Part 3 of this ever going story

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Chapter One: Seventeen

Days, weeks, months and years. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Life's been treating me good recently since the whole thing with the Vexos and King Zenoheld. My career has taken off to new heights now and even though I'm still not properly signed to a record company, I have independent concerts and I can perform at bigger venues now which is good enough for me but the downside is that I have a love life to be desired because I have to practice for hours on end because of my dad requesting or demanding it more like.

I am tragically the only girl brawler around because well Runo and Julie retired from brawling and Alice rarely brawled anyway so no change really but it's more lonely than normal because I have to deal with all the boys which isn't my idea of fun. At least I still have Phoenix though but I never thought Zelda would want to leave, she went back to Vestroia much to my annoyance and protests but it wasn't my finest hour.

My family is pretty empty now Nadia has moved to a new city to see if she can make it on her own; not to be a downer, I hoped she wouldn't in honesty because now Nadia isn't around, Dad is watching me like a hawk probably because of the fact I spent more of my nights at Shun's than in my own home. Whenever, he asks about that, I just say it was always going to happen and I'm amazed it didn't happen sooner. But we started going out when we were thirteen and now we're both seventeen and things change the older you get when it comes to a relationship. Dad already thinks I'm rushing into things but I'm not considering how long we've been going out for.

The brawlers have gone through a few changes recently too: Dan and Julie moved to Bayview which I thought was weird, it would make more sense if Runo went with him. I'm not even sure where they stand as a couple anymore, none of us though which is quite frustrating honestly. Also we have this new guy called Ren Krawler who is a darkus brawler but I don't trust him as far as I can throw him and Shun feels the same. Marucho seems to get on with him pretty well though so he would hate it if I felt that way and admitted it to his face so I learnt to keep it to myself.

Interspace has taken off too with it being open to the public eye so anyone could be a brawler now which increases more competition for people as well for us one of these days so it's definitely more interesting now in BI.

Although at the end of it today after meeting new guy Jake, this weird explosion happened where Dan apparently had a vision about bakugan at war but it doesn't make any sense so we just brushed it off as some hallucination but I don't believe in coincidences anymore with the life I've had to lead but maybe I am just over thinking things again but...

To move onto something else, I'm spending the night at Shun's again but use your imagination as to what we'll be doing all night but all I can say is that it will be hot and awesome but I guess this is still uncomfortable to even say in my own head than out loud which is even weirder and besides I admit my private life to anyone else, they would give me so much grief that I'll wish I could turn back time.

Preview of what to expect

An unexpected surprise rocks Xenia's and Shun's relationship and could either change or end it forever

Love interests come into both of their lives

And one major war between two planets on top of all this personal chaos

Join up for the ride in the third part: Love and War