in the last generation of American girls to receive a pre-Vatican II Catholic education, complete with nuns, corporal punishment and uniforms. Predictably, it fucked us up and made us slutty.

"I'll bet you do," she called playfully. She was so fucking pleased with herself, I could hear the grin in her voice. I insouciantly flipped her off and headed down the bleacher stairs, desperate for some privacy.

Meandering through the deserted halls of the sprawling Christian school the tournament was being held at, I searched for an empty bathroom and was beyond pleased to find a deserted girls room down a dark, depressing hall, decorated with colorful construction paper crosses and uniform regulation posters. Shaking my head, I ducked into the pink tiled room and locked the door behind me. The last thing I needed was to get caught. With a small smile, I ducked into the stall and shimmied my tiny scrap of underwear down over my hips, Hot Karate Guy's sexy smirk flashing through my mind.

'Forgive me father, for I have sinned …'

Five minutes later, (What? I'm fucking good at what I do), I quickly washed up and exited the antiseptic smelling room, meandering back towards the gym and feeling significantly more relaxed. A small smile played on my lips as I met Alice's eyes through the crowd, and she arched a perfectly sculpted eyebrow at me. I playfully stuck my tongue out at her as I ascended the bleachers and returned to my seat.

"Feel better sis?" she asked innocently, her voice as light and guiltless as wind chimes on a breezy day.

"Are you okay Aunt Bella?" My middle nephew Jacob's voice was concerned, and I shot my sister a glare before addressing the worried 12-year-old.

"I'm fine, Jake, thank you honey. I just needed to make a phone call." I smiled brightly at him and heard Emmett's deep chuckle. I knew by the expression on his face, he knew exactly what had just happened.

"Cocksucker," I mouthed the word slowly, enunciating every syllable. The big lug smiled at me, getting ready to open his mouth, when the opening notes of one of my favorite songs, and my current ringtone, Alter Bridge's Isolation, rang through the large room, and all eyes returned to the mat in front of us. Of-fucking-course. There stood Hot Karate Guy, only instead of the white gi I had seen earlier, he was clothed in a black uniform, the yellow embroidery on his black belt the only splash of color besides his wavy, gold hair. Fucking UNF.

My eyes were riveted to his form as he moved across the mat with a surprising grace. Having been a dancer growing up, I had no idea what the fuck the moves he was doing were called, nor what the stick things he was whipping around were, but fuck me, I wanted to learn. I watched him intently as he kicked, punched, jumped and spun, seemingly agile as a cat, and with a surprising fluidity and poise, his voice calling out in a yell on occasion. Jesus fuck, I was hypnotized.

All too soon it was over and he stood, perfectly still in the center of the floor, the corner of his pink lips barely twitching into a smile. The crowd erupted into thunderous applause; Hot Karate Guy bowed quickly and was gone. But … I wasn't done ogling him. I knew I was pouting slightly, and a thud on my arm from my dear sister pulled me out of my thoughts.

Turning towards her sharply, I glared, trying my best to look mean, and failing miserably as soon as I met her sparkling eyes.

"Don't even fucking say it Alice," I whispered under my breath as I stood, once again, and headed back down the bleachers. I hadn't been this fucking horny in … well, years, and here I was, in a Catholic school, in the middle of Louisiana, getting ready to go and jill it for the second time in less than a half hour. All over a guy I had never even see before today.

Jesus Fuck. I think I had a problem.

Fuck that, I KNEW I had a problem, and there were very few solutions to said problem, short of becoming a hermit. Did they have a masturbators anonymous group? Because, I think I might have needed to start one. Just before I turned the corner to head down my deserted hall to my tiny, pink chemical scented sanctuary, I heard the familiar strains of Isolation drift to my ears from the depths of my purse.

"Mother fucker," I mumbled under my breath, stopping short and pulling my pink Blackberry out of my bag before glancing at the display. Fucking Alice. "What?" I nearly growled into the phone, only to be greeted with my twins tinkling laugh.

