Daddy and Ava

I love my daddy. He always calls me his 'Avabug' and it makes me giggle every time. My mommy has a little baby in her tummy right now so she is going to have a spa day with aunties Penny. Emily and JJ. My daddy says me and him are going to have a daddy/Ava day today. I'm so excited. I'm laying awake in my bed thinking about how I'm going to sneak on him today and wake him up. We play this game every morning.

I walk over to my little puppy named Coco he is a golden retriever and i love him. Daddy got him for me for valentine's day. He got my mommy and me some presents because we are 'his girls' he says that all the time.

"Coco, let's wake up daddy!" I tell him as he starts to run to daddy and mommy's room. I sneak into my daddy and mommy's room and Coco barks. My daddy laughs and picks me up.

"Good morning, Avabug. It's nice to see your up and Coco is up too!" He tells me as he tickles me with his long fingers.

"Daddy… I had a good dweam about the baby in mommy's tummy!" I tell him as I grab his cheek and give him a kissy kiss. Then my tummy roars like a lion.

"Breakfast time for Avabug." He tells me with a smile and then the three of us go to the kitchen.

"Daddy can we have cereal?" I ask him with a smile.

"Of course." He tells me with a goofy smile.

After breakfast we went to play in my room. Daddy had no idea that we was going to play royal tea party with my princess dolls and my teddy bears.

"Daddy can we have a royal tea party!" I asked him with a smile.

"Alright, let's do it." He tells me with a kiss on my cheek.

I ran to my play clothes chest and gave him a top hat and a cane. I put on my princess tiara and my pink sunglasses. We played and drank our play food for two hours.

Daddy decided that we needed to have some nap time downstairs. I was really tired so I went to sleep in my daddy's arms. Around lunchtime I woke up and my daddy made me some pb&j sandwiches and goldfish. After lunchtime we walk Coco.

"Daddy after lunchies can we watch Finding Nemo?" I ask him as we get back home with Coco.

"Yay, I love Nemo and Dory." He and me walk to the couch and put in the movie.

We watch it, we cry when the mommy dies. I think my daddy misses grandma Diana. She gives me books that help me learn. She lives in a small apartment near the hospital right by the place daddy works. We laugh at Dory and her funniess.

After the movie I start to feel sad I don't know why. The tears start to slide down my cheeks. Daddy notices.

"Ava, what's the matter?" he asks me.

"I miss mommy!" I start to cry and daddy puts me on his shoulder and gets his cell phone to call mommy.

He dials and mommy answers.

"Lila, Ava misses you and she wants to talk to you." Daddy gives it to me.

"Mommy?" I ask her as I cry some more.

"What is it baby?" Mommy asks in her mommy voice she uses when I get sad.

"I miss you and the baby in your tummy. When will you be back?" I ask her.

"Tomorrow baby." She tells me.

"Ok." I start to calm down a bit.

"Love you baby." Mommy tells me.

"Wov you two." I tell her and give the phone back to daddy.

Mommy and daddy talked for a long time about the baby and her fun day with the girls. He told her about the tea party we had. I could hear my mommy's giggles.

We had McDonalds for supper. I had some chicky nuggets, french fries and chocolate milk. Daddy has some chicky nuggets too. I got a winnie the pooh plush toy. Yay. We watch some Spongebob Squarepants until bed time. Even Coco watched it and fell asleep right by me. It was cute.

When we went into my room I tucked Coco in. Then daddy read me a story and then kissed my forehead and tucked me in.

"Love you Sweetheart."

"Wov you two Daddy!"

Then I fell asleep. Mommy will be back tomorrow yay.