Kaito had finally fallen asleep.

Shinichi could feel his slow, even breaths even though he could only see a small tuft of his hair over the book he was reading. A small smile graced the detective's lips as he moved the book a little to stare at the face of his sleeping lover. The usually hyper teen's face, which almost always had his trade mark grin plastered to it, now look stoic and calm and completely the opposite of what it normally was. Shinichi closed his book and placed it on the table beside the couch.

'At least he stopped having nightmares,' he thought as he began to carefully run his fingers through the magician's hair, 'I don't know how much longer his mother could have dealt with it if he hadn't stopped waking himself up screaming his throat raw.'

As though he sensed his lover's thoughts, Kaito shifted slightly in his sleep and curled himself deeper into Shinichi's lap. Shinichi stilled. Because of his nightmares Kaito had become much more sensitive to those around him and as such was easily woken up by any little thing. So even if it was just a small nap, the fact that Kaito was now breathing gently on his lap meant that he was asleep and resting, and Shinichi was loath wake him. He waited until the other settled down again before petting him again, this time on the arm and slightly lighter.

For a long while after that he just watched. He watched the way the sunlight from the window played on his lover's too pale face and lit it up angelically. He watched as the orange rays of the sunset kissed the chocolate hair and made the shadow dance across his cheeks, and as the sun sunk over the horizon he watched as the shadows grew to hug his body in a warm blanket of darkness.

Sapphire eyes slowly blinked open as moonlight touched their owner's face. For a moment Kaito tried to ignore the light and snuggle back into his pillow, he was too tired and warm to want to move, but as the moon drifted farther out from behind the clouds a sense of awareness seemed to drift out from behind his fog as well. Looking out the window Kaito could see the night was already deep and he had in fact slept the day away. Sighing slightly he let himself fall back onto his pillow and almost jumped out of his skin at the resistance and the slight moan that came from above him. Sitting up and whipping around he felt his heart melt at the sight of a sleeping Shinichi.

The detective had barely moved from his spot except to put an elbow on the arm of the couch and his cheek on his fist. Soft, wispy breaths blew the bangs back and forth in front of his face and the tiniest hint of a smile brushed the corner of his lips. He gave a small groan and pulled his right arm, that had been until recently draped across Kaito, into his lap and curled it around himself in an unconscious effort to compensate for the loss of warmth from his lap.

Kaito didn't need to be a detective to know that Shinichi had been there for hours to allow him to sleep. Sliding gently backwards on the couch Kaito carefully took his lover's shoulders and pulled them down until Shinichi was lying on top of him. Almost as soon as their bodies made contact Shinichi snaked his arm around Kaito's torso and cuddled into his side before falling asleep again.

Wrapping his own arms around his twin Kaito gently placed a kiss on his head.

"Thank you Shin-chan."