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Also, this chapter is... a hard T? Maybe 16+? I'm bad with rating, but it's not M I don't think, just a bit more than some of the other chapters I guess.

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The question seemed to catch Ianto off guard and the Welshman was clearly hesitating. That did not sit well with Jack, he knew Ianto was a private and taciturn person by nature but this faltering set off warning bells. Especially considering Ianto's other strange behaviors.

"I met him at the pub," Ianto finally managed, "and we just… he makes me happy, Jack."

Several emotions warred for dominance, but none of them seemed to truly win. Well, other than the feeling of being punched in the gut. Jack shifted in his chair, and tried to find something to say. That was such a bullshit answer, but it was so honest. He leaned back and cast his gaze to the right instead of at Ianto.

"Ianto, what you did was reckless and insubordinate." Jack said, his tone bordering on anger. It was carefully bridled anger, that was what he was feeling.

Ianto took a sip of wine in lieu of answering, and Jack could tell he was uncomfortable with his actions. It was so surreal, the idea of Ianto disobeying him for a shag. A shag with someone he'd met only a few nights ago at most. Jack rubbed a hand over his face, all the hope he'd built up over their dinner seemed to vanish and now the immortal just felt weary.

Suddenly his mobile buzzed loudly. It was Gwen. Jack answered it immediately.

"They've found another, we're on our way, Tosh's sending the address to the SUV's GPS." The former constable informed him and hung up without a good bye. Jack did the same as he stood up.

"C'mon, another victim's been found," Jack said and Ianto was up in a heartbeat and hastily heading for the vehicle.

The Torchwood team stood in a circle over the autopsy bay as Owen began his first incision. The curious eyes didn't seem to deter him in the least, nor did their hushed whispers.

"Just like David Holloway," Toshiko murmured. And that was true, he'd been crying out and half delirious with pain before he's simply died without an apparent reason.

Ianto voice was completely devoid of anything as he asked, "Is it withdrawal?"

"Nice try, but I've ruled out toxins," Owen shouted up to them.

"No, couldn't it have been some alien drug? You can't have tested for everything." Gwen interjected.

Owen huffed in annoyance, "Look, I've been to medical school, and I've been in Torchwood for a lot longer than you have, so kindly stuff your bloody stupid ideas and let me do my job? You know, the one I have training for and expertise in? It's not a bloody withdrawal, I've checked his blood and there's nothing there that shouldn't be. I've check his hair follicles, also nothing. There's no sign of any sort of drug anywhere… in either of them. Not to mention that death from withdrawal isn't all that likely, just feels like you're dying."

Gwen frowned at being told off, but it was really more a case of Owen being Owen so she didn't take any of it personally. It had been Ianto's idea anyway. She glanced over to him, he was just so… stoic. There was nothing to indicate that he even cared. But then she supposed, why should he care for these people more? He probably had very little interaction with them, and it had been years.

Gwen sighed to herself, this whole thing was a mess. They had no leads, and Ianto and Jack were fighting too much to be of any help. At least Ianto was safe though, she may not have agreed with keeping him trapped in the Hub, but he shouldn't be heading off to bars on his own. And since when did Ianto go off to pubs anyway?

She shifted her attention from her youngest colleague to her oldest. Jack looked stern, more than that, grim and his gaze was trained on Ianto. Maybe that was why he refused to show any emotion.

God she wished these people had families, or at least someone they could talk to. She'd already called the people who reported them missing, but they had been land lords and neighbors. Most of the former Torchwood One employees had separated from their spouses, losing that much of their memories must have done a number on their relationships. It was hardly fair, and she doubted UNIT bothered to explain the situation to the families.

Finnigan's was deserted, closed for the night, but Ianto parked his car and walked to the front anyway. Ewan opened the door to the establishment and ushered Ianto inside, obviously pleased to see him. He turned on some of the lights, but the pub remained mostly dim as he guided Ianto to one of the few booths. Without any preamble he pulled out the charm and watched as Ianto's head hit the table.

"Who was that earlier?" Ewan demanded.

"Jack Harkness," Ianto answered instantly. Good, Ewan had almost been afraid his work would come undone, but Ianto responded perfectly to the stone. The power trip was incredible, the knowledge that he could make this Ianto Jones do anything. And more than that, he could make Ianto happy to do it. That was real power.

"He's the leader of Torchwood Three, isn't he?" Ewan asked, and Ianto confirmed. Ewan leaned back thoughtfully. He could ruin Torchwood Three just as he ruined the remainder of Torchwood One. But no, he wasn't concerned with them. It was Torchwood London that had… Torchwood London that was… anger coursed through him.

"Ianto you're nothing, you mean nothing, you are useless, and a waste of resources, say it!" Ewan hissed.

"I… I am useless," Ianto hesitated and Ewan glowered. Ianto shouldn't be hesitating at anything. The man composed himself, to a degree and he gently stroked Ianto's face.

"No, no, not useless. You are good at one thing and one thing only. Sex. It's all you can do, it's all you're good for, that's why you need me. You're too stupid to take care of yourself. Isn't that right?" Ewan asked. He'd use Ianto as he used the others, for his entertainment. He'd grown bored of the other quickly, but then, he hadn't been sleeping with them.


Ianto was still hesitating.

"It's okay," Ewan soothed, and he spoke kindly in the hopes Ianto would respond better, "you're stupid, you're an idiot, and that's all right. You aren't ashamed, you're stupid and you like being fucked."

He was going to ruin this man. The sole remaining member of Torchwood One. The highest ranking member left and he was going to turn him into a plaything. Just as Torchwood had done to him.

"That's how you were hired, you let Jack fuck you," Ewan said, still keeping his tone soft and more consoling. Aggressively breaking down the mind didn't work, the marble was best when used more like a honey trap, "didn't you?"

"I… no…" Ianto fumbled.

Ewan was quick to talk over him, keep him from thinking, "You did, that's okay, you're stupid. It's just how you are. It's why you need me, I'm smarter than you. I think for you. But you like that, you like not having to think. It's difficult for you sometimes, isn't it?"

"Difficult," Ianto agreed and relief flooded through Ewan.

"That's right. You don't like to do it, that's why you let me think for you. That's why you need me, need my orders. You are stupid, and that's okay because I take care of you now. You're grateful for that, aren't you?"

"I am," Ianto said.

Ewan smiled, "Yes, so you thank me the only way you know how, and you love it. I'm the best you've ever experienced, and now you don't want Jack Harkness, he's not good enough. So tomorrow morning, resign, and meet me here again. I'll take you home, and you'll never have to think again."