Kaito looked down at the sleeping body with saddened eyes.

He knew that the boy before him had a knack for getting into trouble, but when he had heard that his lover was in an accident this was not what he had imagined. Reaching down Kaito gentle brushed a few stands of wayward hair out of the boy's face and grimaced slightly at what he found. His lover's left eye was swollen shut and the grotesque black and blue mark stretched all the way down to his chin. His lip was badly split and there were traces of blood around his nostrils. Not that it was unusually for Kaito's lover to come home with some scrapes and bruises, he was a detective after all, but it wasn't the physical injuries that Kaito was concerned with. No, those would heal in time.

It was the psychological pain that he worried about.

Even through the detective's closed eyelids Kaito could tell his lover was in pain. Every once in a while a grimace of pain would flash across the boy's features and a tortured whimper would escape his lips. Kaito swallowed thickly as he remembered what it was that was now tormenting the sleeping figure before him. The gun shot rang out in his ear as the criminal had dropped to the ground. Kaito remembered his eyes widening when he saw who had fired the fatal shot, but upon seeing Shinichi's face his heart plummeted.

For a few minutes the detective seemed to be in shock, than he had been rushed away in a crowd of reporters, cops, and grateful hostages. Upon returning from his slight daze Shinichi had seemed to return to his calm, collected self, but seeing him now without his poker face revealed the truth.

Kaito hadn't even been aware that he was stroking Shinichi's hair until a hand covered his and interlocked their fingers. He looked down at the detective as he shifted slightly so that he could view Kaito out of his non injured eyes. The questioning look he had was heartbreaking.

Neither of them spoke but the conversation between them was louder than if they had shouted it.

Very slowly, being mindful of his lover's bruises, Kaito leaned forward and place a loving kiss on the detective's head allowing the latter to deflate slightly in relief. That single kiss was enough to dispel any doubts Shinichi seemed to have and he allowed his eyes to finally fill with tears as he hugged Kaito's hand to his face. As carefully as he could Kaito climbed over the detective and crawled into the bed beside him and pulled the boy into his chest.

For almost an hour they lay there with the only sound in the room being Shinichi quiet sobs. Than very slowly the detective began to calm down and drifted off into what they both knew would not be a peaceful sleep. Kaito just pulled him closer, making a silent promise to be there for every nightmare the detective had for as long as he had them.