"They are having some sort of speech at the moment, dear sister, so if you need to take some extra time to take care of things, when you're done handling your situation, would you mind grabbing the boys a soda from the vending machine? They are parched …" her voice drifted off, and she giggled.

"I fucking hate you, you know that, right?" The dampness between my legs was becoming more pronounced, and I wanted nothing more than to shut myself in the crappy pink bathroom and take care of it.

"You fucking love me sister dear and you know it. Have fun baby cakes." She gave a small laugh. The line went silent as she hung up. Frowning, I dropped the phone into my bag and stalked down the hallway, cursing under my breath the whole way. When I finally reached my destination, I pushed the door open and, instead of my silent pink refuge, I was met with a giggling group of preteens touching up their Bonnie Bell at the mirror.

Frowning, I spun on my heel and walked out, my eyes darting round the hall and landing on the teachers' restroom down the hall. That would fucking do. I stalked down the hall and pushed the wooden door open, pleased when the light flickered on, indicating the lack of people. Thank Jesus. I quickly turned and flipped the lock on the door, giving it a quick tug for good measure. I had extra time; I might as well do this fucking right. Turning quickly, I tossed my purse on the counter and leaned against the wall. The cool white tiles felt freezing on my heated skin, and I gasped at the unexpected contact, goose bumps forming up and down my arms, my nipples instantly hardening to pin pricks. Jesus Christ, I couldn't even believe that this guy had me riled up like this.

Closing my eyes, I tilted my head back and ran my hands over my breasts, gasping a bit at the contact. I teasingly tweaked my left nipple, shivering at the sensation that ran through me, the seemingly endless moisture between my things continuing to build. Moaning softly under my breath, I cupped my right breast through the soft material of my dress and sighed. Slowly and teasingly, I trailed my fingers down my abdomen, pausing briefly to untie the sash that was knotted at my waist and letting it fall to the floor. My hands continued their descent, stopping at my hips, where I quickly gathered the full material of my skirt up around my waist and reveled in the feel of the cool tile on the back of my thighs.

Fuck. I shouldn't have worn such a full skirt. Pouting, I let the material drop and my fingers slid back up my abdomen and quickly unzipped the hidden side zipper. Without opening my eyes, I slipped the soft material up over my head and dropped it into a pile at my feet, the soft silk rustling quietly as it hit the ground. Much fucking better.

Smiling softly, I once again trailed my fingers down my abdomen, reveling in the sensations that rocketed through my body. Jesus fuck, I hadn't been this turned on in I don't know how long. Slowly, I slid my hand below the damp lace of my purple thong and moaned at the wetness that I encountered.

Somehow, even in my near delirious state, I heard another moan, one that was most definitely NOT from me. One that was most definitely male. My mind raced, and I squeezed my eyes shut, dreading the possibility of who I would see when I opened them. With my luck, it would be Wilfred the creepy janitor who wears his pants backwards.

'Sorry darlin'," the voice was low and husky, the deep Texas accent sending chills down my spine. I swallowed hard and opened my eyes. Oh Jesus Fuck. In front of me stood not creepy backwards pants wearing janitor, but, to my immense joy and embarrassment, which were warring between each other, the object of my desire himself.

Hot Karate Guy was five feet away from me; his green eyes were dark with desire as he took in my nearly naked form. Raking my eyes blatantly over him, I was more than a bit pleased to notice a substantial bulge in his black pants. Oh sweet Jesus. He had a sexy-as-fuck smirk on his full pink lips. I was struck silent which, for me, never happens.

Of course, what happened next blew my mind.

'Would you like a hand?"

I know my jaw dropped; I fucking felt it. I froze for a moment before I came to my senses. I closed my mouth and smiled softly.

"I would, thank you," I replied, peeking up through lowered lashes. The words had barely left my mouth before he was in front me, his strong arms around my waist, pulling me flush against him. The stiff cotton of his uniform scratched against my hot skin, and I could feel the heat and hardness of his body even through the thick fabric.

