Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels were facing each other at a house show. The two had rehearsed the match earlier on in the day so they don't make any mistakes. Orton knew that Shawn was going to pants him in the match exposing his ass, so he knew when it was coming.

They were wrestling until this part was just about to come up, Orton made sure he had loosened his trunks a little so his ass could be exposed. The part was coming up, Shawn bounced off the rope and flipped over Orton, Shawn then grabbed the back of Orton's trunks and gave them a pull down thus exposing Orton's ass. Orton began to run around the ring for about 10 seconds but something was wrong Shawn wouldn't let go and Orton knew it was passed the time to let go. Orton was screaming at Shawn to let go. Right after that Orton heard the worst sound in the world at that moment, his trunks had snapped off and was left in the ring with nothing on. The crowd screamed when they realised Orton was now wrestling naked.

Randy Orton was in complete shock, his hands covering his crotch and Shawn Michaels had his trunks in his hands. Orton needed Shawn to give him his trunks back but Shawn had better ideas, he knew that the show must go on and Orton would be fired if he ran up back, so Shawn threw the trunks into the crowd. Orton was shocked at what happened, Shawn had just thrown the only piece of clothing he had on in the audience, he realised he had to wrestle in the nude or he would be fired. Michaels waited for Orton to do something and so did the crowd. Cameras flash as they take pictures of Orton' ass. Suddenly Orton gets up on the top rope.

The fans wondering what he is doing. The crowd goes wild as Orton does is famous legend killer pose completely naked with his cock revealed to the crowd. Orton smirks as the crowd know they have always wanted to see him in the nude. Orton gets down from the turnbuckle and decides he will wrestle naked for the rest of the match. Orton suddenly runs at Shawn and RKO's him and pins him for the 3 count. Orton gets up and poses for the crowd the crowd cheer as the take more pictures of the sweaty naked Orton. Orton gets up on the turnbuckle again and poses with his cock hanging out