"You," he muttered, his voice smooth as honey in my ear, calloused fingers drifting down my ribcage, "are too hot for your own good." His warm breath ghosted across my neck seconds before his lips descended upon my throat. I gasped in pleasure and squirmed against him, striving for as much contact as I could get. My body was aching for this man and I didn't even know his name. With slightly trembling fingers, I fumbled with the belt at his waist, futilely attempting to untie it. He chuckled huskily and gently moved my hands down to my sides and untied the offending item in a flash, draping it across the half wall next to him.

I swallowed hard and quickly untied the tiny knots holding his jacket closed, my hands shaking slightly as I pulled the small strings free and pushed the jacket down over his shoulders. I took in the sight of his sun kissed skin and beautifully defined muscles. I grinned and bit my lip shyly as I ran my nails down his chest, delighted by the soft growl the simple action caused. I laughed softly and rested my hands on the rough cotton waistband of his pants that hug at his hips. I smiled up at him, barely running my fingers along his exposed hips.

He groaned deep in his throat, and his head dropped back, eyes closed. I slowly untied the drawstring that was the only thing holding said pants in place. With a soft chuckle, I slipped the cotton down and let it puddle at his feet, my hands still resting on his slim hips. I took a moment to fully take him in, raking my eyes over every inch of his sculpted body from head to toe, purposely lingering on the substantial bulge in his black boxers with a grin before flicking my eyes back up to his face.

His eyes were dark, and he had the sexiest fucking half smirk that I have ever seen playing on his full lips. His eyes searched mine, his gaze imploring. I licked my lips and nodded quickly, and his lips were on mine in a flash, his tongue tracing along my lower lip, seeking entrance, which I quickly obliged even as his strong, calloused hands slid over my ribs and around my back. He quickly unhooked my purple lace bra and dropped it to the floor with the rest of our clothes, even as I writhed against him, every nerve in my body aching for his touch.

"Jesus sweetheart," he muttered against my neck, "you are fucking soaked." His words sent a shiver down my spine, and I attempted, very unsuccessfully, to stifle a moan as his long fingers danced over the scrap of damp silk and lace between my legs. My eyes closed and my head dropped back, hitting the tile with a dull thud. It would fucking hurt later, but I could care less. The only thing that mattered at the moment was the man in front of me.

"Please," I gasped, his rough tongue once again tracing along my throat as I ran my nails down his back.

"Please what, darlin?" he teased, his fingers creeping under the waist band of my thong.

"I need- I-" I was too far gone to form a coherent sentence, instead choosing to hitch my leg up over his hip and grinding against him as hard as I could.

"Fuck." The word was little more than a groan, and in a flash my underwear and his were both on the floor. I was quickly lifted off the ground, my right leg joining my left, as it wrapped around his other hip and my feet locked around his back, his strong hands gripping my ass to keep me in place.

In an instant I was set down and quickly spun around. Opening my eyes, I found myself bent over the counter and staring into the mirror. Karate guys' sexy smirk was back and I moaned as I felt him rub his considerable erection against me, hard and smooth against hot and wet. I cried out in pleasure as his head brushed my clit.

"Jesus fuck, sweet girl," he mumbled, his strong hands gripping my hips. "You're so fucking wet." Forcing my eyes open, I looked in the mirror and met his gaze. Our eyes met, and I was treated to a blinding grin. I gasped as he teasingly ran his cock against my clit, and I attempted to stifle a moan.

"Do you like that, darlin'?" As he spoke, he leaned forward against my back, and his hands drifted from my hips up my waist and over my ribs, finally settling on my breasts. I nodded mutely, unable to form coherent thought any longer.

"Good." The word was soft, and his warm breath ghosted across my ear as he straightened up and pulled me flush against him. His calloused fingers ran over my breasts lightly, alternating feather light touches with firm, teasing pinches to my rock hard nipples. I could feel his sizeable cock pressing against my lower back, and I rolled my hips playfully, delighting in the deep groan I received in response.

Grinning, I slid my arms up and around his neck as he ducked his own head and teasingly kissed the sensitive skin just below my left ear, pinching my nipples at the same time. Jesus Christ. I swear to God I purred like a mother-fucking cat.

As much as I reveled in his gentle caresses and teasing touches, my need to have him inside me was growing to a physical ache. I needed to come, and I needed to do so soon or I might just combust. My hand drifted, more out of habit than anything, down from his neck, over the soft skin of his shoulder and down my own body, sliding between my breasts and down my flat abdomen to rest at the apex of my thighs, my fingertips gently tracing my folds and collecting the moisture that gathered there. I was about to slide two fingers inside myself and take matters into my own hands, when I felt a large hand close around my wrist, effectively stilling my progression. I whimpered in need and squeezed my eyes shut in frustration.

"Please," I whispered, the word little more than a gasp.

The beautiful blond man behind me stiffened a bit and released my hand, placing his hands on my hips and turning me to face him. I chewed lightly on my bottom lip, refusing to open my eyes.

"You. " His voice was soft and low, his breath warm and sweet as it brushed across my ear. "Shouldn't. Have. To. Beg." He punctuated each word with a soft, sweet kiss to my jaw, and I jumped as I felt his strong fingers slide over my sex, collecting the moisture that had built there. At the feel of his rough fingers against me, I bucked my hips and moaned loudly, my own fingers tangling in the soft golden strands of my partner's hair. I could feel his movements as he quickly lubricated himself and lifted me, setting my ass on the counter between the two sinks, his strong arms sliding around my waist as he positioned himself at my entrance.

"Look at me?" The words were a plea, and I responded in kind, opening my brown eyes to meet his green ones. He gave me a sweet smile, and claimed my lips with his own as he slid inside of me; my cry of pleasure was swallowed by his mouth as my legs automatically locked around his hips.

"Jesus," he muttered against my lips as he finished sheathing himself inside of me. He stilled his movements as I adjusted to his size for a moment, my body unused to such a pleasant invasion. I gave a small, shuddering breath and tilted my hips, signaling him to move with my body. Slowly, we began to move together, our breaths becoming ragged as our movements became more frantic. I willingly yielded to him to set the pace, and my head dropped back. My eyes drifted shut as I felt my body begin to move closer to climax.

"I-just-please –" The words I gasped between ragged breaths and heavy moans made no sense, and I lost myself in feeling as he peppered my face and neck with soft, sweet kisses between murmurs of endearment. His strong hands gripped my hips tightly as I felt him begin to throb inside of me and our pace quickened still. I cried out in pleasure as he lifted me off the counter and slammed into me, once, twice, three times before I came with a scream that he muffled with his own mouth.

He followed seconds later, coming with a loud groan just before setting me back down on the counter. We stayed like that, perfectly still, for what seemed like ages as our breathing slowed and returned to normal. He continued to place tiny, sweet kisses along my jaw and throat, wherever his lips could easily reach.

"Look at me?" His words were gentle and imploring, and I complied, meeting his dazzling green eyes, still dark with desire, a beautiful, soft smile on his lips. I felt myself blush under his intense gaze.

"Sweet girl," he mumbled, placing as single, soft kiss on my lips as he slipped out of me and stepped back. I smiled in return and accepted his proffered hand to help me down. My knees shook slightly as my feet hit the cool tile floor, and I leaned into him for support.

"Are you okay?" The concern in his voice was moving, and I smiled up at him and nodded, still unable to speak.

"We should probably – um," he gestured to the sinks and handed me a small stack of paper towels. I smiled in thanks and accepted them, turning my back to him and fiddling with the water, adjusting it to the correct temperature. We quickly washed up and dressed in easy silence, the only sounds our breathing and the soft rustle of fabric as we adjusted jackets, pants, and dresses. Collecting the last of our belongings, we met at the door, both of us silent and smiling.

He quickly flipped the lock open and gifted me with a dazzling smile.

"Thank you, sweet girl."

With the simple words, he placed a sweetly chaste kiss on my lips and was gone.

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